Libya on the Edge of a Huge War for EU, Italy and Tobruk Faults & Weapons Lobby Will

Libya on the Edge of a Huge War for EU, Italy and Tobruk Faults & Weapons Lobby Will


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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Yesterday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, speaking in the military base of Sidi Barrani, 95 km from the Libyan border, told his army to prepare for any mission if the forces of the Government of National Agreement (GNA) will cross what is called «the red line that connects Al Jufra to Sirte».

«Egypt will intervene alongside the local tribes» explained Al Sisi, «to guarantee the country’s security and stability». Today the Egyptian Foreign Minister has thrown water on the fire and clarifies the meaning of the declarations of its president: «A military intervention in Libya would be only the last option, even if we consider the presence of Turkish military in the country a threat to our security» says Shoukry. And he concludes: «we want a political solution and that will allow the Libyan people to go to elections sooner or later».

Shoukry heard Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today, who stressed that for Moscow, an ally of Haftar together with Cairo and the United Arab Emirates «There is no military solution to the conflict». This was reported by an updated post in Italian network RAI News.

This is the battle of words that anticipates that on the field. An escalation of the war in Libya would be devastating for Europe and for Italy due to the risk of an irrepressible wave of migrants into which thousands of ISIS jihadists could infiltrate brought as mercenaries to Tripoli by the Ankara government in support of the president GNA Fayez Al Serray.

14 Thousand Jihadist Troops in Libya for Turkey Blitz alongside US Weapons’ Lobby, NATO’s Deep State & NWO

In this context, the pantomime of the non-existent Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who wanders the Mediterranean at the expense of Italy, proposes a “sustainable truce” makes a little smile and a little cry. In fact, he does not have a minimum political credibility precisely because the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella has long flown to Qatar to reassure the Emir of the Muslim Brotherhood, the hidden financier of the Ankara operation, on commercial relations in the war industry. We have already talked about this and will talk about it in a forthcoming shocking investigation.

The invasion of Islamic terrorists has been documented in multiple reports by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) which operates from the United Kingdom and has always had a privileged channel with the White Helmets (Syrian Civil Defense) created by British intelligence through his former officer James Le Mesurier, mysteriously killed in Turkey, just in Istanbul, on 11 November 2019, one month after the invasion of the Ankara army in Rojava of North East Syria. Precisely for this reason the repeated SOHR reports must sound like an alarm bell for the whole West …

But if the war scenario will take on the contours of a miniature world war, the fault lies only with Europe, the headless slave of aggressive NATO policies aimed at increasing geopolitical and war business logic for the Weapons’ Lobby, but above all of Italy, which for too many years, it has seen in the trade of defense systems, warships and helicopters and bombs a greedy and indispensable affairs.

Europe and Italy pretended to dialogue with General Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army who defeated ISIS who arrived in Libya after the violent dismissal of moderate dictator Muhammar Gaddafi by the US of Barack Obama and France of Nicolas Sarkozy with the support of the Italian NATO bases imposed by the then president Giorgio Napolitano.

Al Qaeda’s Jihadists Treated in Italian Military Hospital in Libya. LNA Blames

In reality, Brussels and Rome have always and only shook hands with Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan despite the fact that the latter had shown in Syria that he was a far more bloody and dangerous tyrant than Gaddafi.

Thanks to thousands of fierce jihadist mercenaries sent from Ankara and well armed by the latter that can boast of NATO’s second army, Al Serray has not only managed to defend Tripoli from the siege launched by Haftar in April 2019 but has gained ground starting with a counter-offensive that now threatens Sirte and the gulf rich in oil wells and gas fields of world interest.

Now that Sirte is at risk of capitulating, the Tobruk government has retraced its steps and has resumed very close diplomatic relations with Haftar after isolating him due to the announcement with which in recent weeks the general proclaimed himself the only leader of Libya by announcing the coup against Tripoli. It was the maneuver of a marshal desperate for the burning defeats received on the field and the many strategic retreats made to avoid the defeat.

In fact, Tripoli continued to receive reinforcements in troops and weapons thanks to the fictitious naval control in the Mediterranean of the European Union’s IRINI mission aimed at enforcing the UN de facto embargo only in Moscow, France, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, allies of the army of Cyrenaica.

Libya: Tobruk Parliament “stops” Haftar. Turkish-backed Jihadists Threatening for Europe


In this context of shameful diplomatic hypocrisy such as to induce the Italian ambassador in Tripoli to admit that, for constitutional and legislative reasons, no other NATO country could have intervened outside of Turkey, the decision of Aguila Saleh Issa, President of the Chamber of Representatives of Tobruk, who since 2014, since the outbreak of the civil war, has administered the vast and populous area of ​​Eastern Libya around Benghazi, to isolate Haftar despite all its diplomatic and military errors, has proved fatal. And the rethinking risks being late.

Either Saleh has already been approached by Erdogan and is ready to become his ally, or, not wanting to believe this infamous hypothesis, he made a huge mistake because he threw the LNA general in front of the world into disrepute at the most critical moment of this long-standing conflict relying on the possibility of a peace agreement with the Turkish sultan who, in his aims of refounding the Ottoman Empire under the aegis of the Muslim Brotherhood, has a free field of action thanks to the Weapons’ Lobby: well happy with new wars regardless of who do and win them.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 4. UK and Italy in the hands of Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood: Rothschild partner and Jihadists’ funder

How was it possible to believe Erdogan who, since 2011, has managed the movements of ISIS in Syria through the MIT intelligence of Ankara? How was it conceivable to hypothesize a truce with a dictator who continues to launch “peace” operations invading Syria and letting ruthless terrorists who were militiamen in the Islamic State or Al Qaeda massacre civilians with impunity?

Now the Tobruk government is trying to run for cover. Haftar received a delegation which included the vice president of the House of Representatives (HOR), the minister of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation of Libya, Abdulhadi Al-Hweij, and the delegate of the general command of the armed forces, after their return from an official visit to Russia. The media Al Marsad reported it in recent days.

Khalifa Haftar with minister Abdullah Al-Hweij and Tobruk delegation

Now the Parliament of the House of Representatives, according to sources cited by the Hawar News Agency, is preparing to officially request the intervention of Egypt to legitimize its military support. But the damage to the image is now done. Especially in Italy where Radio24, the powerful globalist broadcaster of Confindustria, has already aired the possibility that the Benghazi general is being prosecuted for war crimes.

Syria: 76 leaders ISIS among Turkish mercenaries, also killers of Us ranger Kassig and activist Hevrin. Priest murdered

The mainstream is already ready to paint it as the new Gaddafi to justify possible NATO raids if the conflict will degenerate with peace of mind for us Italians and especially Sicilians who live 260 nautical miles from the Libyan coast.

Why do I do this? Only for the money of the Weapons’ Lobby which, as shown in previous reports, moves in the shadow of the Masonic pyramid of the Deep State in which the financial potentates of the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey and Qatar wallow in support of a plan of the Muslim Brotherhood who fit perfectly into the globalist aims of the New World Order.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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14 Thousand Jihadist Troops in Libya for Turkey Blitz alongside US Weapons’ Lobby, NATO’s Deep State & NWO

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