Hungary, Slovakia kneel before EU to restart Fundings of Zelensky’s War with €50 Billions. But Kiev Regime is Splitting…

Hungary, Slovakia kneel before EU to restart Fundings of Zelensky’s War with €50 Billions. But Kiev Regime is Splitting…


In the cover image Ukrainian president Zelensky, who wants to fire the commander Valery Zaluzhny but is splitting the Kiev top military brass

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


In the end even the European “friends” of Russian President Vladimir Putin gave in and for a plate of lentils they sold the dignity ostentatious against the continuation of a war in Ukraine that the pro-Nazi regime in Kiev led by the Zionist Volodymyr Zelensky will never be able to WIN.

Both Victor Orban’s Hungary and Robert Fico’s Slovakia have turned around and given their approval to the 50 billion financing for Ukraine over four years (below a brief summary of the agreement).

Toward End of Zelensky’s War Games: EU Nations Russia’s friends Block Military Aids for Ukraine. Orban: “Kiev will not Defeat Moscow”

Corruption Scandal in Ukraine sparks Outrage in US Congress

This happens just as the US Congress is splitting due to the loss of 1 billion dollars worth of missiles intended to support the country in the war against Moscow and the rampant corruption confirmed every day by new investigations from which only 2 certainties emerge:

Corruption Scandal in Ukraine sparks Outrage in US Congress

  • a large part of the weapons destined for Kiev end up on the black market (and therefore paradoxically also to Hamas terrorists)
  • most of the funding intended for the Ukrainian population who has not yet emigrated ends up in the pockets of a few politicians from Zelensky’s oligarchic circle

Pentagon’s Weaponry Shady Traffic. Missiles for Ukraine Disappeared. New US Supplies to Kosovo Separatists

Zelensky thanks the EU: the unity of the Union has been demonstrated

“Grateful to Charles Michel and EU leaders for establishing the €50 billion facility for Ukraine for the period 2024-2027.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky writes this on X. “It is very important – he adds – that the decision was taken by all 27 leaders, which once again demonstrates the strong unity of the EU. The EU’s continued financial support to Ukraine will strengthen long-term economic and financial stability, which is no less important than military assistance and sanctions pressure on Russia.”

The Mysterious Richness of Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Chief. Even a Beautiful House in Sicily…

The yes from the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to financial support for Ukraine arrived this morning, in the extended meeting attended, in addition to the EU leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, the French President , Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. This is what we learn from EU sources.

In the agreement between the 27 on the common budget and aid to Ukraine, a passage was added, particularly dear to Viktor Orban: a reference to the conclusions of the European Council of December 2020 on the conditionality mechanism, on the basis of which Brussels froze the funds for Hungary.

EU Opens Membership Talks to Ukraine but Hungary Vetoes other Military Aids

EU sources explain that, specifically, the warning refers to the fact that “the measures envisaged by the mechanism must be proportionate to the impact of violations of the rule of law”. Furthermore, that text regulates “fair treatment” between the 27 in the application of the conditionality mechanism.

Meloni’s Italian Govt protagonist in the Deal

“Great satisfaction” for the agreement reached by the extraordinary European Council, with a unanimous vote, on the budget review and support for Ukraine. This is what sources at Palazzo Chigi say, underlining that the Italian government “had a leading role and Giorgia Meloni was the first person involved in the mediations that allowed us to arrive at the solution that everyone agreed on”.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 14. Ukraine asks “More Military Aids” after US Stop. UE begins an Inquiry on Supplies

From Tuesday to today, Meloni had three talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the European Union’s Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2021-2027, including the 50 billion euro financial aid plan for Ukraine.

The Italian and Hungarian PM Meloni and Orban

Chinese Minister of Defense, perhaps fearing the agreement on the new tranche of aid to Ukraine, gave another endorsement to Russia by saying that Beijing will support its ally Moscow in the war in Ukraine and not fears further Western sanctions against China…

Zelensky wants to fire his general Zaluzhny over his secret talks to end the conflict with Russia

Meanwhile an huge problem is highlighting in this hours a dangerous split inside Kiev Regime…

Chinese Defense Chief promises Support to Russia on Ukrainian War to Maintain Peace around the Globe

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky wants to fire his top general, Valery Zaluzhny, over his secret talks with the West to end the conflict with Russia, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has reported, citing sources. He also suggested that some US officials want to help Zaluzhny in his “power struggle” with Zelensky.

While Ukrainian officials have denied reports of Zaluzhny’s imminent dismissal, CNN reported on Wednesday that it could happen as early as this week. In an article published on the Substack website on Friday, Hersh offered a different version of why Zelensky was seeking to boot his top general.

MISSIONE SUICIDA NEL MAR ROSSO (per colpa del Genocidio Sionista a Gaza). L’Italia guiderà le Navi UE contro i Missili Balistici degli Houti

The journalist claimed that some US officials believe that Zelensky’s desire to fire the commander stems from “his knowledge that Zaluzhny had continued to participate… in secret talks since last fall with American and other Western officials on how best to achieve a ceasefire and negotiate an end to the war with Russia.”

At the same time, according to the article, some members of the US military and intelligence community support Zaluzhny’s peacemaking overture and want reforms in the Ukrainian government.

Zelensky’s generals refuse to accept firing top commander – Bild

by Russia Today

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been unable to fire the nation’s top general, Valery Zaluzhny, because both replacements under consideration refused the job, the tabloid Bild reported on Thursday. 

A host of Western and Ukrainian media previously claimed, citing anonymous sources in Kiev, that Zelensky had sacked Zaluzhny, prompting the Ukrainian government to refute those rumors.

Zelensky in Ukraine as Guaidó in Venezuela. “Toxic Figures” to be Used and Discarded by the Ruthless American Democracy

According to Bild, the president did attempt to fire the general on Monday and had to reverse his decision “within an hour” because he could not find a replacement for the nation’s top commander. The move drew strong opposition from the Ukrainian generals, the tabloid claimed.

Zelensky allegedly wanted to see Ground Forces Commander Aleksandr Syrsky in Zaluzhny’s place because “he is more loyal to the president,” Bild said, citing Gustav Gressel, a Ukraine expert with the Berlin-based European Council on Foreign Relations think tank. The generals disapproved of the choice because they see Zaluzhny as a “more humane” leader who is “closer to the troops,” the analyst explained.

Syrsky himself – alongside the Ukrainian military intelligence chief, Kirill Budanov – reportedly “politely declined” an offer to take up Zaluzhny’s position, the paper claimed. Yesterday, Britain’s The Times named Syrsky and Budanov as possible candidates to be Ukraine’s top general, also reporting that they had refused.

Despite Zaluzhny retaining his post, the conflict between him and Zelensky continues to “smolder,” Bild alleged. The relationship between the two men reportedly began to deteriorate when the general wrote an article for The Economist in November, describing the battlefield situation as a “stalemate”following Kiev’s failed counteroffensive. The president has vehemently rejected that assessment.

US Raytheon Missiles have SHOT DOWN the Plane carrying Ukrainian 65 POWs. Moscow: “Kiev deliberately did It”

According to the German outlet, the president and his commander also clashed over strategy in the cities of Bakhmut and Avdeevka. In late spring 2023, when the Russian forces were pressing their advantage against the Ukrainians in Bakhmut, Zelensky insisted the city should be held to the last man, while Zaluzhny wanted to withdraw to preserve his forces, the paper said, adding that the situation was being repeated in Avdeevka.

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that Zelensky had abandoned his plans to fire the top general after his plan was leaked to the media. CNN reported on Thursday, however, that the Ukrainian leader still wanted to go ahead with the decision and would fire Zaluzhny by the end of the week.

source by RT – Russia Today

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