Moscow: “EU Citizens’ Taxes going to Ukrainian Terrorists”. US in Troubles for Military Aid to Kiev, not to Support Zionist Genocide in Gaza

Moscow: “EU Citizens’ Taxes going to Ukrainian Terrorists”. US in Troubles for Military Aid to Kiev, not to Support Zionist Genocide in Gaza


On the cover image Alexey Levkin, a notorious Russian far-right militant, has been spotted among a Ukrainian saboteur group that launched a raid on Russia’s Belgorod Region in the past months. Beside a Palestinian child killed in Zionist Genocide in Gaza

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After the latest EU agreement for an additional 50 billion in aid to Ukraine, Russia accuses Brussels of financing the terrorists of the Kiev regime who continue to deliberately bomb civilian targets, which should be prosecuted as a war crime but is ignored by the Criminal Court of Justice as the British prosecutor Karim Khan is their ally and friend of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyj(details below).

Russia Orders Arrest of International Criminal Court Prosecutor who is a Zelensky’s Friend

The situation in the United States of America is very different where the attempt to pass financing for new military aid to Ukraine and Israel within a subsequent security law aimed at border control to resolve the serious problem of illegal immigration in Texas it seems doomed to fail.

House speaker declares Senate border and Ukraine deal ‘dead on arrival’

Senators on Sunday released a highly anticipated $118 billion package that pairs border enforcement policy with wartime aid for Ukraine, Israel and other U.S. allies, but it quickly ran into a wall of opposition from top House Republicans, including Speaker Mike Johnson, as reported PBS News Hour.

Corruption Scandal in Ukraine sparks Outrage in US Congress

The proposal could be the best chance for President Joe Biden to resupply Ukraine with wartime aid — a major foreign policy goal that is shared with both the Senate’s top Democrat, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and top Republican, Sen. Mitch McConnell.

The Senate was expected this week to hold a key test vote on the legislation, but within hours of the text being released Johnson said on social media that it would be “dead on arrival” if it reaches the House.

Pentagon’s Weaponry Shady Traffic. Missiles for Ukraine Disappeared. New US Supplies to Kosovo Separatists

With Congress stalled on approving $60 billion in Ukraine aid, the U.S. has halted shipments of ammunition and missiles to Kyiv, leaving Ukrainian soldiers outgunned as they try to beat back Russia’s invasion.

Senators have been working for months on the carefully negotiated compromise intended to overcome opposition from conservatives who have tired of funding Ukraine’s fight. But the coming days will be a crucial test of whether congressional leaders can once again muscle their members to support a package designed to assert American strength — and commitment — around the world.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 14. Ukraine asks “More Military Aids” after US Stop. UE begins an Inquiry on Supplies

Separate Package of $17.6 billion of military aid for Israel

Johnson, a Republican of Louisiana, in an interview Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” said that he had tried to involve House Republicans directly in the Senate’s negotiation, but was rebuffed. He added he was unaware of the bill’s details, but that the solution to border problems should be a House proposal of hardline immigration measures.

“What we’re saying is you have to stem the flow,” Johnson said. He also made it clear that he — not Trump — would decide whether to bring the bill to the floor if it passes the Senate.

Zionist Holocaust in Gaza can GO ON! World Court subservient to Israel: No Immediate Ceasefire to avoid Palestinians Genocide

But in a further sign that Johnson is resistant to the Senate package, he indicated Saturday that the House will vote on a separate package of $17.6 billion of military aid for Israel — a move that allows House Republicans to show support for Israel apart from the Senate deal.

Thus one of former president Donald Trump’s GOP Dolphins (now candidate in the Republican primaries for the 2024 presidential elections) confirms the party’s intentions to give their continued support to the Zionist genocide of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip ordered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, historic ally of Trump himself.

Golan-Jerusalem: Robbery of the Century by Two Criminal Clowns under Trial

Biden approved sanctions on Israeli settlers accused of attacking Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Mr Biden signed a broad executive order, saying violence in the West Bank had reached “intolerable levels”. The sanctions block the individuals from accessing all US property, assets and the American financial system, according to BBC News. Violence in the West Bank has spiked since Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel on 7 October.

Western Retaliation on UNRWA Agency in Gaza due to 12 Employees (among 13,000) have supported Hamas Attack on Social

Some 370 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since then, according to the UN. The majority of those have been killed by Israeli forces but at least eight of them have been killed by Israeli settlers, the UN said.

The new executive order means the US government has the power to sanction any foreign nationals who attack, intimidate or seize the property of Palestinians.

Putin: “Ukrainian military a terrorist organization”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have turned into a terrorist organization that intentionally attacks ambulances, Russian President Vladimir Putin said while speaking at the ‘Everything for Victory’ forum in Tula on Friday.

He was commenting on attacks carried out by the Ukrainian military on residential areas of Russian cities in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), which have led to a number of civilian casualties.

NATO’s COUP IN UKRAINE: THE GENESIS – 4. Putin: “Plan vs Russia since 2008”. After Kiev Security Forum on Gas & Virus Warfares

In one such attack on January 20, a paramedic working in the city of Gorlovka was wounded while trying to provide assistance to victims following a previous round of shelling. On January 12, another paramedic was also killed during a Ukrainian attack on an ambulance brigade in the same city.

”What is called the Armed Forces of Ukraine has turned into a terrorist organization that attacks ambulances,” Putin said.

extract from Russia Today

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Moscow: “EU citizens’ taxes going to terrorists”

The West is complicit in the Ukrainian military’s killing of civilians in Donbass, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed. The diplomat was referring to a Ukrainian attack on a bakery in the city of Lisichansk, apparently involving weaponry provided by Kiev’s allies, which claimed the lives of at least 28 civilians.

Following the attack, the acting head of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Leonid Pasechnik, accused the Ukrainian military of deliberately targeting the building on a weekend to maximize civilian casualties. In a post on his Telegram channel, he added that “emergency services have managed to rescue ten people from under the rubble,” with doctors doing their best to save their lives.

UPDATE: Massacre in Donbass’ Bakery has risen to 28 Deaths. Another Carnage on the US-EU Bloody Hands! Russian Civilians Killed thanks Western Weapons supplied to Zelensky

In a statement on Saturday, Zakharova said that “according to preliminary information, the strike was conducted using Western weaponry.” She described the shelling as a “terrorist attack” meant to convey Kiev’s “gratefulness for the ‘generous’ financial support by EU countries.”

The foreign ministry spokeswoman added that the EU nations’ citizens should be cognizant of what their taxes are being spent on, namely “deadly weapons systems” used by the Ukrainian military to “kill civilians.”

“We suggest that Parisians imagine how they go in the morning for a baguette, and Rome’s residents – to have a cup of coffee with cornetto – but instead of freshly-baked pastry return home with relatives wounded or killed by Ukrainian terrorists,” Zakharova charged.

Hungary, Slovakia kneel before EU to restart Fundings of Zelensky’s War with €50 Billions. But Kiev Regime is Splitting…

Echoing Pasechnik, the diplomat alleged that Kiev’s forces had been well aware that civilians, including families with children and the elderly, would typically flock to the bakery on Saturdays. She added that the building had been razed to the ground as a result of the shelling.

According to Zakharova, the deadly incident is “further proof of the criminal nature of the Kiev regime.” She went on to quote Russian President Vladimir Putin, who on Friday characterized the Ukrainian military as a “terrorist organization that attacks ambulances.” He was referring to several attacks on paramedics working in Donbass last month.

Zelensky Army shells Hospital in Donetsk on Christmas Eve. Night Masses canceled in Russian city Attacked by Ukraine

The foreign ministry spokeswoman concluded by saying that Moscow will inform “international organizations of yet another terrorist attack on the part of Zelensky’s gang.” The official noted that Russia expects a swift and unequivocal condemnation of Kiev’s actions.

Authorities in the LPR declared Sunday a day of mourning for the 28 victims of the attack on the bakery, which include one child. Pasechnik vowed that those responsible would eventually be brought to justice “for this horrible tragedy, for every death.”

source by Russia Today

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Italian and Russian Reporters MURDERED in Donbass: No One Guilty! Acquitted NGU’s Warrior who Fought alongside neo-Nazis & ISIS FTFs


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