The “Witch” of mRNA Vaccines appointed in Pontifical Academy of Life! Pope Francis rewards the Inventor of the Diabolical Molecule

The “Witch” of mRNA Vaccines appointed in Pontifical Academy of Life! Pope Francis rewards the Inventor of the Diabolical Molecule


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Who believed that the Holy See had reached the highest peak of idolatry of TRANSHUMANISM with the nomination of the biochemist Emmanuelle Marie Charpentier in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, despite the fact that she was the creator of the genome editing that allowed the birth of two Chinese twins with the DNA altered in the laboratory, now he will have to think again…

In deference to the GOD Vaccine that the Vatican State has obligatorily imposed on all subjects (citizens) of its theocratic monarchy, the Sovereign Pontiff Jorge Mario Bergoglio, more inclined to genuflect to the science of Big Pharma rather than to the supernatural science of the Holy Spirit, last February 10th chose the Hungarian-American scientist Katalin Karikò as a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

The nomination of the biochemist Karikò in the Pontifical Academy for Life – link among the sources at the bottom of the page

Karikò is famous for having invented the alteration of the human nucleoside Uridine, transforming it in the laboratory into Pseudouridine to deceive human blood cells and allow them to accept the functional mRNA to convey the genetic message essential to instruct the organism in the production of the toxic Spike to trigger the desired (but unsuccessful and short-lasting) immune reaction of antibodies against the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

Inside mRNA Vaccines a Human Molecule Diabolically Altered. Cambridge’s Alarming Study on M1Ψ Toxic Dangers

Based on the intuition of the American biochemist at the University of Pennsylvania, others have further modified Pseudouridine, transforming it into the even more dangerous MethylPseudouridine, a diabolical molecule that scientists (primarily the study of the biomathematician Jean-Claude Perez, friend and collaborator of late Luc Montagnier) have identified as responsible for serious damage to the immune system, autoimmune adverse reactions and neurocerebral pathologies that are sometimes lethal and above all inhibiting the defense mechanism against tumors so much so as to be suspected as the “smoking gun” of the tremendous phenomenon of turbo-cancer in vaccinated people who already 7 international studies correlate to mRNA gene sera.

Diabolical Molecule inside mRNA Vaccines generates Harmful Proteins as Killer Prions, “Brain-Eating Amoeba”. Explosive Study by prof. Perez (Montagnier Foundation)

We have now published dozens of investigations on these topics and therefore we are surprised by the ignorance on the matter of the Holy See which seems to have become a branch of the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm which awarded the prize for chemistry to the Frenchwoman Charpentier in 2020 and that for Medicine to the American Karikò in 2023.

Mother of Transhumanism in Pontifical Academy of Sciences. She Built Genome Editing which allowed Twins Birth with Modified DNA in China

It is disconcerting to think that two days after the appointment of a scientist who managed to invent a diabolical molecule capable of deceiving blood cells to make mRNA vaccines effective, Pope Francis held a conference in front of the Pontifical Academy for Life condemning the attempt to create a replicant of man generated in the image and likeness of God according to the Judeo-Christian Bible and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church.

«The growing capabilities of science and technology lead human beings to feel like protagonists of a creative act similar to the divine one, which produces the image and likeness of human life, including the capacity for language, of which the “talking machines” they seem to be gifted. Would it then be within the power of man to infuse spirit into inanimate matter? The temptation is insidious. We are therefore asked to discern how the creativity of man entrusted to himself can be exercised in a responsible way. It is about investing the talents received, preventing the human being from being disfigured and the constitutive differences that give order to the cosmos from being canceled (see Gen 1-3)».

The Pontiff’s entire speech can be read in the link between the sources.

Medicine Nobel to mRNA Covid Vaccines’ Scientists, both Sponsored by Gates, Fauci and Zuckerberg

But it is clear from these words the stark contrast with the appointment of a scientist who owes her success to Big Pharma’s dangerous and experimental Covid vaccines precisely for having created a biochemical trick capable of altering natural immune functions and even integrating into DNA as demonstrated by an Italian study.

Either Bergoglio is starting to suffer from Alzheimer’s or some bipolar psychiatric pathology or, otherwise, as stated by the Texan bishop Joseph E. Strickland, suddenly removed from his Diocese of Tyler, he is trapped in a circuit and dominated by occult powers that manipulate him like an ignorant puppet.

MASSONERIA & VATICANO – 3. Il Vescovo Texano deposto: “Forze Tremende lavorano sul Papa”. E la Santa Sede “sgrida” i Cattolici Massoni

In both cases it is only the tip of the iceberg of a Vatican now infected by the virus of Masonic scientism which is proving to be even more serious than the SARS-Cov-2 built in the laboratory to sell Covid vaccines which have become a new form of idolatry by the authorities ecclesiastical, increasingly poor in supernatural and mystical transcendence but unfortunately increasingly gangrenous by the immanence of the parascientific superstition with which they have eliminated blessed holy water to make room for the gel propagated by now unmasked fraudulent advisors such as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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