The heart-sick child stolen from mother and stuffed with antipsychotic drugs by Italian State

The heart-sick child stolen from mother and stuffed with antipsychotic drugs by Italian State

The chilling story of Sabrina Soster
who have now been prevented from seeing and talking
to the invalid and cardiopathic 9-year-old daughter
locked up for 6 months in a structure for minors

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Ylenia is a special child. And like all the particular children who have obtained the recognition of an invalidity due to neuropsychiatric pathology, they have so much, very much the need for the cuddling of their mother, with whom he lived in Latina near Rome. She raised and cared for her up to the age of 9, dealing with health personnel together with the difficulties arising not only from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder A.D.H.D. ascertained by the Department of Mental Health but also its cardiac and physiological pathologies.

But since 7 May he can no longer receive those cuddles because, in six months, he was able to see his mother only twice (13 and 22 August). In fact, parental responsibility was suspended for both parents. But to the mother Sabrina Soster – in phase of separation from the ex husband for abandonment of the dwelling from this last one – the Minor Court of Rome has imposed also the prohibition of approach to less than 500 meters from the places frequented by the daughter after his complaints to law enforcement, newspapers and social media.

The little girl is now locked up in public custody in a welfare facility in an unknown place and «stuffed for six months with a powerful antipsychotic drug never prescribed by any neuropsychiatrist after four specialist visits when she was with me» specifies the mother referring to Risperidone (Risperdal) that the information leaflet recommends use with extreme caution against those with children and cardiovascular diseases, as reported even by Wikipedia.


What would be the child’s fault? Because of his ADHD he pointed out oppositional disorders of the conduct by throwing objects at school when it was interrupted in completing the didactic activity that he obviously carried out more slowly than the companions he could not even keep up with during his travels, reacting violently if forced.

What would be the mother’s fault? First she was accused of not being “collaborative” then, along with her former husband who lived far away, of having had “dysfunctional behavior”.

Finally, she was too interested in the health of the little girl who was taken away from her overnight. It has been removed without circumstantial evidence of educational deficiencies or environmental negligence but only by virtue of that dramaturgy of the absurd and the debatable which underlies the Italian daily tragedies in the field of child custody.

One of Ylenia’s happy moments in the midst of Christmas 2018 gifts. The mother hopes to be able to celebrate that of 2019 with her

“My daughter was kidnapped by the Italian State but I don’t have the money to pay the ransom. With my modest income I cannot afford a famous lawyer like Morcavallo who wins all the cases. I have to resort to those with free legal aid that after the first legal activities they realize that they do not fall within the costs and renounce to follow me because they come from far away. Those of Latina, in fact, do not want to turn against the system …”  says fifty-year-old Soster who in a few months has lost more than 10 kilos and seen her beauty tarnish but her Faith strengthened …

“Ylenia and I are very devoted to Our Lady Virgin Mary and I really hope God helps us,” he says as he shows me the last messages in which the little girl had written with her shaggy handwriting “I love you so much and we two will always be together”.

Words in which anyone would have read the terror of the child to find herself isolated from her mother after having “lost” her father for her choice to start another cohabitation by abandoning the family home. But it is clear that some operators on the juvenile planet use a lot of pragmatism and little heart …

“I also presented a petition on Change in which I published a selfie with Ylenia at a time when we were happy and serene despite her emotional disturbances, her ascertained mental disability and her serious health problems,” adds the woman.


Precisely because it is invalid under Article 3 of Italian Law 104/1992, Ylenia can only be accepted by a child custody facility welfare with a health authorization: those in which the maintenance fees paid by the State can reach up to 400 euros per day.

“They took my daughter who paid him € 9,000 a month – Soster specifies after doing two accounts – It is clear that now she is too lucrative a business to let her go with ease, admitting that she has analyzed the facts superficially and without in-depth analysis”.

Sabrina Soster with her daughter Ylenia until March 2019 were a happy family

In fact, prior to the custody, no neuropsychiatric opinion had been received, let alone “an assessment was made on the existence of autism spectrum problems as suggested by some specialists” and the protection project elaborated by the social workers with the mother.

In the previous investigations of Gospa News on Il Forteto and Bibbiano we reported the authoritative interviews of a senator of the Republic, Stefano Mugnai, and of the lawyer Cristina Franceschini of the association Finalmente Liberi who, with many examples, showed how much the system entrusted was incomplete, discretionary and in some cases rotten due to mere economic or ideological interests.


Worse still, he wrote the last Parliamentary Commission on Childhood presided over by Michela Brambilla, pointing out that parents in difficulty were not advised to turn to social assistance services because most of the minors were given custody for mere reasons of family financial problems: triggering so the paradox of paying up to 400 euros a day for a child in a protected facility when, with the same money, once or twice a month, parents would probably have been able to assist him better.

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Not only that: among the official data of the bicameral investigation we discovered that out of 21 thousand minor data entrusted in 2015, in addition to that 17% of them voluntarily escaped, as many as 400 have vanished into nothing, mysteriously, without even an escape relationship on the part of guardians: as if they had been kidnapped by aliens or by some pedophile gang …



For Sabrina the nightmare began three years ago when she turned to the territorial health structures for the Protection of Mental Health and Developmental Rehabilitation as well highlighted by her lawyer Graziano Di Carlo in the last supplementary statement of the appeal against the transfer of little girl in social structures.

Thus began the ordeal of a single mother, sporadically assisted by her husband, who began to wander around in the deficient public health facilities of Italy in the third millennium while, behind her, the bureaucratic persecution far more rapid and cynical has already been started even though, as written in the lawyer’s appeal, “the child during the journey to kindergarten, has never been the subject of reporting by the faculty”. This happened only with the transition to primary school.

But paradoxically the situation has precipitated just when there was the certainty that the child was really ill: on April 16, 2018 the Unit of Child Neuropsychiatry of the Department of Mental Health of Priverno (Latina) ascertains the disorder «from attention deficit and ADHD hyperactivity », disorder of the« emotional sphere »and that of «motor coordination».

The neuropsychiatrist’s report is emblematic: «The child initially showed an oppositional / aggressive behavior and difficulty separating from her parents. Accepted and contained, she managed to stay in the room with the operators to carry out the evaluation tests and showed herself to be more and more participative». Translated from the scientific language into the human one: the child needs only love, affection and snuggles, especially from her mother, always at her side, and from her father, present during visits to social and health facilities and rarely other times.

“From the analysis of protective tests and clinical interviews a demeanor of behavior and impulsivity emerges to indicate the need for affective containment by the primary figures (parents) and the environment”, writes the medical specialist: or rather because of his disorders Ylenia is fine only at home and in the embrace of mom and dad.


A.D.H.D. of the child the procedures foreseen by the socio-social and health system of a country of the modern European Union are taking off: «On 08/6/2018 was brought again to visit at the A.S.L. where it was drawn up minutes of verification of civil invalidity pursuant to art. 20 law 102/2009 with which it was declared invalid with persistent difficulties to perform the tasks and functions of its age with recognition of attendance allowance. Unfortunately, to date the economic benefits have not yet been received by Ylenia’s family» Soster’s lawyers wrote in the proceedings.

The 9-year-old girl is an invalid due to neuropsychiatric pathology. Unfortunately. Now you can queue up with all the other Italian disabled people waiting for adequate assistance! The uncivilized Italy of the social policies lacking for the weaker groups begins to make its appearance in front of the destiny of the little girl and her mother who follows her day by day, minute by minute, «until having to stay for three years every morning in the near the school ready to intervene if my daughter should have some crisis» recalls the woman.

Ylenia, despite her troubles, lived peacefully with her mother and when they went to the bar together the little girl took care to put the sugar in her mother’s coffee

But in every human and social history, however, there is always a gloomy soul capable of transforming a drama into a tragedy: this time a teacher is!

“On 11 March 2019 I had a vibrant discussion with one of the teachers who used threatening tones that are already the subject of a complaint to the Carabinieri – Sabrina reports – On the 22nd, the same teacher accused an illness during the hours of management of the child requesting even ambulance and police intervention “.

In a normal country there would be a verification of the psycho-attitudinal faculties of the teacher who, in addition to the problematic child, has to manage other classmates … In the Italy of easy minors custody, no!

On March 23, the hearing is held before the honorary judge who resumes the old request of the minor prosecutor’s office of November 27, 2017, always rejected before, for «the issue of a provisional and urgent suspension order, from the exercise of parental responsibility to be issued to the charge of both parents». An instance never accepted by the Minor Court above all in light of the subsequent discovery of the ASL certificate disorder for the child in April 2018.

The law proceeds; although «in nine years of Ylenia’s life the problems related to it occurred only in the school context where it was not possible to guarantee an adequate support to the minor as prescribed by the ASL itself through a support teacher and a municipal assistant. In fact, no intervention by the Police, no request for interventions by social services, no complaint was made outside the school environment despite the fact that Ms. Soster and her daughter live in a condominium of twenty-six apartments and have a regular life even outside the home» wrote the lawyer Di Carlo in the supplementary statement



On 7 May 2019 Ylenia was taken at the S. Maria Goretti hospital in Latina, where she had been hospitalized the previous day for serious physiological problems certified by a echography of 26 April showing a slight increase in the size of the liver and spleen but above all, in the inguinal region, “a non-specific lymphadenitis with at least 3 increased lymph nodes”.

But the foster care procedure for the custody home are more urgent. “The social workers took an hour and a half to drag her away and make her crawl on the floor” Sabrina recalls in tears.

Thus began the hell of Ylenia who, in place of her mother, whose parental responsibility was taken away, found a new companion in her days and nights: the RISPERIDONE!

A powerful sedative antipsychotic to use for limited periods of time as attested by the medical report that supported the request of the lawyer Domenico Gorziglia who on October 15, 2019 asked for the anticipation of the hearing in order to evaluate the clinical picture of the minor waves avoid abuse of the medicine.



Mum now has one more problem: she has less than 30 days left to oppose the decree imposing a ban on her approaching more than 500 meters from places frequented by her daughter who in the meantime, from Frosinone, was transferred first to Frattaminore (Naples ) and then in an unknown location after the mother showed up in front of the structures: «I went there because the guardian blocked phone calls and meetings to give Ylenia the embrace and the cuddles she had asked me in the last phone call and to make sure of the health conditions as it is my right sanctioned by the decree».

Of these poignant talks the woman, now forced to be a private investigator to protect her daughter, also has the recordings … The reasons for interrupting contacts? “The oppositional, aggressive and defamatory attitudes of Mrs. Soster to the guardian of Ylenia and the operators continue” the judges write in the decree, noting “the intemperate behaviors of the mother” so concerned about the health of the invalid and cardiopathic minor to demand daily information, having received them partially but above all suspecting ill-treatment and invasive drug therapies, he made complaints to the authorities, to newspapers and on Facebook …



Sabrina, in fact, found herself forced to make another complaint after an episode so serious as to be reported even by the same Minor Court and concerning a failed medical assessment for a pain in the chest that «Ylenia was already accusing the day before she saw me».

Heart failure witnessed by the Child Jesus hospital in Rome and ignored by the head of a facility

«According to reports from the head of the Family House located in Frosinone, after the first meeting with the mother that took place on 13-8-2019, the minor, at the time of the posting, complained of a pain in the chest for which, at Following the arrival of the Carabinieri in the evening at the request of Soster, the child was taken to the emergency room, where only an anxious state was found (see the report of the Emergency Department of the Frosinone Hospital on 13-8-2019, where it is acknowledged that the minor reported only a short-term pain at the time of the mother’s detachment».

This is what the judges themselves write in the decree of convocation for the hearing of December 11, 2019, perhaps not even realizing the gravity of what they are reporting as a child with heart disease.

«On that occasion I learned only after she had been rushed to the hospital but when I rushed to the spot, my daughter had already been discharged because neither the emergency room or Ylenia’s heart failure had been communicated to the emergency room or to the pediatrician on duty. This is why I filed a complaint against the nun responsible for the family house for the failure to rescue me, the pain in my chest even prior to my visit, and on the episode the Ordinary Prosecutor of Frosinone opened an inquiry also because on the same occasion I reported a severe iron deficiency anemia (iron deficiency) that she had never had. I discovered it thanks to the samples obtained directly from the laboratory because the translator had sent me only non-updated analyzes» says the woman.

So if the mother had not called the Carabinieri the pain in the chest of a child with heart disease and psychologically invalid would have been considered irrelevant by the guardian … But this does not seem to have great importance even for the judges themselves.

Mom and daughter united in devotion to the Virgin Mary: Ylenia’s rosary bracelet

The last Neuropsychiatric Unit that visited her in May after ten days from her hospitalization in a protected structure sanctioned “a high evolutionary psychopathological risk” that no other specialist had previously found in the child before she was taken away from the mother’s care.

Keep it a few more weeks there and the risk will become certainty. But, if God wants, and through the intercession of Virgin Mary to whom little Ylenia is as devoted as her mother, sooner or later, of all these serious traumas and atrocious sufferings someone will have to answer!

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization



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