Russian FSB nabs Neo-Nazi Group members in Volgograd Region plotting high-profile Terror Act

Russian FSB nabs Neo-Nazi Group members in Volgograd Region plotting high-profile Terror Act


In the cover an archive’s image of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia shaking hands with “Alpha” operatives of Russian FSB (Federal Security Service)

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has apprehended two members of a Neo-Nazi group in the Volgograd Region in southern Russia who plotted a high-profile terrorist attack, the FSB press office told TASS on Friday.

“The FSB has gathered conclusive evidence jointly with the Investigative Committee and the Interior Ministry about the participation of two residents of the city of Volzhsky in the Volgograd Region in the activity of a cell of the pro-Ukrainian terrorist organization National-Socialism/White Power (NS/WP) outlawed by Russia’s Supreme Court who plotted a high-profile terrorist act,” the press office said in a statement.

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During the questioning, the detainees gave confessionary evidence that sharing the ideas of racial and religious supremacy, they established contact with the ringleaders of the terrorist organization NS/WP on the territory of Ukraine, independently synthesized an explosive device and preliminarily tested it. After that, they chose a police station in the city of Volzhsky, a local military recruitment office, public catering and public gathering places as their terrorist attack targets, it said.

In addition, it has been established that on an instruction of their Ukrainian supervisors, they carried out a series of “direct impact” actions on March-November 2023, damaging 16 vehicles with the symbols of support for Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, and also cars belonging to natives of the North Caucasus and Central Asia, it said.

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The Investigative Committee’s branch for the Volgograd Region has opened a criminal probe under part 2, article 205.5 of Russia’s Criminal Code (“Participation in the Activity of a Terrorist Organization”).

During the searches at the suspects’ places of residence, investigators seized basic parts of firearms and associated ammunition, an improvised explosive with striking elements, 4 kg of pyrotechnical mixture and communications equipment relevant for investigating the case. Investigative and detective measures continue, it said.

Originally published by TASS Russian News Agency

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