COVID-19, Trump in Walter Reed Military Hospital. Hit by virus after had blamed Deep State for the Pandemic’s Plot

COVID-19, Trump in Walter Reed Military Hospital. Hit by virus after had blamed Deep State for the Pandemic’s Plot

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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US President Donald Trump, who has Covid-19, is to be taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Friday afternoon in his helicopter as a precautionary measure, the White House said Friday. He have to undergo tests and will remain there for a ‘few days’ on advice of doctors, the White House told reporters.

The president, who tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday night, has flown to the hospital complex in Bethesda, Maryland – just outside Washington, DC – on Friday afternoon, where a special suite was prepared for him. He left the White House shortly after 6:15 p.m. ET (UTC -5) and arrived at the military hospita  minutes later after the short helicopter flight on Marine One.

Friday, is “doing very well” and does not require any supplemental oxygen, his physician said Friday night.”This evening I am happy to report that the President is doing very well,” White House physician Dr. Sean Conley said in a statement. “He is not requiring any supplemental oxygen, but in consultation with specialists we have elected to initiate Remdesivir therapy.”

Remdesivir is an experimental antiviral therapy. Trump has completed his first dose and was resting comfortably, Conley said in the statement, which was tweeted by White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

“Out of an abundance of caution, and at the recommendation of his physician and medical experts, the president will be working from the presidential offices at Walter Reed for the next few days,”White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement. Doctors urged the move so Trump could get immediate care if needed, according to an unnamed White House official.

The surprise announcement comes shortly after his physician, US Navy Commander Sean P. Conley, announced that Trump had been treated with an experimental antibody cocktail and a range of supplements including vitamin D and zinc. Trump“remains fatigued but in good spirits,”Conley said.

WUHAN-GATES – 21. “Pandemic Planned for Decades”. Kennedy blames Fauci & Gates. Terrible Plot in 30 Investigations’ summary. Pope against Big Pharma’s Affairs

First Lady Melania Trump, who also tested positive for the virus, was experiencing a headache and a“mild cough.”The rest of the first family has tested negative. Earlier on Friday, the White House chief of staff and press secretary maintained that Trump was still involved in governing and issuing assignments. However, Vice President Mike Pence replaced him on the previously scheduled conference call with governors.

He is in a state of early warning in the event that he has to take the lead of the White House as required by the Constitution in case of indisposition of the president.



Just in recent days, NBC, one of the most hostile American networks to Trump, released a study that accused the president of having spread infodemic with his conspiracy theories, despite those are strongly supported by other world authorities such as the former president of Iran and the metropolitan cardinal of Sri Lanka as well as the lawyer Robert F. Kennedy jr, activist in the campaign for safe vaccines.

Like the latter, Trump has also repeatedly declared that the pandemic was created by the Deep State, that potentate of financiers, Freemasons, militaries and secret services repeatedly mentioned in the Gospa News inquiries which even John Brennan publicly admitted to exist. former director of the Central Intelligence Agency with the Democrats, thanking the Deep State for the role it played in the Ukraine Gate which led to the impeachment of the Republican president, saved by the senators of his party.

UKRAINEGATE, CIA-DEEP STATE’S PLOT AGAINST TRUMP with two whistleblowers and Italian ties

The head of the White House has in fact repeatedly claimed that Covid-19 was “intentionally or accidentally spread from the laboratory in Wuhan, China. A thesis also disseminated by the former British counterintelligence director Richard Dearlove who anticipated the results of an English scientific study in reference to the SARS-2 built in the laboratory, just as stated, thanks to detailed research, by the French virologist Luc Montagnier and his compatriot bio-engineer Pierre Bricage, NATO consultant.

WUHAN-GATES – 12. MI6 British Intelligence former Head: “SARS-2 Built in Bio-Lab”. Pics and Proofs of HIV Tests

But Trump was also ridiculed by the mainstream media for the support given to Hydroxychlorichin, an antiviral whose effectiveness the Lancet specialized magazine contested through a study that later turned out to be bogus.

Precisely for this reason the French Parliament summoned the Marseille professor Didier Raoult to a hearing to find out whether there were no conflicts of Big Pharma’s interest with the HCQ treatment, in his opinion effective against Covid-19 but refuted by a part of the medical community.


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Fabio G.C. Carisio

4 pensieri su “COVID-19, Trump in Walter Reed Military Hospital. Hit by virus after had blamed Deep State for the Pandemic’s Plot

  1. Strange. Boris Johnson ridicules covid. So he is given a dose of covid. Bolsanaro comes to visit Trump acting like a playboy. The whole of Brazil gets covid. And now Trump ridicules Biden. Immediately he feels tired and is “diagonized” as having covid . Any other ‘leaders want to try and say bad things about covid ? Well, just let them try. And you tell me there is no deep state. This interference and seeding could well be Alien ?! The deep state is mostly made up of Alien entities. Don’t like it. Very unfortunately true. When THEY say ‘COVID’, you must feel fear. You MUST FEED THE ARCHONS. You have to accept the Mask. And the Lock downs. And the social distancing. Do not ever speak about covid with your head up. You must bow. And say nothing.As we enter the New World Order, the Aliens are slowly making their “affects” felt. Do not say they look like Bill Gates ! Or Mousey Fauci. Gates is not the architect of ID2020. The Aliens are. Resist ,and you will be abducted. The Gates’ billions were given to him by the Aliens. He is the Alien presence, on earth to do their work of preparing the ground for their final COMING. The Aliens have outsmarted God and Christ. Planet earth is a lost cause. Gone forever. I wish that i had even the least speck of doubt that what I have just penned is rubbish and nonsense.
    Trump is just tired and has caught a cold,as everybody does at this time of the year. He just needs to rest for a week . He will be given odd drugs of questionable efficacy and also , we can well assume, detrimental results. They have him now. Now they will settle scores and melt him. Yes the DEEP state has something to do with his illness. They want him OUT ! Pence is what they want, Not Trump.
    THESE DAYS WE ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO HAVE A COLD, before they lock you up for covid. Getting a cold at this time of the year is normal and ‘good for health’. The “tests”, they have for covid are all BS. People who ‘know’ the tests are nonsense, will tell you all this is a scam. But we are too weak to have our voice heard.
    An epidemic is directed to become a pandemic, ALL COUNTRIES, in record time. But the virility of covid is wanting. We must have at least the Gates 65 million dead by now ? Most deaths are “lies”. Even with the help of 5G. People are yet debating 9-11. They will do the same with Covid, well into the next century. Unless the populations of the world wake up.5G is like the DDT of polio. The the DDT molecule was the ‘virus’ of polio. By definition this statement is not wrong . ‘Virus’ just means poison. It need not be the spiky ball that we have got use to seeing. There is a “deep state ” poison around, all over the world, deliberately injected into all nations. The culmination of all the efforts by the bio weapons labs all over the world. This poison can be easily distributed by any imaginable method. This whole scam is not a natural happening. The Aliens are pushing.


    The helicopter rises slowly. We see it ascending like an alien ship in one of those alien-movies. And the crowd is saying its goodbyes to the Mr. Trump that they knew. A bully, but lovable all the same. GOODBYE, MR. TRUMP , I SALUTE YOU, AS i STAND UP TO WRITE THIS. What will return as Mr. Trump will be something else !
    So easy for the deep state. Smooth and slow and without any noise, they ended the ‘Trump Presidency’. If he has succumbed to accepting
    Remdesivir antiviral therapy
    that will be the end of the Trump we knew. The old Trump has served the cabal well up to this point. Now it is time for a change. The Trump body will be the same , but inside Trump will have changed. Doctored, implanted, even younger, brighter, ready for a New Presidency. ( You did not think the cabal would go for sleepy Jo; and his VP, the woman with a questionable origin. Whose idea of a joke was this ?! ) This Trump will finish off what that Trump could not do. War , War, War. Let’s start with Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba. Anybody else ?? Europe .Then think of massive space-based weapons. Then take on China and reduce it to the days of the opium trade with the British Raj , using updated nukes. Do not worry about the Russians. They were always chicken.And then ask the Russians why they need such a vast country. And what will Trump do with Bill Gates and his darling wife? He will give then a public frying in Canola oil. Never done before, but starting with Bill, because of the terrible software he has written for Imperial collage. And blaming poor Prof. Niel Ferguson for those idiotic simulations, telling us that England should be soon below sea level !. And Bibi. You had better be dead soon. You cannot play THIS Trump, old boy. You had better get lost, or your Israelis will skewer you. This Trump will look at you. But he will NEVER remember you.You could try all your charming smiles. Bibi, O Bibi. And MBS. We do remember what the Americans did with Saddam, don’t we ? That is what they will do with MBS. Public hacksawing ?! At the outfit in Mecca. With ALL Muslims cheering and ALL TV channel ablaze. Trump the saviour. The Anti-Christ himself !!

  3. The Economist doubts the COVID success of Pakistan !

    Indians cannot bear the pain of the success of Pakistan and Imran Khan.These Indian Parasites have proliferated in the Global Media – as Indian Corporates and the Indian State, sprinkle their ads,in the Global Media.

    The Right approach of the Economist,should have been to start from the Number of Tests per Million – which is just 16000 in Pakistan,vs around 65000 in India.That has some basis – but is also specious,as it is 30% higher than that of Indon-ass-eeah,which has a population, 20% HIGHER than Pakistan,and is next to PRC – with millions of Chinese in
    Jakarta and islands of that nation.dindooohindoo

    The Pakistani tests are also 30R higher (on a per million basis) w.r.t Nippon – which has a large population of Japanese in PRC,and also,has a very high frequency of air travel with the PRC.Several flights from Shang and Beijing,transit via Nippon.So the “Low Aggregate Tests” Theory of Pakistan,is busted.The Marginal Cost of each RTPCR test,is USD 10 and Pakistan cannot waste its funds on that

    Let us ASSUME,still, that the Pakistania are NOT coming for testing,AND that the Pakistani state is NOT testing.Therefore,the people are NOT showing symptoms – as else,by now,there would be a sharp SPIKE in deaths (young and old).There is 1 brilliant innovation by the Pakistani state – in that,they are testing the dead.AT the EOD,even if patients are not tested,AND THEY DIE – the virus would be in the dead body.

    The death rates in Pakistan,in general,are normal, and COVID rates in the dead,are also normal (w.r.t the age and morbidities of the dead) – so the STRATEGY of NOT doing random testing,TO AVOID scare mongering,has worked,as the bet is on the immunity of the Pakistanis, and a close monitoring of the generic death rates – with their COVID content.If it lasts the winter – then this could be a Harvard Case Study.

    India on the other hand,has a TEST COUNT of 60000 per Million.For the size of the Indian Pop,and the Intl flights transiting via India,in the pre Covid tenor,and the Tourists in India,in the pre-COVID tenor,this statistic is pathetic.Brazilw,ith a sixth of India’s Population,has 85000 tests per million ,and Chuna has 100000 plus

    The worst HIT nations are France and UK,with a DAILY CASE COUNT OF 18000,and a population of 65 million – which is 5% of the Indian population – and so ON A PER CAPITA BASIS, IT IS TYHE HIGHEST IN THE WORLD – far ahead of USA and Brazil.

    France sold the Rafael to the Indians,and UK has millions of Indians (who are also,the worst hit group)

  4. In my Post dated 20 Ottobre 2020 alle 7:23 PM, in this section ,I had stated,as under :

    France sold the Rafael to the Indians,and UK has millions of Indians (who are also,the worst hit group)

    Providence – Is It ?


    And then this happened – precisely 5 months down the line !

    The owner of Dassault is dead ! Air Crash !

    I love France and Dassault and Olivier – but this is the curse of Chaiwala and Hindooosthan- the Kiss of Death !

    What EU and USA need to understand – is that the supply of lethal armour and weapons to the Chaiwala Brigade – encourages,promotes and perpetuates their genocide in Kashmir and on the Dalits !

    These weapons will NEVER be used – except on the D-DAY syndrome.

    Nature requires that the IDEA of INDIA has to end – it is past its expiry date !

    Any one who tries to alter that end – will perish ! That is the record of Indian History ! Whosoever armed the Indian Nation was destroyed !

    Israel will also learn it slowly ! dindooohindoo

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