Pfizer Vaccine as Russian Roulette: Inefficacy, Facial Palsy and Anaphylaxis’ Risks. Italians Physicians’ Uprising. German Vaccinated Nurses’ Overdose

Pfizer Vaccine as Russian Roulette: Inefficacy, Facial Palsy and Anaphylaxis’ Risks. Italians Physicians’ Uprising. German Vaccinated Nurses’ Overdose


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Versione originale in Italiano

“Doubt, criticism, continuous questioning are the essence of science, what makes it progress. Whoever presents science as a granite truth is wrong; especially in the biomedical area, where every statement must always be made in terms of probability, not certainty “.

These words are written on his Facebook profile by Professor Filippo Festini who jumped to the headlines for having highlighted the multiple criticalities of the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine commercially called Comirnaty. His words caused a stir because he is an academic associated with the University of Florence, professor of general, clinical and pediatric nursing sciences but also an expert of the Italian Society of Pediatric Infectious Disease.

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Even more vibrant and disruptive was the interview granted to the newspaper La Sicilia by Professor Salvatore Corrao, head of Medicine at the Civic Hospital of Palermo as well as a member of the National Scientific Technical Committee for the pandemic emergency in which he highlighted the “lack of an adequate presentation, neither to the scientific community nor to the medical supervisory bodies, of clear reports “, with respect to the “announcements on the efficacy and safety of vaccines by the manufacturers “.

Both say they are not “no-vax” but simply skeptical about the benefit / risk ratio of the serum mRNA BNT162b2 developed by the American multinational Pfizer, a great sponsor of Joseph Biden in the last US elections and so hostile to President Donald Trump as to refuse government contributions from the Warp Speed ​​antiCovid plan, and by the German BioNtech, thanks to the substantial investments in the latter by health speculator Bill Gates, former sponsor of supervirus research in Wuhan.

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It should also be remembered that Pfizer has been co-opted by the other vaccine giant GlaxoSmithKline (administered by a Microsoft director) which has done gold business in Italy thanks to the pilot project of the Global Health Security Agenda, wanted by the former American president Barack Obama and by his allies in the Italian Democratic Party Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni, when in 2017 they imposed the 12 mandatory school-age vaccines in Italy. The intrigue between politics, the World Health Organization and pharmaceutical multinationals is therefore now shamefully monstrous, as also denounced by some doctors in this report.

May be for these reasons, Comirnaty COVID-19 mRNA the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization. The world health body announced the emergency approval on Thursday, as 2020 came to a close. Its Emergency Use Listing (EUL) will enable countries to expedite their own regulatory approval of the vaccine, and allow UNICEF and the Pan-American Health Organization to buy it for distribution, the WHO said.



Returning to the criticisms of professors Festini and Corrao, both contest the scarcity of data to support the efficacy of the vaccine but also those concerning its dangerousness which is easily found in the table of the pharmaceutical leaflet of the drug in the entry “Adverse reactions reported in clinical studies with Comirnaty “. In fact, there have been 4 cases of acute peripheral facial paralysis (the so-called Bell’s palsy) which can “affect up to one person in a thousand”, and even some serious allergic reactions (not quantified) such as to cause anaphylactic shock that is potentially even lethal, in addition to multiple common and less common side effects.

«Throughout the safety follow-up period to date, acute peripheral facial paralysis (or palsy) was reported by four participants in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine group. Onset was Day 37 after Dose 1 (participant did not receive Dose 2) and Days 3, 9, and 48 after Dose 2» reads on pharmaceutical leaflet of the drug prduced by Pfizer-BioNtech.

Comirnaty adverse reactions highlighted in pharmaceutical leaflet

Bell’s palsy (affecting only one side of the face), a condition that can cause multiple disorders such as sagging of the facial muscles and lack of facial expression, drooling, pain around the jaw, inside or behind the ear on the side affected face, increased sensitivity to sounds on the affected side of the face, headache, loss of taste, changes in the amount of tears and saliva produced. In most cases, symptoms improve within two to three weeks. More rarely, they can persist due to irreversible damage to the facial nerve.

To this very serious risk that exposes the vaccinated to a “Russian roulette”, there is a series of adverse reactions mentioned in the package leaflet of the drug. Very common side effects: (may affect more than 1 in 10 people) at the injection site: pain, swelling, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, chills, fever. Common side effects: (may affect up to 1 in 10 people) redness at the injection site, nausea. Uncommon side effects: (may affect up to 1 in 100 people) swollen lymph nodes, feeling unwell, pain in limbs, insomnia, itching at the injection site.

This prompted the Italian parliamentarian Sara Cunial, a well-known No-Vax activist of the Mixed Group of the Chamber of Deputies, to make statements of fire in the classroom on the day called V-DAY by the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte for the administration of the first Pfizer vaccines.

“The thousands of adverse reactions, including serious ones, already recorded in the world confirm that the vaccine is dangerous, but above all totally useless, as also reported on the Aifa website. Dear citizens, if you are vaccinated and damaged the State will leave you completely alone” said Cunial referring to the note published on the official website of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) after the authorization of the use of Cominarty, approved in emergency conditions by the Agency of the European Medicines after the British health system and the American Food and Drug Administration.

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«Even if the effectiveness of the COVID-19 mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine is very high (over 90%) there will always be a portion of vaccinated people who will not develop the immune defense, moreover, we still don’t know definitively if vaccination only prevents the manifestation of the disease or even the transmission of infection. This is why being vaccinated does not confer a “certificate of freedom” but it is necessary to continue to adopt correct behaviors and measures to contain the risk of infection» reads the Aifa website.

It should be remembered that the vaccine could be put on the market at the end of phase 3 of clinical trials only due to the current pandemic status declared by the World Health Organization directed by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, considered “Gates puppet”: otherwise it would have required the conclusion of phase 4 with an observation period of at least 18 months.



Precisely the short observation times are at the center of the perplexities of professors Filippo Festini and Salvatore Corrao who, moreover, clearly reiterate that they are neither deniers nor No-Vax. This is a position similar to that of Gospa News and the lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, a human rights activist who won a lawsuit against the US Department of Health aimed at demonstrating the absence of vaccine controls but also a supporter of the theory of a “pandemic planned for decades by Bill Gates”. As demonstrated in the Italian book-dossier WuhanGates – I distributed by Edizioni Gospa and synthesis of 35 reports on the SARS-Cov-2 virus built in the laboratory.

«I have not expressed criticism against “the Vaccine”: I drew attention to some aspects worthy of attention about a “vaccine”, using official data» wrote Filippo Festini, professor at the University of Florence in his profile. after having clarified that he will not be able to vaccinate for a previous disease and not by choice.

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«These data indicate that while the relative risk reduction determined by that specific vaccine is actually 95%, the absolute risk reduction is small, about 0.8%. It is the presentation of this statistical obviousness that triggered the witch hunt, as if it were a taboo never to mention. Why is it small? Precisely because the starting risk is already very small. And on this we should reflect – added professor Festini – When taking drugs, the cost / benefit balance must be weighed with extreme care, especially when planning a mass administration. In the current case, perhaps due to emotionality, there has not been a serious and in-depth discussion on this fundamental aspect, assuming that the benefits are so much higher than the costs (of course, I mean above all costs in health) that it is not worth talking about. Instead it would be appropriate».

«The study at the base of the Comirnaty is not yet finished. Of the 44 thousand recruited, only 36600 have so far completed the 2 administrations foreseen by the protocol. In other words, the vaccine was authorized for use on the basis of 80% of the data. The missing 20% ​​- and which will arrive later – has the potential to determine a completely different final figure, for example to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the treatment. The Comirnaty, therefore, is to all intents and purposes still in an experimental state. So prudence is needed» the Tuscan academic remarked.

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«The duration of the observation on the subjects subjected to the experiment is unusually short. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated subjects are about 18 thousand. The overall observation of each group was approximately 2200 years / patient, equivalent to 803 thousand days / patient. Each patient was therefore observed on average for about 45 days after inoculation. It follows that any claims made about this vaccine (toxicity, adverse effects, duration of coverage) cannot exceed the time horizon of approximately 45 days. Toxicity has not been evaluated in humans (what is usually done in phase 1) but only in rats. Carcinogenicity, on the other hand, has not even been evaluated on rats» concludes Festini.

«No genotoxicity or carcinogenic potential studies have been conducted. It is believed that the components of the vaccine (lipids and mRNA) do not have any genotoxic potential», in fact, reads the leaflet of the drug Comirnaty.

“There were just 43 days of follow-up: I certainly didn’t expect a year, as is usually the case, but the emergency of finding solutions does not justify the absence of research with reliable standards” also underlines the professor Salvatore Corrao who directs a department in which “there are 61 Covid patients and operators massacred by overwork” and therefore well understands the need to “find a solution in the shortest possible time”.

But the head of Medicine of the Palermo Civic Hospital does not justify the fact that “the 95 percent effectiveness of which Pfizer speaks is based on 170 cases and not on 40 thousand people”. For Corrao, therefore, “the true effectiveness will be the final result in the real world”. Why, therefore, run all these risks while there are simple cures against Covid -19, such as cortisone or hydroxychlorichine, combined with vitamin D, which have proved effective and decisive?



But they are certainly not the only ones who have doubts. The statistics of Italian Ministry of Health on the participation in the vaccination plan by the health workers of the Residences for the Elderly, in fact, are such as to have triggered a debate in the Italian Government on the possible mandatory nature of the antidote for health personnel, law enforcement agencies. and public employees. However, this obligation risks clashing not only with the constitutional rights of free health choice but above all with the fact that the drug is authorized as an emergency in derogation from the normal testing times.

In Piedmont, a study by the national association Anaste revealed that 70% of Nursing Houses employees are against the vaccine, in Lazio only 10% have signed up as in the province of Brescia, tormented by death due to Covid-19 cases. last spring. And even in the province of Pavia only 20% of operators gave consent to the inoculation of the serum. In Friuli Venezia Giulia Region as many as 89 out of 100 doctors have expressed their intention not to adhere to the immunization plan.

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While the Order of Doctors of Rome and its province has initiated disciplinary proceedings “for 3 doctors who, in local television broadcasts and on social media, have expressed positions opposed to anti-Covid vaccination. The reports came from colleagues and patients. A ‘denier’ doctor has already responded and will have to go to the disciplinary committee which will meet in January, for the other 2 we await a response”. This was stated to Adnkronos Salute by Antonio Magi, president of Omceo Rome. As for the doctors contracted to compulsory vaccinations or flu, he continues, “there are 10 colleagues who have undergone a procedure ranging from censorship to warning. Some have repented and have retraced their steps ”.



“RNA viruses, as the history of HIV has clearly shown us, are complicated to beat with a vaccine. Thinking of forcing Italians to get vaccinated is very serious, ”he warns. “I’m not a no-vax, also because I got all the vaccines. But this is really an attack on public health ». This is what Mario Bacco, medical examiner and researcher, member of the association “L’Eretico” told Adnkronos Salute Pasquale. He called the Covid vaccine “sewage water” and the immunization campaign “an attack on health, I went to the House and the Senate to say so”.

“I, like many colleagues, will not get vaccinated,” he adds. “I’m not afraid of being disbarred, also because the Order of Doctors is only a court of the inquisition.” Bacchus is enrolled in the Omceo of Salerno but is under proceedings by the Order of Taranto for some ethically compromising phrases pronounced in a demonstration right in the Apulian city. “They are the first case of a doctor undergoing proceedings by an Order other than the one he belongs to,” he comments.

On the fact that European and Italian institutions have given the green light to the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine, guaranteeing its safety, “they have not bought me”, replies Bacchus. “There is a continuous exchange of managers between pharmaceutical lobbies and these institutions”.

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A thesis also remarked by the Sicilian colleague of the national CTS Salvatore Corrao who would have wished for a “mass experimentation, with informed consent”, and criticized “the veterinary ethics” used in the approach to the vaccine, that “for which one must preserve the herd ”, rather than“ the individual one, which becomes collective in ensuring the health of citizens with more robust data ”, rather than“ trusting the announcements of an aggressive pharmaceutical company connected with politics ”. His allusions were well detailed in the WuhanGates 26 report in which Gospa News highlighted the presence of the Pfizer vaccine manager at the highly suspected global vaccination summit held at the European Commission in Brussels on 12 September 2019, just in the imminence of the first cases of pandemic, with the participation of the WHO director Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus and the NGOs supported by his “sponsor” Bill Gates.



All this happened before the case of 8 vaccine overdosed nurses broke out in Germany. The news was reported with prominence by the media Russia Today, among the first to report the case of suspended administrations in nine districts of Bavaria due to doubts about the conservation methods of the Cominarty, to be kept at at least – 70 degrees to ensure its duration and effectiveness.

«Eight nursing home workers in Stralsund received five times the normal dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, sending half of them to the hospital with Covid-19 symptoms – but the company insists the megadose is safe» wrote RT.

Eight employees received five times the 30-microgram (mcg) dose of the jab, which was recently christened Comirnaty. Four of those were hospitalized as a “precautionary measure” after experiencing flu-like (and Covid-19-like) symptoms, Vorpommern-Rügen district administrator Stefan Kerth revealed on Monday. “I deeply regret this incident,” Kerth told reporters, expressing “hope” that “those affected suffer no serious side effects.”

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While the prescribed dose for Comirnaty is just 30mcg, a spokeswoman for BioNTech insisted researchers had experimented with “increased dosages” during clinical trials and found doses of as much as 100mcg were tolerated without “serious consequences.” However, five times the normal dose would be 150mcg, half again as much as a 100mcg overdose, and it’s not clear if any of the clinical trials had tested such high doses, reportedly on RT.

But here a small mystery opens up about the reliability of the manufacturer’s statements given that the drug leaflet reports different information: “The data relating to overdose were obtained from 52 participants included in the clinical study who received 58 micrograms of Comirnaty due to of a dilution error. No increase in reactogenicity or adverse reactions was observed in vaccinated subjects”.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – Versione originale in Italiano








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