Israelis Harvest Human Organs from Massacred Palestinians! Under the ICC Prosecutor’s Nose

Israelis Harvest Human Organs from Massacred Palestinians! Under the ICC Prosecutor’s Nose


In the cover image the ICC Prosecutor Khan in Israel and a mass grave in Palestine

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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About 48 hours after the collapse of the temporary humanitarian truce in Gaza and the resumption of Israeli air, sea, and land attacks on civilian communities in widespread disproportionate raids, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor stated that Israel has intensified its forced displacement plans for Palestinians in the Strip.

Israel is crushing all forms of civilian life in the Gaza Strip, the Geneva-based rights organisation said, and returning residents to the pre-industrial stage by turning the Strip, including its homes, factories, businesses, and infrastructure, into piles of rubble.

1.000 Pepole Killed in the Latest Israeli Mass Murder Massacres

The Euro-Med Monitor team has documented the Israeli mass murder massacres of Saturday 2 December.

The rights group said that Israel targeted entire residential blocks, resulting in more than 1,000 people killed, wounded, or reported missing. This feeds fears of a more ruthless approach to achieving horrific field and political objectives at the cost of civilian lives and property.

«A string of Israeli airstrikes with strong fire belts targeted buildings and inhabited residential blocks yesterday, said Euro-Med Monitor, in Shuja’iya, Jabalia, and Beit Lahia, without prior notice, demolishing them above the heads of their residents and burying dozens beneath the debris» reported Euro-Med Monitor in its website.

The ZIONIST FÜHRER’s Huge Horror Show. UN “Gaza Graveyard for Children, Possible War Crimes”. Top UN Official Resigns vs Israeli Lobby

Rescue workers were informed of hundreds of casualties, including dead, wounded, and missing persons, following the destruction of about 50 residential buildings and houses in the crowded Shuja’iya neighbourhood in eastern Gaza, after simultaneous air and artillery strikes within a very short time.

“Everywhere you turn to, there are children with third-degree burns, shrapnel wounds, brain injuries and broken bones,” James Elder, UNICEF’s global spokesperson, told Al Jazeera from Gaza.

“Mothers crying over children who look like they are hours away from death. It seems like a death zone right now.”

Gaza: SATAN’S HOLOCAUST. No More Words, Images are Enough! A Minute of Silence to Pray. WARNING! Chilling Video

But these massacres aren’t the only war crimes perpetrated by Israel Defense Forces under the orders of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a planned genocide and displacement.

Dozens of Dead Bodies with Evidences of Organs Theft

«Euro-Med Monitor has documented the Israeli army’s confiscation of dozens of dead bodies from Al-Shifa Medical Complex and the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, and others from the vicinity of the so-called “safe corridor” (Salah al-Din Road) designated for displaced people heading to the central and southern parts of the Strip».

We can read in a report of the lates days published by this humanitarian organizations.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor is a youth-led independent, nonprofit organization that advocates for the human rights of all persons across Europe and the MENA region, particularly those who live under occupation, in the throes of war or political unrest and/ or have been displaced due to persecution or armed conflict.

The Plotted GENOCIDE: Leaked Israeli Plan to Ethnically cleanse Gaza

Euro-Med Monitor was established in November 2011 and is registered in Switzerland (CH-660.0.748.015-1), where it maintains its official headquarters.

“It is important to continue the struggle despite frustrations and disappointment based on an ultimate faith in the triumph of justice” is the slogan spread by Richard Falk, Chairman of Board of Trustees.

«According to Euro-Med Monitor, the Israeli army also dug up and confiscated the bodies from a mass grave that was established more than 10 days ago in one of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex’s courtyards».

«While dozens of corpses were handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which in turn transported them to the southern Gaza Strip to complete the burial process, the Israeli army is still holding the bodies of dozens of dead people».

One of the numerous mass graves of the ongoing Palestinians’ genocide

So Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor has called for the creation of an independent international investigation committee into organ theft suspicions.

«Concerns about organ theft from the corpses were brought up by Euro-Med Monitor, which cited reports from medical professionals in Gaza who quickly examined a few bodies after their release. These medical professionals found evidence of organ theft, including missing cochleas and corneas as well as other vital organs like livers, kidneys, and hearts».

Doctors at several Gazan hospitals told the Euro-Med Monitor team that organ theft cannot be proven or disproven solely by forensic medical examination, since multiple bodies underwent surgical procedures prior to death.

They stated that it was impossible for them to conduct a full analytical examination of the recovered corpses given the intense air and artillery attacks and influx of wounded civilians, but they detected several signs of possible organ theft by the Israeli military.

Israel’s Long History on Palestinians Human Organs for BioLabs

«Israel has a long history of holding onto the bodies of dead Palestinians, Euro-Med Monitor said, as it holds the remains of at least 145 Palestinians in its morgues and approximately 255 in its “Numbers Cemetery”, which is near the Jordanian border and off-limits to the public, in addition to 75 missing people who have not been identified by Israel» recalls the Euro-Med report about.

According to the Geneva-based rights organisation, Israel stores the bodies of dead Palestinians in what it refers to as “enemy combatant graves”, which are covert mass graves situated in particular locations such as closed military zones, where interments and burials are secretly conducted. The remains or bodies of the dead are marked only with metal plates.

According to an earlier report by Euro-Med Monitor, Israeli authorities has kept the dead bodies of Palestinians in subfreezing temperatures—sometimes below 40 degrees Celsius—in order to ensure that they remain undisturbed and to possibly hide the theft of organs.

Human Organs’ Traffic in Syria ignored by UN: Sana and CBS videos on White Helmets, Al Qaeda & Turkey Crimes

A vile and illicit practice that became widespread during the Syrian Civil War due to the so-called “White Helmets”, self-styled rescuers financed by the USA and the United Kingdom but reported to the United Nations by Russia as a terrorist organization supporting the jihadists of Al Nusra, the local branch of Al Qaeda, and precisely for international trafficking in human organs which was the subject of an American TV report.

According to the human rights group, Israel has recently made it lawful to hold dead Palestinians’ bodies and steal their organs.

Russian Soldiers Discover “Baby Factories” in Ukraine! Kids are Grown for Sex Brothels and for Organ Harvesting – Video Interview

One such decision is the 2019 Israeli Supreme Court ruling that permits the military ruler to temporarily bury the bodies in what is known as the “Numbers Cemetery”. By the end of 2021, the Israeli Knesset (or Parliament) had passed laws allowing the army and police to hold onto the bodies of dead Palestinians.

There have been reports in recent years of the unlawful use of Palestinian corpses held by Israel, including the theft of organs and their use in Israeli university medical school labs.

Israeli doctor Meira Weiss disclosed in her book Over Their Dead Bodies that organs taken from dead Palestinians were utilised in medical research at Israeli universities’ medical faculties and were transplanted into Jewish-Israeli patients’ bodies.

Devastating Raid in GAZA Hospital. Turkish Lawyers blames of  “genocide” Netanyahu: “the 21st century Hitler”

Even more concerning are admissions made by Yehuda Hess, the former director of Israel’s Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine, about the theft of human tissues, organs, and skin from dead Palestinians over a period of time without their relatives’ knowledge or approval.

Israel is thought to be the biggest hub for the illegal global trade in human organs, according to a 2008 investigation by the American CNN network, which also revealed that Israel participated in the theft of organs from dead Palestinians for illegal use.

The Massive Israeli Organ harvesting industry in Ukraine

The international investigative journalist Jeff Brown too has focused a post (and video) on China Rising headlined “Israelis are harvesting organs from massacred Palestinians!”

«James Bradley and I have fully covered the massive Israeli organ harvesting industry in Ukraine and countries like Thailand. Israel has long been the world capital for this crime against humanity» he wrote in China Rising, reporting an alarm already officially denounced by the spokeswoman of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Marija Zacharova.

Zakharova: “The World Leader of Black Transplants: in Ukraine, Organs are traded Online and Offline”

Brown relaunched a previous investigation published on June, 2022 from a report by Vladimir Taranenko.

«”Red Cross” suggest terrible thoughts about what exactly this organization was doing here under the cover of murderers from the national regiment “Azov”» we can read.

«More than 1000 medical records of children with marked healthy organs, information about diseases in the cards is not contained. That is, the employees of the “Red Cross” did not care about the health of children, but examined for the presence of healthy organs» Brown pointed out.

WUHAN-GATES – 50. The Italian Boss of Obama’s Coronavirus. Ukraine Laboratories Funded by former CIA Director Leon Panetta

«Instructions on how to use weapons, including in a children’s format. Reports on the purchase of incubators for eggs used in laboratories to work with cultures of microorganisms. All information is transmitted to the competent authorities of the DPR, which should shed light on who the foreign organization used the residents of Mariupol as» the Taranenko’s report added.

ICC Prosecutor’s failure to take action in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Which is the answer of International Criminal Court in Palestine?

The result has been reported by Euro-Med too in another article on his website after five countries asked the opening of an official investigation on Netanyahu’s army war crimes.

The investigations on this ongoing violence against Palestinians has been opened already on 2021 but remained without consequence.

HAMAS VIOLENCE vs ISRAELI WAR CRIMES. Partisan-Terrorists Loved by Gaza, Zionists Shielded by Hague ICC & US

In a new statement issued on December, 1st, 2023 Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor expressed shock at International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim Khan’s failure to take any practical action regarding the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly the Gaza Strip, in what appears to be a case of clear double standards and possible political subordination.

Euro-Med Monitor said that «in light of the extraordinarily high level of documentation—unparalleled in history—of the Israeli wars on Gaza, which fit the definition of a genocide in the making under international law, Khan’s selective vision is a shameful affront to justice. The rights group connectedhis view of the situation in Gaza to a resolution issued by the UN Security Council giving only certain countries decision-making authority».

Five countries ask ICC to investigate Genocide in Palestine

«Khan reportedly conducted a secret visit to the region on 17 November during which he inspected the southern Israeli communities without visiting the other side of the perimeter fence where 2,3 million people have been subjected to what may amount to systematic war crimes and crimes against humanity» Euro-Med Monitor highlighted at the time thanks his headquarters in Gaza City.

Further humanitarian organization added: «In his public announcement that he was visiting Israel to meet the families and victims of the October 7 attack, Karim Khan timidly added that he was going to visit Ramallah as well, although Gaza is the site of the Israeli carnage. Even then, Khan did not meet with victims of Israel’s occupation and settler terrorism or their families».

ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan during his visit in Israel

As pointed out by Mouin Rabbani, co-editor of Jadaliyya and former head of political affairs in the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Syria as well as Hasmik Egian, former director of the UN’s Security Council Affairs Department, Khan has “has significantly eroded the credibility of the Court”.

Rabbani and Egian highlight that since taking office in June 2021, Khan has limited the court’s “priority” to matters that the UN Security Council has referred to it (such as Libya and Darfur, in Sudan), and has downplayed other matters that the court was already investigating, like Palestine and Afghanistan. For instance, in his opening briefing to the UN Security Council in November 2021, Khan reiterated his commitment.

Moscow opens Criminal Case against ICC Prosecutor Khan, who Hugged Zelensky before the Warrant to Putin

Russia’s Investigative Committee  has opened a criminal case against the prosecutor and judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) who issued a warrant for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This happened after the meeting that took place in Kiev on 28 February 2023 in which there was an enthusiastic embrace between the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) of The Hague Karim Khan, despite the accusations against military and paramilitary forces of the Kiev army in the genocide of pro-Russians in the Donbass which lasted from 2014 until 2022, when the civil war exploded into an open military confrontation.

MASSONERIA & SIONISMO – 1. Genocidi da Guerra Mondiale & Pandemia da Laboratorio per Vaccini Killer. “Cataclisma” da Sinagoga di Satana

The answer on these behaviors before Palestinians and Ukrainians can be explained by the Zionist heritage of Zelensky and Netanyahu in an huge centuries-old conspiracy of Freemasonry and, in lates years of NATO, toward New World Order as forecast by the other Zionist George Soros. 

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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