Christians Persecuted: Over 100 Killed as Attacks on Nigerian Villages continue

Christians Persecuted: Over 100 Killed as Attacks on Nigerian Villages continue


Over 100 people have been killed in central Nigeria in recent weeks as militants terrorize farmers and victims despair of getting help from their government, according to Russia Today.

On Thursday, 250 villagers led by Christian church leaders marched through the city of Jos demanding action from the authorities.

Christian leaders raise alarm over ongoing killings in Plateau

Originally published by Marie-Therese Nanlong on Vanguard

Christian leaders under the aegis of Denominational Heads and Spiritual Fathers in Plateau State have raised the alarm over what they described as an “act of genocide against innocent and harmless villagers” and called on the government and security agencies to immediately stop this ongoing massacre.

The group in a statement, yesterday, in Jos, signed on its behalf by the Evangelical Church Winning All, ECWA, President, Rev. Stephen Panya, among others, said: “We are very deeply saddened by the resurgence of mindless killings of innocent citizens, mainly Christians, in Mangu and Riyom Local Government Areas of Plateau State. The killings which started in Mangu villages, Plateau state, Nigeria on Monday, 15th May 2023 by so-called unknown gunmen have claimed many lives and properties with many persons still missing.

“The villages affected include Fungzai, Hale, Kubwat, Bwoi and many other communities of Kombun District of Mangu Local Government Area and some communities in Riyom Local Government Area.

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According to reports, about 130 people were killed, about 1000 houses and 22 churches were burnt, and about 22 villages were affected.

“We the Church Denominational Leaders and Spiritual Fathers on the Plateau, view this round of killings and destruction as devilish, barbaric and an act of genocide against innocent and harmless villagers.

“This again is another sad commentary on the unabated bloodletting that has engulfed Plateau State over the years without any meaningful attempt by the government at federal and state levels to decisively address the unfortunate situation. For how long will this bloodletting continue?

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“The persistent attacks and killings in Plateau State continue to raise a number of questions: Who wants to destroy Plateau State and why? Are the killers really ‘unknown’ gunmen and why do they always have sophisticated weapons and enough time to wreak havoc on innocent citizens? What has happened to those arrested in previous attacks? Are the security agencies in Plateau handicapped?
“If we must move forward as a peaceful, united and democratic nation, then these and many other questions must be answered through a deliberate action by the government to bring these killings to an end and restore peace and tranquillity in Plateau State and other troubled parts of the country.

“We the Church Leaders and Spiritual Fathers are calling on the government and all security agencies to immediately stop this ongoing massacre and its spread to more communities.

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“We also urge relevant emergency management agencies to urgently provide shelter and relief materials to the affected communities and bring them much-needed succour. We implore spirited individuals, groups, and organizations to also come to the aid of these devastated communities.

“We call on citizens to remain calm and peaceful in the face of this unwarranted persecution and trust that government and its relevant agencies will immediately restore normalcy and build confidence in the people.

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