Afrin, Erdogan’s Syrian Hell under NATO’s Shield. 188 Tortured to Death, 127 Raped (among whom Disabled Minors) by Turkish-backed Jihadists

Afrin, Erdogan’s Syrian Hell under NATO’s Shield. 188 Tortured to Death, 127 Raped (among whom Disabled Minors) by Turkish-backed Jihadists


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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Until about a year ago I was collaborating with the gepolitics’ French webmedia Reseau International. Then the director was worried because in the reports on Syria I defined the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan as dictator, tyrant and despot, already compared by many to Adolf Hitler, and for “politically correct” reasons my inquiries were no longer published.

Today I would like the French colleague to turn her gaze to the hell created by the bloody sultan – who is harboring the desire to rebuild the Ottoman Empire – in the small enclave of Afrin, a town in northern Syria, seized by the Turkish army starting from January 20, 2018 with the invasion sarcastically called “Olive Branch”, and left in the hands of the ferocious Sunni jihadists of various factions, reinforced by the commanders of ISIS and Al Qaeda through a meticulous work of MIT (Millî İstihbarat Teşkilâtı), the Ankara’s national intelligence organization known for using Islamic black flag terrorists in the Middle East, Libya but even in Europe.

Syria: 76 leaders ISIS among Turkish mercenaries, also killers of Us ranger Kassig and activist Hevrin. Priest murdered

In the last three years we have told the terrible human stories of women raped and stoned, of minors kidnapped and slaughtered, of pacifists shot, whose names we will recall later. Today it is the numbers that cry out for vengeance in front of God, the world and especially NATO, which does not dare to poke its head into the bloodstained business of the tyrant of Istanbul, blinded by the obsession with the extermination of the Kurds and other ethnic minorities who occupied that area but they have largely fled from it due to the persecutions carried out by pro-Turkish mercenaries with such scientific premeditation as to make the director of this horrendous little war an example of a Muslim neo-Nazi.

Afrin is a city that before the Syrian Civil War had about 35,000 inhabitants, too small to evoke resounding words like Shoah or genocide, even if the strategic position of its administrative district (in the governorate of Aleppo), near the borders of southern Turkey and Idlib province, still controlled by allied militiamen of Al Qaeda, have made it a prey of conquest.

But the data unveiled last January 30 at the second forum on Human Rights Violations in occupied Afrin held in Qamishlo, in Rojava controlled by the Autonomous Administration of Northeast Syria, ruled by the Kurds who defeated the Isis of the caliph Al Baghdadi thanks to the troops of the Syrian Democratic Forces (also made up of Christian and Muslim minorities), they leave no room for doubt about the ferocity of Turkey’s armed jihadists.

Top secret files: “ISIS sends terrorists to Europe with the help of Turkish intelligence”. Under Nato’s nose

Three figures alone are enough to paint the brutality of the Muslim factions protected by Erdogan and the silence of NATO, where the Turkish army is the second military power after the USA: in just 3 years more than 7 thousand civilians have been kidnapped for ransom or of sexual slavery, 188 of them were tortured to death or killed without mercy, 127 people were raped, most of them women – but also men and boys – some even minors and disabled: some of them were forced into forced marriages with jihadists as happens with great frequency in Pakistan.

I would not give such prominence to this report if I had not dealt in the past with three emblematic cases in which defenseless civilians were kidnapped and killed for pleasure, extortion or political reasons. Also to pay homage to their memory, I will talk about it in the course of the infernal account of the violence perpetrated in Afrin and its surroundings, where Kurds, Yazidis and Christians have been forced to flee to avoid the daily risk of ambushes destined to become mortal especially for those people who do not they had families wealthy enough to pay ransoms even of disproportionate amounts.



«The Turkish army’s occupation of Afrin caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of its residents, approximately 80%, to the areas of Shehba (al-Shahba), the city of Aleppo, the town of Tal Rifaat, and the al-Shahba camp, which was later established by the Autonomous Administration. During three years of occupation, nearly 400,000 foreigners were resettled throughout the villages and districts of Afrin, who were brought from the conflict zones in Syria, especially the southern countryside of Idlib, the southern and western countryside of Aleppo, and the Ghouta region» writes the Kurdish media ANF in a detailed summary of the Human Rights forum held in Qamishlo which the Rojava Information Center also reported.

Some of the speakers at the Human Rights Forum in Afrin held in Qamishlo

Various activists from humanitarian and legal organizations intervened during the conference: Abd Hamid Al-Mahbash, co-president of the Autonomous Administration, Ibrahim Sheikho, head of the Human Rights Organization in Afrin, Majdolin Hassan, member of the Advisory Council of Women for the UN Special Envoy on Syria, the lawyer Ayman Okall, general manager of the Egyptian Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, the London lawyer Azad Deewanee, the Syrian journalist Ghassan Ibrahim, the international lawyer Yan Fermon with a law firm in Brussels, Professor Abu Baker Dewah, secretary general of the Egyptian Bar Association and at the top of the Arab Lawyers’ Union in Egypt, together with a colleague of the same bodies, Ahmad Rajab Shehata Mahmoud Abu Shweba.

«On January 20, 2018, the Turkish occupation army and its affiliated Syrian jihadist groups launched a military operation to occupy Afrin canton, using all kinds of heavy and modern weapons. The aggression carried out with the support of artillery bombardment and warplanes with all brutality left a huge amount of destruction to the infrastructure and vital civilian facilities» highlighted the report by the head of the Human Rights Organization in Afrin.

14 Thousand Jihadist Troops in Libya for Turkey Blitz alongside US Weapons’ Lobby, NATO’s Deep State & NWO

The participants in the Forum illustrated the characteristics of the crimes perpetrated by the Turks and the jihadists they supported also through the testimonies of three surviving prisoners and the reports of legal experts on a “crime of aggression under international law”. Thanks to the NATO shield that has politically legitimized the sending of jihadist mercenaries to Libya and takes no interest in Syria, hit by the recently renewed European Union sanctions against President Bashar Al Assad.

«The attack caused thousands of civilian casualties, either dead or wounded, displacement of hundreds of thousands of residents, and dozens of massacres characterized by ethnic cleansing. These acts were committed in flagrant violation of all international principles and conventions and under various pretexts to justify the occupation of Afrin canton, including protecting Turkish national security, establishing safe regions, resettlement of Syrian refugees and displaced persons. As is known, Afrin had an administrative and societal system before its occupation and enjoyed relative stability in terms of security and economics, which was lacking in most other Syrian regions and cities. In addition, it housed tens of thousands of displaced people from other Syrian regions» it was observed during conference in Qamishlo; precisely the city where Hevrin Haly Khalaf (Xelef in Kurdish) was returning on 12 October 2019, the secretary of the Syrian Party of the Future intent on creating a dialogue between Kurds, Sunni Muslims and Shiites and Christians, intercepted by a jihadist ambush, dragged by the hair out of the armored car and massacred with a blast of Kalashnikov blows to the head as evidenced by the autopsy.

Autopsy: the Kurdish activist Hevrin Khalaf shot up at head by a barrage of bullets

«Minorities have been subjected to displacement, widespread violations and cultural and religious change processes, especially the Alawite and Yazidi sects. Afrin is home to 23 Yazidi villages which were inhabited by about 25,000 thousand people before the outbreak of the conflict in Syria in 2011. With the repeated attacks of jihadist factions throughout the years of the Syrian conflict, a number of them emigrated, heading towards European countries. With the entry of the Turkish occupation forces and the extremist Syrian factions into Afrin, most of them fled from these villages. A few of them did not leave their villages, most of whom were elderly, and the number of those remaining did not exceed 7,000 people. The groups and factions committed crimes and violations amounting to crimes against humanity» reports ANF.



The list of criminal actions is so long that we will only marginally deal with the bombings against the civilian population which are well summarized in one episode: «On December 2, 2019, the city of Tal Rifaat, 35 km north of Aleppo, was subjected to direct artillery shelling by the Turkish state and armed factions. The bombing targeted the displaced people from Afrin directly, resulting in the loss of 8 children and 2 adults, in addition to wounding 17 people, including 9 children».

Kurdish Red Crescent ambulance bombed in Afrin district

From 2018 to 2020, 709 civilians were killed by the bombs that hit the hospital in Afrin 3 times, but also repeatedly the Red Crescent ambulances while transporting the wounded and the educational buildings.«According to the Afrin Canton Education Authority’s statistics, 64 schools were destroyed due to the military operation. While the number of students registered before the military operation was 50,855, there are only 13,000 students in Shehba areas currently. While 696 people were injured as a result of the bombing, including 303 children and 213 women.

Children massacred by jihadists in Burkina and Syria: but media hide Turkish-backed carnage near Afrin

«On the other hand, a water purification station was targeted in the village of Metina, affiliated to Shera district, and the dam in the village of Maidanki was targeted during the military operation to cut off the water on the population, using it as a weapon of war to force civilians to flee».



In the Afrin district, the most powerful and brutal jihadist faction is the Al-Sharqiyah brigade made up of Islamic terrorists allies of Al Qaeda in whose ranks were also included former ISIS commanders after the defeat of the Black Flag Caliphate in the stronghold of Baghouz, in March 2019, by the Kurdish majority SDF troops supported by the bombing of their allies in the US Air Force.

They were credited with the kidnapping of three Kurdish males on May 13, 2019 in the city of Azaz where they had gone to shop: the grandfather, father and little son. The family was not wealthy enough to pay the ransom and so all three were killed, including 10-year-old boy Mohammed Rasheed Khalil with Down Syndrome. His body was found in the Afrin countryside on May 27, 5 days after the heartbreaking appeal launched to his family by his father, victim of obvious torture, for the payment of the $ 100,000 requested by the kidnapping jihadists.


Since 2018 «the Turkish state and the extremist Syrian armed factions carried out systematic killings and kidnappings. The number of kidnapped persons reached 943, of whom 76 were killed under torture or executed without any trials, charged with having connections with the Autonomous Administration. Most of the kidnappings took place under the supervision of the Turkish forces and their intelligence service MIT, through direct investigation and torture operations» still reads in the report of human rights activists released on January 30, 2020.

Thirty-year-old Rashid Hamidi Khalil, tortured and killed by pro-Turkish jihadists, first in the dramatic video in which he made the appeal for ransom and then when he was found dead – photo Afrin Media Center

An issue known for some time because after the killing of little Mohammed, the Kurdistan 24 media network recalled that already in February 2019 «the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry into Syria released a statement in which it stated that armed groups of Afrin were guilty of war crimes, such as “hostage-taking, cruel treatment, torture and pillage. The most common violations perpetrated in Afrin have led to frequent kidnappings by armed groups and criminal gangs».

Jihadist militiamen of the Al-Sharqiyah group, included in the Olive Branch operation launched by Turkey in the Afrin area

«The number of kidnappings and ransom demands in Afrin Canton in 2019 exceeded 6,000 cases. Ransom was asked from the relatives of 500 of these and the fate of 330 people is unknown. 700 people were documented subjected to torture. Some of the kidnapped women and children were filmed while being tortured and the videos were then sent to their families who were blackmailed for ransom, which sometimes amounted to more than 100 thousand US dollars. The number of murders at the hands of the factions reached 54 who died under torture in detention centers». To these numbers, the icy mirror of terrible human tragedies, are added the 58 cases in 2020 for a total of 188 tortured to death.



If 2018 was the year of the bombings, necessary for the Turkish army to occupy Afrin, 2019 was the beginning of the criminal activity in which the jihadists armed, financed and protected by them are true specialists: ethnic rape.


In previous reports we have told of the horrors committed by ISIS cutthroats, capable of raping and pregnant Marwa, a 10-year-old Yazidi girl, and by the Nigerian terrorists of Boko Haram who kidnapped and abused 15-year-old Lea Sharibu, still a prisoner today. of Islamist guerrillas because of their refusal to convert to Islam as a Christian. In the case of Afrin, the numbers speak more than the stories, hidden between the desperation and terror of the family members forced every day to escape the reprisals of the pro-Turkish jihadists.

«The Afrin region witnessed widespread violations against women, including kidnappings, killings, rape and torture, a policy followed by jihadist factions and Turkish forces to abuse civilians and force them to flee. 40 women were murdered and 128 wounded between 2018 and 2019. In addition, 60 cases of rape were recorded, most of them against minors. 5 of these committed suicides and 270 were kidnapped. Cases of forced marriage under threat and extortion were also recorded, as well as a high rate of underage marriage among women to avoid their relatives marrying members of armed groups» reads the report of the Organization for Human Rights. As we have seen in previous reportages, forced marriage is one of the plagues of Pakistan because it is considered legitimate by many extremist Sunni Muslims.

CHRISTIAN TEENS ABDUCTED – RAPED BY MUSLIMS. Maira Filmed during Abuses for Blackmail. Huma: Arrest Warrant for Kidnappers

To these cases must be added those of 35 women kidnapped in 2020 and 67 raped, including minors and the disabled. «Sexual violence was not only against women, as cases of rape of men and adolescents were documented in the prisons of the factions under the supervision and knowledge of the Turkish army».


In the province of Idlib, a stronghold of the terrorists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a rib of Al Qaeda born on the ashes of Al Nusra, the case of the Syrian Christian Suzan Der Kirkour, 60, kidnapped by a pack of jihadists, caused a sensation. raped, tortured and finally stoned for being “unfaithful”. However, the news found space only on Gospa News and a few other Western counter-information media because the Islamic militiamen in Syria are well protected by the Muslim Brotherhood, strategic allies of various NATO countries including above all the United Kingdom and Italy, as demonstrated in the Lobby Weapons dossier – 4.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 4. UK and Italy in the hands of Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood: Rothschild partner and Jihadists’ funder

A lawsuit before the High Court of London and another in a US District Court, in fact, are dealing with the financing received by the terrorist organization of Al Nusra through some banks in Doha, capital of the Emirate of Qatar, supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, the most powerful political-religious organization in Turkey that supports the sultan dictator Recep Tayyp Erdogan. In addition, some HTS jihadist mercenaries were reportedly treated in the Italian Army’s Bersaglieri field hospital in Misrata in Libya.



«Nothing was spared in Afrin canton of the oppression of the jihadist factions and the Turkish army for whom everything was permissible. The number of forest and olive trees that were cut down for firewood trade reached more than 300,000, including 300 rare perennial olive trees, 15,000 oak trees and more than 11,000 forest trees. The factions burned an equivalent of 2,180 dunums, as well as 10,000 of the total 33,000 hectares of agricultural land».

A particular fury, as already mentioned above, there was against the ethnicity of the Yazidis, devoted to an ancient religion-philosophy of 4,000 years derived from the prophet Zarathuštra born in Persia in the sixth century BC, on whom the faith was imposed Islamic with a lot of prayer and Ramadan. «They destroyed the cultural and religious heritage of this sect in an attempt to exterminate them, turned their religious shrines into stables and destroyed their historical shrines and exhumed them in search of antiquities». 

“Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) Terrorists Funded by Qatar”. Scotland Yard Investigates. Syrian Refugees’ and American Reporter’s Lawsuits against Doha’s banks

A fate that has also befallen others:«The historical and cultural monuments in Afrin witnessed major destruction and looting. According to the statistics of the Antiquities Authority in Afrin, more than 28 archaeological sites and mounds were destroyed and the antiquities in them were stolen and sold in Turkish markets in an organized process to obliterate the historical identity of Afrin canton».



The dramatic picture of Afrin is not very different from that of other areas still controlled by pro-Turkish jihadists in North-East Syria and by ISIS cells in the desert areas of the province of Deir Ezzor where the attacks, although decreased in 2020, they continue to be numerous as reported in various releases from the Rojava Information Center (RIC).

«Politically, the AANES and SDF continue to walk a tight rope between their allies and enemies. From the US-led Coalition, the SDF remains its number one ally in the region for a sustained resistance to ISIS and its network of sleeper cells. However, with the US’s NATO alliance with Turkey, the US showed their unwillingness to protect NES from Turkish incursion and subsequent occupation. Former Special Envoy to Syria James Jeffery was quoted that the US military only had two objectives for remaining in Syria for the foreseeable future: continue its ISIS counter measures, and prevent Iran from accessing more Syrian territory».

«These select motives pushed the SDF into negotiations with Russia which allowed Russian military police as well as forces loyal to Damascus to reinforce the SDF positions along the occupied areas controlled by Turkey and its militia groups after the October invasion in 2019. However, it is widely known that Turkey and Russia are involved in a quasi-alliance, with common or overlapping interests that include: the sale of S400 missile systems,the backing opposing sides in the Libya conflict, the backing of opposing sides in the Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict, and remain in a stalemate in the Idlib area of north west Syria. It appears that no super power or country as concern about the welfare of the Syrian civilians. While all this turns and grinds on the stage of global politics, ISIS and other clandestine actors continue to wreak havoc on North and East Syria» explains the RIC’s report summary.

Rojava Information Center report on ISIS cells activity in Syria

Amid the indifference of the West – ready to pillory any politician for simple sexual advances to its later repentant collaborators – kidnappings, torture and rape of minors can continue in Erdogan’s hell of Afrin. That Syrian district, forgotten by EU and US human rights activists, seems to have become an invisible zone where humanity has disappeared to give way to the belligerent instincts of prehistory as if it were an experimentation camp of the future tyranny of the New World Order, in addition to the pandemic plot planned for decades, according to attorney Robert F. Kennedy, grandson of JFK.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization






WUHAN-GATES – 21. “Pandemic Planned for Decades”. Kennedy blames Fauci & Gates. Terrible Plot in 30 Investigations’ summary. Pope against Big Pharma’s Affairs

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Fabio G.C. Carisio

8 pensieri su “Afrin, Erdogan’s Syrian Hell under NATO’s Shield. 188 Tortured to Death, 127 Raped (among whom Disabled Minors) by Turkish-backed Jihadists

  1. Being a fellow Brit, I’d be asking him why he was working with the Kurds? Who are not innocent in this appalling criminal war, that was started by both the USA and Turkey. Go all the way back to the start of the conflict, and read the outright lies told by the British Government, the German government, Turkey, Israel and the USA? They blamed Assad, claiming his police murdered a boy in the protests (that were all started and created by the CIA and their own hired thugs), much like we’ve seen in Ukraine, Libya and Iraq, the boy being murdered by Assad’s police, was all a CIA lie, It was those terrorists they sent into Syria from Turkey who fired the live ammo into the protests that killed that little boy, and it was lies put out by both the USA and Turkish media.

    We also have two other British Journalists, Vanessa Beeley and her friend Eva Bartlett. Who did their job, and uncovered a whole web of lies about this conflict, who have been banished into obscurity with fellow journalists all turning on their own colleagues because they wanted to report 100% truth? And this is how they are silenced.

    So is this British Journalist out there reporting the truth, or just many Kurdish lies, as I’ve said, they have also played a huge part in this criminal act against Assad, and the Syrian government? Or is he just another of the idiots, like all those at the BBC, just fools who listen to lies one minute, while then trying to suggest other lies, are in fact truths? That’s hat needs to be known, is he Anti Assad, or pro Assad, that’s the main point here. The only reason I’m interested at all is only because I have followed this conflict from day one, and what I have seen is simply disgusting, from every western government. My own government and that a-hole David Cameron, was one of the biggest players, and he should be held to account for it, when all this truth does come out.


  2. There is, obviously, a big reason we are seeing all of this, so, how about this? Everything that has been done, leading up to where we are today?, has all been done with prearranged propaganda, outright lies, and so much deceit, that nobody knows what’s real or truthful any more?, and it’s all been carried out, by all Western Governments, and the mainstream media. So, let’s just look, what we really have seen?

    For all Western governments, and the mainstream media, to be following the same scripted lies, (unprecedented in history), we must surely know, it’s got to be leading to something huge, something catastrophic? So, let’s try to explain it all in a way we can all understand?

    The USA has known for many years that their economy had to collapse, (and they’ve actually planned for it). Here’s how, and why. They’ve been printing enormous amounts of US currency, while increasing their military budget yearly. After the collapse of the USSR?, the USA had no real enemy left, yet they continued to build more military hardware, and continued to gain more military bases throughout the world? With no real enemy left, and with China 50 years away from challenging them, (that’s what they really thought back then in 91), why would the USA do that?
    Because the USA has had a plan for many years now, that if they can gain full global military control, they can then introduce, and (force in), a single world currency, that’s what this is ALL about, and here’s why.
    The USA have put all their eggs in one basket, and have known for a long time, that the only thing that could prevent and save the USA from complete and total collapse, is, if they could force in a single world currency. The effect as such, would see the USA, overnight, become completely debt free, (explains their enormous military overspending, and it explains their willingness to allow China to purchase so much US debt, with so many US government bonds – $1.2 trillion), and would see the USA, achieve, full global military control, as well as, full global financial control, (a very nice achievement, some might argue). In other words, for those people that don’t know?. That effectively means “American Tyranny” and that’s no different from Nazi tyranny. How Ironic is that?.

    The US dollar Is the world’s reserve currency and is currently used by many other countries to sell/purchase their oil/gas/energy etc, meaning that billions, if not trillions, of dollars are kept by those countries for their energy purchasing. What that allowed the USA to do, is, to print billions of dollars without ever showing the true rate of inflation that would normally arise from such massive currency printing. They can only do that, because so much of the US currency, sits in vaults all over the world, (to purchase their energy), those dollars would never find their way into the actual US economy, (meaning the USA could hold their level of inflation well below the rate It really always should have been). Well, the inevitable huge problem we’re now seeing, is, that all these countries like Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Europe, and many more around the world, are going to be selling and buying their energy in other currencies or gold, not the US dollar, seeing each of those countries having to dump/exchange all those dollars they’ve held for so many years, and start replacing them with the gold, or the currency, they’re going to use.

    The massive issue for the USA today, is, when those billions, if not trillions, of dollars, begin to filter back into the main US economy, the inflation will explode, (as It can’t be hidden any more). It will see hyperinflation, and the price of a loaf of bread, (for example), will skyrocket to well over $200, crippling the USA, collapsing the USA, as we’ve never seen before, basically, it will see the USA in massive debt for hundreds of years to come, yet with no way of creating any more debt. It will all be over! And this is exactly why we’re seeing this attempt to drag Russia, and also China, into a war.
    After the collapse of the USSR, the CIA was bribing Yeltsin, all throughout the 1990s, while also helping to dismantle Russia’s military, even gaining access into Russian nuclear silos. They helped to sell off many Russian resources, (in illegal corrupted auctions), carried out by the CIA, (with their “in pocket” Oligarchs), and it ended with the USA really believing Russia couldn’t ever become a threat to them again.
    Only they were wrong. And now, today, (right when they need too) they can’t force in anything, let alone any single world currency, with the likes of Russia, and China’s nuclear threat saying get lost.
    They nearly had it done with the collapse of the USSR. What a bonus that was?, it meant they could do it without war! But they messed that right up, because the USA took their eye off one man — Putin! The United States really believed they had finished Russia off after the collapse of the USSR, to the point that Russia couldn’t ever become a threat to them again. They helped to keep Russia in a state of pandemonium through Yeltsin’s reign, believing they had sealed Russia’s fate to the toilet.
    When Putin came to power, the USA could not work him out, but when they invaded Iraq, and Putin (craftily, as it bought him the time he needed), did not veto them, they believed they still had Russia under their control, and Putin was just a pushover like Yeltsin. (History will see Putin’s tactic of not vetoing the Iraq invasion, as world changing), as it really fooled the USA to not bother to look at Russia as any sort of potential threat, and that really damaged their plans.

    As, while the USA was invading countries all over the world, with their fake “war on terror”. Putin had quietly begun creating Russia an extremely effective military defence, and he’d upgraded all Russian weaponry, to a level, able to hold its own, If not beat any other nation on the planet.
    The USA, still blind to this, carried on as they used NATO to murder Gaddafi, carried on, as they kept Iraq destabilized, (by transferring well known terrorist commanders into Iraq from Guantánamo Bay, in the hundreds), to help keep it in chaos over the next decade.

    The USA then set their sights on Syria, and they were preparing for a ground invasion, (as with Iraq), when out of the blue, Putin vetoed that action, stunning the USA, it stopped them in their tracks, (and the USA then took a much closer look at Russia). When the USA had understood how they’d misread Putin, they then set out to demonise him across the world. But it still left the USA unable to use ground troops in Syria.
    This is when we saw the USA, and their CIA, start the troubles in Ukraine. We saw the USA’s CIA and their neo-Nazi recruited thugs start the marches and protests in Ukraine. The USA were all upbeat about Yanukovych winning the Presidency, because he had shown an interest in joining the EU, It was only when he decided to go to Russia and ask for a loan, and stated he was trying to work on a closer relationship with Russia, did all this really kick off. Then these CIA-led thugs started to murder people, they rampaged through Kiev while claiming Yanukovych was a thief, a tyrant, and Putin’s puppet (yet they said none of this when he showed an interest in the EU, all these accusations only started after he asked Russia for support) they forced Yanukovych to flee to Russia in fear of his life. They then got the Ukrainian parliament to impeach Yanukovych (who were obviously under threat to do so, as the vote came back 300+ to zero).

    The USA who have caused all the trouble in Ukraine (knowingly and purposely, as Victoria Nuland’s phone call revealed to the world), blame Russia, and in effect, illegally issue sanctions against Russia, for something they have not been able to prove, or even attempted to prove! As the reality is, it’s just a financial tool used many times by the USA and its vassals, but It does show Russia how far they’re prepared to go to force war.

    In Syria the USA decided to use proxy’s in the form of terrorists, they recruited, trained, armed, paid and then sent these terrorists into Syria to murder people, everyday normal people, working people, people just like you or me, they murdered people in the streets, they took over towns and cities through Syria by murder and butchery. I remember it like it was yesterday, seeing them stood on street corners dressed in black standing around burnt out cars with their rifles and Machete’s in their hands, there were bodies of dead naked raped women and their dead children just lying murdered on the side of the streets. They were the Free Syria Army!
    Only at that time nobody knew they were recruited, trained, armed and very well-paid by the USA, we only found that out after Russia entered Syria three years later.

    This is all about the USA’s attempt at global military and financial dominance (Tyranny). And with this Insane EU/NATO stance, It seems that If the USA collapses? Then so does the Euro, and maybe the Pound. Things have dramatically changed over these last 20 years, and changed to such an extent, It sees us today becoming exactly what we fought the second world war to prevent. That’s the bottom line of what we’re really facing.

    Putin knows all he needs is time, he must avoid getting into a war with the USA, but never lay down to them, he knows that sooner rather than later It’s all got to start to collapse, so he’ll try to avoid war and let them crumble (After all Russia had to start again, they did not cause a war, they just collapsed) but the USA know that’s what he’s doing, so we see them provoke and provoke Russia, they’ve non-stop encroached further and further towards Russia’s borders, using NATO’s ridiculous excuse of protecting the Baltic’s from Russian aggression.

    We’ve witnessed Putin three times seriously, and clearly warn them to stop this nonsense, and the USA have purposely ignored him every time. Because the US doesn’t want compromise, they don’t want talks, they don’t want peace, they must have war to remove Russia’s nuclear threat to force in a single world currency or collapse! This Is the truth no one wants to admit! You only need to remember for all Western governments and media to be following the same scripted lies (unprecedented in history) you simply must know the reason is huge! … It Is!

    Now you’ve just read this, just think about it for a moment, you’ll soon know I’m right, because now you’ll understand everything you’ve witnessed the USA saying and doing. In fact, after reading this, you can go back and look at everything that has happened leading up to now, and you’ll now understand all of it. Things that made no sense at the time, things you never really understood, or things that made little if any sense, now become very clear. It becomes obvious exactly what the USA and the West are really doing, you’ll now know why they’re doing it.

    Only then?, you’ll also realise the USA will never stop, because they can’t, or they’re bankrupt to the point of complete collapse. So many don’t want to believe it because of what it really means, so they deny it, only they should think and remember, by denying it, they’re basically waiting for war. And they’re denying what’s actually staring them straight in the face!

    I mean, anyone, tell me I’m wrong? I’d love to be wrong! Only the problem you have now is, you actually can’t tell me I’m wrong?, because this actually makes much more sense, than anything you’ve ever heard coming from any government?

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