CoVid: €4 thousand “Ransom” for Dear Expired’s Urn asked to Relative by Funeral Home

CoVid: €4 thousand “Ransom” for Dear Expired’s Urn asked to Relative by Funeral Home


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

No caress to the grandfather, the mother, the dying brother. No liturgical parting for those who believe in the Risen Jesus Christ, no burial chamber for those who don’t believe.

The body sealed in the coffin in a hurry to avoid contagions by the operators of the funeral honors. The coffin sent to the crematorium also with the help of army trucks in the province of Bergamo, where they were killed by the lethal CoVid-19 and hundreds of people continue to die per day. So, even today, we die in Italy for the new SARS-2, without even the consolation of a friendly face.

And for the purpose of this human affective and spiritual agony, when the “so much fatigue was turned” towards the “immense horrid abyss” feared by Giacomo Leopardi’s poem before it is “the soul returned / from the squalid valley / To the Divine who is silent” as invoked by the Resurrection of Alessandro Manzoni, here even the conquest of the “correspondence of loving senses” which for Ugo Foscolo “heavenly dowry is in humans” thanks to the Sepulchres, becomes a grim, unexpected, inhuman challenge even more than the unfortunately very human merciless look of death …

It’s the ransom! You read that right … The ransom to get back the funeral urn with the dusty remains of the dear extinct.

The story happened in Central Italy is so absurd and terrible as to induce us to tell it immediately, without any further details, so that those who have some power in Italy can be alerted for a timely intervention…

The unfortunate story was the subject of a press release from the national press office of FederConsumatori (Consumers Federation), which represents an organization for the protection of citizens-customers officially recognized by the Italian State. Therefore the news is worthy of the maximum reliability.

The same representatives of this institution illustrate the episode with bewilderment and disappointment by announcing the appropriate verifications of the case to ascertain that there have been no misunderstandings. But the issue in itself is so simple that it has induced them to report it to the media in the fear that this unfortunate episode is not the only one.

«We received a request for help from a family who lost a loved one due to the coronavirus in Milan. After hours and days full of pain and anxiety, the family members were contacted by the funeral home which asks for an amount of about 4,000 Euros to have the funeral urn and be able to proceed with the burial» reads the official statement sent by email from FederConsumatori national offices in Rome.

«It would seem, in fact, that they have been charged a daily rate (of around 200 Euros per day) for the days when the body was hosted at a facility in Emilia Romagna awaiting cremation. A far-fetched and shameful affair, which we hope is the result of an error, which in any case we will deepen to understand whose responsibilities are» adds the association of consumer defense.

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In the areas of Bergamo and the border with Piedmont, it appears that the costs asked of the families of the deceased are considerably lower, also for cremations that took place outside the province or outside the region, the statement states.

«We hope, therefore, that this is an isolated case. If this is not the case, we invite the families involved to report it to us, we will assist them with discretion and respect, to ensure that anger should not be added to the pain experienced» adds FederConsumatori.

Italian Heroes against ConoraVirus: Roberto medician martyr. Martina nurse in Hospital’s Trench

«Finally, we ask the Government, the local institutions of the areas where the mortality phenomenon is higher, as well as throughout the rest of the country, to carefully check that no similar acts occur in their territory, that not allow to no structure to ask for compensation for the parking of the corpses, which the Municipality of reference will have to take charge of» the citizens’ paladins in Rome have written with a bitter final observation…

«There are many cases of speculation and anomalies that, unfortunately, we have had to face during this pandemic. Until now, however, we had come across forms of looting that relied on fear, today we are faced with those who speculate on pain».

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CoronaVirus has already transformed the lives of Italians and inhabitants of the whole world. As in any war – and there are many clues and authoritative opinions to suggest this pandemic caused by a biological weapon – there are the martyrs heroes in the trenches, doctors and nurses above all, there are the cowards – the health workers who have reported false diseases to avoid risking infection –, and there are vultures ready to decline the unexpected and criticalities of the emergency in their pockets.

Worse than them there could be only the evil occult people who, with a diabolical fratricidal mentality, for fanatic ideological folly similar to that of ISIS suicide bombers, seem to have dared to premeditate and unleash it …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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