THE ZIONIST DENIAL OF HISTORY: Israel is Banning Schools from Using Maps that Show its pre-1967 borders

THE ZIONIST DENIAL OF HISTORY: Israel is Banning Schools from Using Maps that Show its pre-1967 borders


Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

The Israelites are the people chosen by God. Whoever denies this theological assertion contradicts the Bible and, therefore, cannot be called either Jewish or Christian.

But they are also the lineage repeatedly condemned by Jahwè for the abomination of his sins against the Almighty and against the fragile sections of their own society. For this reason Isaiah evoked the coming of the Messiah whom Christians recognized in Jesus Christ and many Jews, to remain faithful to the Sanhedrin governed politically by Pharisees and Sadducees, had him crucified.

Hundreds of years after the Diaspora of the Jewish Israelites, the new sect of the Ashkenazis, the Khazars devoted to Judaism by government indoctrination but often far from a real understanding of the Tanach, assumed power.

PANDEMIA & GUERRA: COME LOTTARE CONTRO I COMPLOTTI NWO. Lezioni Bibliche di Re Davide, Papa Wojtyla e Marc Chagall

Tanakh (Hebrew: תנך?, TNK, rarely Tenàkh) is the acronym, formed by the first letters of the three sections of the work according to the traditional Hebrew division, with which the sacred texts of Judaism are designated. These texts constitute, together with other books not recognized as a canon by Judaism, the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, for which they are often also commonly referred to as the Hebrew Bible.

The five books of the Torah defined as Pentateuch by Christian culture are an essential part of the Tanach.

Orthodox Jews “Anti-Zionists” and Christians against Bibi’s War. Children’s Massacre in Gaza’s Strip (update)

I make this brief historical summary to remind you that none of the sacred books of Judeo-Christian theology mention Zionism, a political movement born in the eighteenth century to revise the rights of the Ashkenazi, strongly vitiated by the blind ambition of the reconstruction of Greater Israel as opposed to the Orthodox Israelites who accepted the condemnation of Jhavé to the diaspora and therefore remain in expectation of the Messiah prophesied by Isaiah who according to the Christians would have already come to announce the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit sent by him through the Father.

SOLO LO SPIRITO SANTO PUO’ VINCERE I DEMONI DELLA PANDEMIA. Con Esorcismi e Guarigioni Taumaturgiche di Apostoli e Santi

I make this premise to feel free, once again, to consider Semitic Judaism a religion of great historical respect for the mercy shown by so many patriarchs such as Abraham Jacob, from whom the name of Israel derives, and Moses.

While a completely different value can be attributed to the Zionist Movement which was notorious only thanks to the Balfour treaty, in which the British Freemasons led by one of the many Rothschild bankers gave the impetus to the colonialism of the nascent New World Order in Israel.

Zionist Lobby – 1. Singer (Elliott) & Fink (BlackRock) within Gates-Soros in Covid Big Pharma’s Business(GSK & Gilead)

That is why he cries out for vengeance before the UN, unable to return to Syria the Golan Heights occupied by the new political state of the Zionists called Israel, before humanity and before God what is happening in the Holy Land where governments are born and fall like flies but in the same way as parasitic insects continue to hit the countries of the Middle East thanks to the support of the USA and, it hurts to say it, of Russia which needs the support of Tel Aviv to prevent the Third World War from suddenly breaking out right in the Mediterranean Sea.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 6. Third World War Warnings! UK, Nato, US & Zelensky threaten Russia and China

That is why the article you will read on the denial of the territorial history of Israel with which the Zionist government wants to impose a single reading on the new generations must be read carefully.

Italian Judge Borsellino Assassination: 30 Years of Mafia Injustice through Misdirections inside the Masonic State

With the same attention with which every story on the Unification of Italy implemented by the Expedition of the Thousand financed by the same British Freemasonry should have been read, following which, according to the Palermo judge Rocco Chinnici killed in a Cosa Nostra bomb attack, was born the Mafia.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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Tel Aviv municipality distributes map showing Green Line, defying Israel government orders

by Middle East MonitorAll links to Gospa News have been added aftermath

The Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality has sent schools maps showing Israel’s pre-1967 Green Line border, in defiance to the Israeli government’s attempts to censor knowledge of the historical border.

The Israeli occupations on 1967

Following the Israeli Education Ministry’s order to the municipality yesterday that it cannot use the map “even as a poster on the wall”, the municipality’s Deputy Mayor, Chen Arieli, announced in a tweet that “maps with the Green Line will be hung in all classrooms in our city. The response of the Ministry of Education is disgraceful and we will continue as planned.”

She insisted that “Boys and girls deserve to grow up with a realistic and uncensored perception of space”, referring to that of Israeli and Palestinian territory. “It’s a project we’ve been working on for two years and I’m excited and very proud.”

The Green Line – the ceasefire line following Jewish settlers’ takeover of Palestine in 1948 – is similar to Israel’s current borders, with the West Bank and the Gaza Strip unchanged, at least on paper. Additions to Israel’s map and claimed borders, however, consist of East Jerusalem which was annexed by Israeli forces in 1967, and the Golan Heights, which were captured from Syria in the same year and officially annexed in 1981.

“Israel must leave the Golan”. The UN’s slap against Trump and Bibi-Briberies

The municipality today sent three maps in total to the schools in the city: one of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, one of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip which shows both the Green Line and the current political borders and one of the eastern Mediterranean Basin.

OPINION: Mapping Israel, mapping Palestine – How occupied landscapes shape scientific knowledge

In sending out the maps, the municipality directly defied the Israeli Education Ministry, which called the map “unprofessional and amateurish” in both its cartography and “its tendentious use of the term ‘sovereignty line'”. The Ministry also ruled that it cannot be “taught or even used as a poster on the walls” as it did not officially approve it.

“Israeli Attacks on Syria would never been Done without Western Support and UN Silence”. Damasco’s Ambassador said

According to the Ministry, the only institution legally authorised to draw Israel maps is the Survey of Israel. That, and the government have previously refused to reveal where the Green Line runs, however, claiming that the information “would endanger Israel’s foreign relations.”

Tel Aviv’s Mayor, Ron Huldai, has also given support for the initiative, stating in a letter to school principals that “It’s important to us that students know Israel’s sovereign borders and the complex reality in areas where Jewish citizens of Israel and Arabs under the Palestinian Authority’s control live side by side.”

“US protecting Israel in Journalist Killing Case”. Easier to believe Palestine Official than Washington DOS

He added that full knowledge of “the state, its landscapes and its borders is essential for producing an involved citizen,” saying the map should be a “necessary accessory in almost every subject in the curriculum”.

by Middle East MonitorAll links to Gospa News have been added aftermath

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