CIA puppets expel Russian diplomats from Italy. Petition of Thousands of Italians against Weapons to Ukraine

CIA puppets expel Russian diplomats from Italy. Petition of Thousands of Italians against Weapons to Ukraine


On the cover image Italian Foreign Minister Di Maio (above) , Italian Republic President Mattarella (below) and the symbol of propaganda against weapons to Ukraine

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


«Dear Mr. Ambassador Sergey Razov, as Italian citizens we feel obliged to take pen and paper and strongly reaffirm our positions, which are today more than ever firmly against the policy of Mario Draghi’s government. The decision without appeal taken by the Italian Prime Minister (never elected) to send weapons to Ukraine, the ignoble spectacle staged in Parliament where, in the delicate situation in which we find ourselves, we witness the one-way show of a leader government came to dictate the law in our house, as if the classrooms that host our institutions were a theater occupied by puppets, the policies of these months and deny the civil, religious and political liberties of millions of people imposed from above for supporting the plans of certain elites do not correspond in any way and in no case to our way of thinking about politics and to the will of us citizens. As Italian citizens we therefore strongly dissociate ourselves from the current government and here is why».

While Luigi Di Maio, the worst Italian Foreign Minister, second in functional ignorance and arrogance only to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, expels 30 Russian diplomats, pushing Italy further and further into the infernal circle of no return of gratuitous hostility against the Kremlin, already 5,954 Italians in few days (at the latest update of this article) have signed a disruptive petition, against the Draghi government and its actions, above we have reported the initial sentences, addressed to Razov, the Russian ambassador to Italy.

The Russian ambassador to Italy Sergey Razov

The appeal launched by Morning Glory last April 1st is hosted by the CitizenGO platform: an international community of active citizens who collaborate online campaigns and other activities to defend their common values: Life, Family, Fundamental Freedoms.

CitizenGo however noted that the “petition was created by a citizen or an association not affiliated with CitizenGO” and therefore “is therefore not responsible for its contents”. The author, flaunting a strong Christian orientation, shows a much more cautious attitude in expressing judgments of condemnation to Russia than the allusions, never explicit, arrived from the Vatican against an “aggression” judged by the Pope as a “sacrilegious war”.

Archbishop Viganò: “War in Ukraine to Establish the Tyranny of the New World Order by Globalists”

The petition embodies the spirit of these many Italian and non-Italian Catholics who well understand the denunciations made by the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Moscow Kirill and by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus of the Holy See in the USA, in relation to the provocations of NATO. and the pro-Nazi regime in Kiev at the origin of the military operation launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin to protect the pro-Russian Donbass by interrupting a massacre that has lasted for 8 years and has caused 14 thousand deaths, including 500 children.

MATTARELLA AMBASCIATORE NWO: ANNUNCIA CRISI GAS E VENTI DI GUERRA. Biden & NATO già in Azione in Ucraina e Siria contro la Russia

The appeal is important for another reason: it not only condemns the terrible logic of the use of arms but lays bare an absolutely suicidal policy of the Italian government and unilaterally directed by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella who, on 3 February , he took on the role of ambassador of the New World Order to launch a subliminal declaration of war on Russia.

This is why Gospa News, a Christian journalistic information portal that relies on the protection of Our Lady of Medjugorie, has decided to report the petition in its entirety, sharing every single sentence … (link for signature at the bottom of the article)


“Where the Mafia commands, the places of power are given to idiots” stated the Italian judge Giovanni Falcone, whom Mattarella knew well having narrowly avoided the conviction during a Sicilian Trial. The magistrate, in the meantime, was killed, like his colleague Paolo Borsellino, precisely because they were investigating the relationships between business, mafia, politics and occult powers (Freemasonry, as repeatedly denounced by Fiammetta Borsellino, who was orphaned of her father at a young age).

ITALY JUSTICE-LEAKS – 2. Expulsion’s Risk for 10 Magistrates in Obama-Gate European Dem’s Ring with Vaccines’ Affair

Di Maio, even if perhaps he is not, perfectly wears the clothes of the idiot. It is not dangerous because as an important professional experience he can only boast of having been a soft drink seller at the San Paolo Stadium in Naples during football matches before entering politics in the 5 Star Movement, born by Beppe Grillo on the famous meeting on the yacht Britannia before the speculation of George Soros on the “lira” (old Italian currency) and the bankruptcy exchange rate with the euro set by the former official of the Ministry of Finance Mario Draghi (later promoted to president of the European Central Bank, manager Goldman Sachs and finally premier).

WEAPONS LOBBY – 4. UK and Italy in the hands of Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood: Rothschild partner and Jihadists’ funder

Di Maio is dangerous as he represents the puppet of horror films licensed to kill every international diplomatic relationship of Italy in order to make it more and more a slave to Brussels (EU and NATO), Washington (White House) and especially Langley: the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency, US counter-espionage, with whom Giorgio Napolitano, president emeritus of the Republic, had contact during the kidnapping and subsequent execution of the Christian Democrat statesman Aldo Moro, and with whom his “heir” Mattarella had a relationship when he was delegated to the Secret Services as Vice President of the D’Alema Government and then became Minister of Defense (1998-2001).

As amply illustrated in previous articles, in fact he inherited the trust that his father Bernardo, much talked about for his recommendation to a Palermo businessman of Cosa Nostra like Vito Ciancimino (Mayor of Palermo arrested by Falcone on June 5, 1990), aroused in intelligence American OSS (old name of the CIA) in 1943, after the landing of the Allies in Sicily favored by the relations between 007 and Lucky Luciano, the mafioso of the two worlds freed from American justice for services rendered to his homeland and sent back to Italy.

Ukraine War: Zelensky Deploys ISIS to Defend Nazi Regime

Precisely for this reason Di Maio remained puppet of the Quirinale from the Conte Bis government (Democratic Party – 5 Star Movement) up to the current one of Draghi. In the Lobby Armi 4 investigation we clearly highlighted when the Foreign Minister wandered around the Mediterranean to resolve the Libyan crisis while Mattarella went to the Emir of Qatar.

The Head of State in fact privileged an urgent dialogue with the primary strategic reference of NATO in the Persian Gulf considered to be a hidden financier of the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey and the military operations in the Middle East carried out by Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan with the use of mercenary jihadists also recruited from Al Qaeda and ISIS prisoners, with the approval of the Atlantic Alliance. Just as the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has now done.

In Gates’ Hands even Italian Military Artificial Intelligence. Leonardo-Microsoft Deal and Dems intrigues through 007 and Pandemic

It should not be forgotten that Mattarella was also the shady director in the nomination of the new leaders in the national war industry Leonardo who has already signed a partnership on Artificial Intelligence in military technologies with Bill Gates’ multinational Microsoft, in a complete synergy between vaccination campaign and plans. of war. An agreement similar to that entered into by the Pentagon, US Department of Defense, also with Google and Amazon.

But we should also remember Di Maio’s ties with the Link University of Rome, overwhelmed by scandals and considered a recruitment center of the CIA, as highlighted in a previous investigation by Gospa News.

NWO’s Plot vs Italy (X-file 2). New IT Minister among Bilderberg, McKinsey, Gates & CIA for Artificial Intelligence in Vaccines too

The intrigues are such and many as to arouse concern and bewilderment were it not that, in the highest buildings, it is considered normal practice to collaborate with American intelligence agencies, especially after the management, thanks to funding from Gates, have been renewed by McKinsey, of which the current Minister of Digital Innovation Vittorio Colao was manager in Italy, already partner of the global vaccination plan of the Gavi Alliance of which Jens Stoltenberg was director, current NATO secretary. The plot between the laboratory-created SARS-Cov-2 pandemic and the war in Ukraine now has a myriad of shameful interconnections …

Link University, CIA’s Agents Factory in Rome amidst Scandals: ObamaGate and Easy Degrees for Cops


Suffice it to recall also that Di Maio himself, due to an apparent bureaucratic oversight of his Dicastery, contributed to delaying an international investigation into the activation of the pandemic plan in Italy by failing to ask the WHO for the waiver of immunity for officials suspected of serious mistakes.


Without this background, Di Maio’s absurd diplomatic gesture risks being misunderstood with the sunstroke of a inexperienced international politician. «The Italian government has decided to expel 30 Russian diplomats serving at the embassy as non-grateful people. This measure, taken together with other European and Atlantic partners, became necessary for reasons related to our national security and in the context of the current crisis situation resulting from the unjustified aggression against Ukraine by the Russian Federation» declared the Foreign Minister. prompting the obvious reaction from Moscow.

STOLTENBERG: NATO’s Puppet for Gates-NWO in Pandemic as in Ukrainian War. Gavi Vaccines & Norges Bank Weapons Affairs on Yemen’s Bombs

‘«Italy is willing to act as a guarantor of security and peace in Ukraine and we will do everything it takes to carry out this work» said the head of the Foreign Ministry, explaining that «being among the guaranteeing countries means being part of a diplomatic path that leads to the goal of a peace agreement that looks at all the disputed aspects at the moment, starting from the will of the Ukrainian people and institutions».

But, as even an elementary logic would lead to infer if they have good faith, according to the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, it is a “short-sighted decision” that will not go unanswered. “To limit the possibilities of diplomatic communication” in an “unprecedented” situation is a “short-sighted decision”, he explained, quoted by the Inferfax agency. According to the spokesman, the expulsions “in the first place, will further complicate our communications, which are necessary for the search for an agreement, and secondly, they will inevitably lead to reciprocal measures”.

British Presidency “Censored” Russia on Bucha Issue: Refused UN Security Council Meeting

It is an act that is not only contradictory but absurd exactly like the refusal to Russia by the British Presidency to convene a special meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday on the story of the alleged Bucha massacre, attributed to the Russian army by the mainstream media. atlantist.

Russia will give “an adequate response to the expulsion of diplomats from Italy, announced the spokesperson for the Moscow Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, quoted by the Tass news agency.


This diplomatic outrage, endorsed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, effectively eliminates the good relations between the latter and President Putin. This is the appetizer of the new sanctions package that the European Commission will approved in retaliation for the Bucha issue before having even officially heard the Kremlin version. It foresees other suicidal moves for Europe itself: stop coal imports, closure of European ports to Russian ships, blocked trucks, ban on transactions for four new banks.

But the Italians, both on social networks and in counter-information media positions, are increasingly distancing themselves as evidenced by the petition hosted by CitizenGo and already signed by thousands of people.

“US Military-Industrial Complex Wants War in Ukraine” Gabbard told. As the Nightmare of CEPA’s Plan

«We dissociate ourselves from the decisions of a government which, by trampling on the Constitution, allows itself to offend above all the prestige of our country and our institutions. We strongly dissociate ourselves by recognizing that Italy, as expressed in Article 11 of our Constitution, is a country that “repudiates war” and that should work for Peace. We strongly dissociate ourselves from the words of a government incapable of balance and diplomacy, at a time when there is certainly much more need to listen than to speak. We strongly dissociate ourselves from a mass media system subservient to government decisions that has embraced the one-way narrative, unable to work with professionalism and impartiality, in search of the Truth».

ZUCKERBERG AS HITLER: Legitimised Etnic Hate against Russians on FB. So Even 8 Years of NeoNazis’ Massacres in Donbass

The text already signed can be read from various exhibits from the cultural and scientific world such as journalists, historians, entrepreneurs and doctors.

«We strongly dissociate ourselves from a government that does not help its people, that starves them, that is unable to protect the interests and health of its citizens and that indeed prevents them, especially younger ones, to live in freedom, to grow healthily, to cultivate a future. All in the name of economic interests and unconstitutional decisions that are clearly and totally in contrast with the most elementary human rights and the natural freedoms of everyone. We strongly dissociate ourselves from the decisions of a government capable of legislating always and only in favor of policies of death that do not protect Christian life and values ​​but only the interests of elites and multinationals» adds the petition.


«We strongly dissociate ourselves from a government that operates in the name and on behalf of third parties that carry out projects such as the fourth industrial revolution and the Great Reset, which are in total contrast with Christian values ​​and which will inevitably lead to dangerous and harmful upheavals for the future of our children and our country. We strongly dissociate ourselves from a political class subservient to the interests of a few and devoid of ethics and moral sense. We strongly dissociate ourselves from a government and from those institutions that punish those who want to exercise critical thinking in Italy and legitimately express their dissent. We strongly dissociate ourselves from this European Union, unable to represent and defend its citizens, but capable only of supporting the destructive and suicidal plans of the elites».

UKRAINE BIOLABS – 4. INTERVIEW ON NWO BIOWEAPONS. Jeff Brown China Rising & Fabio Carisio Gospa News

«Our country has always been welcoming and grateful towards Russia. The people of Messina remember it, after the earthquake of 1908, which was able to be rescued by the “Russian angels” of the Tsar’s Navy, the entire Italian people remember it when, immediately after the outbreak of Covid, Russia provided us with aid and assistance. Our country is aware and grateful of the love of the Russian people for the Italian people and for their homeland. Just as, at the same time, he is aware of the suffering of the Ukrainian people, victims like the Italians of the maneuvers of the Deep State», remarked in the Morning Glory petition.

NATO’s COUP IN UKRAINE: THE GENESIS – 2. Obama, Soros, MI6 & Kyiv Security Forum

«Our culture is indebted to Russian culture, whose traces and grandeur echo in Italian theaters and universities, in books, art and history. Our culture and our feeling and perceiving life and society are dissociated from the ideologies of the dying West, unable to defend healthy and educational values ​​and only capable of chasing destructive capitalism and the disvalues ​​it brings with it: from gender to LGBT policies up to humanism and transhumanism passing through an unbridled materialism that erase our deep Christian origins, our ethics and the roots of our civilization», we read again.

Catho-Dem Biden: Transgenders’ Lover in Masonic Cult. Us President wants Them in Govt, Army and Female’s Sports

«We dissociate ourselves from those who want our people and that of Europe and of the world enslaved and without critical thinking, from those who want us to be consumers without history, without tradition and without culture. From those who try to annihilate us in the body and even in the soul by trying to erase what our parents, our grandparents were. What we were».


The final part is addressed directly to Russia and its president: «We express solidarity and closeness to your people and your government for the racism suffered in these days, for the violence that our ears have had to hear towards you. We express support for your families in Italy and Russia. We express our support to you, a brother people, the catechon of the latter, apocalyptic, times» continues the appeal hosted by the CitizenGo platform.

«We ask your government to resist, with the help of Our Lady and Christ, the assaults of evil. We ask your people not to give in to the blackmail of the enemy who wants us against each other. We ask your President to resist in the name of truth. A President who has shown that he wants to oppose the tyranny of the Great Reset, which over the years has led Russia to be a sovereign power, strong, solid, faithful to its traditions. A world power. We ask him to always work in the name of Peace and in communion with Christ for the triumph of Good over Evil».

“Gas to Europe with Payment in Rubles only”. Putin’s Checkmate to the NWO: Either gives way or the Third World War begins

In addition to the explosive online initiative, the more sober one of the Abele Group of don Luigi Ciotti should be mentioned, which still seems to outline a more prudent approach to the Ukrainian question than that of Pope Francis, an energetic censor, no ifs and buts, of the “Russian aggression ”

«A temporary symbolic silence of our communication channels, against the sterile” wars of words “that accompany the din of weapons. An hour of real silence, together in a public place, to make room for questions of meaning that can show us the way to true and lasting peace “wrote Il Gruppo Abele.

«Inside the silence they will resound: the denunciation of political inertia and economic interests that cause wars to mature and then break out; gratitude to the many who are concretely committed to helping and welcoming the victims of every war. Because their gestures are worth more than many words» explained the community of Don Luigi Ciotti inviting people to a published demonstration organized for Saturday 9 April at 11 in Turin but with a particular instruction.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 5. NWO’s Warfare Plan against Russia and Counter-Information. CEPA Project from Washington with NATO-EU & Defense Corporations

«We invite everyone to participate without logos or flags, with a white garment on» is the explicit request which bans the divisive yellow-blue colors of Ukraine that have become an allegory of a stadium fanaticism fomented by the European Commission and NATO in the hope of triggering the conflict throughout the Old Continent according to the CEPA plan, developed by a Washington think tank financed by the Weapons Lobby: which always and in any case earns … Whatever the impact or winner of a war.


Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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