Soleimani killed, Boeing shot down, ISIS exulted: traitors’ shadows inside Iran’s Pasdaran

Soleimani killed, Boeing shot down, ISIS exulted: traitors’ shadows inside Iran’s Pasdaran

Suspicions of internal conspiracies in Tehran:
too many intelligence holes and military errors
culminated in the massacre of UIA flight PS752
After the arrest of the British ambassador
during a protest, Trump’s Tweet pro-riot in Farsi

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


On Friday afternoon I exchanged some opinions on the killing of General Qassem Soleimani with a Roman acquaintance, fasting in geopolitics but close friend of some citizens of Iranian origin. He told me something surprising and disconcerting for me.

The belief that the head of the Quds Forces, the hero and martyr of the IRGC Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, has been assassinated thanks to a plot among the US and conspiracy occult of Iran itself.

This mere assumption, the result of simple coffee talk and devoid of any minimum objective feedback, seemed to me not only unfounded, improbable and even ridiculous enough to have immediately blamed the naivety of the interlocutor… Until Saturday morning!

Until the Iranian authorities made “mea culpa” after they admitted the shooting down of the Boeing 737 of the Ukrainian Airlines flight PS 752, however giving a great lesson in style, honour and sincerity to the whole West.


Italy, in fact, still wonders after 40 years on the mysterious missile that hit the DC9 Itavia on June 27, 1980 causing it to shipwreck with 81 victims in the sea near Ustica.

Sweden and the Nations are still searching for the truth about the massacre of the flight that on 18 September 1961 was carrying the former UN secretary, Dag Hammarskjold, to the Congo, who died together with 14 people among diplomatic officers and crew, probably following a missile attack.


Fact remains that Tehran has really made too many mistakes in too few days!

Too many mistakes for a paramilitary organization such as that of the Iranian Pasdaran (or IRGC), annexed to the Iranian Armed Forces, which for decades has been feared and respected throughout the world for its strategic strength and war power.

It comforts me to read that even on the American website of experts in geopolitics and military intelligence Veterans Today (with whom I collaborate), someone already has similar disturbing suspicions.

«Whether the missile was fired due to the actions of a human traitor within the IRGC or due to remote hacking into the missile’s control systems is unknown; however, the outcome is the same – nearly 200 dead civilians whose deaths can be blamed on the IRGC.» wrote Ian Greenhalgh, a military historian expert (link below item)..

And further the specialistic war-analytic website South Front in Veterans Today suggests the theory of a human sabotage as I’ll explain below…



Quds Forces “Jerusalem Brigade”, commanded by Soleimani, are the special unit for the overseas missions of the Revolutionary Guards and refer directly to the Supreme Guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It would be made up of 15 thousand men, against the 150 thousand of the entire Pasdaran army, and would be active in dozens of Shiite Muslim nations with eight directions divided by geographical areas.

But she was unable to protect her general …

Quds and IRGC in April 2019 were joined by the USA, by decision of President Donald Trump, in the American list of foreign terrorist organizations, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Iraqi Katai Hezbollah, the Yemeni Houti.

It has received such attention from international intelligence precisely because it is considered almost infallible: in short, an Islamic version in uniform of the Israeli Mossad, the counterintelligence of Tel Aviv equipped with very effective military apparatuses although always operating undercover in clandestine actions such as CIA military agents.

Just the Quds forces of General Soleimani helped defeat ISIS the Syrian army and the Iraqi Hashid al-Shaabi, called in English Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) in their respective countries.

Quds Forces Brigade Jerusalem, the special department for foreign missions of the IRGC

In just one week both Quds, and the IRGC on which it depends, lost the magical halo of deadly fighters, which emerged from the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution that established a theocracy in Tehran led by the Shiite Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini instead of the last wake of Persia Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, accomplice of having legitimized the military coup of 1953.

In fact, in August of that year, the Ajax operation, a clandestine mission carried out by the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, had subverted the democratic regime of Iran, as that time governed by the nationalist Mohammad Mossadeq, who recently had the oil industry been nationalized.

From there arose the hatred between Iran and the US.

IRGC Revolutionary Guards also called Pasdaran

This is why the shadow of an international conspiracy that may have been pursued by the United States and Israel, enemies of Iran for its hegemonic independence in the Middle East, begins to hover over the multiple intelligence and military errors committed by the IRGC. A consiracy hepled help not only by infiltrators in the country, spies hired by CIA and MOSSAD, but may be real traitors within the Pasdaran themselves.

The suspiocions is for now a mere hypothesis but the traces that too many things have gone wrong in the gears underlying the chain of command are only very evident. The purpose of the plot? The same de 1953: the usual regime-change in the aims of every tenant of the White House in all countries rich in precious energy resources in the subsoil.



General Soleimani was killed with rockets fired by a drone against the convoy of cars on which he traveled on the morning of January 3, 2020 near Baghdad airport, where he had just landed together with the parisian Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy commander of the Iraqi Hashid.

According to what was then revealed before the Parliament with fiery tones by Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi he expected for a diplomatic mission: he had to bring an answer on the mediation attempted by Iraq between Iran and Saudi Arabia after the tensions in the Persian Gulf last summer.


However, it was an ambush well orchestrated by someone who knew the movements of the senior officer who had come from Tehran.

So here is the first flaw in the intelligence of the Revolutionary Guards: it seems obvious that Soleimani was spied on his movements to provide the US Air Force at the base of Al Udeid (in Qatar) with the exact moment in which to strike with the certainty that the general was on the car.

Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis

It’s also clear what the geopolitical expert of Il Giornale’s InsideOver column, Lorenzo Vita, called «”the intelligence” hole on the killed general, which made it clear how American technology was able to affect anyone and everywhere despite the cyber and electronic warfare skills of the Iranian military».

A disturbing piece due to IRGC Aerospace itself boasted of having instead reduced even the cybernetic defense system of the United States to the black-out in subsequent retaliatory attacks.

«Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps aerospace force commander, revealed that communication and sending of images by US MQ-9 drones were halted while the IRGC missile attack was ongoing on the Ain al-Assad military base» Veteran Today’s Senior Editor Gordon Duff reported in a post.



Second failure occurred on the day of mourning during the funeral in Kerman, in the hometown of Soleimani in Iran. While an oceanic crowd sang “Death to America”, “Death to Trump” there was the total flop of the public order apparatus: at least 56 people died and another 213 were injured in the crowd.

These victims are added to the hundreds of demonstrators killed by the police during the riots of recent months for a lack of prevention of public places’ security: such as militarized areas, curfews, counter-demonstrations or other scamotages adopted by the less experienced Bolivarian President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela to contain the Guarimbas, the incendiary street barricades.

Remains of one of the Zelzal Iranian ballistic missiles that fell near the base of Erbil – click on the image to see the video of a launch

Third is more serious failure begins to raise a blanket of thick fog on the operation of the Pasdaran war machine. Out of 13 missiles fired by IRG Aerospace, among the ballistic ones (Zelzal is supposed) and the high-tech cruise missiles, Qaim 1 and Fahad 313, the first extremely fast, the second equipped with a “jammer” type device, a frequency jammer capable of to avoid interception of anti-missile defense systems, as many as 11 would have hit the two US bases in Iraq of Ain al Asad and Erbil.

Iran bombards two US bases in Iraq with hyper-technological missiles

At the beginning, the Iranian TV, according sources close to the Pasdaran, reported a serious balance of retaliation, 80 dead and 200 wounded, dryly denied by the White House. But on Thursday 9 January, IRGC Aerospace commander General Amir Ali Hajizadeh corrected the shot sharply in an official statement reported by FarsNews.

«We were not after killing anyone although tens of US troops have likely been killed and wounded and were transferred to Israel and Jordan on 9 sorties of C-130 flights,” he added, noting that had Iran intended to kill the American forces, it could have planned high casualty operations to kill 500 US military men in the first step and 4,000 to 5,000 others in the second and third phases within 48 hours».

IRGC Aerospace commander Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh

At the end of strikes the damage to the US would have been quantified in some craters in the Al Asad base with the destruction of deposits, some drones and some helicopters.

Very little in relation to the revenge announcements symbolically formalized with the raising of the blood red flag on the mosque of Qom, near the capital Tehran.

Iran’s revenge starts from Qom. Thanks to Fordow’s nuclear bunker plant

From this, therefore, a certainty emerges: the Air Force of the Revolutionary Guards only wanted to show the muscles but not to hurt as repeatedly first proclaimed by all political and religious authorities.

A wise and even prudent attitude comes from thinking about the nightmare of a Third World War, perhaps so prudent as to become very suspicious itself too..



Instead the IRGC Aerospace made a disaster, in the true sense of the word, in the story of the Boeing 737 of the Ukrainian Airlines flight PS752 bound for Kiev but shattered on the ground near Tehran a few minutes after taking off on the night of Wednesday 8 January, a few hours from missile attacks against US bases.

Remains of the Boeing 737 of the Ukrainian International Airlines flight 752 crashed in Iran

In hindsight it is absolutely unthinkable to believe that already on Thursday 9 January the Pasdaran air force had not understood that that plane had been shot down by its own anti-aircraft missiles, probably the Russians TOR M1 of the SA-15 Gauntlet system ( as per NATO code), causing the massacre of 176 people on board between passengers and crew.

UIA flight’s in Iran really shot down by Tehran’s missiles

But as US intelligence reports began to magnify suspicions in the international media, Iranian paramilitary forces remained in reflexive silence, leaving Ali Abedzadeh, head of Iran of the Civil Aviation Organization, the task of declaring that the shooting down with missiles was even “Scientifically impossible”.

Head of a Soviet-made TOR M1 missile that a US-based Iranian posted on Twitter claiming it was photographed near the area where the plane crashed

Only on Saturday morning, after delivering the black boxes to the Ukrainian investigators, the same commander of the IRGC Aerospace, General Hajizadeh, took responsibility for the “fire-friend” against the Ukrainian plane and said that the delay in the release of information on the human error that caused the accident was due to investigations to investigate the case.

We are sure: they wanted to examine the case to decide whether or not to reveal what they already knew had happened, given that the radar tracks with the flashing dots of the missiles against Boeing had also reported them a report by the CBS, which obviously remained unproven authenticity until official confirmation by the Iranian authorities.

How and Why Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Boeing

Many are the hypothesis of this plotting accident, very well explained in the post of Ian Greenhalgh, on Veterans Today. And in the South Front one in which surfaces the theory of an human sabotage perpetrated by a militar of IRGC Aerospace corrupted by US intelligence. 




In just two days the mythical Pasdaran, terrorists only for those who do not know the history of the US wars in the Middle East, have lost the trust of not many Western journalists, such as the writer, but above all they have seen strongly fade also the consensus of public opinion among European and American who had been indignant at the assassination of General Soleimani.

While legitimizing the justifications due to the tension caused by the ambush to the commander of the Quds Forces it is really incomprehensible that such a sequence of gross errors and harmful events occurred in just one week.

This is why I am now led to believe the rumor reported by some Iranians in Italy that the assassination of Soleimani was brought about by an international conspiracy between someone from Iran himself, the intelligence of the United States, those of Israel (as reported by VT and NYT) and Saudi Arabia, which of course can celebrate in the face of Tehran’s defensive-offense failures.

That is why the shadow of an internal betrayal extends not only on any internal political conspirators but also on the Pasdaran themselves who, by the will of the Islamic people and the Shiite Ayatollah, have always had the power to undertake the most complex, risky war operations and resolute without having to give too much account to anyone …



All this takes on even more importance considering the violent street protests that have erupted in Iran for months (such as in Iraq, Lebanon and Hong Kong and all signed by the expert Canvas provocateurs of the closed fist Otpor) which yesterday caused yet another inconvenience of the week committed by public security forces British Ambassador to Iran Rob Macaire was briefly detained outside Amirkabir University in Tehran for his alleged role of “inciting and directing” anti-government protesters, reports the Tasnim news agency.

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian religious leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups under CANVAS acts

It is really excessive to think of mere coincidences in a bad emergency management …

These very serious strategic errors, also caused by bad communication with too much emphasis before small reprisals and too many denials on the disaster of flight UIA 752, have in fact left the field free for the propaganda of the worst enemies of the Pasdaran.

Hackers against Trump & Pompeo dirty lies: about Iraq and Venezuela plots

President Trump tweeted in Farsi language a message of support to the rioters: from the US intelligence itself fueled and financed as probably the Iranian activist residing in America who first posted on Twitter the tip of a TOR missile on Twitter claiming that the rest of the missile that shot down Boeing (pics above).

And the terrorist fanatics of the Islamic State exulted too. The ISIS weekly Al Nabab has in fact described Soleimani’s death as a divine act in support of their cause according to BBC Monitoring. “ISIS welcomes Soleimani’s death in a drone attack in the United States, but is careful not to openly credit the United States for his death, but regards it as an act of God to support IS and Muslims broadly”.

6,000 ISIS jihadists freed: killings in Syria and Iraq, but Turkey arrests Christian priest for terrorism!

In addition to doing “mea culpa” for the 176 victims of Ukrainian Airlines, as well as identifying those responsible for the incredible human error, the Pasdaran would do well to look for whether there really isn’t someone among them who is plotting against Iran, to favor the USA and, indirectly, the clandestine mercenaries of the White House in the Middle East: the ISIS terrorists now even more motivated and dangerous.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization









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Fabio G.C. Carisio

2 pensieri su “Soleimani killed, Boeing shot down, ISIS exulted: traitors’ shadows inside Iran’s Pasdaran

  1. Quite correct. This Boeing affair was a Mossad False Flag operation. The speculation that there is a traitor inside the IRGC is a possibility. But the Iraqi forces were also waiting to pick up the general. And the likely hood of a ‘leak’ in Iraq is highly likely. I could well be in the higher ups of the Iraqi Govt., who knew about the purpose. Given these possibilities the American /Israeli technology apparatus is more than capable to spot the General’s plane. Their drone was primed and in the air, keeping low to avoid detection.They could have shot down the General’s plane and then provided some other excuse for the crash. But they had to make a show of their technology. And the prowess ( Israeli prowess ) of terrorizing targets on the ground. So the timing had to be exact. Whatever the actual happenings the intention was to get rid of these two Generals, who had destroyed American /Israeli plans for Iraq and Syria. They had defeated the ISIS. This act proves beyond doubt that ISIS is an Israeli / American / Saudi funded outfit. That Al Quida is also a creation by these same people. That America / Israel / KSA are rogue states, representing the filth of this planet.
    The cadet manning the radar near Tehran airport has been well trained to detect commercial radar signatures. He will not make a mistake when the flights pass him longitudinally. That is the side of the plane facing the radar incoming wave, hitting the plane at right angles. This the normal signature seen on the radar due to the takeoff pattern of all commercial planes. At the time there was an expectation that the Americans may launch a missile attack, since the IRGC forces had just decimated the American bases. The Iranians are on alert.The Israelis know all this. They have singled out the Ukrainian plane. They do have people working for them at the Tehran airport. The takeoff time is signalled. The radar is jammed. The radar operator cannot contact his base. The Ukranian plane is asked to make a turn in the direction of the radar ( not normally done at this point. It is done normally a little past the point that the radar is located. That is the plane turns left or right further up beyond the radar). Now the radar operator sees a radar profile which tells him it is a missile, because the plane is moving towards him, He contacts his base .But the communication is being jammed. He makes the ultimate decision. Fire !! Nice job by the Mossad. Subtle. They must have celebrated this one. The Boeing airliner was of recent manufacture. ALL Boeing airliners manufactured today have the possibility of being hijacked by the Israeli control units installed in them.Remember 911. All Boeing airplanes are malfunctioning because of these added control units in their planes. And all the planes have been grounded to find the fault ( so to say ). So it is highly likely that this Ukrainian flight was controlled to fly into the radar, by external control via satellite.
    Can Iran prove as a fact what I have just mentioned ? They have accepted the blame humbly. But they have not stopped probing.Even if the Ukrainian plane was not of recent manufacture, the Israelis are all over Ukraine these days and the airliner was easily wired up with their control box, like on 911, with their maintenance staff.The Mossad love such projects. The Rothschild darlings.
    The black box is in the hands of the French. Will they just tell us if they have come to know. Impossible !! Someone out there there knows the truth.. Satan does. The Israelis most certainly do. They are a virus, beyond all viruses. I suspect that the covid-19 of Bill Gates has been seeded in ALL countries of this world ( Including Israel itself ) by the Rothschild Mossad. I am sure of that.They have agents all over the globe. Well taken care of. A multilayered structure of control. Like the structure of the Internet. They have advanced methods of seeding the virus. They have the motive and they have the capability. Otherwise Bill Gates cannot be so CONFIDENT ! And keep raising his hands. They also have great partners in the Alien entities who have helped and will always help them. Do not treat the Mossad lightly. The Mossad is Satan’s prized tool.

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