Boeing crash real video: big riddle about cybernetic attack and black box secrets

Boeing crash real video: big riddle about cybernetic attack and black box secrets


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

A new video, recorded by a surveillance camera, released by an Iranian media and published by Sputnik International confirms that the Ukrainian plane shot down in Iran on 8 January was hit with two missiles fired at 23 seconds apart.

The cruise rockets would have been launched from an IRGC Aerospace military site approximately eight miles (12 km) from the plane.

But in the meantime the question concerning the black box of the crashed Boeing opens just as experts of military techniques and former CIA agents put forward the hypothesis that the plane was made a hostile target through a cybernetic attack carried out by a foreign country.

«Canada, France and the US have declined Iran’s request to help extracting data from the black box of the Ukrainian plane which suffered an unfortunate accident on Wednesday, Head of the Accident Investigation Board of the Civil Aviation Organization Hassan Rezayeefar announced on Monday».

According to the iranian media FarsNews, Rezayeefar said Iran has asked Canada, France and the US to bring their software and hardware equipment to Tehran to extract data of the black box of the Ukrainian plane that was downed in an air defense incident on the Southwestern outskirt of Tehran on Wednesday, but they have denied Iran’s request.

Boeing 737 flight UIA PS752 black-box

Boeing 737-800 fo PS752 Urkainian International Airlines falling down near Tehran in the first hours of the night on january 8 and died 176 persons: 82 iranians, 63 canadians, 11 ukrainians (all the crew) 10 swedish, then afghanistans, germans, british.

For many days different countries asked for obtaining the black-box to understand the reason of crash in the flight machine records. On Saturday, january, 12 Itanian authorities admitted that the plane was shooting down by an unintentionally launching of air defense missiles.

A terrible human mistakes! IRGc Aerospace commander explained that the operator in charge of manual control have had a few seconds for choosing how to do when saw in the radar the unidentified object.

He couldn’t contact the Boeing pilots and the ranking superior too for an unexpected interruption of communications. He decided, wrong, to shoot two missiles, may be sovietic-made Tor M1, that blew up beside the plane, as typical for a cruise rockets for doing more damage to the alleged hostile flying object that supposed was a jet foe or a missile.

Now Sputnik International spreads a footage taking fro an iranian media that show the double impact, but in tne meantime Canada, the nation that suffers the more important number of victims (after Iran) refused to help Iran to descover the black-boxes secrets. Why???

About this strange “fire-friend” from Iranian air defense system to the civilian flight surfaced many different hypothesis, more over the simple human mistake.

Soleimani killed, Boeing shot down, ISIS exulted: traitors’ shadows inside Iran’s Pasdaran

Someone suggests an human sabotage inside Pasdaran by an official corrupted from Us intelligence, others supected a cybernetic or electronic disturbing to the Boeing transponder for hijacking it and hiding his identity to the air defense radar. Or much more an attack with a jammer to the communications of IRGC Aerospace for causing the terrible mistake.

“The plane had technical difficulties immediately after take-off – this is the moment when the cyber attack occurred which affected both the navigation system and the transponder Identify Friend or Foe (IFF). The transponder IFF is turned off and the plane changed course, putting it on a direct route to the nearby IRGC base” wrote military expert Ian Greenhalgh on the Veterans Today site managed by former Marines Officer.

PS752 Downed by Cyber Attack

Pasdaran defense officer, in the middle of the darkness of two at night, would have found themselves in front of an unidentified object that from the speed could appear an enemy missile or jet. That’s why they fired. Also due to their communication with the plane and with the command superiors was mysteriously interrupted.

It is speculated that this may have been caused by a jammer, a frequency jammer such as that used by IRGC Aerospace to “blind” US gifts during the missile attack a few hours earlier at US bases in Iraq, in retaliation for the killing of the Quds Forxes commander, general Qassem Soleimani.

These conjectures, supported on VT also by the former CIA agent Robert David Steele, therefore make Canada’s refusal to help Iran discover the secrets of the black box very strange …

WORLD WAR III: Ukrainian flight PS752 Western False Flag

«Iran offered Ukraine, Sweden, Britain, Canada, and the US to send the black box to an impartial laboratory and France was the country all five countries agreed on» the official added.

Black box recordings of the Ukrainian airliner will be downloaded in France, head of the accident investigation board of Civil Aviation Organization of Iran announced on Saturday.

Iran’s revenge starts from Qom. Thanks to Fordow’s nuclear bunker plant

He added that although Iran made use of all its facilities to examine the content of the black box inside the country, the efforts yielded no good result. It will be sent to France so that its black box is downloaded there to avoid any damage to it.

As Rezayeefar said, Iran and France have an agreement to download planes’ black boxes. However, all those decisions have been taken before the Saturday statement of the General Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces about the plane crash, the official noted.


Therefore, it is necessary to understand if this decision to entrust the decoding of the black box to a foreign NATO country such as France is still in the interest of Tehran, which is beginning to suspect that there have been disturbing actions in air communications.

But the riddle remains: why Canada seems to be afraid to discover black-box secrets?

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio



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