Jihadist Imams and Madrasse for Kamikaze. 2009 Prophecy by Italian Counterterrorism Policeman in a Book

Jihadist Imams and Madrasse for Kamikaze. 2009 Prophecy by Italian Counterterrorism Policeman in a Book


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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After the Islamist terrorist attacks that took place in November 2019 in London, on October 16 in Paris, on October 29 2020 in Nice and a few days later, on November 2 in Vienna, even the nations most in favor of Muslim integration are beginning to try to run for cover to quell the ferments of radical Islam in the bud, usually the Sunni Salafist one, not by chance disliked the same Shiites who call “tafkiri”, or disbelievers-heretics, the jihadists of Al Qaeda and Isis who are the worst and most dangerous expression.

The High Court of London has opened an investigation entrusted to Scotland Yard for the financing of the Al Nusra terrorists in Syria from Qatar banks, the multicultural Danimara in October presented a bill to block foreign financing to mosques and finally the Austrian government has launched the proposal to all EU countries to adopt a register of Imams, the spiritual guides of Muslim communities, as imposed by Vienna following the adoption of the new anti-terrorism law.

So France and Italy Helped Jihadists. Notre Dame Slaughterer arrived in Lampedusa with Migrant’s Boats

That the core of the problem of that part of fundamentalist and terrorist Islam is the role of preachers is given by the story, in many ways still mysterious, of Al Baghdadi (in the photo on the cover) who in the Iraqi mosque in Mosul praised the “holy war” constituting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which became tremendously famous with the acronym of ISIL or ISIS.

A prophetic book written by an Italian anti-terrorist super-policeman revealed 12 years ago that extremist and radical cultural education took place in the Madrassas, the Koranic schools for young Muslims to be initiated into the concept of Jihad. In that historical essay the emphasis was already on the danger of fanatical Imams and the need to keep them under control.


It was the year 2009 when Editori Riuniti published the historical essay “Madrasse – Little martyrs grow between the Balkans and Europe” written by Antonio Evangelista in which the need to put a stop to the rampant fundamentalism in some mosques for the work of intellectual and cultural manipulation of some imams. “Dedicated to the victims of terrorism, because the silence that surrounds them makes me more indignant than their death”, wrote the author in the opening book, already becoming a prophet of the fog of silence that would have fallen on that alarm launched by a great counter-terrorism expert.

The executive officer Antonio Evangelista was in fact commander of the Italian Police of UNMIK (United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosov), the UN contingent engaged between 2000 and 2004 in the Balkans, dealing with war crimes, terrorism, organized crime, Balkan mafias and corruption. In 2010-2012 he participated in the EU mission in Bosnia as Advisor to the Ministry of the Interior and the Director of the Police of the Republic of Srpska. After becoming deputy deputy commissioner and head of the Digos of Asti, he is now attached to Interpol.


His essay Madrasse, with hindsight, could today be titled “Chronicle of an announced Caliphate” in light of the SOS launched by Austria after the massacre of 4 victims committed not by a “lone wolf” armed with cold steel (as in London, Paris and Nice) but by a well-trained commando in the use of the most classic of the jihadist automatic rifles: the Kalashnikov AK 47, easy to find on the market at cheap prices and absolutely reliable as an instrument of death.

In an interview with the German newspaper “Die Welt” published last January 2, the Austrian Minister for European Affairs Karoline Edtstadler said that the registration of imams present in the country was the key to “the fight against political Islam” . “Most imams travel to different EU countries, so security authorities need to know who is preaching what in which mosque at any given time,” Edtstadler said. The minister also believes that EU funds should be “so tightly controlled in the future so that they do not end up in organizations and associations that support Islamist and anti-Semitic positions”.

Armed Attack in Vienna: 4 deaths. The claim of ISIS Jihadists. New Lethal blitz after Turkish assault in a church

A European ban on foreign financing for mosques, already in force in Austria, is also conceivable, Edtstadler said. In addition, to combat terrorism, the Austrian minister would like to see “further improvements in the cooperation and exchange of data between the judicial and security authorities of the EU member states”. The registration of imans is one of the numerous new measures adopted by the government of the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, following the terrorist attack on 2 November in Vienna which resulted in the death of four people (in addition to the bomber) and the wounding of 23 others.


“The inspiring motif of the book Madrasse. Little martyrs grow up between the Balkans and Europe, originating from the ruins of the recent Balkan wars and focusing on the fate of children orphaned by those wars. Among these children, some unscrupulous characters identify those who, possessing distinctly European somatic characteristics, are destined to become suicide bombers” wrote in the preface Franco Angioni, General of the Italian Army Paratroopers Corps former Commander of the Allied Land Forces of Southern Europe (Ftase).

“The book by Antonio Evangelista, for a long time an attentive and scrupulous witness of the Balkan wars, in the initial part, provides a particularly interesting historical scenario, to demonstrate that the incitement to” holy war “and preaching based on the perverse interpretation of the Koran , have their roots in the past” added the senior officer.

“The problem reappears dramatically in the silence of the many who, with their indifference, end up giving a voice to former mujahideen, who have become imams, who preach destruction and death to young disciples without a homeland or part. On these young, malleable and suggestive minds, this type of teaching has a devastating effect, making violent behavior a learned, codified and ritualized conduct, anything but socially disapproved “, Professor Ugo Fornari, pischiatrist and writer, highlighted in his introduction to the historical essay. But let’s see some of the salient passages of this book distributed by Editori Riuniti – Italian Publishing Group.

“In an attempt to create an Islamic State and a new party: the Muslim nationalist Democratic Action Party, known as SDA, the war between Bosnia and Serbia between 1992 and 1995 was the occasion for the mobilization of the Muslim international in favor of the Bosnians. Mujahideen fighters from Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Lebanon joined the Bosnian Muslims against the infidels, in the name of Allah. At the end of the war in Bosnia and the subsequent one in Kosovo, dozens of mujahideen settled in Bosnia, marrying local women and taking the names of the “brothers” who died in the war, they obtained new, false, passports – wrote Antonio Evangelista, already evoking that Islamic State that became powerful and horrendously threatening in the Middle East in 2014 after the sermons of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi – Some of these veterans became imams in Bosnian orphanages, teaching Islam and the Koran to orphans of war, adding hatred to hatred and resentment to rancor: yet another slave mine, which has developed between Bosnia and Kosovo. Two territories that in the perspective of an “Islamic revolution” are mutually complementary, representing respectively the “faith” and the “armed wing”, in a framework of criminal trafficking, instrumental to the finding of weapons and explosives, which in the Balkans, in Kosovo , have their main hub”.


“For months, for years, in Bosnia, former mujahideen, who became imam, from one day to the next, they have been preparing students, young people, children, for the war against the enemies of Allah, against the West, explaining and celebrating themselves, with a wealth of details and lies, their stories and their war experiences, aware of being mothers and fathers of creatures marked forever by family wars and tragedies, which have brought them to madrassa schools. They tell the disciples to imagine heaven, where the martyr will take his place behind the prophet and Allah – we read in the book – They describe the virgins of heaven: persuasive females of rare beauty, firm breasts, soft, red and moist lips, black eyes, dark as night. Love and hate, life and death, diabolically confused in the minds of young people disoriented by the first adolescent impulses, exploited by the preachers of death, to manufacture human bombs. The sexual energy is tamed by the imam on duty to subtly orient it towards the final goal, jihad “.


“Kosovo was openly and obviously pro-American, but it was also Muslim and every day that passes through the dusty streets Adem (character from the book – ed) never misses an opportunity to notice the singularity of the place, which exhibits a copy of the statue of liberty on the roof the Victory Hotel, the most luxurious in the capital; at the same time it sees an increase in the number of mosques and Islamic NGOs. A territory in which a twinning was taking place between the various mosques and between the various imams who also moved between neighboring countries, all towards the north, towards Vienna – where hundreds of years earlier Eugene of Savoy had stopped the Ottomans – all in contact with each other, exchanging aids, men and means “.

This is the conclusion of the head of the State Police who witnessed the Bosnian hell with his own eyes to the point of dedicating a second book to him entitled “The Caliphate of Europe” written with the diplomatically prudent formula of the historical novel. In it, fictional characters mix with real ones to reveal the plot of a conspiracy between the CIA and Saudi Arabia aimed at creating an Islamic enclave between the Balkans to remove power from the expansionism of Russia, which has returned strongly devoted to Orthodox Christianity after the fall of the wall of Berlin.



Fundamental to understanding the Madrasse book is the afterword in reference to the figure of the imam. Precisely on these pages there is already the prophecy with reference to the proposal of some Italian parliamentarians for the establishment of a register of religious masters of Islam.

“The imam, as mentioned, is also the one who leads prayer in mosques, who is recognized this title for his wisdom and knowledge of the Koran. The need to give a specific and normative outline to this religious figure was also felt in Italy, in fact in 2007 the first school for imams was born, organized by Umi (Union of Muslims in Italy), a national Islamic association recently established and mainly animated by Moroccans, in collaboration with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Morocco to study and understand Islamic sacred texts and the cultural, political and social reality of Italy and Europe ”.

Police officer Antonio Evangelista then cites a public intervention by Professor Silvio Calzolari, former professor of History of Oriental Religions and Islamology at the Theological Faculty of Florence, to better outline the figure of these masters.

“But who are the Imams? What exactly is their job? In Sunni Islam there are no institutions comparable to the Catholic Church, ecclesiastical hierarchies, councils, sacraments and inalienable vows. There are no priests, bishops and cardinals. Faith is a direct relationship between man and Allah; the divine principles are contained in the Koran and perpetuated by the Hadhit (the Sayings attributed to the Prophet) and are not dogmatized by an absolute authority. There are, however, people who, by faith and culture in matters of Islamic law, are considered real experts, are the jurists (muftí, or faqih) who provide legal opinions called fatwas on practical problems that are difficult to solve” he reported Calzolari.

9/11 – The Avoidable Massacre Allowed by CIA. Helped Al Qaeda in Balkans, Obstructed FBI Investigations. Tribute to John O’Neill Killed in the Towers

“As far as religion is concerned, in the truest sense, the role of Imam, that of conducting Friday prayer in the mosque, can be conferred on any adult man as long as he is considered suitable by the community of the faithful. At one time the Imams were scholars in religious sciences (Ulama) who had attended prestigious universities such as that of al-Azhar, in Cairo, or the Qarawiyyin, in Fes, Morocco. In the Koran, the term Imam often appears as an “ideal model”, “sign”, archetypal figure and the history of Islam teaches us how fragile his power could be: he was due to obedience (ta’a) and respect only if he proved to be just (‘adil), equitable and endowed with moral sense. Only the distance or proximity from the divine could disavow or legitimize the authority of an Imam. The word Imam comes from a root (‘-mm) which means “to stand in front”, “to walk forward”, “to drive”. Consequently, whoever is seated in front of others in a mosque and first turns towards Mecca during prayer is called Imam ”.

“The West, until a few decades ago, had a false image of the Imam: he was the symbol of ancient Arabia, ignorant and cultured, refined and barbaric, naive and Levantine. Very few wondered what he actually did; many thought he was a kind of wise man or a moldy veteran of the medieval age. Others considered him a priest or a cross between the sacristan and the mayor – adds Professor Calzolari – Then, with Muslim immigration and terrorism, as an ideology based on hatred and aversion to all civil liberties, in the Western collective imagination the Imam has transformed, and often rightly, into the fomenter of violence in the name of the “Holy War”, into the ideologue of the extremism of those who blow themselves up or those who massacre innocents by inviting them to carry out attacks in Palestine, Iraq and Arabia. Many Imams are really like that: they exploit religion in the name of politics, they exploit the fragility of Muslim communities around the world, they are false servants of Islam, bad teachers linked to obscurantist political organizations and firm in medieval ideologies. Without an established central authority, “good” and “bad” Imams have multiplied by the hundreds ”.



This is why already in the book Madrasse the author Evangelist highlighted the unsuccessful attempts to create a regulatory framework within which these influential and potentially dangerous masters could operate under the monitoring of civil institutions.

“For some time now there has been a need to create courses and schools for ‘imams’ to remove the legitimacy of unprepared preachers and an obstacle to the full integration of the Islamic community into the social fabric of our country. It is a central argument for the integration of Muslims. Anyone who wants to lead a community, be an imam, must have a deep knowledge of Islam, Islamic law, but also of the laws, language and culture of the host country – wrote the deputy commissioner Antonio Evangelista in 2009 today under the Interpol – The same Muslim teachers in charge of the UMI highlight how too often, in Turin and in the rest of Italy, the orientation of Muslims is managed “by anybody who, as soon as they manage to set up a warehouse or a garage in some popular neighborhood , they immediately pass themselves off as ulema, “Islamic scientists”, or mufti, jurisperiti, confusing areas and giving behavioral indications that do not help peaceful and serene coexistence. The reference is to the many self-appointed “imams”, often without adequate scholastic and Koranic training and with poor command of the Italian language, who, with their sermons, foment family conflicts and violence, community divisions and misunderstandings with the host society “.


An answer to this problem, it is recalled in the book, also came from politics that with the deputies Jole Santelli, security and immigration manager of Forza Italia, Khaled Fouad Allam (Ulivo) and the senator of Forza Italia Marcello Pera presented a proposal to bipartisan law for the establishment of a national registry of imams. The text is aimed at imams who are resident in Italy and who have not received criminal convictions and establishes that those registered in the register must practice in structures required to present the financial statements. (read more)


Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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