Covid: More than 500 Complaints on alleged Italian State’s Massacre due to the Ignored Therapies

Covid: More than 500 Complaints on alleged Italian State’s Massacre due to the Ignored Therapies


In the cover image from the left the biologist Franco Trinca, the lawyer Alessandro Fusillo, the minister Roberto Speranza, and below two of the more than 5oo complainants: Alessio Piana and Roberto Ardissone

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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«We therefore ask the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the epigraph to ascertain whether the ineffective directives issued by the Ministry and by other Bodies or bodies with responsibility for direction and guidance, which have involved heavy consequences on the fate and lives of millions of citizens, are were decisive in causing: – death from covid, – death from other neglected pathologies due to the disservice of the entire health system, – diffusion of useless and aggravating terror and alarm among the population, – social emergency and destruction of the socio-economic system of nation».

This is the crucial issue contained in the “sample” complaint filed by the biologist Franco Trinca, by the lawyer Alessandro Fusillo and by Europeans Consumers leader, dr. Marco Tiberti, which an avalanche of citizens made their own by responding to the appeal launched by the subscribers and forwarding it to the Public Prosecutor’s Office competent of their territory in Italy. From a first rough count, at least 500 Italians would have decided to support the legal action in criminal proceedings.

The biologist Dr. Franco Trinca

The aforementioned is one of the essential passages of the 82-page indictment document (with 166 from scientific or media sources) in which the drafters of the legal act hypothesize the existence of «a criminal association (Article 416 of the Italian Criminal Code) aimed at committing a series of fine crimes such as: Massacre (Article 285 of the Criminal Code): for the spread of incorrect and harmful treatment protocols causing the death of tens of thousands of people; Epidemic (Article 438 of the Criminal Code): for the undisturbed spread of the infection from January to March 2020 without the adoption of any precautionary measures; Disturbed freedom of industry or trade (Article 513 of the Criminal Code): for the blocking of almost all work activities during the quarantine with the consequent destruction of the Italian economy; Personal injury (Article 582 of the criminal code): for physical damage suffered by all those who have been treated with incorrect therapeutic protocols; Homicide (Article 575 of the Criminal Code): for the death caused to all those who have been treated with incorrect therapeutic protocols».

To these is also added a hypothesis of aggravating circumstance because the aforementioned hypotheses of criminal violations could have been «conducted for the purpose of terrorism (Article 270 sexies of the Italian Criminal Code): for the implementation of conducts (the wicked management of the pandemic from Covid-19 as better described above) which, due to their nature (failure to provide the necessary treatments and prevention measures) or context (the situation of serious alarm caused by the pounding narrative on the pandemic), can cause serious damage to the country (the destruction of the fabric economic-productive through the implementation of closures and limitations to fundamental freedoms that have proved not only useless but counterproductive)».

“Covid Therapies Ignored: Italian State’s Massacre”. Serious Complaint to Rome Prosecutor by Medicians and European Consumers

This, according to the legal act, was «carried out in order to intimidate the population (the Italian population is in fact intimidated and terrified by the events of the last 14 months) or destabilize or destroy the fundamental political, constitutional, economic and social structures of a country (Italy now lives in a state of perennial emergency in which the ordinary rules on the adoption of the rules of law have been overturned and there is no longer even the political dialectic based on the existence of majority and opposition; the very foundations of the state, namely being a democratic republic founded on work, have been distorted and distorted in the sole interest of a centralized and profoundly erroneous management of public health».

The complaint, of which we have summarized the fundamental points in the previous article, was filed against unknown persons but the hypothetical – and therefore only alleged responsibilities – were specified in the final chapter on “The ascertainment of the facts presented and the identification of any responsible persons” .



«On this point, the complainants must defer to the investigative activity that is requested from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. We can indicate, moreover, obvious lines of investigation aimed at evaluating the facts exposed and seeking any responsible persons in the ranks of the management of the Ministry of Health, in the managers of AIFA (Italian Pharma Agency), ISS (Superior Health Institute), CTS (Techinacl Scientific Committee). The concrete identification of the people whose erroneous indications have reaped so many deaths and suffering can only be attributed to the Prosecutor’s Office also through the investigative powers that belong to it and that no complainant could have» writes the lawyer Fusillo, material drafter of the complaint also in the as president of the Movimento Libertario founded 15 years ago by Leonardo Facco in Treviglio (Bergamo) and which later became a nationwide association for the protection of individual freedom.

The lawyer Alessandro Fusillo, president of the Movimento Libertario

«Even more important, once the perpetrators have been identified, is the examination of the subjective element, that is the identification of their relationship with the facts illustrated above in terms of willful misconduct, guilt or, which seems very doubtful, of unaware victims of a fatality. It certainly appears unlikely that professionals of the sector of clear fame and recognized experience could conceive the idea that Covid-19 was a new and mysterious disease for which one could not do anything but give symptomatic treatments – useless and harmful – such as Tachipirina waiting for the patients to deteriorate to the point of having them hospitalized to undergo a useless oxygenation procedure. It is hard to believe that expert scientists could have forgotten that the treatment protocol with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and heparin had already been tested with excellent success at the time of the far more lethal SARS. It is hard to assume that expert scholars have deemed it unnecessary to update the 2006 pandemic plan in light of the repeated WHO warnings that the pandemic is certain and imminent».

WUHAN-GATES – 38. SARS-HIV Virus Manmade in Biolab by Chinese Deep State among Tiananmen Executioner’s Son and Shangai’s Gang

«Our complaint was reiterated by 300 citizens who forwarded it to the competent prosecutors of their territory. We are happy to have seen the attention of these people because we receive communications every day from other Italians who in turn want to file the complaint. The next steps will be to contact the judiciary to verify the opening of investigation files, as primary complainants, or if there is an intention to open it» comments the nutritionist biologist Franco Trinca who has carried out a gigantic job in the scientific reconstruction of the pandemic (also with reference to the theory of the SARS-Cov-2 virus created in the laboratory widely treated by the WuhanGates reports of Gospa News and in the book that summarized them) then listing all the useful therapies ignored by the experts of the Ministry of Health (such as Quercetin and C vitamin).

Cortisone Defeated Covid-19: Oxford confirmed Italian Neurologist’s Therapy Negleted. How many Deaths for WHO Faults?

Some of them, as revealed by Gospa News, were ignored by the same minister Roberto Speranza who was contacted by 33 doctors with a written appeal for the use of cortisone drugs and another 156 physicians in support of the proven efficacy of Vitamin D (distributed free of charge by the Minister of British health to the groups most at risk).

“COVID-19 can be Treated with Vitamin D”. Vital Study by Turin’s Medicine Academy & 61 Physicians Appeal

«To the feed-back of complaints monitored by Franco Trinca are added those promoted by sympathizers of the Movimento Libertario that we have not yet counted in detail but we estimate to be as many. Therefore, to date at least 500 complaints have been forwarded throughout Italy, “says lawyer Fusillo. Thanks to the collaboration of the biologist and his staff of the website Reopening Italy in Health, Gospa News was able to track down and interview three complainants who explained the reasons for their adherence to the disruptive legal action which is hypothesized not only for the culpable epidemic but a massacre caused by incorrect health protocols, therefore by the state.



Among the first to respond to the appeal was Alessio Piana, very active on social media, 53 years old from Pollenza (Macerata) who filed the complaint written by the lawyer Fusillo at the local Carabinieri barracks.

«I have the conviction, gained by informing me from many sources and above all through numerous testimonies, that almost all the deaths of Covid-19 and the lockdowns, restrictions on freedoms, etc., could have been avoided if the government and health authorities had given indications to the doctors to apply, as was expressly provided for by the pandemic plan, early home care that had been applied with great success by various doctors already immediately after the onset of the epidemic, and which instead were ignored and indeed opposed in every way. Without causing a serious health emergency, such strict social control of the population could not have been implemented or induced to get vaccinated en masse», declares Piana.

WUHAN-GATES – 33. SARS-2 Manmade in Biolab and Concealed by NWO Intel. As Ties among ISIS, Turkey, NATO & CIA

For “civil duty” the commercial consultant Alberto Carè, 70, from Frosinone, forwarded the complaint of Trinca, Fusillo and Tiberti (president of the European Consumers) to the Carabinieri of his city.

«The State is in a position of impartiality with respect to everyone. The expression of State Massacre is deliberately strong, and identifies the mismanagement of all persons in charge of responsibility in the national health institutions and not only of them – says Carè – In fact, the criminal management of the Covid19 virus in Italy has been organized at various institutional levels, as well as abroad. The malicious nature of the creation of the virus and the willful misconduct in its continuous and repeated spread are simply objective data. But no one – among the so-called authorities – wants the chemical – biological laboratories for military use to be closed ».

WUHAN-GATES – 7. Bio-Weapons Dossier. Pentagon & Fauci 28 Us Labs’ Secrets. Dangerous Tests with CoronaVirus

In this regard, Gospa News revealed how in 2015, in the year in which “dual use” chimeric superviruses with viral load enhancement were tested between China and the US (the “gain of function” also mentioned by Trinca in his complaint) , The Pentagon (Department of Defense) and the Obama-Biden administration had allocated 815 million dollars to conduct bacteriological experiments in 28 laboratories on the American territory (without considering those in about 25 research centers outside the country, in Georgia or Ukraine) with a strategy aimed at identifying bio-weapons tested for the first time by the US Navy in 1952 (as shown in a video declassified a few years ago and published by us exclusively).

Exclusive. US NAVY Bio-Warfare Started in 1952: Declassified Disturbing Video

«Of course. The government and the heads of the health organizations have carried out a whole series of incredible actions and non-actions because they are completely contrary to science and medical tradition, which seemed to have been specifically designed to aggravate as many people as possible and clog hospitals: they doctors warned against doing autopsies, visiting and treating the sick, they advised against prevention, hindered non-vaccine therapies, banned life-saving drugs, disregarded the obligations of the pandemic plan. Just “State Massacre” is the title of the book-report written by the magistrate Angelo Giorgianni together with the doctor Pasquale Bacco» Alessio Piana further added. (read more…).








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