Major Zionist Think-Tank Urges “Samson Option”: aka Nuclear Attack in Palestine

Major Zionist Think-Tank Urges “Samson Option”: aka Nuclear Attack in Palestine


In the cover image the Israeli PM Netanyahu and the cover of BESA center think-tank

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

The threat of a “local” nuclear war is becoming increasingly stronger in Palestine.

Whether it is a crazy psychological and geopolitical intimidation or a real danger is difficult to say. The fact remains that the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv seems ready to do anything to not give up an inch towards a compromise with the Palestinian National Authority, weakened by the recent resignation of its political leaders.

Indeed, it should be remembered that on the morning of 26 February 2024, the entire Palestinian government, including Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh, resigned from office.

HAMAS VIOLENCE vs ISRAELI WAR CRIMES. Partisan-Terrorists Loved by Gaza, Zionists Shielded by Hague ICC & US

Identifying the Palestinians with Hamas, a Jihadist organization of Sunni origin supported by US Intelligence like ISIS and previously Al Qaeda in the Balkans, is the easy game of the most criminal of the last statesmen of Western nations, such as Benjamin Netanyahu.

But this is enough for members of his government to call for nuclear retaliation in a battle on the field in which Hamas, also due to the Western weapons that come to it from Ukraine, is stubbornly leading: in fact to favor the business of the Arms Lobby in in which Israel itself has a great say, in the moral mission to try to protect the Gaza Strip from genocide and depopulation carefully planned by the Zionists of the Israeli Army and the Mossad.

ZioNazi Gift for Pope’s Birthday! Netanyahu’s Sniper Murdered Christian Women in Gaza Latin Parish. Rockets on the Monastery

This is why in such a hot scenario the fact that the most important Israeli think-tank supporting Prime Minister Netanyahu has published an article on the “Samson Option” or a small nuclear attack to terrorize enemies in Palestine takes on extreme relevance.

Paranoid madness of some nostalgic for the Second World War and eager to be a protagonist in a Third World War?

The giant explosion on August 4, 2020 in the port of Beirut was attributed by many sources to a small attack with atomic weapons. The government of Lebanon between Muslims and Christians entered into a deep crisis precisely after that disastrous attack.

Final Countdown to Complete 1948’s Nakba. Israeli Govt admits the ZioNazi Genocide’s Goal: Depopulate Gaza Strip

Below we publish the statement from the Turkish Anadolu agency on the nuclear threats from a member of Netanyahu’s government and the initial part of the article from the Besa Center.

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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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