Yemen strikes three Israeli-linked Ships with Ballistic Missile. The First One in Mediterranean Sea

Yemen strikes three Israeli-linked Ships with Ballistic Missile. The First One in Mediterranean Sea


In the cover image the Yemeni Armed Forces’ showcasing a missile during a military parade in the capital Sana’a.

Yemen’s Armed Forces have announced carrying out three pro-Palestinian operations, striking two Israeli ships and one headed towards the occupied territories.

The forces’ spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree made the announcement in the capital Sana’a on Friday. He was addressing a thousands-strong rally held in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who are enduring a genocidal Israeli war.

“The first operation targeted the Israeli ship MSC Alexandra in the Arabian Sea with a number of ballistic missiles,” he said.

“The second operation was carried out by the Navy, the Air Force, and the Missile Force, targeting the ship Yannis as it was passing through the Red Sea” towards the occupied territories, noted the official.

“ALL SHIPS WILL BE ATTACKED IN MEDITERRANEAN SEA” Yemen announces new phase in pro-Gaza retaliatory operations

“The third operation was carried out by the Missile Force, targeting the Israeli ship Essex in the Mediterranean Sea,” Saree stated.

Yemen began the strikes after October 7, when the Israeli regime launched the war against Gaza that has so far killed at least 35,800 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and injured 80,200 more.

The Yemeni forces began the operations by hitting the Israeli vessels or those heading towards the ports of the occupied Palestinian territories that could pass through Yemen’s maritime areas.

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They gradually expanded the strikes to cover targets lying across the occupied territories and vessels sailing through the Indian Ocean as the Israeli regime would refuse to accede to their demand of halting the war and a simultaneous siege that it has been enforcing against Gaza.

Earlier in May, Saree announced commencement of the fourth phase of the pro-Palestinian operations, saying the Yemeni forces would target all ships heading to Israeli ports “in the Mediterranean Sea in any area within our reach.”

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Adding to his remarks, the spokesman said, “The Yemeni Armed Forces renew their warning to all companies dealing with the Israeli entity that their ships, regardless of their destination, will be targeted within the declared operation zone.”

Originally published by Iranian PRESS TV

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  1. Yemen had their share of bombing and starvation dealing with the Saudi’s a few years back.
    Good to see them assisting the Palestine’s.

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