CIA, Mossad & Talibans in Jihadist’s New Empire to Use Afghanistan against Iran and Russia

CIA, Mossad & Talibans in Jihadist’s New Empire to Use Afghanistan against Iran and Russia

According to authoritative geopolitics analysts
the US withdrawal is functional to the “Great Game”
of Western Intelligence with Zionists and Sunnis
already experienced in Syria and the Balkans

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Versione originale in Italiano

To understand what is happening in Afghanistan, it is necessary to reread, at least briefly, the history of Islamic terrorism not only in the last twenty years and not only in the Central Asian country.

Kabul Collision: CIA Director Negotiates Secret Deal with Taliban Leader… As we Forecast!

To understand what happened after the rapid and disjointed withdrawal of the US Army and NATO troops, we need to take many steps back and pick up some top secret documents of the Central Intelligence Agency in which the American CIA counterintelligence began planning a civil war for the regime-change in Syria in 1983, armed the Afghan Jihadists even before the Russian occupation of 1979, then favored the settlement of Al Qaeda terrorists in the Balkans for the birth of a Caliphate of Europe in Bosnia, aimed at opposing Serbia which maintained the link with Moscow even after Perestroika and the fall of the USSR.


Not only. In 2004, after the start of the hunt for terrorists in the Middle East in retaliation for the mysterious attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, the US freed the pro-American himam Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi from the captivity of Camp Bucca after only 10 months of his imprisonment. . In the years to come, however, they closed their eyes to the birth of ISIS founded by Al Baghdadi himself, considered an agent of the CIA as much as of the Mossad by many international reporters, before starting to finance the Syrian anti-Assad rebels in Syria with powerful armaments. (TOW missiles) then regularly ended up in the hands of Al Nusra-HTS (ribs of Al Qaeda in the province of Idlib) and other jihadist terrorist organizations protected and financed by the Muslim Brotherhood of Turkey and Qatar.


This took place as part of a military strategy, functional to the Weapons Lobby and to the support of Sunni Muslims against Shiite Muslims (Syria, Iran and Lebanon), which not only saw NATO aware but repeatedly complicit together with the so-called Five Eyes, the intelligence agreement between the Anglo-Saxon countries of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Suffice it to recall that Brenton Tarrant, the Christchurch massacre who carried out a massacre in New Zealand mosques in 2019, would have been trained in the ISIS refugee camps in Syria by Mossad, with the (failed) aim of assassinating President Bashar Al Assad, and it would later be used to foster the strategy of tension against the Muslims.

Turkish papers: 21 Erdogan’s jihadist militias supported by Cia, Pentagon and armed with TOW missiles


Just as Imam Moulvi Zahram Hashim, founder of the Muslim extremist group NTJ (National Thowfeek Jamaath) in Sri Lanka, he became functional to the logic of terror with the attacks on the churches in Colombo during Easter 2019, which escaped the national intelligence network that was was warned of the danger by the Indians 007 RAWas the Saudi consulate in the country had been warned with a secret communication from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have provided extensive official documentation of these facts in various reports.

Given these indispensable premises with which we tried to summarize – obviously without success – about 30 years of history of jihadist terrorism piloted by the Western Deep State, it becomes easier to believe the scenarios proposed by two military geopolitics analysts (a parliamentarian from Russia and a Israeli military intelligence expert) who see two enormous dangers in the Taliban’s easy conquest of Kabul, by blatant renunciation of confrontation by the American-trained Afghan National Army.


The first is the birth of the announced Islamic Emirate of the Taliban and Afghanistan as the forge of a new alliance between all international Sunni terrorism (ISIS, Al Qaeda and derivatives such as Al Nusra, Hayat Tahrir al Sham, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram for to mention some groups from the Middle East and Africa). The second is the supervision of these extremist apparatuses by the most criminal national organization in the world, namely the Israeli counterintelligence of the Mossad, a historical ally of the American one of the CIA.

The objectives are multiple and almost too simple to identify: to further isolate Iran, bordering Afghanistan and only an occasional partner of the Taliban against the common American “enemy”, and thus threaten the whole of Central Asia and the countries of the former Soviet Union in order to prepare the basis for a possible patchy conflict with Russia.

Pandemic’s Prophetess, former CIA Avril Haines, becomes Us Intelligence Community Director. First Goal Khashoggi’s murder

Finally, create the strategy of terror functional to the increase in the arms market and make a new “World Order” already evoked for the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic ever more indispensable by the lawyer Avril Haines, expert in bacteriological weapons and former CIA deputy director of the Obama-Biden administration until 2015, who today is the National Director of Intelligence of all the United States of America.

The NWO is certainly not a recent project since it was well described by the Canadian Navy Commodore William Guy Carr in the book “Pawns at stake” in which he highlighted the international Masonic project carried out by the European terrorist Giuseppe Mazzini with the Expedition of the Thousand in Italy and by the Southern general Albert Pike in the Us Civil War from which President Abraham Lincoln emerged victorious, later killed by a Freemason.

Masonic Funds for Garibaldi’s Expedition, British Legion with Times’ Reporters & Mobsters Allied in Sicily

In that Deep State plot a century later the Zionist Movement for the birth of Israel was co-opted, and subsequently the Islamic component of Sunni origin, to exacerbate the opposition with the Shiite Muslims and above all against the Christian Orthodox, Catholic and Pentecostal world (although being the British Freemasonry born in the context of Anglican Protestants in rivalry with Catholicism). The human rights violations committed against Shiites, Kurds and Christians in North East Syria by the mercenary jihadists of Turkey thanks to NATO protection are the most eloquent confirmation of this.

Afrin, Erdogan’s Syrian Hell under NATO’s Shield. 188 Tortured to Death, 127 Raped (among whom Disabled Minors) by Turkish-backed Jihadists



«All the celebrity terrorists, whose names are now heard in the mainstream media every day, were the spawns of the Soviet-Afghan War: including Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri, the Haqqanis, the Taliban, the Hekmatyars etc. But that war wasn’t limited only to Afghanistan. The alliance between the Western powers and their regional client states during the Cold War funded, trained, armed and internationally legitimized the Islamic jihadists all over the Islamic World. We hear the names of jihadist groups operating in regions as far a field as the Central Asian States, the North Caucasus and even in Bosnia and Kosovo in the Balkans» recalled Nauman Sadiq in a public inquiry on November 5, 2019 on Global Research.

Regarding the objectives of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, then American envoy to Kabul, Adolph “Spike” Dubs, was assassinated on the Valentine’s Day, on 14 Feb 1979, the same day that Iranian revolutionaries stormed the American embassy in Tehran.

The founder of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden

«The former Soviet Union was wary that its forty-million Muslims were susceptible to radicalism, because Islamic radicalism was infiltrating across the border into the Central Asian States from Afghanistan. Therefore, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979 in support of the Afghan communists to forestall the likelihood of Islamist insurgencies spreading to the Central Asian States bordering Afghanistan» we still read in the Global Research article.

According to documents declassified by the White House, CIA and State Department in January, as reported by Tim Weiner for The Washington Post (link between the sources at the bottom of the page), the CIA was aiding Afghan jihadists before the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979. President Jimmy Carter signed the CIA directive to arm the Afghan jihadists in July 1979, whereas the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December the same year.

The dossier on Afghanistan declassified by the US State Department – link among the main source at bottom of the article

«The revelation doesn’t come as a surprise, though, because more than two decades before the declassification of the State Department documents, in the 1998 interview to The Counter Punch Magazine, former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, confessed that the president signed the directive to provide secret aid to the Afghan jihadists in July 1979, whereas the Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan six months later in December 1979» Sadiq wrote.

Here is a poignant excerpt from the interview. The interviewer puts the question: “And neither do you regret having supported the Islamic jihadists, having given arms and advice to future terrorists?” Brzezinski replies: “What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?”

ESODO DEL TERRORISMO ISLAMICO SOTTO IL NASO DELLA CIA. “Isis e Al Qaeda tra Migranti Afghani”. Allarme di Putin confermato da Volo Usa in Qatar

«It’s worth noting, however, that the aforementioned interview was recorded in 1998. After the 9/11 terror attack, no Western policymaker can now dare to be as blunt and forthright as Brzezinski» comments the investigative reporter of Global Research after having in fact clarified the dynamics thanks to which the Taliban nationalists took more and more power. In short, the “cure” has turned out to be even worse than the disease, just as many virology experts say is happening for the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic vaccine.




Those who believe this is just a fantasy-spy vision should remember that in September 2015, two senior Pentagon officials were called to testify before the US Senate Armed Services Commission, which met on Capitol Hill, to explain the growing success of ISIS. in Syria despite a vast military campaign by the US army.

Well the “justifications” were asked to the Defense Undersecretary for Policy Christine Wormuth and Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, head of the U.S. headquarters overseeing the war against the Islamic State group. Today Austin is the Secretary of the Pentagon (Department of Defense) who politically coordinated the withdrawal of US troops with President Joseph Biden, allowing the Taliban terrorists to retake Afghanistan.

Sen. Barack Obama chats with Gen. David H. Petraeus and Lt. Gen. Lloyd Austin after arriving at Baghdad International Airport Monday on July,21, 2008 (UPI Foto/Lorie Jewell/US Army)

“I have never seen a hearing that is as divorced from the insight of every outside expert,” Sen. John McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said, according to US News, after the pair tried to explain the limited successes the campaign has seen thus far, namely its air war and focus on equipping and training forces on the ground.

But the results of that latter component were met with at least one exaggerated chortle from the dais, particularly when Austin explained that an effort to train Syrians that was originally expected to produce 5,400 trained fighters a year has so far only resulted in “four or five” who still remain on the ground and active in combat. “It’s a small number,” said Austin, who oversees U.S. Central Command. “The [New Syrian Force] program has gotten off to a slow start.”


Austin and Wormuth declined to comment specifically on recent reports that top military commanders have skewed intelligence about the Islamic State group in order to make the extremist organization appear weaker, in line with the preference of White House officials.

«Austin said he had never taken part in fudging intelligence, and noted that combat commands such as his do not directly brief the president, but rather funnel information through intelligence headquarters such as the Defense Intelligence Agency, which in turn briefs Director of National Intelligence James Clapper» added US News.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 4. UK and Italy in the hands of Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood: Rothschild partner and Jihadists’ funder

As is known, in the following years, ISIS extended its conquests in Syria to the point of forcing the Pentagon to use fighter-bombers (also making many massacres of innocent civilians) and to rely on the Kurds of the SDF and the Turks to wrest Rojava (the North East Syria) to the Islamic State. In the general chaos of the conflict, the Americans managed to conquer the oil wells in the province of Deir Ezzor, next to their strategic base of Al Tanf on the border between Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

At this point it is therefore legitimate to ask a question … Really the greatest power in the world in the war and military field has fallen back and was unable to predict the fall of Kabul and the main cities into the hands of the Taliban or had already foreseen everything in the minimum details, therefore also the powerful armaments passed from the regular army to extremist terrorists, according to a more complex scenario in which the Intelligence would have had to take the place of the military troops?



This thesis was supported by Ami Rojkes on Israel Defense, the information and opinion portal that closely follows the activities of the Israeli Defense Forces, or the army of Jerusalem. It is not my merit that I found this enlightening article but by the Italian veteran of investigative journalism Maurizio Blondet, former correspondent of the newspaper Avvenire in New York for the attack on the Twin Towers and author of the book “September 11: US Coup”.

Before reading the contents I would like to recall that the investigations conducted by former CIA officer Gordon Duff on Veterans Today in the USA and those developed by me on Gospa News thanks to Osint sources have brought to light the same investigative theory on that event that was the source of all action in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda and its Taliban allies.

Khashoggi Murder: “He Knew Too Many Saudi Secrets on 9/11 Massacre”. US Intelligence Accused MBS but Concealed Motive

In fact, a conspiracy has emerged among American intelligence, Mossad and Saudi Arabia in which even the motive for the brutal murder of the Washington Post Arab journalist Jamal Kashoggi, tortured and quartered in the Consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, is hidden. In Istanbul, further, in the autumn 2019 mysteriously lost his life James Le Mesurier, the former 007 British military trainer of the Whilte Helmets in Syria, denounced by Russia to the UN as a terrorist organization for trafficking in human organs and for collaboration with Al Nusra (rib of Al Qaeda) in false flag chemical attacks such as the Douma one.

Human Organs’ Traffic in Syria ignored by UN: Sana and CBS videos on White Helmets, Al Qaeda & Turkey Crimes

Precisely in Syria, near Al Tanf, in February 2020, “several meetings were to be held for representatives of the intelligence apparatus of the United States, France and Great Britain and a certain number of regional states of Syria, with the participation of the field leaders of Daesh and other terrorist groups, to discuss the intensification of attacks against Syrian government forces and Russian military bases in Syria “as we highlighted in a previous Gospa News article thanks to sources in Damascus and Moscow.

“Intel Meeting US-UK & ISIS leaders”. Shocking news from Syria. OSINT dossier: “Al Hol Jihadist Radicalization’s center”. Turkey protects Terrorists, Russia silent


«Will Israel get into the big game? The withdrawal of the US armed forces from Afghanistan offers the State of Israel, through the Mossad, the opportunity to step into the big game and no, it does not mean that Israel will seek control of the Central Asian region» asks the analyst. of Israel Defense which in the following sentences of the article will reveal an already consolidated presence of the counter-espionage of Jerusalem on the spot.

«Not yet familiar with the term” big game “? Well, this is an opportunity to read The Great Game. This is a histographic description of the geopolitical moves in Central Asia. Afghanistan is one of the pillars of this game» laughs Ami Rojkes.

«As stated, in the situation that has arisen, Israel has an opportunity. Afghanistan borders Iran and could theoretically allow Mossad or the IDF to gather intelligence, activate agents and support local opposition from neighboring territory, as the territory allows other countries including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Pakistan» reads the article further.

The article published in Israel Defense entitled “An Israeli partnership with the Taliban could put Jerusalem in the game against Iran”

«In Afghanistan, for the past twenty years, the US military has worked to eliminate al Qaeda after the twin attacks in September 2011. The United States has failed in this, as have other previous powers, including Russia, but they developed ties with the local government and the Taliban along the way. Ties that today allow it to close the peace talks between the parties in order to reach a state of regulatory functioning starting from next September (the official departure date is the end of August)».

«The Taliban are also likely to maintain trade ties in Iran. More or less legal. By virtue of these, he is familiar with the informal access routes, which are mostly used by smugglers of goods to and from Iran. These ways are also used by intelligence services such as the institution».

Ustica Plane Disaster 41 years after: 4 Investigative Leads on Israeli Missile Theory. Former Gladio (Stay Behind) Officer and a Mossad agent told

Rojkes’ last sentences are sensational and fully confirm our geopolitical theses: «Tamir Pardo, the former head of the Mossad, has defined the Mossad as a legal criminal organization. Well, despite the public criticism of this statement, he is right. And this is not just the institution, but every parallel intelligence organization in the world. In some cases, there is no difference between the infrastructure used by an organization that smuggles goods, people and weapons between countries and the infrastructure used by an intelligence organization. Sometimes these are exactly the same infrastructures».

«In the context of the Taliban, his knowledge of Iran and the ways to access it and from it, their contacts, local criminal organizations – all this is worth gold for the institution. And yes, even to the CIA. On the other hand, the Taliban need weapons, military technology, ways to launder money and official access to governments around the world to look after their own interests and those of Afghanistan».



At this point another question is a must … After the many meetings that took place between the Taliban delegations and US politicians or generals in Qatar in Doha (in whose banks loans for Al Nusra and Hayat Tahrir al Sham have passed as shown by two pending legal cases in the US and the UK), the Afghan Sunni extremists – who have easily recaptured Kabul thanks to the regular army soldiers not paid for months – are aware that they are in the Big Game or are just “pawns” attracted by the prize to see the theocracy of the new Islamic Empire of Afghanistan triumph?

“Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) Terrorists Funded by Qatar”. Scotland Yard Investigates. Syrian Refugees’ and American Reporter’s Lawsuits against Doha’s banks

As often happens, some of them will be aware of every plot, others of a few or none. As the Israeli analyst has noted for decades, «One of the main sources of income for the Taliban is drugs. Mainly opium» around $416 millions every year. This is why «the Mossad can” trade “with the Taliban in its ability to support its drug trafficking, in exchange for information on Iran and logistical support for operations inside Iran».

«It is likely that the Mossad already has ties to the Taliban, but Israel, in this regard, can enlist the help of the Americans to develop better ties with the Taliban, together with the official government in Kabul. Together with the United States, other countries can also help».

Zionist Lobby – 1. Singer (Elliott) & Fink (BlackRock) within Gates-Soros in Covid Big Pharma’s Business(GSK & Gilead)

«There are no real friendships between Pakistan and Afghanistan, but Pakistan is set to serve as a base for US murderous attacks on Afghan soil following the withdrawal of the US military. This is a covert operation that the CIA has been conducting for over two decades. The Pakistani intelligence service is considered to be of high quality in the Central Asian region (the big game, remember?)» adds IsraelDefense.

«If we go back to the Americans, then, despite the army’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, there will be extensive CIA activity in the country to report to the White House what is happening in the country which is considered a major player in the big game. Thanks to the good relations between Israel and the United States, Mossad will be able to count on American support for Afghanistan, as well as on American ties with the Taliban, which, as mentioned, is in favor of monitoring the program».



But what is the final program really? The alarm is raised by a Moscow MP who reports the exact same words as a former American 007. «With the Taliban now controlling Afghanistan, there is no question that they will provide a safe haven for Al Qaeda, and for ISIS, and for other terrorists … this is a national security threat» former CIA director Leon Panetta says the Taliban’s takeover of power, a widely shared Tweet reported. This assertion appears to be only partially founded.

Those who, like Gospa News, have repeatedly followed the movements of captured ISIS terrorists well know that in Syria they were managed with ease by Turkey, through the MIT National Intelligence Service in Ankara: freeing the commanders of the Islamic State from the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces of Kurdish enemies, to re-employ them on the battlefield as mercenaries according to a strategy already “patented” in Yemen by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Al Qaeda’s death row inmates.

Syria: 76 leaders ISIS among Turkish mercenaries, also killers of Us ranger Kassig and activist Hevrin. Priest murdered

This happened under the distracted eyes of the NATO troops but also with their silent complicity as in the deployment of 14 thousand cutthroat jihadists in Libya in defense of the Government of National Accord in Tripoli.

14 Thousand Jihadist Troops in Libya for Turkey Blitz alongside US Weapons’ Lobby, NATO’s Deep State & NWO

That operation was favored by the media coverage provided by the American lobbying company Mercury to hide the role of the Muslim Brotherhood according to a strategy of manipulation of public opinion also used with the Big Pharma that are getting rich thanks to the SARS-Cov-2 virus, that by now numerous intelligence and virology experts believe it was created in the laboratory in a “China-US affair” dating back to the period of the Obama-Biden administration.

WUHAN-GATES – 33. SARS-2 Manmade in Biolab and Concealed by NWO Intel. As Ties among ISIS, Turkey, NATO & CIA



But even more sensational is the direct role of the US in the movement of ISIS prisoners. In May 2019, in fact, Gospa News produced a report on the transfer of thousands of jihadists of the Islamic State freed from the Taliban or SDF prisons in Syria by American troops and amassed in Northern Afghanistan to infiltrate the countries of the former USSR. all with a Muslim majority, where they could spark uprisings in an attempt to threaten Russia’s borders.

The alarm was then raised by the head of the Russian FSB secret services, former KGB, Alexander Bortnikov. Today it’s Konstantin Kosachev’s turn, vice president of the Council of the Russian Federation (the Upper House of the Federal Assembly in Moscow). The MP, on August 15, 2021, just after the fall of Kabul, warned that the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan could threaten the security of Russia and its Central Asian allies.


The Russian lawmaker said he believed the collapse of the Afghan government and the return of the Taliban government could potentially lead to the formation of more terrorist groups in the country. And not only. Turkey had already intended to send its jihadist mercenaries (including thousands of former ISIS and Al Qaeda militants) to Kabul to maintain control of the airport according to a NATO strategy. But it then left only its contingent of about 500 soldiers from the regular army, stating that it intended to keep the garrison despite the Taliban’s urging to leave it.

OTTOMAN EMPIRE CAN RISE THANKS TO THE US. Turkish jihadists from Syria to Afghanistan

It is not difficult to argue that in exchange for an international legitimacy of their new government in Kabul in front of the European Union (i.e. NATO), already under evaluation after the moderation declarations of the Afghan extremists of the Sharia (the strict Koranic law), they could well accept the compromise of the Turkish presence and their jihadist fighters (less expensive than a regular soldier).

«There is already an increase in the interest of the IS in Afghanistan and Central Asia, after its defeat in Syria and Iraq,» Kosachev wrote on his Facebook account on Sunday. «Regardless of whether ISIS eventually reaches an agreement with the Taliban (and such a scenario cannot be ruled out), the threat to Russia and its allies will objectively increase».

According to Kosachev, many different groups are already operating in Afghanistan, “including those from the post-Soviet space,” which are now based in the north of the country, in close proximity to the borders of Central Asian countries.

Konstantin Kosachev, Vice-President of the Council of the Russian Federation

«Although the Taliban offered assurances that their quick gains on the ground in Afghanistan would not threaten Russia or its allies in Central Asia during their visit to Moscow on July 8, Moscow was bolstering its military presence in Central Asian countries that border Afghanistan amid the US withdrawal from the country» reports Caspian News, highlighting that the evacuation of the Russian embassy in Kabul has not been planned precisely because of the assurances provided by the Taliban for the safety of diplomats.

“The question is not even whether they can be trusted,” Kosachev wrote. “The Taliban is, in principle, a Pashtun nationalist movement, whose tasks are generally limited to the Afghan territory, unlike the IS.”

But it is also true that if the Afghan Islamic extremists, considered terrorists by Moscow, had really taken power thanks to an international intelligence project of the Masonic-Zionist-Sunni New World Order precisely the defense of Orthodox Christianity of the Kremlin and of President Vladimir Putin could be the ultimate target. As in the end were the Serbian Orthodox and also in part the Croatian Catholics for the Muslim Bosnians.



But what role are the Taliban called to play in the “Great Game” referred to by the Israeli analyst. After all, the Al Qaeda organization itself was created by Osama Bin Laden (it is believed thanks to the funding of the Saudis) to defend the Afghan revolution against the Soviet occupation but was subsequently used successfully in the Balkans, as well highlighted in the historical novel Caliphate of Europe published by an Italian investigator expert in terrorism who commanded the peace contingent of the State Police in Bosnia after the conflict.

Bosnian Muslims. supported by Al Qaeda militiamen funded and trained by the CIA and Saudis. they managed to gain Bosnia including the Croatian enclave of Herzegovina. Like President Slobodan Milosevic’s Serbian militiamen, they have been accused of war crimes but have not yet been tried with a sentence, as if they are predestined for to an unofficial diplomatic immunity…



Milosevic died before the sentence of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. But after his death, in a sentence of 40 years of imprisonment for the other president Radovan Karadžić for the crimes of the period 1992-1995, the court in The Hague also hinted at the responsibilities of the former Serbian president regarding to the plan for the expulsion of Muslim Bosnians and Bosnian Croats, declaring that, however, “Milošević provided assistance in the form of personnel, logistics and weapons to Bosnian Serbs during the conflict”.

On June 8, 2021, the sentence of the Hague Tribunal arrived, which confirmed the life sentence for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity for the former Serbian general Ratko Mladic, for the atrocities committed during the war in Bosnia, from the siege of Sarajevo to the Srebrenica massacre.

While after the war, formally concluded by the Dayton Peace Agreement in November 1995, Bosnian President Alija Izetbegović became a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He resigned in October 2000 at the age of 74, citing his poor health. However, Izetbegović remained popular with the Bosnian public, who nicknamed him Dedo (which in Bosnian means grandfather). He died in 2003, unscathed by international investigations, of a heart attack.

Alija Izetbegovic in a meeting with Bill Clinton at the White House on March 18, 1994 – Photo Izetbegovic Foundation

Osama bin Laden received a Bosnian passport during Izetbegović’s presidency and visited Bosnia and Kosovo several times. Bin-Laden told a German reporter that he intended to bring Muslim volunteers to Bosnia. Indeed, “while the Clinton administration was supporting the Bosnian Muslim government of Alija Izetbegovic, his embassy in Vienna in 1992 issued a passport to Osama bin Laden which allowed him to visit Bosnia and Kosovo at least three times” wrote the Washington Post in 2005.


It also went well for one of his senior Bosnian officers Atif Dudakovic, also at the center of the intrigues between the CIA and Al Qaeda in the Balkans, who on February 22, 2021 (YouTube video) gave a nationalist speech in front of his military devotees. of the 5th Corps Brigade he commanded within the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, despite being on trial for war crimes. All this thanks to the pandemic and the circumstance of having been subjected to trial at his home and not in The Hague.

«More than a year has passed since large-scale trials for crimes committed during the war in Bosnia were put on hold at the state court in Sarajevo due to safety measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic, and there is no indication of when they might resume» wrote the online newspaper BalkanInsight (BIRN).

“We know that this is a long-running process, which is further dragged out by this, but for the time being we have no other solution but to wait for the situation to stabilise,” judge Minka Kreho, president of the Crime Section of the Bosnian state court, told BIRN.

The cases that have been on hold for the year include the high-profile trial of Atif Dudakovic, the former commander of the Bosnian Army’s Fifth Corps, who is being tried alongside 16 of his soldiers for wartime crimes including over 300 killings and the destruction of Serb Orthodox churches. The last hearing in the case was held in February 2020.

The politically-controversial trial of nine former Croatian Defence Council fighters charged with committing crimes against Serbs in the town of Orasje has also been on hold since February 2020. The case has sparked protests by Bosnian Croats and strong reactions from officials in the Croatian capital Zagreb. Also on hold is the trial of 11 Bosniak Territorial Defence fighters and policemen accused of an attack on the village of Cemerno in 1992, when around 30 Serbs were killed, including ten women.

The history of the Caliphate of Europe wanted by the CIA teaches that the pieces functional to the Great Game almost always manage to get away with it. It should not be forgotten, in fact, that Russian intelligence has provided several clues to deny the mysterious blitz with which the American special forces allegedly killed the Caliph of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

CIA Middle East chief, Soleimani Killer and Bin Laden Hunter, dead on Jet in Afghanistan. Tasnim & Mirror told after VT & Gospa News

While the infamous Central Intelligence Agency’s director of Middle East operations, Mike d’Andrea, would actually die in the crash of a US Air Force plane believed to be a CIA spy-aircraft suspected of being shot down by the Taliban. taking all the secrets of the last twenty years of counterintelligence between the CIA, Mossad and Muslim terrorists to the afterlife.

Among these also the dubious deaths of Osama Bin Laden and Al Baghdadi, both for years functional to the CIA-MOSSAD-ISLAM Sunni terror strategy and both killed in mysterious blitzes by US special forces that could not even photograph the corpses: as it happened instead. for Muhammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, guilty of trying to steal the oil of Libya and Iraq from the military clutches of NATO countries …

Read more… Even Italian Military Technology in the Gates’ Hands

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization 

Fall of another Super Power in Afghanistan. Where Died in a Mysterious Crash Plane the CIA Director for Middle East







WASHINGTON POST – CIA was aiding Afghan rebels before the Soviets invaded in ’79



ISRAEL DEFENSE – Interpretazione Una partnership israeliana con i talebani potrebbe mettere Gerusalemme in partita contro l’Iran

BLONDET & FRIENDS – “Una partnership israeliana con i talebani potrebbe mettere Gerusalemme in partita contro l’Iran”




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