Scandal on Vaccines for Children: GSK (Pfizer Partner) Funded with $18thousand a Member of CDC who Approved the Jabs since 5yo

Scandal on Vaccines for Children: GSK (Pfizer Partner) Funded with $18thousand a Member of CDC who Approved the Jabs since 5yo

Professor Wilbur Chen financed
with other $ 419,000 by Baltimore plant
where the Johnson & Johnson serums was tainted

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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As it was easy to imagine, on Tuesday, November 2, the Pfizer anti-Covid vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11 received the indispensable approval of the advisory committee of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) after the authorization to ‘ Emergency Use obtained Friday by the Food and Drug Administration.

But this came in the midst of a storm of scandals that hit the CDC within days, as a member of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) was found to have received more than $ 400,000 of funding (for his scientific research) from some Big Pharma at the forefront of the vaccine supply chain.

Covid-19: Researcher blows the Whistle on Data Integrity issues in Pfizer’s Vaccine Trial

The controversy  run over also against Pfizer, because a former manager denounced the alleged falsification of the results in the Trials of experimentation of the gene serum based on messenger RNA, as reported by the British Medical Journal.

Without considering the controversy, which has become legal action, on RT-PCR swabs to detect SARS-Cov-2 amplified beyond all limits with the risk of producing a mass of false positive contagions as reported by doctors and vaccine victims pointing the finger also at the CDC KiT.


For those who, like Gospa News, have spent almost two years discovering all the conflicts of interest between politicians, international health authorities and multinational vaccines, the most relevant news is certainly that of doctor Wilbur H, Chen, Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland. in Baltimore and a member of the CDC’s ACIP committee called to give opinions on the use of vaccines after the FDA commercial review.


Dr. Chen is a professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and director of the Travel Medicine Practice in Baltimore. He has a specific research interest in developing vaccines against pathogens affecting low- and middle-income countries and is a co-investigator of the NIAID-funded Vaccine Treatment and Evaluation Unit and Vaccine Innovation Centers flu funded by the NIAID.

He can therefore be considered a researcher on the team of Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), blamed for being the funder of the dangerous experiments on recombinant SARS HIV-infected recombinant superviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Fauci is also considered by various doctors to be one of the main “sorcerer’s apprentices” on coronaviruses in the use of research with the enhancement of the viral load (Gain of Function) for “dual use” purposes: vaccine or bioweapon.

WUHAN-GATES – 40. Fauci & Sorceres Apprentices. Virus SARS Manmade in BioLab since 2000. Us-China Big Affair

This collaboration, for the young professor from Baltimore, can certainly represent a boast from a professional profile, but it becomes a bit suspicious when it turns out that in 2020 he had received funding from pharmaceutical multinationals connected to the vaccine supply chain for the significant amount. of 437,250 dollars and 70 cents.

This was revealed by an article published on The Defender website managed by the Children’s Health Defense association of the lawyer Robert F. Kennedy in which the author Toby Rogers has launched an appeal to ask for the resignation of Chen for conflict of interest, on the day before the meeting of the ACIP Committee of the CDC to discuss vaccines for children aged 5 and over.

WUHAN-GATES – 7. Bio-Weapons Dossier. Pentagon & Fauci 28 Us Labs’ Secrets. Dangerous Tests with CoronaVirus

The appeal obviously fell on deaf ears and the doctor was among the 15 members of the advisory committee who unanimously recommended the experimental gene serum based on messenger RNA also for children, despite the many adverse reactions, including serious and lethal ones, as myocarditis registered among the youngest by the American pharmacovigilance platform VAERS.

In his scoop Rogers clearly highlighted who are the two pharmaceutical companies from which Chen was financed in his scientific research, noting their implications with vaccines but omitting a detail of enormous importance, apparently little known in the United States of America.

Wilbur H Chen, a member of the CDC Committee, and the latest funding received from Pfizer’s partner GSK

One of the Big Pharmas is in fact the famous GlaxoSmithKline of London, managed by a CEO director of Microsoft of Bill Gates, based in the US in North Carolina who since 1 August 2019 has become a partner of Pfizer of New York in a joint-venture in Consumer Healthcare, thanks to the authorization of July 2019 by the AntiTrust of the European Union. GSK has become with 68% the majority shareholder of the new European commercial network between two giants of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Therefore Chen found himself in the embarrassing situation of having to judge several times (and also in the last case for 5-year-olds) the suitability of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine after receiving 3 different payments for a total of $ 18,822 (and 70 cents) by the London multinational GSK partner of the Comirnaty producer.

All of this was reported by Open Payments, an American national transparency program that collects and publishes information on the financial relationships between the health sector (e.g. pharmaceutical and device companies) and suppliers (e.g. doctors and university hospitals).

These sums were received by the researcher of Fauci’s team in three installments of payments on the same day: November 18, 2020. About a month later, December 23, the Baltimore university professor was awarded the prestigious appointment within of the ACIP National Committee of the CDC where he will remain in office until June 30, 2024.


The detail on this very close collaboration between GSK and Pfizer adds fuel to the fire of conflicts of interest ignited by Professor Toby Rogers in his article. Also for a significant detail highlighted by the graph published by The Defender: before the imminent appointment in the ACIP of the CDC in 2020, Dr. Chen had almost never received funding from pharmaceutical multinationals! But it is obviously one of the many coincidences that occur when the pandemic, Fauci and vaccines are involved…

«Chen defines “misinformation” as anything that contradicts the Pharma narrative. Chen is adamant that nothing be allowed to pierce his protective Pharma information bubble. I’m reminded of the phrase, “Methinks thou doth protest too much.” What Chen is actually mad about is that he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar» wrote Toby Rogers before highlighting in detail the alleged conflicts of interest..

«A search of the government website Open Payments reveals Chen accepted $437,250.70 from Emergent BioSolutions and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in 2020» explained.

The list of payments received from Professor Wilbur Chen

«GSK is one of the four largest vaccine makers in the world. GSK makes the incredibly toxic Hep B vaccine (Engerix-B), the troubled HPV vaccine (Cervarix), a meningococcal vaccine that is loaded with aluminum (Bexsero) and various flu vaccines among others. GSK is also working on a COVID-19 vaccine that is now in Phase 3 clinical trials. All of GSK’s products must go before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), that Chen sits on, in order to be approved» highlighted The Defender’s reporter without, however, mentioning the glaring issue of GSK-Pfizer business relations.

J&J Vaccines Tainted by AstraZeneca Virus in Baltimore’s Plant (Trump Funded) Sent in EU and Canada? Big Pharma’s War-Games!

«Emergent BioSolutions is a contract manufacturer that makes vaccines for others including the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID-19 vaccine that has been linked to blood clots and a bleeding disorder. Emergent BioSolutions has an abysmal safety record. Even though federal regulators are generally like Mr. Magoo when it comes to spotting safety problems, the issues at Emergent’s plant in Baltimore were so egregious that earlier this year the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shut down the plant and ordered J&J to take it over and run it themselves» added.

In fact, the article mentions the scandal about those batches that were contaminated with residues of the AstraZeneca vaccine and did not obtain FDA approval, as also reported by Gospa News.

Italian Girl Killed by Vaccine! Coroner Claimed Adverse Effect by AstraZeneca

«The FDA also ordered 75 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines manufactured at that plant be destroyed because of contamination. All of the vaccines manufactured at the Emergent BioSolutions plant must first be approved by the ACIP where Chen is a member. This is completely unacceptable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 27,550 pediatricians employed in the U.S. There is absolutely no reason for the ACIP to utilize a person with such extensive financial conflicts of interest».

«The CDC) must be above reproach in order to have any credibility with the general public. Sadly the CDC appears to do whatever it can get away with — a classic example of the fox guarding the henhouse» concluded Rogers (read more…)

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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