Huge Mystery: After Secret Meeting with Cops Two Anti-VAX Scientists Died! Hit by SARS-Cov-2 BioWeapon

Huge Mystery: After Secret Meeting with Cops Two Anti-VAX Scientists Died! Hit by SARS-Cov-2 BioWeapon


On the cover image the biologist Franco Trinca (left) and the pharmacologist Domenico Biscardi (right)

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


«Eternal rest, give them Lord. May the Perpetual Light shine to them may they rest in Peace ». As a Christian it is my duty to begin this explosive article with the prayer of “requiem” because I try once again to invade the memory of two late combatants.

But I do it with the certainty that neither Franco nor Mimmo are really resting in Peace. From their graves, in fact, the biologist Trinca and the pharmacologist Biscardi implore justice for two deaths that with each reportage gradually become more and more shrouded in disturbing mysteries and terrifying suspicions.

What was written in the previous articles of Gospa News on their death not only takes shape and details but finds a double confirmation against the television controversy against their tenacious militancy among the Italian ranks of anti-VAX or rather NO Guinea Pigs.

WUHAN-GATES – 48. Moderna Vaccine Patented 9 Months Before Pandemic. Thanks to the Fauci-Baric’ Manmade SARS Viruses

I am referring to those who – like me – they are not generically opposed to vaccines for extremist ideology but to those who are opposed to anti-Covid gene sera, still damned experimental in Italy and EU, built in the laboratory with mysterious and dangerous biotechnologies in the same way as the SARS-Cov-2 “bio-weapon”.

The artificial origin of the Covid-19 pathogen has now been unveiled by multiple scientific researches, by intelligence reports and by disconcerting coincidences between genomic sequences mamipulated by Big Pharma and those of the virus: little, medium or highly lethal depending on the genotype and early and effective home care, for which, albeit in a different way, the two victims of one encounter too many fought.

WUHAN-GATES – 46. “SARS-COV-2 Designed Bioweapon. Toxic structure May be Replicated in Vaccines”. US Army Ret. Colonel said

Thanks to their friends we have recovered fundamental material for the reconstruction of a secret lunch with a double suspected crime. Having made these necessary premises, let’s see every detail of the disturbing circumstantial evidence collected so far.


An Emilian doctor friend of the Umbrian biologist Franco Trinca, who passed away at the age of 70, gave us an unequivocal screenshot that takes on an explosive value when associated with an audio broadcast on Telegram by the pharmacologist Domenico Biscardi, who died at 53 and previously became famous more as a blogger and as a controversial medicine man.

The reason is simple: unlike Franco, who can flaunt a bright and immaculate professional curriculum, Mimmo never enrolled in one of those professional orders that the pandemic emergency has clearly shown to be mere institutional cages aimed at compressing sacrosanct freedom. deontological vocation to operate according to “science and conscience”.

I am referring, for example, to that of doctors persecuted even in court for exemptions from anti-Covid vaccines as well as to that of journalists of whom – for an old affection – I still belong with a lot of shame …

Italian Biologist NO VAX Killed by a Very Lethal and Suspect Covid. After Contacts with Prosecutors on Therapies Ignored by Govt


Let’s get to the point. “Serious mourning in the world of medical and scientific research, Dr. Domenico Biscardi, it seems that he was found dead in the house. Just a few days ago he made a short video where he said he had definitive proof that nanodevices of unknown technology were contained in the dried anti-Covid vaccine and he said he was ready to go to the European Commission to file a formal complaint to that effect “.

This is the message that Trinca sends to a friend who prefers to remain anonymous on January 18, 2022. Mimmo has already been mourned on the social networks of which he had become a great influencer in the anti-VAX social battle. But Franco doesn’t know.

VACCINES & GRAPHENE – 1. Dangerous & Mysterious Nanoparticles inside mRNA Serum. “Toxicology NOT Thoroughly Investigated” Pfizer Wrote

At that  moment he was hospitalized in the hospital of Città di Castelo (Perugia) under an oxygenation helmet for “a bad Covid” as he wrote to me in a WhatsApp message on January 14 making tremble my wrists and veins. Nobody wanted to aggravate his burden of suffering by immediately communicating the terrible news about the Campania pharmacologist.

But as our msg exchanges confirm when he is already in a Covid-19 ward bed, he is still lively, so much so that he has chats with magistrates and law enforcement agencies, as endorsed by our digital correspondence, precisely on the delicate issue of the alleged presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in the Comirnaty gene serum based on messenger RNA, produced by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer with the German Biontech: both, directly or indirectly through partnership with the London-based GSK, in Bill Gates’ Triad of vaccines.

LA TRIADE DEI VACCINI. Intrighi Miliardari tra GSK, PFIZER, NOVAVAX con Lobby Sioniste, Gates, Biden & BoJo


“Yes Franco. He died a couple of days ago what do you think?” the doctor friend replies to Franco, telling a little lie so as not to admit that he had kept the news from him. “You knew him,” he exclaims.

“Well, he loved life. I met him in the meeting with the FO (read Police Forces – ed) where I got Covid». Here is the peremptory answer that confirms the previous Gospa News scoop on the summit held on December 29, 2021 in a house near Siena.

What I reported in recent weeks to the colleague Sara Scorpati in an interview then broadcast on Italian network RETE 4 during the “Right & Reverse” program ceases to be an indiscretion received from multiple sources. Become certainty!


Franco and Mimmo met to talk about graphene together with law enforcement officers, indiscretions of indirect witnesses tell us about policemen, interested in participating to find out which strategies to take to avoid the obligation of vaccination for themselves and for colleagues: or the requests for medical prescriptions that have become the workhorse of various associations and trade unions but above all the scientific arguments in support of vaccine exemptions.

CROCIATA ANTI NO-VAX SULLA MORTE DI TRINCA. Esenzione da Vaccino nel Mirino del PM scelto da Renzi Sponsor di GSK (partner di Pfizer)

In fact, Dr. Trinca had drawn up a vademecum on the criticalities of vaccines on which he had based his own request for exemption, which was then certified, according to science and conscience, by a doctor from Perugia who was even under investigation for manslaughter: although Franco, a staunch opponent of anti-Covid sera due to the gaps in information and the lack of safety and efficacy, even if he had not obtained the exemption he would not have been available to get vaccinated.


The meeting explicitly confirmed by the message from the Umbrian biologist was held on Wednesday 29 December in the villa of a private individual on the Sienese Hills. There is little information on that mysterious summit between two of the anti-VAX leaders among the most followed in Italy in 2021 because after their deaths, which took place within a few weeks of each other, those present are entrenching themselves behind an understandable and anguished confidentiality.The second screenshot of the friend’s dialogue with Franco Trinca

The two Trinca’s screenshots

According to rumors leaked by the stories of indirect sources who have collected the confidential testimonies of some present there would have been a lunch “with good wine”, this is the only certain detail as confirmed by another WhatsApp screenshot by Franco. However, the meeting was reserved for a few guests: about fifteen according to some, ten according to others.

Among them were also members of the police, at least three policemen with medium-high qualification badges. Someone also reports a daring episode about the appearance of a low-flying helicopter that would have attracted some of the participants to the courtyard.

SARS-Cov-2 ARMA BATTERIOLOGICA: Il Direttore di GOSPA NEWS Intervistato da RETE 4

On the other hand, the epidemic of illnesses that occurred among some of those present in the days immediately following the lunch in which Trinca confirms that he had taken Covid-19 which would later have been fatal despite timely home care and intense therapies is very suspicious and confirmed by several voices. hospital.

In fact, it should be remembered that in addition to his usual natural and non-natural supplements (quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3), as a biologist perfectly aware of the danger of the disease triggered by SARS-Cov-2, he took aspirin, cortisone and antibiotics at home since the 4th January: when the Covid-19 to which he had tested positive became severely symptomatic so as to induce hospitalization on 9 January.

In the hospital he made himself available for all therapies refusing only to be intubated but remaining under the oxygenation helmet for the whole agony. Therefore, the offensive insinuations of charlatans journalists, unworthy of this professional definition, about his refusal of scientific and pharmacological treatments are devoid of any foundation.

IGNORED THERAPY: “Anti-SARS Drug Financed by EU but Not Used in Covid Pandemic“. Hard Complaint by Italian Biologist and Lawyer

On the other hand, Trinca was known for having denounced the alleged state massacres for effective therapies ignored by the Italian health authorities and therefore knew them in every nuance.

Just as Biscardi also had them in mind, who confirmed the “outbreak” of illnesses following the evening in an audio broadcast in early January on his Telegram channel to justify the need to postpone a live video on social media with other friends of the antiVAX battle .

That audio did not arouse excessive curiosity before Mimmo’s death on Wednesday 12 January following an illness in her home in San Nicola La Strada, in the province of Caserta. But even later it was not considered of great importance due to the director of 118 of Caserta, as we reported in the previous article, attributed the death to a heart attack and excluded the “correlation between death and contagion” from Covid-19 to which the pharmacologist-blogger was found positive with a post mortem swab.

In light of the confirmation of the meeting between Biscardi and Trinca, in which the latter claims to have been infected by SARS-Cov-2, the audio recording that we propose in a video link instead takes on a completely different meaning that triggers an inevitable number of questions.

Mimmo also took Covid at the sending of January but did not want to let it be known so as not to undermine his credibility as a No Vax fighter? Is it possible that the heart attack was triggered by some thrombotic reaction typical of the deadly Spike protein that could have been fatal in an overweight person like the influencer from Campania? Why, at least as far as we know, wouldn’t an autopsy be done?

The necropsy report, on the other hand, was placed on the body of the biologist Franco by the Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia although there are no substantial medical doubts on the correlation between Covid-19 and the consequent bilateral pneumonia which is one of the most classic complications of the infectious disease.

The outcome is not yet known but it is assumed that it will bring very little news since it was arranged on February 8, on the day of the funeral and before the cremation of the remains, or 4 days after the death on Friday 4 February.


While in the case of the death of the biologist Trinca, the Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia seems oriented to verify that there have been no therapeutic errors in the clinical hospital management of the case but above all the possible criminal relevance of a very unlikely causal link between the disappearance and the exemption from vaccine, in a clear anti NO VAX crusade, in that of the pharmacologist Biscardi a formal investigation was launched after an “excellent” complaint.

“I am shocked by the death of Doctor Biscardi, all those who oppose these drugs and who speak with a minimum of knowledge of the facts then … he was ready to make a complaint to the European Court, now very young they find him dead at home. Does anyone still believe these coincidences? I frankly don’t. ”

Bianca Laura Granato, senator of the Mixed group elected to Palazzo Madama with the 5 Star Movement, told the newspapers that in the hours following Mimmo’s disappearance she published a video on social networks with alarming statements talking about “anomalous death” on which it was necessary “to clarify “.

Senator Bianca Laura Granato and her complaint to the Carabinieri

On January 14 around 13.30, as Fanpage reported, the former pentastellata went to the Carabinieri station in Piazza Farnese in Rome, a few steps from the Senate, to present a complaint-lawsuit. To the soldiers of the Arma who collected the complaint she gave two sheets of plain paper typed, front only, and a 16 GB USB key, with the attachments, reserving also the constitution of a civil party for the recognition of the damage.

“I ask for the punishment of the guilty ones – reads the document that Granato then published on her Facebook page – considering what I have stated in the attached complaint complaint, for all those crimes recognizable by the judicial authorities, requesting as of now to be informed in case of dismissal of the criminal proceedings “.

Trinca’s message and Biscardi’s audio represent circumstantial evidence of considerable gravity useful to endorse the suspicion of a double crime committed with an ingenious as well as invisible instrument.

WUHAN-GATES – 9. THE PROOFS: HIV inserted in SARS chimeric virus in 2007. Thanks to Australian & EU Commission Funds

I am referring to a highly enhanced SARS-Cov-2 genotype as a bacteriological weapon, just as occurred in the 2003 SARS virus experiments conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2004 thanks to funding from the European Commission chaired by Romano Prodi, future premier PD, and in the Chapel Hill laboratory of the University of North Carolina thanks to the contributions of the government agency USAID disbursed during the American administration of former President Barack Obama, who at the same time was harboring an obsession with the use of graphene to improve (manipulate ?) human neurocerebral functions, as experienced by the Pentagon’s military agency DARPA: the Washington Department of Defense.

I’m talking about that graphene, allotrope of carbon, that Trinca and Biscardi suspected was present in Pfizer’s anti-Covid vaccines, promoted primarily by the current US president Joseph Biden, former deputy of Obama during those very dangerous coronavirus experiments.

I have no detailed evidence on who (Italian or foreign secret services?) And how could have caused the death of the two leaders of the antiVAX community.

WUHAN-GATES – 26. SARS-2 Bio-Weapon & Gold Vaccines. From CIA-WHO Tests funded by Gates to EU Summit with Pfizer, Biden’s sponsor, before Pandemic!

Instead, I am certain, like virologist Luc Montagnier and bio-engineer and former NATO lecturer Pierre Bricage, that SARS-Cov-2 was created in the laboratory for a China-US affair in an international intrigue between 007, military and Big Pharma Pentagon contractor.

Among the most suspected secret services there is certainly the Central Intelligence Agency, which in the period of tests on superviruses had as deputy director a bacteriological weapons expert and pandemic prophetess like Bill Gates, then appointed by Biden to lead the whole US intelligence community.

WUHAN.GATES – 41. “SARS-2 IS A BIO-WEAPON”. Complaint to the Hague Court with Montagnier Expertise. US Intelligence “split” between Natural or Laboratory Virus

Exactly the ODNI director, the lawyer Avril Haines who still has not managed to agree on the 17 American agencies of 007 on the theory of the natural virus because some continue to support the thesis of the artificial pathogen, by a curious coincidence back in 2017 had been on vacation right on Colli Senesi. In the same hills where the fateful meeting for Franco and Mimmo took place last December.

Will there still be at least one magistrate in Italy interested in shedding light on these shady coincidences? Or a “repentant” ready to tell us something even under the protection of anonymity? I hope so…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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