TURBO-CANCER – 2. Many Lethal/Serious Cases and New Researches on Covid mRNA Vaccines Risks. Melatonin Hope…

TURBO-CANCER – 2. Many Lethal/Serious Cases and New Researches on Covid mRNA Vaccines Risks. Melatonin Hope…


In the cover image the American young girl Analucia Cabanillas Cespedes  who she was diagnosed with a new brain tumor after mandatory Covid vaccine

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


«As an internist and specialist, it is hard for me to believe a novel biologic product to cause heart, neurologic, thrombotic, and immunologic disease could also play a role in the initiation and acceleration of oncogenesis».

This the beginning of an article published by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH on his Substack Courageous Discourse (source 1). It’s not the only in which the famous American cardiologist and blogger relaunch an important international study on the turbo-cancer phenomenon on which we wrote a previous survey focused on 4 different disturbing researches.

Today we will see other ones alongside many tragic cases of tumor pathologies that arise rapidly in vaccinated people.

Could COVID-19 and/or Certain COVID-19 Vaccines Promote Malignancy?

«In Western countries before the pandemic, the leading causes of death were heart disease 40%, cancer 40%, and death from other known causes (homicide, suicide, accidents, etc). The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines if proven to promote cancer, would then be implicated in rises in all-cause mortality being observed world wide» McCullough wrote.

Peter McCullough

In 1984, Sutherland and Bailer proposed the Multi-Hit Hypothesis of Carcinogenesis:“A new multihit model of carcinogenesis is developed for use in evaluating age-specific cancer incidence rates in human populations. The model allows for some heterogeneity in both risk (perhaps genetic) and pathway (number of hits).”

According to the cardiologist, they essentially said it takes multiple different hits or insults to cells and their genetic machinery to cause a normal cell to become cancerous. «Forty years later, Sutherland and Bailer could not have dreamed about the application of their hypothesis to global mass genetic vaccination given every six months to a broad population, some with high risks for, or even with incipient cancer» McCullough notes.

Angues and Bustos Research

«Angues and Bustos just released a paper on the Authorea preprint server that assemblies the evidence to date that both mRNA and the Spike protein work within human cells to cause changes that result in oncogenesis. The figure shown is consistent with a multi-hit hypothesis of oncogenesis after injection with Pfizer or Moderna» highlighted McCullough  quoting the study of Raquel Valdes Angues (member of Oregon Health & Science University) and Yolanda Perea Bustos study titled “Navigating Uncharted Waters: Could COVID-19 and/or Certain COVID-19 Vaccines Promote Malignancy?”. Authorea. September 21, 2023.

The cardiologist adds: «Many questions remain including cumulative dose effect, predisposition (e.g. loss of function mutations in BRCA1/2 P53), additional exposures such as UV radiation, smoking, alcohol, and finally catabolism of mRNA and Spike. Undoubtedly decades of research will be needed to fully understand COVID-19 vaccination and cancer. As we point out in our book Courage to Face COVID-19, it took over 40 years from when Sir Austin Bradford Hill causally associated smoking with lung cancer until there was capitulation by the medical orthodoxy. Let’s hope the world wide exposure of mRNA and alacrity of modern research can shorten this timeframe».

The New Brain Tumor in a Young Girl

The Canadian Oncologist William Makis, MD, in his substack has posted the news and chilling investigation “Brain Cancer Glioblastoma: large tumors, not responding to treatments, recurrence that’s more aggressive. KEY features of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Turbo Brain Cancers. 16 new tragic cases” (source 2).

Analucia Cabanillas Cespedes

For brevity we quote the most chilling story.

«Analucia Cabanillas Cespedes was diagnosed with a Grade 3 gemistocytic astrocytoma on June 15, 2021, and a 7.5cm tumor was surgically removed. She went on to pursue nursing school at University of Florida which mandated she take COVID-19 Vaccines – tells dr. Makis – In May 2023 she was diagnosed with a new brain tumor, a Grade 4 Glioblastoma which is inoperable, has affected her mobility and has confined her to a wheelchair. It is “the size of a pear”».

TRANSHUMANIST BIOMEDICINE! World 1st mRNA Cancer Vaccine to treat a Brain Turbo-Cancer from mRNA Covid

The case of a Fatal Basaloid Craniofacial Cancer

«Since the advent of COVID-19 mass vaccination, rates of cancer have skyrocketed in surveillance systems across the globe. Many are asking, do the vaccines truly cause cancer?» he wonders the same McCullough,  then quoting two different studies (source 3).

«In 2020, Singh et al published an in silico modelling study that concluded the S2 segment of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein could be anticipated to inhibit the p53 and BRCA1/2 tumor surveillance systems. Importantly, the S2 segment has not been found in the body after the infection, however, it is readily produced in large quantities after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination as published by Patterson et al in 2022. Additionally, there is inhibition of DNA repair, contamination with SV-40 oncogene promoters, as additional mechanisms to explain the occurrence or acceleration of cancer in mRNA vaccine recipients».

TURBO-CANCER after COVID mRNA Vaccines. 4 International Studies highlight Lymphomas’ Risk as Serious Adverse Reactions

«We can only take case by case and examine the evidence.  Kyriakopoulos et al describe a single case of a fatal basaloid craniofacial cancer that occurred within 5 months of vaccination. I will let you read the report and draw your own conclusions on causality and generalization to other rapidly developing cancers being observed after ill-fated COVID-19 vaccination» the cardiologist adds reporting a research in which he took part:

Kyriakopoulos, A. M., Nigh, G., McCullough, P. A., Olivier, M. D., & Seneff, S. (2023). “Bell’s palsy or an aggressive infiltrating basaloid carcinoma post-mRNA vaccination for COVID-19?: A case report and review of the literature”. EXCLI Journal22, 992–1011.

A case of a fatal basaloid craniofacial cancer

Here is what the authors said:

«We propose that the simultaneous dysfunction of both the facial and trigeminal nerves, likely through inflammation and T-cell-mediated autoimmunity against myelin of the peripheral nerves, produced an impairment of T cell response and suppressed the innate anti-tumor immune response in our patient, facilitating the basal cell carcinoma metastatic potential».

«This implies that mRNA and or Spike protein pulls down the body’s natural surveillance system against cancer, therefore this patient with an incipient or latent facial cancer was doomed after taking the injection» McCullough pointed out.

BOMBSHELL: mRNA COVID jabs can Damage Children’s Immune Response to OTHER Viruses as well, Study finds

Turbo Cancers: A New COVID Era Phenomenon

The case above was highlighted also by Joseph Mercola, Medicine Osteopathic Physician (DO) and scientific writer founder of of Mercola.com, who published a long article on the Tubo Cancers phenomenon (source 4).

«Another case report, published in November 2021, described the remarkably rapid progression of angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma in a 66-year-old man, mere days after he got his third Pfizer shot« Mercola wrote

The Study which Changed Covid Vaccines History. Pfizer mRNA Serum can Alter Human DNA. Entering in Cells through Liver

«Ironically, he got the shot to protect him during chemotherapy, and in eight days, the cancer just exploded and spread like wildfire. According to Makis, that kind of progression would normally take a couple of years, or at most a few months».

As noted by Makis, we’re now seeing the emergence of rapid-growing cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, liver, pancreas, bile duct, brain, lung and blood — including exceedingly rare types of cancer.

«But that’s not all. These cancers are showing up in young people, many under the age of 30, with no family history of cancer. They’re showing up in pregnant women and young children. Equally odd is the fact that most are Stage 3 or 4 by the time they’re diagnosed, yet symptoms only arose days or weeks ago» Mercola added..

One of the Medical doctors died and mentioned in Makis’ investigation

The cancers grow and spread so rapidly, many of these patients die before treatment can even begin. Most of them are also resistant to conventional treatment and don’t respond. “I’ve never seen cancer behave like this,” Makis says, and he should know, having diagnosed 20,000 cancer patients in his career so far.

«Makis first caught wind of this phenomenon when he started tracking the sudden deaths of Canadian doctors, who had to take the full battery of COVID shots to keep their jobs. Within months, there was a rash of sudden deaths among them, many due to heart attacks and dying in their sleep. But there was also a large group of doctors who developed aggressive cancers» Mercola recalled.

«44 year old Dr.Howard Charles Malpass III, a pulmonologist died suddenly on Sep.14, 2023 due to Acute Myeloid Leukemia AML» specified Makis in his survey (source 5)

Dangerous modification of the mRNA used in Vaccines

«When asked how the COVID shots might be causing these turbo cancers, Makis describes several possible mechanisms that can lead to cancer in susceptible individuals. The primary one is the modification of the mRNA used» Mercola wrote in the same article (source 4).

The COVID shots do not contain the identical mRNA found in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The mRNA has been genetically manipulated in a process called “codon optimization,” where pseudouridine is inserted to stabilize the RNA and prevent rapid breakdown.

The reason codon optimization was used is because it’s difficult to get your body to produce a given protein by injecting mRNA. Not only is it rapidly destroyed, but for the injection to work, they also need higher levels of protein expression than is naturally possible.

VACCINI COVID: GRAVI RISCHI DA SPIKE TOSSICA PERSISTENTE. Per la Doppia Prolina nel mRNA Modificato. Alterazione Nascosta da Autorità Sanitarie USA

«Although we’ve been told Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is manufactured with harmless messenger RNA (mRNA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) product label shows it contains artificially modified RNA—a key ingredient that is not naturally occurring and poses a substantial risk to human health» The Epoch Times revealed some weeks ago.

The Italian biologist Dr. Mauro Mantovani explained the reason for this change and that of the dangerous and harmful persistence of the toxic Spike protein in the organism of vaccinated people.

The mechanism was revealed by the American genomics expert Kevin McKernan who had detected the presence of billions of continuously reproducing Spike plasmids (RNA molecules).

Billions of Dangerous Spike DNA’s Molecules inside Covid mRNA Vaccines. They can Reproduce the Toxic Protein in Human Cells for a Long Time

The bioimmunologist Mantovani explains first of all that spike glycoprotein is significantly but substantially different from the viral one that we define as wild type.

«This diversity is fundamentally determined by the presence of an amino acid repeated twice in succession (double Proline or P-P) and which determines what in jargon is called a hinge sequence, represented by a dodecapeptide (12 amino acids, including double Proline)» .

SCIENCE Magazine Finally Admitted the mRNA Vaccines Dangerous Side Effects! Shots linked to Long Covid, Neurologic Damages and POTS

“Developers at pharmaceutical companies have exchanged lysine (position 986) and valine at position 987 with proline in the S2 subunit» noted Professor Hartmut Glossmann, University Professor Emeritus of Biochemical Pharmacology at the Medical University of Innsbruck .

This presence can be used” as “irrefutable forensic causal evidence” of the presence of the spike protein uniquely encoded by modmRNA. among other things as proof of vaccine damage and, if necessary, to exclude “Long-Covid”.

Potential Mechanism of Action

According to Joseph Mercola there are other possible mechanisms in in the carcinogenicity (never studied by Pfizer’s own admission) of mRNA gene sera.

Genomic integration of the modified mRNA through reverse transcription, which might disrupt tumor suppressor genes.

Genomic integration of DNA contaminants in the shots, which might disrupt tumor suppressor genes.

Tumors may so be promoted by the presence of an SV40 promoter in the DNA contaminants.

Discovered the Covid mRNA Vaccines’ Gene which may Cause Cancer. It’s the Monkey Virus DNA SV40

The liposomal nanoparticles (LNPs) spread the mRNA systemically, to all tissues, with severe impacts on your immune function. We now know that some individuals continue to produce spike protein for at least six months (even two year according another study), and when your body is repeatedly (let alone continuously) exposed to the same antigen, it creates tolerance.

As a result, you become more prone to infection because your immune system no longer puts up a fight against the antigen. However, the same antibodies that target infections also target cancer cells, so your cancer risk goes up as well.

Plasmid DNA can also be taken up by gut bacteria, causing them to become a source of constant antigen (spike protein) production.

“Pfizer-Biontech Covid Vaccine produces the toxic Spike protein in Human Body Even after 2 Years”. Explosive Study

These are the mechanisms similar to those described by St George’s University of London expert Angus Dalgleish in his recent article in which he reiterates his alarm about the cancer risk associated with mRNA vaccines and invites health authorities to immediately remove them from the market.

British Oncologist’s alert on Cancer Risk: “mRNA ‘Vaccines’ must be Banned once and for All”

Melatonin against Turbo-Cancer

The Canadian oncologist Makes, however, it does not only spread alarming and negative news about turbo-cancers potentially related to mRNA vaccines.

In one of his latest articles he in fact reported a possible cure for it.

«Melatonin regulates oncogenic micro RNAs or miRNA or Oncomir – Can it counteract Pfizer’s ComiRNAty vaccine?» wonders the medical doctor (source 6).

His response includes 8 peer-reviewed scientipapers:

«According to clinical investigations, melatonin (MLT) has the potential to prevent and cure cancer. It is nontoxic and has a plethora of anticancer properties including apoptosis, antiangiogenic, antiproliferative, and metastasis-inhibitory mechanisms. It enhances the therapeutic sensitivity of malignancies when coupled with conventional medications» reads the abstract of the study of Putta et al. 

«The investigations that demonstrate how MLT possesses antitumor characteristics are reviewed in this manuscript. We provided an overview of recent research on the etiology, factors associated, therapeutic property of MLT on various cancer types. We discussed the clinical implications of MLT alone or in conjunction with chemotherapeutic drugs or radiation therapy. Furthermore, we have addressed the mechanisms of its anticancer activities against several types of cancers along with research findings of various investigations done by researchers and advancements in the field of nanotechnology for efficient delivery of MLT. The recent clinical investigations of MLT in various cancer types are reported in this review».

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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SCIENCE: Possible Misconduct found in Cancer Papers from Italian Minister of Health

Covid Vaccines Killer Pathologies in a Name Only: Spikeopathy! Huge, Chilling Study on mRNA Genic Serums’ Serious Adverse Reactions

“Toxic Nanoforms inside Pfizer-Biontech Covid Vaccine”. Vital Study by Italian Biochemist on US Journal of Virology highlights an Alleged Crime


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