NATO’s Islamic Puppy Erdogan Hugs the Nation which Allowed the Burning of Quran in Contempt for Muslims

NATO’s Islamic Puppy Erdogan Hugs the Nation which Allowed the Burning of Quran in Contempt for Muslims


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

During the Vilnius Summit, NATO has reaffirmed its readiness to grant Ukraine membership at some point in the future. A joint statement released during the annual summit of the US-led bloc said Kiev would be invited to join only “when allies agree and conditions are met,” but it will be allowed to bypass the so-called Membership Action Plan that is usually required for candidate members.

 “We reaffirm the commitment we made at the 2008 summit in Bucharest that Ukraine will become a member of NATO, and today we recognize that Ukraine’s path to full Euro-Atlantic integration has moved beyond the need for the Membership Action Plan,” the statement read.

Kiev will be permitted to join the US-led bloc “when conditions are met”

Ukraine has become “increasingly interoperable and politically integrated with the US-led bloc,” it stated. It also outlined the need for “additional democratic and security sector reforms” in the country.

“The alliance will support Ukraine in making these reforms on its path towards future membership. We will be in a position to extend an invitation to Ukraine to join the alliance when allies agree and conditions are met,” the statement concluded.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg further elaborated on the matter at a press conference, stating that the bloc must first ensure that Ukraine achieves a “victory” in its ongoing conflict with Russia. Should Kiev not succeed, its NATO membership will be out of the question, he warned.

UKRAINE WAR: The NATO’S BLOODY SHOW must Go On! Cluster Bombs from US and €500 million from EU in Military Aid:

Erdogan agreed Sweden entry in NATO to Help Ukraine e Provoke Russia 

The decision to favor Ukraine’s entry into NATO is in fact an action of psychological geopolitical strategy rather than a concrete possibility as the American president Joe Biden, representative of the most powerful nation of the Atlantic Alliance, has already said that this cannot happen as long as there is a war going on. Biden knows perfectly well that he would have a hard time getting a favorable vote in Congress.

Especially after the US controversial decision to supply the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensjy with cluster bombs banned in 120 countries around the world.


But this maneuver comes after Turkey, through the mouth of President Recpe Tayyp Erdogan, expressed its support for Kiev’s accession to NATO, effectively conditioning it on its vote in favor of Sweden’s entry.

Before the Vilnius summit Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has agreed to support Sweden’s membership of Nato, the military alliance has said, paving the way for the Nordic country to join the US-led bloc after more than a year of opposition from Ankara.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Swedish Prime minister Ulf Kristersson

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Swedish Prime minister Ulf Kristersson, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met again in Vilnius to discuss Sweden’s accession to the alliance, the TRT television channel reported on Monday.

According to Financial Times, Erdoğan’s decision to lift his veto, after a last-ditch meeting with the leaders of Sweden and Nato on Monday evening, came after Turkey’s president linked his support for Stockholm’s accession to Turkey’s long-stalled EU bid.

“The lifting of Erdoğan’s block, which came after Stockholm made fresh anti-terrorism pledges, opens the way for Turkey’s parliament to approve Swedish entry into the US-led military alliance, a step seen as critical to strengthening the defence of eastern Europe in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” FT wrote.

NATO’s Jihadist Blackmails Putin for $5million at Month. Erdogan uses Zelensky to Save the Turkish Duties on Black Sea Grain Initiative

Turkey’s president agreed to “forward the accession protocol for Sweden [to join Nato] to the Grand National Assembly as soon as possible and work closely with the assembly to ensure ratification”, Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said after hours of negotiations with the leaders of Turkey and Sweden.

This move by Erdogan appears aimed at a sort of blackmail against Russia which has no intention of renewing the agreement on the protected corridor for the transit of grain which, if obstructed, would cause Turkey to lose millions of euros in customs duties.

Turkey becomes an Unfriendly Nation for Moscow

This is the only explanation for the change of orientation decided by Ankara that Moscow has already been labeled as a betrayal. Türkiye’s latest statements and actions show that it is sliding towards the group of nations that Moscow considers unfriendly, Russian Senator Viktor Bondarev has said.

A member of the Federation Council, the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, and chair of the body’s defense and security committee, Bondarev also suggested in comments to the TASS news agency on Monday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is caving to pressure from the West.

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The senator cited Ankara’s stated support for Ukraine’s bid to join NATO and the subsequent decision to release from custody five commanders of the notorious Azov regiment as moves that have undermined Turkish neutrality.

“Certainly, national security and national interest have the priority. But even under serious Western pressure one should preserve their face, as Hungarian leader Viktor Orban demonstrated repeatedly,” the senator said.

14 Thousand Jihadist Troops in Libya for Turkey Blitz alongside US Weapons’ Lobby, NATO’s Deep State & NWO

Erdogan’s decision in favor of Sweden denotes the total unreliability of the NATO “jihadist” who is ready to wage ferocious wars in Syria and Libya using former Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters as mercenaries, under the aegis of NATO.

Erdogan Hugs the Country which allowed the Koran Burning

But above all it highlights the lack of respect for the Islamic fundamentalists who allowed him to win the recent elections. Only a few days ago he had in fact used very harsh words against Sweden which had allowed a demonstration in which the Koran, the sacred book of Islam, was burned.

Turkey’s foreign minister Tuesday that Swedish authorities’ failure to prevent Quran-burning protests in their country is raising security concerns and questions about Sweden’s credentials for possible NATO membership.

Sweden and Finland abandoned their decades-long neutrality and applied to join NATO last year following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Quran-burning in Sweden

But Hakan Fidan said Turkey would still approve Sweden’s membership in the military alliance if Stockholm “completes its homework” and presses ahead with efforts to address Turkey’s concerns. 

“The fact that the Swedish security system is incapable of preventing provocations and is presenting an image of a (country) that brings problems to NATO — instead of more power — is making us think in terms of the strategic and security aspects,” Fidan said at a joint news conference with his Jordanian counterpart.

“When it comes to Sweden’s membership in NATO, whether it will become a burden or a benefit has become more open to debate,” he said.

Supporters of Pakistan Markazi Muslim League party burn a representative of Sweden flag during a demonstration in Pakistan’s Peshawar

The 57-country-strong Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said international law and other collective measures are needed to prevent future incidents involving the desecration of the Quran.

“I feel indignant and disgusted by these actions,” Pope Francis expressed to Hamad Al-Kaabi, editor of the UAE’s daily Al-Ittihad, regarding the burning of pages of the Quran in Sweden in recent days.

“Any book considered sacred by its people must be respected out of respect for its believers, and freedom of expression must never be used as an excuse to despise others, and to allow this, must be rejected and condemned.” said the Pontifex of Catholic Church.

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But we must remember that the Muslim Brotherhood, the religious and political organization that supports Erdogan, was born for geopolitical reasons under the covert direction of Western Freemasonry and has military purposes even before religious ones.

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