Italian Biologist NO VAX Killed by a Very Lethal and Suspect Covid. After Contacts with Prosecutors on Therapies Ignored by Govt

Italian Biologist NO VAX Killed by a Very Lethal and Suspect Covid. After Contacts with Prosecutors on Therapies Ignored by Govt


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Franco Trinca was a great biologist (academic profile below) and a big friend of mine. He died in Perugia on February 4, 70yo, with a very lethal and suspect kind of Covid. At the moment in Italy only 200 hundred person at day die “with Covid” and not “for Covid”: most part of them are more than 80 year older with many other serious pathologies.

BIOLOGO TRINCA UCCISO DA COVID ASSAI LETALE E SOSPETTO! Appena Interpellato da Magistrati su Denunce per Cure Ignorate

Franco was completely healthy and his Covid becomes very suspect due to, before resulting positive, dr. Trinca have contacts with some Italian procurators on his many complaints about ignored therapy that Italy didn’t use even during 2020’s pandemic  when vaccine aren’t ready.

IGNORED THERAPY: “Anti-SARS Drug Financed by EU but Not Used in Covid Pandemic“. Hard Complaint by Italian Biologist and Lawyer

Already the French Bio-engineer Pierre Bricage, who confirmed the artificial origin of SARS-Cov-2, he wrote in his research the reason of Covid-19’s different lethality explaining that a different viral load might be inside the pathogen agent thanks to Gain of Function,

He was the one who defend FIRST the therapy against COVID with many expert medical doctors.

Trinca defended the Cortisone therapy against Covid highlighted by neurologist Roberta Ricciardi in April 2020, two before the Oxford University research that allowed this use but against Covid but only 3 days after first symptoms: when is too late according 33 medical doctors who wrote to Health Minister without having answer in April 2020.

Cortisone Defeated Covid-19: Oxford confirmed Italian Neurologist’s Therapy Negleted. How many Deaths for WHO Faults?

Trinca also focused on Vitamine D the prevention of Covid as explained by professor Giancarlo Isaia, director of geriatrics in Molinette’s Turin Hospital and President of Medicine Academy of Turin, who published a research in which he pointed out that every person died for Covid has a low level of Vitamine D in the blood.

“COVID-19 can be Treated with Vitamin D”. Vital Study by Turin’s Medicine Academy & 61 Physicians Appeal

Therefore Franco tried to cure himself immediately at home with cortisone, antibiotics, vitamin C. In the hospital they gave him other antivirals and oxygenation with the helmet but they were not enough.

156 MEDICI “PRO VITAMINA D ANTI-COVID” BOCCIATA DA SPERANZA. “Ignorati 300 studi” accusa il prof. Isaia. Con lui Noti Primari e Accademici

Not only. We should remember that De Donno’s plasma therapy experimented by Mantua and Pavia Hospitals, was stopped in Italy by politicians after a deal among an Italian Pharmaceutical company and and Israeli one under the Bill Gates’ claws. While the same therapy against Covid was allowed and used in many American Hospitals with the important acknowledgment of effectiveness by Johns Hopkins University.

Plasma-Therapy for SARS-2 in Bill Gates’ Claws through Italian & Israeli Big Pharma

WIKIPEDIA SFREGIA DE DONNO PRIMA DEL FUNERALE. Ma la “Terapia col Plasma ha salvato 95mila americani”. Studio Università Johns Hopkins

I followed Franco’s agony day by day since January 14 until February, 4, but I didn’t think his tragic story in the US was interesting otherwise I would have written an article. In Italy, for every no vax who dies once a month, two young adult or children die mysteriously after the vaccines. This is the truth that will come out sooner or later. Some case are already confirmed by coroner as the one of Camilla Canepa and other. 

So he not healed himself with spaghetti instead with cortisone which is suggested by an Oxford University research for his effectiveness against Covid.

Italian Girl Killed by Vaccine! Coroner Claimed Adverse Effect by AstraZeneca

Therefore he died as many people die of Covid even if they are vaccinated with one, two or three doses. This is why there is no need to speculate that he had expressed his free choice not to get vaccinated.

Because whoever today or tomorrow could die of Covid himself tomorrow, even if with 4 boosters, or maybe from cancer, or maybe from a car accident. It is the Mystery of Death. It is the mystery of Life. It is the Mystery of God. It is always better to have respect for it.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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“Coronavirus Vaccines may Cause Long Covid–like Health Problems” Science wrote

Summary of the academic and professional curriculum of Dr. Franco Trinca

Date of birth 26/11/1952.
1970 Diploma of Chemical Expert (58/60) at the Industrial Technical Institute of Colleferro (Rome).
1971-72 Technical manager of the “analysis of exhaust fumes of new registered cars” of ISAM (Istituto Sperimentale Auto e Motori di Anagni – Fr).
1979 Degree in Biological Sciences (110/110 cum laude) at the LaSapienza University of Rome.
1980 Scholarship at the Institute of Genetics of the University of Perugia.
1980 Publication in the Journal of Biology of a work on the inheritance of acquired characters.
1984 Diploma of Specialization in Food Science at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Perugia.
1984 Beginning of freelance activity as a Biologist-Nutritionist and opening of the Mediterranean Diet Center, based in Perugia.
1985 Teacher at the Childbirth Education Course (nutrition for pregnant women and nurturers) at the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Santa Mariadella Misericordia Hospital in Perugia.
1986 Lecturer at the “Nutritional Education for Weight Loss” course organized by the National Association of Nutritional Biologists.
1987 University Diploma of Herbalist at the University of Urbino
1988 President of the Association of Italian Nutritionist Biologists.
1992 Opening of the Dr. Trinca Herbal-Dietological Center.
1996 Opening of the laboratory of herbal productions “LaboratorioErboristico Biologico Umbro” (LAERBIUM).
1998 Founder and President of the company of dietary supplements LAERBIUMs.r.l. based in Corciano (PG).
2000 Seminars of Phytotherapy for Pharmacists at Umbrafarm.
2000 Training seminars for Dietitians on the Metabolic and Behavioral Re-education of the obese patient.


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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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