US Prosecutor vs the Big Pharma Vaccines’ Damages still in the Saddle: Texas AG Paxton Acquitted

US  Prosecutor vs the Big Pharma Vaccines’ Damages still in the Saddle: Texas AG Paxton Acquitted


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

«Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted of 16 impeachment articles, thwarting an effort to remove him from office over allegations of corruption. The Republican firebrand, who rose to prominence suing former President Barack Obama, was accused of accepting bribes and using his power to help a campaign donor. His acquittal follows a two-week trial and a day of deliberations» reported NBC News.

“Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton Jr. is hereby, at this moment, reinstated to office,” said Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the Republican president of the Senate who also presided over the trial.

While two Republican senators broke with their party to vote for conviction on some articles of impeachment, the vast majority of Paxton’s party voted to acquit him following a two-week trial and a day of deliberations behind closed doors. Four impeachment articles that had been put on hold during the trial were dismissed immediately after the acquittal vote.

Paxton had been suspended without pay from his post after he was impeached in the Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives in May by an overwhelming vote.

Who Investigates Dangerous Covid Vaccines end up Under Investigation! Impeachment vs AG Paxton in US. Similar Case in Italy

Paxton denied wrongdoing throughout the trial, and his attorneys fiercely defended him. They insisted that Paxton had not accepted bribes and that Paul was merely an entitled, annoying individual who had not received anything of value from Paxton.

«The senators-turned-jurors heard testimony from seven former senior Paxton aides detailing months of concern and alarm they felt over Paxton’s relations with Paul, and their eventual decision to take the extraordinary step of reporting their boss to the FBI» NBC News added.

Impeachment after Covid Vaccines Investigation

Only a few days before his impeachment, AG Paxton had launched a burning investigation not only into the damage caused by Covid vaccines but also into the “Gain-of-Function” research of Anthony Fauci (former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – NIAID) on cronaviruses and SARS viruses from which the Covid-19 was created in the laboratory.

WUHAN-GATES – 68. THE SMOKING GUN OF MANMADE SARS-COV-2. Fauci, Wuhan & Chinese Military Scientists behind Research on Vaccine for Biodefense

For the wellness of the United States of America and the entire world we must hope that Paxton can resume this burning investigation of his as soon as possible, especially in light of the one opened by Congress regarding the revelations of a whistleblower who claims that the Central Intelligence Agency, the American counter-security CIA, paid some scientists to deny the theory of SARS-Cov-2 as a bacteriological weapon.

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