Covid: Found Hung Italian MD of Plasma-Therapy: supported by Tom Hanks but Stolen by Gates’ Big Pharma

Covid: Found Hung Italian MD of Plasma-Therapy: supported by Tom Hanks but Stolen by Gates’ Big Pharma


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio 

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As it was easy to predict given the celebrity of the person and his thwarted activity in proposing an effective and economic therapy for Covid-19, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Mantova (Lombardy) has decided to formally open an investigation into the death of Giuseppe De Donno, former primary of pulmonology at the Carlo Poma hospital and father of anti-Covid therapy with hyperimmune plasma. De Donno committed suicide by hanging himself in his house in Eremo di Curtatone. The investigators, who have already heard family members and seized the doctor’s cell phones and computers, want to assess any third party liability.

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Giuseppe De Donno, the doctor who became famous during the pandemic for having discovered and proposed the cure of hyperimmune plasma to defeat Covid, took his own life in the afternoon of today 27 July. According to the Gazzetta di Mantova, the causes and reasons that prompted the doctor to take his own life are still unknown. Dr. De Donno, together with the Pavia Polyclinic, he successfully experimented with plasma therapy.

A therapy also widespread in the Universities of the United States of America and also supported by the famous actor Tom Hanks who after being healed from Covid donated blood for this experimental treatment

The disconcerting news was reported by Italian local newspaper reported on the dramatic event on which the judiciary will obviously be called upon to investigate by virtue of the important and delicate role played by the most famous promoter of therapeutic plasmapheresis through which they would have been able to defeat Covid-19 if it had been adopted promptly and widely.

COVID-19: AUTOPSIE BLOCCATE DAL MINISTRO SPERANZA. Il “lockdown della scienza” occulta le vere causa delle morti

The pulmonologist had turned 54yo on 2 July. He was found dead by his relatives in his home in Curtatone on the outskirts of Mantua. According to the first rumors, he would have killed himself by hanging himself. He was among the first to break the protocols of the Ministry of Health and carry out the autopsies, banned by the Italian Minister Roberto Speranza, discovering the fatal microthrombi of massive pulmonary embolisms and then the plasma that healed the sick through a transfusion with that of the healed patients rich in immunizing antibodies. They sent him a hospital inspection when he criticized the Ministry and proposed his own innovative therapy.

For some time, De Donno had begun to lead a withdrawn life, moving away from those spotlights that had rightly celebrated him as one of the medical heroes of the pandemic because he was able to find an effective, rapid and economic cure against Sars-Cov-2, sometimes deadly, other times harmless,

Covid-19, Epsilon Californian Mutation Resists to Vaccines. Delta’s Massacre in Russia! As Sars-2 Bio-Weapons…

From 5 July he had changed his life: from primary hospital to general practitioner in Porto Mantovano. A painful choice, but the result of a long reflection: he wanted to be in contact with the territory and follow his patients one by one, perhaps with less stress than in the hospital.

“I’m tired – he had confided to friends about him – tired of too many attacks I have suffered, tired that even today that I left the hospital I continue to receive, even from colleagues”.

It is therefore difficult to believe that a man of such stature has decided to end it after having brought his experimental therapeutic method to be successful all over the world. It will be the task of the investigators, if they will be able to dig in addition to the enormous interests that gravitate around the Covid-19 emergency, to ascertain what were the causes of the suicide or if it is not yet another case of an uncomfortable witness “committed suicide” as it happened for some Air Force marshals in the Ustica plane crash massacre.


Italy is unfortunately the country of mysteries and massacres that took place in the shadow of a Deep State that yesterday dealt with military geopolitics and today has specialized in cybernetics and bacteriological research, given that the same funds invest in the Big Pharma vaccines. of the Weapons Lobby.

As a journalist, I followed the parable on hyperimmune blood capable of healing Covid-19 patients in multiple reports until I discovered that that therapy, initially considered miraculous but then evaporated in the hustle and bustle of officially recognized cures, ended up in part in the hands of a connected company with Bill Gates, the world emperor of vaccines, who would have had everything to lose if a simple cure had proved decisive for the infected before the arrival of vaccine gene therapies.

WUHAN-GATES – 32. Bill III, Vaccines’ Global Emperor. Crowned by Big Pharma’s Cartel within Gates Foundation’s Deal


Hyperimmune plasma therapy was tested by Professor De Donno, director of the complex structure of pulmonology and respiratory intensive care unit at the Carlo Poma Hospital in Mantua, together with Professor Cesare Perotti, director of the Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine service of San Matteo in Pavia.

It took months before being taken seriously the two skilled doctors, emulators of the tests with antibodies grafted into animals that made two scientists scientists in Germany as early as 1890: the first, was the physiologist who in 1901 won the Nobel Prize for medicine with the discovery of the cure for diphtheria, Emil Von Behring, the second Kitasato Shibasaburō, Japanese bacteriologist.

Exclusive – “With Covid Vaccines Risks of Pulmonary’s Serious Injuries”. Shocking Research on Nature Journal, ignored by Scientific Community, Big Pharma and Media

This delay in attention from the scientific community was reported by Professor Perotti thanks to a conference organized by the Novum Ticinum association at the University of Pavia in spring 2020.

«We have collected 329 donations, with donors also coming from Trentino. A manifestation of great generosity, which now allows us to have a number of plasma bags available to use in the event of a possible second wave in the fall. The use of hyperimmune plasma reduced mortality by 15 to 6 percent. Our work was also recognized by the European Commission, which assigned us the task of writing guidelines for the whole of Europe for therapy with plasma donated by convalescent patients» told Perotti.

Healed’s Plasma Defeated Covid-19. Italian Hospitals’ Therapy in 116 Us University. Tom Hanks Donor to UCLA

“The regret is that in Italy only colleagues from the Mantua hospital have decided to adopt our protocol: we calculated that if the same choice had been adopted throughout Italy, it would probably have been possible to save over 3 thousand patients who unfortunately died Perotti stigmatized. But something even more striking had happened internationally.
Despite the initial boycott of the Italian scientific community, the plasma therapy of the Poma and San Matteo hospitals, given the successes without contraindications, was then emulated in 116 university clinical centers in the United States of America. Among these was that of the University of California in Los Angeles which is carrying out the UCLA COVID-19 Convalescent Serum Project to which the famous actor Tom Hanks, cured of CoronaVirus, also joined with a blood donation.



Was it the turning point? Not at all! In Parliament, plasma therapy underwent an incomprehensible and disconcerting deviation. In fact, the protocol tested in Mantua and Pavia was addressed to the University of Pisa, identified as the leader of the project in the bewilderment of the protagonists and the media.

“Why Pisa? I don’t know, I’m baffled by this decision. I am baffled that the president of the Tuscany Region, Enrico Rossi, wants to sue me, here it is politics that wants to silence science “said Professor De Donno, director of the complex of pulmonology and respiratory intensive care unit at the Carlo Poma Hospital in Mantua, in the streaming hearing with the Senate to those who asked him the reason for the choice.

«Four Regions adhere to the protocol, all led by the Democratic Party. You call them, if you like, coincidences. The scientific committee was born on May 15: 13 experts, from Reggio Emilia to Catania, from Aifa to the National Blood Center. De Donno no, blurts out and talks about political choices. And the governor of Tuscany Enrico Rossi announces a lawsuit »wrote Felice Manti and Edorado Montolli in a vitriolic article in the newspaper Il Giornale on Wednesday May,20,2020 in which they reconstruct what happened in Parliament.

«Last Thursday De Donno is expected in streaming at the Senate Health Committee. He has to talk about how free plasma is and how a person cured of coronavirus can save 2 (with an 82 euro bag). Massimo Scaccabarozzi, president of Farmindustria, must intervene first. Who soon gives the floor to the Tuscan Paolo Marcucci, who was not expected. He is the CEO of Kedrion Biopharma, a giant of plasma-derived products with a turnover of 687 million euros, ” the journalists explained in that time.

Plasma-Therapy for SARS-2 in Bill Gates’ Claws through Italian & Israeli Big Pharma

“We work alongside the National Blood Center against contagion” remarked Marcucci who then illustrated the second phase: Kedrion will make its Naples plant available to collect plasma from Italian donors and transform it into a “processing account” into plasma industrial hyperimmune usable in the following four years.

From then on, nothing was known about hyperimmune plasma therapy but also about De Donno himself. But Gospa News, investigating the companies involved in the project, made a sensational discovery.

“Viral inactivation will be avoided in individual centers which is in any case artisanal inactivation, expensive and suitable only for experimentation” claims the brother of the parent company PD in the Senate who in the past was also a manager of the same company and is now indirectly shareholder. In the third phase, however, a foreign company will intervene for “the production of imperimmune gammaglobulins with the Israeli Kamada, with which it has agreed since April. First deliveries for October».

Kamada is a pharmaceutical multinational of the Science Park Rehovot of HaMerkaz listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchanges and in street development: in the quarter ended March 2020 it recorded revenues of $ 33.29 million, well above the expectations of the American giant Zacks Medical Biomedical and Genetics Industry where it belongs.

Boston’s Research (even funded by Gates) reveals Unknown-Dangerous Risks in M-RNA Vaccine already Explained by Chinese Study


Zacks also controls Moderna, Inc. the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotechnology firm specializing in the discovery and development of messenger RNA-based drugs, which by then had already passed the first phase of human guinea pig testing for its vaccine against. Covid-19. The immunization method was then authorized on an experimental basis by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA, by the European Medicines Agency in the EU countries and by the Italian Medicines Agency in Italy, despite the unknown risks as it has never been tested before in history of pharmacology.

The announcement with which Moderna communicated the contribution from the CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation together with some nations and presented in Davos in 2017

As already revealed by Gospa News in Bio-Weapon 6: “Moderna is a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, specializing in the discovery and development of drugs based on messenger RNA. Among the members the usual suspects come out: Astrazeneca, Merck, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Darpa».

“Quickly FDA Final Approval for the Vaccines” In Ohio President Biden Promised It to his Sponsor Pfizer…

The circle closes perfectly. Like the noose around De Donno’s neck, apparently strangled alone in his helplessness in a world of unscrupulous Big Pharma like Pfizer (controlled by GSK and therefore by Gates) capable of financing American President Joseph Biden in the electoral campaign and then obtaining from him the purchase of half a billion doses for the COVAX global immunization plan managed by the NGO of Gates himself.

Or the death of De Donno was caused by some hidden hand that wanted to silence him along with some secret too that perhaps he was aware of.

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Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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