Americans’ Carnage on CIA JET in Afghanistan. “10 victims”, Mujahideens’ former commander wrote

Americans’ Carnage on CIA JET in Afghanistan. “10 victims”, Mujahideens’ former commander wrote



di Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Slowly the truth is coming to light about the US Air Force’s Bombardier / Northrop Grumman E-11A crashed for reasons still mysterious in Afghanistan last January 27. According to the Senior Editor of the Veterans Today website, Gordon Duff, a former Marines and Us intelligence officer, the victims of that plane are not only the two officially communicated by the Pentagon and not even the 5-6 indicated by the first unofficial sources of the Taliban…

He knows that 10 Americans would have died in the crash of the spy plane believed to be a flying command of the Central Intelligence Agency in which the director of special operations in the Middle East, officer Michael d’Andrea, would have died, as reported in a world preview by VT and Gospa News.

The source is worthy of the maximum reliability not only for the role of Duff’s international military intelligence consultant but even more for the signature of the other Editor: Kadir Mohmand, a former commander of the Mujahideen, the first Resistance islamic fighters against the invasion of the Afghanistan of the former Soviet Union and supported by the USA (as the famous movie Rambo III well remembers), from which were born Talibans who, after civilian war, turned against the White House which has strongly influenced and tries to condition the policies of Kabul.

Just as in the story of the attack by the Pasdaran of Iran against the US bases in Iraq as revenge for the killing of General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force special department of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, the truth emerges with the dropper in the midst of lies of Washington.

Iran bombards two US bases in Iraq with hyper-technological missiles

In that case, American President Donald Trump first declared that there had been no injuries but only minor damage to the American air force base in Ansar al Asad in the attack on 8 January. Then the Pentagon confirmed 11 minor injuries but only recently it was discovered that 34 soldiers with serious brain damage were taken to Ramstein military hospital in Germany, home of the United States Air Force base in Rhineland-Palatinate, the command Central American Air Force in Europe and Africa.

The situation is similar for the plane crash in the Afghan province of Ghazni. First the Pentagon tried to deny that it was a military flight but when a video of the Taliban appeared, the first to intervene on the spot who claimed (but later denied) the killing, in which the star symbol appeared in the winged circle symbol of the ‘Us Air Force the Department of Defense admitted the loss of the aircraft.

CIA Middle East chief, Soleimani Killer and Bin Laden Hunter, dead on Jet in Afghanistan. Tasnim & Mirror told after VT & Gospa News

Only after 3 days did Petattere issue an official statement in which he communicated the identification of the only two deaths: that is pilot and co-pilot. The denial of other victims, the presence of CIA agents and the commander of Andrea, nicknamed Dark Prince, or Ayatollah Mike for his conversion to Islam, was left to anonymous officers who circulated it mainly in the British media (Daily Mail, BBC, The Sun) while all the media in the Middle East and the West reported at least questioningly these hypotheses of the death of Intelligence officers.

Some chilling images and the flight Bombardier / Northrop Grumman E-11A crashed or shot down in Afghanistan

The statement on the death of pilot and co-pilot only appeared immediately anomalous to all the experts of military strategies since a reconnaissance spy plane, equipped with very sophisticated equipment (recovered by the US troops together with the remains of the victims), needs a large crew. The analogue IL-20 of the Russian goodwill, especially by mistake in Syria on September 17, 2018, had a crew of 15 soldiers.

Afghanistan: Pentagon Confirmed Dead Airmen’s Identity. Pilot worked for Intelligence CIA

Gospa News, doing a search on the American pilot’s employment department, found that he was probably working for the CIA being on a mission on behalf of the most important Air Command Combact of the USA, Virginia, in charge of managing intelligence operations from the military base of Langley, the same city where the headquarters of the Central Inteligence Agency is based.

Now it turns out that the dead of the Bombardier / Northrop Grumman E-11A would be 10, according to what was written in Veterans Today by the former commander of the Afghan partisans. who today are called Taliban.

«Do remember, it was Russian military intelligence in Damascus that approached Veterans Today with details on CIA “showboater” Mike D’Andrea, saying he was onboard the plane and died in the crash.  Prior to that, D’Andrea was not known to most of us except Kadir – VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff has written – D’Andrea had tried to recruit Kadir, a former Mujahideen commander in Afghanistan and now American citizen, to return to that nation with the CIA.  Kadir refused».

Personally, I have one more reason to believe him: having refused, even in my own small way, a draft of the CIA itself, when I was a correspondent from Piedmont for a newspaper, which came to me from an external / collaborator who was authoritative and disturbing for his role: an Italian magistrate, for wich category is forbidden to work with secret services…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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Breaking: US Loses 10 in Jan.27 Crash in Afghanistan-Taliban Spokesman

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