Russian Army Wiped Odessa Ukrainian military HQ. Western hardware Trophy Show in Moscow

Russian Army Wiped Odessa Ukrainian military HQ. Western hardware Trophy Show in Moscow


Ministry of Defense Russia hits Ukrainian military HQ

The Russian military has carried out a strike on the Ukrainian headquarters commanding troops in the southern sector of the front, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced, according to RT.

In a statement on Wednesday, the ministry said that the military installation and Ukrainian troops and hardware, were hit by combined air, missile and artillery strikes.

Earlier in the day, RIA Novosti reported, citing local resistance members, that the Russian military had targeted a Ukrainian HQ in the center of the port city of Odessa. According to the report, there were three explosions in the area, with a particularly powerful one near the facility itself. The local resistance reported numerous ambulances flocking to the HQ, adding that the area had been cordoned off by the Ukrainian authorities.

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The head of the Odessa regional administration, Oleg Kiper, has confirmed there was a strike in the city, which he said involved ballistic missiles and killed at least three people. However, he claimed that only civilian infrastructure had been damaged.

Russia has repeatedly said that it targets only military installations and facilities that support defense operations, insisting that it never targets civilian infrastructure.

The enemy’s troops and military hardware had been hit in 112 districts

The Russian Defense Ministry added that the enemy’s troops and military hardware had been hit in 112 districts, according to TASS Russian News Agency.

Ukrainian forces have lost up to 110 troops in the responsibility zone of Russia’s Battlegroup East over 24 hours, the Ministry said. The adversary also lost two pickup trucks, a howitzer, a self-propelled artillery system and an electronic warfare station.

Ukrainian forces have lost up to 30 troops in the responsibility zone of Russia’s Battlegroup West over 24 hours. It added that, the adversary has also lost five motor vehicles, a howitzer, a field gun and a self-propelled artillery system.

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Units from Russia’s Battlegroup Dnepr have delivered strikes on two Ukrainian brigades in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions over 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The adversary has lost up to 20 troops and a howitzer. Units from Russia’s Battlegroup South have improved their positions in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the Russian Defense Ministry said. It added that, the enemy has lost up to 400 troops, seven motor vehicles, two howitzers and three electronic warfare stations.

Russian air defense systems have taken down 29 Ukrainian drones and five French-made AASM Hammer smart bombs over 24 hours in the special military operation in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Uragan rocket was also shot down.

Western hardware trophy show opens in Moscow

An exhibition featuring dozens of Western tanks and armored vehicles captured during the Ukraine conflict has opened in Moscow. The trophy show also includes a newly arrived US-made M1 Abrams tank which was knocked out not far from the Donbass town of Avdeevka.

The display kicked off on Wednesday near the Victory Museum, which is dedicated to World War II and the Soviet triumph over Nazi Germany in 1945.

The exhibition, which will run throughout May, is also opening ahead of Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, one of Russia’s most important holidays, which is celebrated on May 9.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the exhibition would also include a US-made Abrams tank and M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle. The latter specializes in mine-clearing operations and is also based on the Abrams tank.

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The Defense Ministry noted that in addition, the exhibition also features 32 other trophy vehicles, including a German-made Leopard 2A6 tank and Marder infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), US-made Bradley IFV, UK-made AT105 Sakson and Husky TSV armored vehicles, as well as many others.

The exhibition also has many types of NATO-made small arms and engineering equipment on display, plus Ukrainian drones and communication systems. The show is divided into several thematic areas, with visitors having the opportunity to learn the combat characteristics of the Western-made weapons as well as how the particular equipment was captured, the ministry said.

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