NWO’s Plot against Italy (X-file 3) – League’s Minister No More Populist: looks for production of Gates Big Pharma’s Vaccines

NWO’s Plot against Italy (X-file 3) – League’s Minister No More Populist: looks for production of Gates Big Pharma’s Vaccines


In the cover’s pics from left Italian minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and Bill Gates, below in the circle the former Italian Republic President Giorgio Napolitano (ex Party Democratic parlamentarian)

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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The plot of the New World Order against Italy continues thanks to the government of former ECB president Mario Draghi, but also the investigation of Gospa News carried out to unmask the secret interweaving of power that too often rhymes with business.

After having amply demonstrated the dazzling career made by Vittorio Colao, Minister of Technological Innovation, in the multinational management McKinsey, contractor of the CIA financed by Bill Gates, and the vaccine pact initiated with Gavi Alliance (the IT tycoon NGO) by Vodafone when Colao was its administrator, we deal with surprises of a new entry that comes from the center-right but seems to come out like a well-trained rabbit from the top hat of former President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, former deputy of the Democratic Party considered by some journalists to be close to the Central Intelligence Agency itself, since the kidnapping and killing of the DC statesman Aldo Moro.

NWO’s Plot vs Italy (X-file 2). New IT Minister among Bilderberg, McKinsey, Gates & CIA for Artificial Intelligence in Vaccines too

Yes, as was easy to predict, the Northern League is also selling out to Gates’ Big Pharma that control patents on anti-Covid-19 vaccines. The party of captain Matteo Salvini has now become a ship adrift like the boats of immigrants that he could not stop due to the judicial inquiries for kidnapping with which the judiciary placed itself above him when he was Minister of the Interior.

This caused for Salvini the terror of jail (already suffered by Silvio Berlusconi in 2012) and the genuflection towards the new government in accordance with the wishes of Sergio Mattarella, president of the Republic but also of the Superior Council of the Judiciary. A role he exercises when it is necessary to defend the judges of globalist ideology, inspired by the financial speculator George Soros, but not when breack out the scandals between magistrates and parliamentarians of the Democratic Party, of which Mattarella himself as Napolitano is an expression.

ITALY JUSTICE-LEAKS – 2. Expulsion’s Risk for 10 Magistrates in Obama-Gate European Dem’s Ring with Vaccines’ Affair

Berlusconi, in order to avoid prison and accommodate himself to the measure of social services for a quirky sentence for smoky tax violations, signed the Nazarene Pact with Matteo Renzi, who paved the way for the relaunch of PD 4.0 piloted by the Democratic Party of Barack Obama (funded by Gates) also in the pilot project of the 12 compulsory vaccines in school age for the lucrative business of GlaxoSmithKline, promoted by the former Italian scientific ambassador in New York, Raniero Guerra, now assistant to the WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, a well-known puppet of the Gates.

On the ruins of that political agreement, Paolo Gentiloni became leader of the PD which sanctioned that vaccination plan during his government before joining the European Commission thanks to his influential friendship with George Soros who registered MEPs loyal to him. Thus the vaccine business took off especially in the Lazio region of governor Nicola Zingaretti, PD secretary, thanks to intrigues with GSK and AstraZeneca already evident in various WuhanGates investigations.

WUHAN-GATES – 28. Pandemic Secrets: Consumers Association asks Arrest for WHO Italian Boss tied with Gates, vaccines Gsk & Obama

Today the League also wants to enter the fortunate world of antidotes against Covid-19 as if the Big Pharma serums were the only possible solution against a very contagious infection, however very dangerous only if treated badly as occurred on the indications of the WHO and the Ministry of Health, led by Roberto Speranza, reconfirmed in his position as lightning rod by indication of Mattarella.

We can therefore call the Pact of Judas the agreement that the Northern League player Giancarlo Giorgetti, the new Minister of Economic Development (MISE) is trying to achieve with the Big Pharma of Gates to agree on the value of the patents on anti-Covid-19 vaccines in order to create an all-Italian production chain to strengthen the distribution of anti-pandemic serums.


The question poses a bioethical-sanitary and a technical-political problem. The crucial known in the field of health is the safety of vaccines, seriously questioned by associations of specialists such as the Heretic of the Sicilian judge Angelo Giorgianni, founder of the World Life Organization, and of the lawyer Robert F. Kennedy jr., chairman of Childrens Health Defense, already able to win a lawsuit against the US Department of Health proving that there is no pharmacoviglance on vaccines, since in the US Big Pharma is exempt from the risks of legal action for adverse reactions.

The multiple cases of serious adverse reactions among vaccinated (deaths, temporary facial paralysis, anaphylactic shock) reported in Italy and in the world but above all the disturbing Chinese research published by Nature and discovered by Gospa News on the risks of pulmonary immunopathology connected to serum the SARS viruses (both 1 of 2003 and 2 of 2019 cause of the current pandemic) should have induced a “sovereign and populist” party, as the Lega presented itself by definition, to investigate the problem of risks and benefits on the anti vaccine -Covid raised by authoritative doctors even from the government’s Technical Scientific Committee.

Exclusive – “With Covid Vaccines Risks of Pulmonary’s Serious Injuries”. Shocking Research on Nature Journal, ignored by Scientific Community, Big Pharma and Media

In recent days, even the US Department of Defense, the infamous Pentagon, had to admit with an alarming communication on its website (reported by Defense One and other specialized media) that a third of the soldiers of the US Army refused to get vaccines. But the rampant mainstream on media and social networks is trying to suppress any thought, however scientifically well expressed by experts who do not accept being called NO-VAX but simply ask for safe and effective vaccines.

“As vaccine safety concerns rise, the Biden administration is seeking help from Big Tech to remove social media posts that deviate from ‘officially distributed’ COVID-19 information,” The Defender website reported. by Kennedy.

WUHAN-GATES – 26. SARS-2 Bio-Weapon & Gold Vaccines. From CIA-WHO Tests funded by Gates to EU Summit with Pfizer, Biden’s sponsor, before Pandemic!

This opens the door to the colossal conflict of interest of the new president Joseph Biden, funded in the election campaign by Pfizer, as demonstrated by Gospa News, after sharing with Obama, in the previous administration, the dangerous virus tests enhanced in the laboratories of Wuhan (China) and Chapel Hill (USA), in which the unspeakable secret of the SARS-Cov-2 virus built in the laboratory could be hidden as claimed by authoritative experts in virology and intelligence, but as denied by the WHO Commission in which one of the zoologists working financed those experiments in the usual intrigue with Big Pharma.



Biden, however, has already shown his immense gratitude to the Big Pharmas announcing at the G7 on February 18 the intention to donate $ 4 billion to the WHO COVAX plan for the vaccination plan in poor countries, obviously managed by Gates through GAVI Alliance and a former GSK CEO, in shameless conflicts of interest…

WUHAN-GATES – 30. WHO’s Vaccines Billionaire Plan in the Hands of Gates & Big Pharma: ex GSK manager leads COVAX with Gavi

Faced with such specters that hover over the vaccine business and are about to become nightmares in the event of an obligation for the population, what is the position of the once populist League? It is summarized in an article published in Health & Wellness section by the Italian agency ANSA in relation to Giorgetti’s plans, agreed with the European Commission.

“We have been talking about producing vaccines against Covid in Italy for months. Now the hypothesis lands on the Mise table where on Thursday (25 February 2020 – ed) there will be a meeting between the minister of economic development Giancarlo Giorgetti and the president of Farmindustria Massimo Scaccabarozzi. Explaining the complexity of the production process will be one of the key steps envisaged by the president of Farmindustria” reports Ansa

“We will take stock of the situation on the possibility of lending a hand”, said Scaccabarozzi, “we will tell the minister how a vaccine is produced and what the timing is: a vaccine is a live product, not a synthetic one, it must be treated in a particular way. It must have a bioreaction inside a machine that is called a bioreactor. In short, it’s not like you press a button and the vial comes out. It takes 4-6 months to start a production “.

WUHAN-GATES – 31. SARS-2: Lies & Ties among Us-China Scientists in Gates’ Shade disclosed by Daily Mail and Die Welt

In fact, the crux of production is precisely the bioreactors. As ANSA always reports, Rino Rappuoli, father of many new generation vaccines, coordinator of research on monoclonal antibodies of Toscana Life Sciences and scientific director of GSK, also pointed out.

To produce anti-Covid vaccines in Italy, “we need to know what we want to produce. There are two phases – he explained – the first concerns the production of the substance, the vaccine itself: that is, I produce the RNA, or the protein, the chimpanzee virus, depending on the vaccines. To do this, you need bioreactors but in Italy there are no implants. Only GSK has them, but not for the anti-Covid vaccine, but for the one against meningitis which is bacterial. it has it but I don’t think it’s going to make millions of doses. The second phase involves filling and many companies are able to do it here “.

Of the macroscopic conflicts of interest on Reithera, created by GlaxoSmithKline, controlled by a Swiss limited company whose members can remain hidden by law, and is now committed to developing an anti-Covid-19 vaccine with the IRBM center of Pomezia and AstraZeneca, with whom GSK already collaborates in Cambridge, we have previously reported. So let’s listen to the Big Pharma expert who already seems to be drawing up political action plans for Minister Giorgetti.

WUHAN-GATES – 23. From Cambridge Big Pharma’s Cartel controls Swabs, Vaccines and Clinical Trials. Disturbing Conflicts of Interest from Italy to the UK

“If we were to think, for example, of adapting Gsk’s bioreactors for the production of anti-Covid vaccines, we would not be able to imagine an operation in a jiffy. Among other things, this would mean stopping the production of the vaccine against meningitis. But there could be another way: the transfer to Italy of the technology already developed by Pfizer or Astrazeneca for example, and in this case it would take from 7-8 months to a year. it would take 2 years to reach production “.

Here is the squaring of the circle that seems to be the projection of the mission of the London NGO One Nucleus, a sort of Big Pharma cartel in which the most important multinational laboratory for the production of tests and the processing of swabs used for verify the positivity of Covid-19 patients with sensational but precious margins of errors for the pandemic terrorism strategy… (read more)



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