IGNORED THERAPY: “Anti-SARS Drug Financed by EU but Not Used in Covid Pandemic“. Hard Complaint by Italian Biologist and Lawyer

IGNORED THERAPY: “Anti-SARS Drug Financed by EU but Not Used in Covid Pandemic“. Hard Complaint by Italian Biologist and Lawyer


By Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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The new complaint by the nutritionist biologist Franco Trinca and the lawyer Alessandro Fusillo has the scope of a real bomb. The reference to an explosive device after the terrible attack that took place yesterday in Afghanistan could appear out of place, were it not for the fact that in Kabul ISIS caused 90 deaths while therapies ignored in Italy (as in the European Union, in the United Kingdom and in the USA) killed tens of thousands of Covid-19 patients who could have been saved. As the Milanese surgeon Andrea Stramezzi managed to do, treating more than 1250 patients and registering 100% success where he assisted them from the first week, 99.4% when he was able to intervene in the second or third week.

His testimony is an integral part of the complaint to the judiciary in which they reveal clear evidence of the stubborn awareness of the national health authorities in ignoring effective therapies: including Cinanserina funded in 2005 by a European Union project for the treatment of SARS 2003 but unused in the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic although it was able to inhibit the protease 3-CLpro: an enzyme necessary for the replication of the virus in the body.

ISIS KILLS IN THE AL QAEDA’s LAIR. 113 dead in the Double Explosive Attack “announced” in Kabul


As already reiterated by the neurologist Roberta Ricciardi, international luminary of myesthenia, a hyperimmune disease even fatal if not treated adequately, the “keystone” to save lives is all rooted in the timeliness of therapeutic intervention against Covid-19 . Dr. Ricciardi healed thousands of Covid patients with cortisone, administered at the first symptoms and not after “watchful waiting and paracetamol” for 72 hours as prescribed by the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, but her appeal to Minister Roberto Speranza, signed from 33 other doctors he was left with no concrete answer.

As the letter from 156 other doctors for the use of vitamin D as a preventive of symptomatic infection from SARS-Cov-2 remained unmistakable, after the research of Professor Giancarlo Isaia, head of Geriatrics of the Molinette Hospital in Turin and president of the Academy of Medicine of the same Savoyard city.

We cite these examples, before unveiling the explosive denunciation of Trinca and Fusillo, precisely to attest the validity of their accusations for state massacre filed in five public prosecutors of the Republic of Italy (Rome, Rieti, Perugia, Bergamo and Syracuse). The new document sent by certified e-mail for now to the PMs of Bergamo and Perugia is an addition to that detailed precedent exposed, copied and forwarded to other judicial offices by at least 500 followers of the pugnacious pair of fighters for health rights and, consequently, for alternative treatments to dangerous vaccines.

Cortisone Defeated Covid-19: Oxford confirmed Italian Neurologist’s Therapy Negleted. How many Deaths for WHO Faults?

The “smoking gun” of a conscious will to ignore effective treatments on the part of national health authorities was identified by the nutritionist biologist in a molecule successfully tested for the treatment of SARS-Cov in 2003 and financed by the European Union which, however, was “Forgot” to use it with emergency authorization against SARS-Cov-2.



“Following the complaint dated April 21, 2021 and already submitted to this Public Prosecutor’s Office (see attached deposit receipt), with this supplement, new decisive evidence is provided in support of the hypothesis of accusation that identifies, with respect to the entire management of the Covid-19 emergency, decisions and conduct voluntarily imposed in a monolithic and monochromatic manner by the Italian health authorities and which, on the basis of the tragic results achieved, could be configured as negligent or even malicious, as they are aimed or in any case capable of determining a very high excess of mortality, as has actually happened tragically, and to justify the sine die extension of the state of emergency »reads the document sent to the Bergamo and Perugia prosecutors.

Covid: More than 500 Complaints on alleged Italian State’s Massacre due to the Ignored Therapies

The complainants believe, on the basis of concrete elements collected, “that the huge number of deaths from Covid-19 that occurred from 2020 to date was for the most part certainly avoidable, adopting different health governance strategies and different guidelines for home management and hospital for symptomatic Covid-19 patients, compared to those issued by AIFA and the Ministry of Health “.

Here is then summarized in a nutshell the fundamental issues already expressed in the preceding presented by Trinca and Fusillo: «As amply documented in the complaint and in the wide range of documents supporting it, the institutional guidelines substantially still in force today (up to recent AIFA determination of 4 August 2021 with the approval of monoclonal antibodies) for the home management of Covid-19 have limited themselves to “tachipirina and watchful waiting” … what would you ask for, aggravation, hospitalization, intensive care and death ?!» (read more)


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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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