BOMBSHELL! “Cardiological Damages from Transfusions with Vaccinated Blood”. SOS inside a Disturbing Study by Japanese University Hospitals

BOMBSHELL! “Cardiological Damages from Transfusions with Vaccinated Blood”. SOS inside a Disturbing Study by Japanese University Hospitals


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


«The coronavirus pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2020, and a global genetic vaccination program has been rapidly implemented as a fundamental solution. However, many countries around the world have reported that so-called genetic vaccines, such as those using modified mRNA encoding the spike protein and lipid nanoparticles as the drug delivery system, have resulted in post-vaccination thrombosis and subsequent cardiovascular damage, as well as a wide variety of diseases involving all organs and systems, including the nervous system».

Thus begins the summary of a new study published on which supports the alarm about the dangers of blood transfusions with the blood of vaccinated people already highlighted by an explosion of legal actions in Italy and by a bill in the USA.

The research, titled “Concerns regarding Transfusions of Blood Products Derived from Genetic Vaccine Recipients and Proposals for Specific Measures” is still awaiting review equal but can already be considered absolutely reliable as it was signed by seven doctors from 5 Japanese university hospitals and 2 private research centers.

At the risk of appearing excessively acribic, it seems necessary to list them:

  1. Department of Advanced Medical Science, Asahikawa Medical University, Asahikawa 078-8510, Hokkaido
  2. Pre-Clinical Research Center, Tokyo Medical University Hospital, 6-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Tokyo
  3. MCL Corporation, Jimukino-Ueda bldg. 603, 21 Sakaimachi Gojo-Takakurakado, Shimogyo-Ku, Kyoto 600- 8191, Kyoto
  4. 4  Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Center of Varicose Veins, Okamura Memorial Hospital, 293-1 Kakita Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka
  5. Department of Biological Science and Technology, Faculty of Advanced Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, 6-3-1 Niijuku, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
  6. Foundation of Learning Health Society Institute, Nagoya 450-0003, Aichi
  7. Kokoro Medical Corporation, Honbetsu Cardiovascular Medicine Clinic, Honbetsu 089-3314, Hokkaido

«In this article, based on these circumstances and the volume of evidence that has recently come to light, we call the attention of medical professionals to the various risks associated with blood transfusions using blood products derived from people who have suffered from long COVID and from genetic vaccine recipients, including those who have received mRNA vaccines, and we make proposals regarding specific tests, testing methods, and regulations to deal with these risks. We expect that this proposal will serve as a basis for discussion on how to address post-vaccination syndrome and its consequences following these genetic vaccination programs».

US Mother’s Tragedy: “So My Newborn Alexander Died days after Receiving Unauthorized Vaxxed Blood in a Transfusion”

The study sees the first signatory Jun Ueda 1 (the numbers refer to the institutions listed above in which they work) and was also signed by Hideyuki Motohashi 2, Yuriko Hirai 3, Kenji Yamamoto 4, Yasufumi Murakami 5, Masanori Fukushima 6 and Akinori Fujisawa 7.

It also signals the danger of using blood fluids from people suffering from Long Covid, although many other studies are increasingly confirming that this problem is very similar to those of vaccinated victims of SpikeDemic or Spikeopathy: two neologisms aimed at indicating mild disorders or serious pathologies caused by the persistence of the toxic Spike protein in the body for months or even years despite Big Pharma’s reckless predictions of a stay limited to 24/48 hours to trigger the reactions of the antibodies against the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

SPIKE-DEMIC among Vaccinated: 83 % hit by PCVS Syndrome. Indian Study confirmed Gates, Big Pharma’s Health Disaster

Blood-Related Diseases after Genetic Vaccination

«A wide variety of diseases related to blood and blood vessels, such as thrombosis, have developed after genetic vaccination, including with mRNA vaccines, and many cases of serious health injuries have been reported. For example, a PubMed search on diseases such as thrombocytopenia, thrombotic disorders with thrombocytopenia, deep vein thrombosis, thrombocytopenic purpura, cutaneous vasculitis, and sinus thrombosis combined with the essential keywords “COVID-19 vaccine” and “side effects” yielded several hundred articles in only about two years since the rollout of genetic vaccines [14,17,20,21,48]».

This is what the Japanese researchers write again, referring to those multiple serious adverse reactions, too often lethal, framed by other studies in the broad spectrum of the so-called Spikeopathy.

Explosive Survey! Monstrous “Calamari” Clots of Blood inside Vaccinated Dead after mRNA Shots

«In addition to abnormally shaped red blood cells, amorphous material has been found floating in the blood of mRNA-vaccinated individuals under microscopic observation, some of which has shown grossly abnormal findings (Table 1, point 5) [7–10,49]. Recent studies have also reported that the spike protein has amyloidogenic potential [50– 54], is neurotoxic [55–57], and can cross the blood–brain barrier [58–60]. Thus, there is no longer any doubt that the spike protein used as an antigen in genetic vaccines is itself toxic [22,61,62]».

Covid Vaccines Killer Pathologies in a Name Only: Spikeopathy! Huge, Chilling Study on mRNA Genic Serums’ Serious Adverse Reactions

But there is another very serious danger to which vaccinated people are exposed as also highlighted by other recent investigations: Covid-breakthrough with the risk of developing a more aggressive and lethal pathological form from SARS-Cov-2.

«In addition to thrombosis, individuals who have received multiple doses of a genetic vaccine may have multiple exposures to the same antigen within a brief period, thereby being imprinted with a preferential immune response to that antigen [63,64]. This phenomenon, called original antigenic sin or immune imprinting, has caused COVID-19 vaccine recipients to become more susceptible to contracting COVID-19 [65]. In addition, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection is also known; antibodies produced by vaccination may rather promote viral infection and symptoms [66,67]».

Higher Mortality Found Among Vaccinated Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19: New Study

«On the other hand, it has also been suggested that repeated administration of genetic vaccines may result in immune tolerance because of a class switch to non-inflammatory immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4) [68– 71], whereby the immune system of the recipient does not mount an excessive response such as cytokine storm [27,72], and case reports of IgG4-related disease have begun to appear [73–75]. This raises concern that alterations in immune function due to immune imprinting and immunoglobulin class switching to IgG4 may also occur in genetic vaccine recipients».

The Alarm for the Diabolical Molecule and Organ Donors

As we have seen in previous investigations, this dangerous phenomenon is caused by the genetic manipulations carried out in the laboratory by the producers of mRNA gene sera by inserting a double Proline protein (discovered by the Italian bioimmunologist Mauro Mantovani) and the altered diabolical RNA molecule called MethylPseudouridine (N1-Me-pUTP or N1φ) held responsible for cases of turbo cancer and lethal neurocerebral pathologies thanks to the study of the French biomathematician Jean-Claude Perez, researcher of the Luc Montagnier Foundation named after the late biologist who passed away and a friend of the author.

And Japanese researchers also point out the danger related to N1φ which we have renamed the “Frankenstein molecule” although it earned the Nobel Prize for Chemistry to the scientist Katalin Karikò, who was then even rewarded with her nomination to the Pontifical Academy for Life.

«Recent studies have shown that RNA pseudouridylation can result in frameshifting [133]. It is not yet clear whether a portion of the pseudouridinated mRNA for the spike protein is translated into another protein of unknown function in vaccine recipients. If these proteins are also pathogenic, additional testing for such frameshift proteins may be needed in the future. Even if a frameshift protein is not toxic, it must be foreign to the body and could cause autoimmune disease».

Diabolical Molecule inside mRNA Vaccines generates Harmful Proteins as Killer Prions, “Brain-Eating Amoeba”. Explosive Study by prof. Perez (Montagnier Foundation)

«Finally, we would like to state that if we continue to use genetic vaccines such as pseudouridinated mRNAs and mRNA-LNP platforms [46,103], there will be further risks like those described in this review. It should also be stressed that the issues discussed here are matters that pertain to all organ transplants, including bone marrow transplants, and not just blood products. The impact of these genetic vaccines on blood products and the actual damage caused by them are unknown at present» add Japanese academic doctors..

«In addition, LNPs themselves are highly inflammatory substances [23,100–102], as described in Section 3.1, but LNPs have been found to have stronger adjuvant activity than the adjuvants used in conventional vaccines [104], and there is also concern about autoimmune diseases resulting from this aspect (Table 1, point 4) [105,163]».

«Therefore, in order to avoid these risks and prevent further expansion of blood contamination and complication of the situation, we strongly request that the vaccination campaign using genetic vaccines be suspended and that a harm–benefit assessment be carried out as early as possible, as called for by Fraiman et al. and Polykretis et al. [27,31–33]. As we have repeatedly stated, the health injuries caused by genetic vaccination are already extremely serious, and it is high time that countries and relevant organizations take concrete steps together to identify the risks and to control and resolve them».

“European Medicines Agency Knew Toxicity of Pfizer Covid Vaccine”. Bombshell Study Published in US by an Italian BioChemist on Dangers mRNA-LNPs

Japanese Laws to Monitor Dangerous Transfusions

Regarding transfusions, in their conclusions, the Japanese doctors request adequate checks on the blood of vaccinated people, as some legislators in the State of Illinois have already done, drafting a bill still under discussion.

«The issue of blood products derived from genetic vaccine recipients described in this review is expected to affect a very wide range of areas in countries around the world. In Japan, the “Act on Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases” has been enacted to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through blood products, and the “Act on Organ Transplantation” has been enacted to handle organ transplants. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) has issued the “Guidelines for Blood Transfusion Therapy” regarding blood transfusions. These laws and guidelines specify the responsibilities of the public, physicians, and national and local governments and protect their rights».

Illinois House Bill Requires Donated Blood to be Screened for mRNA Vaccines

«However, as the spike protein used as an antigen or its gene is not an organism, there are likely to be number of difficult issues, such as how to legally define its pathogenicity. From this point of view, when the risks of and health injuries caused by blood products derived from genetic vaccination recipients have been roughly clarified (Table 2), it will be essential to formulate regulations to reduce and prevent risks and contamination, by developing related laws with the participation of the legislative branch, legal experts, medical administration personnel, healthcare providers, and medical researchers, and by taking measures such as checking vaccination status and dates, and legally regulating the import/export of blood products (Figure 1). The wide range of issues makes coordination between agencies and healthcare professionals essential from the outset».

The study of Japanese hospital universities finally adds a tragic prediction and an indispensable countermeasure:

«Second, it is expected that the situation will already be complicated because, in contrast to previous drug disasters, genetic vaccination was implemented on a global scale and simultaneously for a substantial number of people [2,3]».

937% Increase in Heart Failure among Vaccinated US Military Personnel: Unclassified DOD Data on Navy Pilots

«There is an urgent need to develop methods to identify as well as remove spike proteins and modified genes derived from gene vaccines in blood products. In order to develop a uniform inspection standard, there is an urgent need in Japan for the Japanese Society of Hematology (, the Japanese Society of Transfusion and Cell Therapy (, and their related organizations to develop guidelines on how to handle blood products that contain residual spike proteins or their modified genes».

«Also, as noted earlier, gene vaccination has been promoted on a global scale [2,3], which will necessitate coordination and exchange of information with national administrations and relevant international medical societies (Figure 1). International guidelines on the handling of blood products and the establishment of an international investigatory organization will be necessary (Figure 2)».

Bombshell by Slovak PM Fico! Official Investigation on Covid Emergency, Cardiac Deaths after mRNA Vaccines & Big Pharma Affairs

Obviously almost all countries of European Union and US, entangled in the whirlwinds of hundreds of millions of dollars of Big Pharma Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna, both financed by Bill Gates in a global immunization plan launched with the Rockefeller Foundation in 1999 in Italy, they continue to ignore the alarms falling from the international scientific community also due to the macroscopic conflicts of interest of the Italian Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci of the Meloni Government.

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