GIANT RUSSIAN BOMB WIPED NEW YORK… A Ukranian Settlement in Donbass (video)

GIANT RUSSIAN BOMB WIPED NEW YORK… A Ukranian Settlement in Donbass (video)


A video of what is said to be the use of Russia’s new FAB-3000 heavy aerial bomb against Ukrainian positions in the settlement of New York in the Donetsk People’s Republic has emerged on social media.

According to reports by some Russian Telegram channels on Sunday, the three-ton high-explosive bomb equipped with a guidance module struck a Ukrainian command center, killing at least 60 troops and destroying four vehicles. The affected building “disappeared without a trace,” one of the reports claimed.

The drone footage of the strike, allegedly made in New York, captured a gigantic explosion. RT could not independently verify the authenticity of the clip. Russia’s Ministry of Defense has not commented on the matter.


The FAB-3000 was reportedly deployed for the first time in the village of Liptsy during Russia’s advance in the Kharkov Region two weeks ago.

Russian military experts said that FAB-3000 bombs pack a punch that’s enough to destroy even the strongest fortifications, and that new technology allows targets to be hit with a high degree of accuracy.

Western experts have also acknowledged that the FAB-3000 and smaller air-launched bombs, which Russia upgraded with pop-out wings and satellite navigation, pose an extremely serious threat to the Ukrainian military.

FAB-3000 heavy aerial bomb against Ukrainian positions in the settlement of New York

Defense News wrote earlier this week that “in recent months” Russia has used this kind of weaponry against Ukraine’s front-line troops. “Currently, Ukraine has few counters to glide bomb strikes,” it said.

The settlement of New York first appeared on the maps in the mid-19th century; the exact origins of its name are currently unclear. Some historians say it is related to an American entrepreneur, who operated in the village, while others link it to Mennonite settlers, who came to the area from the city of Jork in Germany.

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There’s also a suggestion that the Americanized name was simply a result of a transliteration error from the Latin to the Cyrillic alphabet.

Over the past several months, Russian troops have been making steady gains in Donbass. In early May, Moscow also launched an offensive in Kharkov Region. President Vladimir Putin said it was a response to the routine shelling of Russian civilian infrastructure by Ukrainian troops in the border regions, requiring the creation of a “sanitary zone.”

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