“US Military-Industrial Complex Wants War in Ukraine” Gabbard told. As the Nightmare of CEPA’s Plan

“US Military-Industrial Complex Wants War in Ukraine” Gabbard told. As the Nightmare of CEPA’s Plan


Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

On October, 31, 2021  we published the contents of the militarization plan for Europe drawn up by the American think tank CEPA.

This military mobility project appears disturbing because it has been launched by the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), based in Washington, thanks to the collaboration with authoritative NATO commands (such as the Allied Joint Force Command of Brunssum and Naples), and strategic offices of the European Union. But, above all, it is sponsored by the usual Weapons Lobby that conditions and is part of the Deep State projected towards the New World Order from the Covid-19 pandemic.

General Jorg Vollmer, commander of the Allied Joint Force Command of Brunssum (Limburg, Netherlands) during a video conference on the CEPA project – video link here

As we have shown in numerous investigations, behind the warlords and the Big Pharma of vaccines, an international financial potentate, mostly Zionist, is speculating, around which political Freemasonry such as Western military intelligence has coagulated, very close to that of Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood of Turkey  (second NATO army) and Qatar (where the most important joint air base of the Atlantic Pact of the Persian Gulf is located).

Ukraine: Bomb(?) on Kindergarten, Nato False-Flag & Jihadists. Sheikh Mansur Battalion Shielded by Soros-Us’ Media

What is happening today in Ukraine is absolutely specular to what was budgeted in the CEPA project by the so-called NATO-EU Deep State thanks to the contributions of some of the most important international armaments corporations such as the American Raytheon (of which General Austin Lloyd was a consultant before becoming head of the Pentagon in the administration of Joseph Biden) and the German Reihmetall, cause of scandal for the bombs built in Italy and used by Arab countries (UAE and Saudi Arabia) in Yemen despite the embargo, precisely because of a Raytheon subcontract (later suspended by Biden).

The CEPA’s project Industry Partners are: General Dynamics, European Land Systems,
Acrow , Corporation of America, DB Cargo,
Oshkosh Defense, Raytheon Missiles and Rheinmetall Defence.

Now an American politician too, Tulsi Gabbard, confirmed that the reason of warnings escalation released by White House is above all one: “Warmongers on both sides in Washington have been drumming up these tensions.”

by Sputnik International

Claims by the West that Russia is getting ready to attack Ukraine have reached a fever pitch in recent days, with the White House asking Americans to leave the country ASAP and US media claiming an invasion will start next week. Russian officials say NATO is pumping up tensions to justify putting more troops in Eastern Europe.

The US military-industrial complex needs a war in Ukraine to justify new arms spending and to solidify a new all-out cold war with Russia, former US congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has alleged.

“First of all, President Biden could end this crisis and prevent a war with Russia by doing something very simple: guaranteeing that Ukraine will not become a member of NATO,” Gabbard said, speaking to Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 5. NWO’s Warfare Plan against Russia and Counter-Information. CEPA Project from Washington with NATO-EU & Defense Corporations

“Because if Ukraine became a member of NATO that would put US and NATO troops directly on the doorstep of Russia, which as Putin has laid out would undermine their national security interests. The reality is that it is highly, highly unlikely that Ukraine will become a member of NATO anyway, so the question is why doesn’t President Biden and NATO leaders actually just say that, and guarantee it? ” she asked.

“Why are we in this position then, if the answer to this and preventing this war is very clear…? Really it just points to one conclusion that I can see is they actually want Russia to invade Ukraine. Why would they? Because number one it gives the Biden administration a clear excuse to levy draconian sanctions which are a modern day siege against Russia and the Russian people. And number two, it cements this cold war in place. The military-industrial complex is the one that benefits from this. They clearly control the Biden administration. Warmongers on both sides in Washington have been drumming up these tensions,” Gabbard said.

The former active duty National Guardswoman, who has two tours of the Middle East under her belt, including a deployment in Iraq, emphasized that the MIC would make “a tonne more money” than it has in the so-called War on Terror, “fighting al-Qaeda* or making weapons for al-Qaeda.”

CIA, Mossad & Talibans in Jihadist’s New Empire to Use Afghanistan against Iran and Russia

“Who pays the price? The American people pay the price, the Ukrainian people pay the price. The Russian people pay the price. It undermines our own national security, but the military-industrial complex that controls so many of our politicians wins and they run to the bank,” Gabbard added.

The politician went on to slam the Biden administration’s go-to justification for pumping up tensions with Russia in Ukraine, arguing that the “we have to defend democracy” talking point rings hollow as “this current president arrests political opposition, throws them in jail, shuts down TV stations that are critical to him. I have a hard time seeing how President Biden or anyone can say with an honest face ‘we are defending democracy’. And the reason is our own government has publicly supported these authoritarian actions by the Ukrainian president in shutting down their own political opposition,” she said.

War Fever

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blasted Washington on Saturday over what she alleged has been a coordinated US government and media campaign of claims about an “imminent” Russian invasion of Ukraine following press reports suggesting that Russia will attack its neighbour as soon as next week.“We should treat it as a fit of hysterics. The purpose of this hysteria is to escalate the situation and, of course, to create a provocation,” Zakharova said.


Her comments followed the publication of a report by Politico Friday citing a warning by Biden to the US’s European allies that Russia is expected to launch its invasion “as soon as February 16.” Also on Friday, PBS claimed, citing multiple “US, Western and defence officials,” that Russian President Vladimir Putin had made a firm decision to attack, with the incursion scheduled for “next week.”

The panic follows Bloomberg’s “accidental” launch of a livestream last week suggesting that a Russian assault had already begun, and a testy exchange between State Department spokesman Ned Price and an AP reporter after Price claimed that Russia is planning to create video fakes to justify a false flag attack on Ukraine, but provided no proof.

Majority of Americans Believe Sending Troops to Ukraine to Fight Russian Soldiers a Bad Idea – Poll

The State Department cited these media reports to justify the evacuation of the US Embassy in Kiev, and has called on all Americans in Ukraine to leave the country ASAP, ramping up tensions further.

Blinken Explains US Embassy Staff Departure From Kiev, Doubling Down on ‘Imminent Threat’ Claims

Moscow has repeatedly dismissed the “invasion claims” and accused the West of stoking fears to validate NATO moves to beef up its military footprint in Eastern Europe. Russian suspicions appear to have been confirmed over the past two weeks, with the US redeploying 1,000 troops from Germany to Romania, sending 5,000 troops to Poland and Germany, preparing a 8,500-troop strong contingent ready to fly out to Europe at a moment’s notice, and stepping up arms deliveries to Ukraine. US and European lawmakers have also threatened to impose crushing sanctions against Russia, including “preemptive” restrictions which can be implemented immediately, whether Moscow “invades” Ukraine or not.

Ilya Tsukanov
Originally published by Sputnik International

* A terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries.

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