Pedophilia on Facebook: Denounced 146 Groups. Orcs in Chat due to Hypersexualization among Minors Permitted by Zuckerberg

Pedophilia on Facebook: Denounced 146 Groups. Orcs in Chat due to Hypersexualization among Minors Permitted by Zuckerberg


by Carlo Domenico Cristofori

All Italian articles linked in this one can be read in English with simultaneous translation available


If the Dark Web and File Hosting servers protected by compliant managers represent the hell of online pedophilia, social networks are certainly one of the main gateways to the evil market of child pornography behind which, it should always be remembered, lies the horror of real rapes and sexual abuse even of newborns.

In unsuspecting times, Gospa News denounced the phenomenon of pedophile traps on Facebook, in fact little hindered by Mark Zuckerberg who, thanks to the success of Instagram among minors, saw the photos and videos of children, even at an early age, tenfold on this Meta platform. dressed and in provocative poses, among these there are also propaganda profiles of private accounts or websites that promise red-light images of children without the slightest censorship.

In 2022, over a hundred of these were reported by the Meter association to the police. This is perhaps the most singular aspect of the annual international dossier on child pornography which is drawn up in Italy by the Catholic-inspired association founded and managed by the priest Don Fortunato Di Noto.

For years the Sicilian priest has been in the trenches on this very serious emergency of the Third Millennium and collaborates with the Italian State Police but also with many other foreign countries through the OS.MO.CO.P. by Meter (World Observatory Against Pedophilia).

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Among the contributing causes of the serious phenomenon of social media as a vehicle for contact between minors and pedophiles, who obviously need victims to rape with enslavement or induce prostitution as recently discovered in Ukraine to produce pornographic videos, there is obviously the childhood hypersexualization touted by the LGBTQ gender culture precisely by characters like George Soros and Bill Gates who often work in partnership with social media tycoons like Zuckerberg.

It is nothing short of shameful that the Gospa News accounts have been banned 7 times by Facebook, precisely because they highlighted the cases of gay pedophilia in Forteto and Bibbiano or for having subsequently revealed the artificial origin of SARS-Cov-2 now confirmed by an official report from the US Senate, while the FB child pornography exchange chats escape the “fact-checkers” and must be discovered by the Meter association for the police to intervene to close them.

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This appears even more disconcerting if one recalls that Facebook also makes use of former agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (the American counter-espionage of the CIA) to moderate “improper” content on the social network; but they evidently have the sole objective of censoring the NO-VAX who denounce the dangerousness of the Covid vaccines to the detriment of Big Pharma such as Pfizer and Gates’ NGOs, with which Zuckerberg’s social network has been collaborating since the suspicious European Commission summit in September 12, 2019.


Let’s first see the details of this “incalculable” phenomenon and then in detail those concerning Facebook and other social networks.

«Looking at the numbers in detail, 2022 has reaffirmed the new exchange method: it is more convenient and convenient to share compressed folders for a fee (1,734 in 2022, 637 in 2021). The OS.MO.CO.P. by Meter (World Observatory Against Pedophilia) recorded an increase in both official protocols sent to the Italian Police (1,766 in 2022, 1,402 in 2021), and reported links (in 2022 15,660, in 2021 14,679). Pictures (from 3,479,052 to the current 1,983,679) and videos (from 1,029,170 to 921,382) recorded decreased, but unfortunately this decrease does not equate to a lower circulation of material on the Net» reads the dossier presented at the end of March in Pachino (SR), at the Training and Education Center of the Meter Association.

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According to Fr. Fortunato Di Noto, founder and president of Meter: «Data, numbers, charts, even if gruesome, do not allow us to photograph the real condition of the abuses, above all sex, against child victims». This happens because, for the Sicilian priest: «It is not possible to quantify the huge amount of child pornography that surfs the Internet, just as it is not possible to stop an advancing phenomenon». As if that were not enough: «This impotence represents the most shocking and disturbing aspect of the problem. Let us continue, together, to work for the protection of children», he concludes.

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«The pedophile, society does not want to see him. There is almost a kind of benevolent justification, normalization. The more daring say that after all pedophilia is the last sexual taboo to break down, in this way society evolves. There are those who argue that it is a sexual orientation like any other and that children can freely express their consent» explained the report which denounces increasing numbers every year due to the too slow and inadequate response of justice.


Although serious, the phenomenon of pedophilia on Facebook and other public chats appears to be decreasing: « Let us point ut that paedophiles are using social networks than during last years, so that the number of reports has halved (from 316 in 2021 to 146 in 2022). On the other hand, the cases followed by Meter increased (from 167 to 194) as for phone requests to our toll-free number 800 455 270 (from 406 to 527). Please keep in mind that behind each of those pictures or videos there is a victim».

«In the year 2022 Meter denounced 146 groups on social networks and instant messaging apps in which the exchange of child pornography took place. It should be noted that frequently the minors involved reproduce themselves during sexual practices – often in the home environment (in the bedroom, in the bathroom) – and show their nudity in videos and photos which are then shared within private groups on social media”. 2022 report of the Sicilian association.

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«The exchange often takes place after an economic “reward”, that is, the minor is encouraged to immortalize his body in images and videos for which he will receive a fee from the adult who requests it. These practices highlight the hypersexualisation of minors and the distorted perception of sexuality with the consequent loss of the value of one’s body reduced to a mere sexual object» explains the dossier of the World Observatory Against Pedophilia.

134 Facebook pages and groups, 8 WhatsApp groups and 4 Instagram pages were reported to the Italian Postal Police, together with other foreign police and the service managers themselves. These are the three platforms belonging to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s new company.

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End-to-end encryption promises maximum privacy: a message can only be read by the sender and the recipient.

The content is encrypted on the sender smartphone, sent to the recipient and finally decrypted. Furthermore, the possibility of joining public or private groups allows the sharing of various types of files among multiple users, but also the diffusion of ideologies (cultural pedophilia) which claim the legitimacy of pedophilia, confirming the thesis that being a pedophile is a condition comparable to a sexual orientation, thus paving the way for normalization.

«Not least, child pornography exploits social networks with lucid perversion to lure minors, often taking advantage of the lack of parental control and the lack of education of young users in the conscious use of social networks» reads Don Fortunato’s report.

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This year Facebook records 134 chats with paedo-pornographic content: groups of paedophiles continue to exist who frequently hold discussions on the subject via Facebook and then, using the connection with Whatsapp, exchange material on the latter to take advantage of the end- to-end which ensures the privacy of the exchange.

«Politics and the cultural world must engage in education and prevention to avoid overexposure of the body of minors and the risk of falling into the trap of solicitation due to lack of awareness which makes them incapable of understanding the risks and dynamics of the world of social media. Formulating a more stringent regulation starting from the age declared by the users could be a starting point towards the protection of the little ones who are too often catapulted into an unknown universe at an inadequate age» stigmatizes Meter.

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Even in 2022, online child pornography is a global phenomenon that affects the entire planet. America (12,771 links out of 15,660 reports) and Europe (1,299 links) are the cradle of most of the companies that manage the servers hosting sites and platforms where child pornography is disclosed.

«An accurate analysis of the geolocation of the servers confirms that the opulent Western countries appear to be the “masters of the web”, service providers accessible from all over the world, fast, anonymous and in complete safety. And privacy laws, which protect everyone’s confidentiality, are sometimes an additional wall in defense of pedophiles who can act undisturbed. On this topic, Meter Association has intervened several times before the European Parliament to propose an adequate solution to protect children» writes Meter.

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«Each State should adopt specific rules against online pedophilia.Furthermore, greater international cooperation and coordination between police forces around the world is needed» is reaffirmed in the dossier.

But as we saw in the previous investigation into Ukraine in that country there is not even a distinction between adult and child prostitution…

The deep web and the dark web (the hidden part of the Internet) are a free space in which criminal associations from all over the world expand their traffic. The illegal phenomena move in a way in these uncontrollable free zones where the intervention of the police from all over the world is difficult. Surface Internet, that is the part of the web we access every day, is indexed by traditional search engines; everything that is indexed appears in response pages to web users’ queries.

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The deep web, on the other hand, is the largest and most obscure portion of the Internet that isn’t indexed by search engines, so we’ll never find it through Google. What we see of the network is, therefore, a very small percentage.

The dark web, the deepest part of the deep web, consists of pages with an .onion domain. The best known software for accessing the dark web is Tor and it comes in the form of a browser, which we can download for free. Tor was born within the US Department of Defense to allow anonymous and secure communications. Since 2004 it has become public knowledge and is a tool to protect one’s identity.


«The web is not only a tool for disseminating photos and videos that pedophiles and child pornography use to get rich, but it also serves to “defend” pedophilia and attempt a normalization work. A real structured and well-organized lobby (fundraising and international pro-paedophilia day) which provides advice on how to solicit children and indicates online sites where it is possible to find photos and videos with paedo-pornographic content. There are countless groups, “the rooms”, where stories of sexual encounters with minors are told and where tests are administered to “measure” sexual attraction towards childrenı» reads the Meter report available here.

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«To counter pedophile ideology, the Lanzarote Convention of 25 October 2007, ratified by Italy in 2012 with law no. 172, introduced the art. 414 bis of the Criminal Code. For the first time the expression “paedophilia and cultural child pornography” has entered our legal system: “Unless the fact constitutes a more serious crime, anyone, by any means and form of expression, even electronically and for cultural purposes only, publicly legitimizes, disseminates legitimizing judgments, incites to commit or defends the conduct envisaged by articles 600-bis, 600-ter, 600-quater, 600-quater.1, 600-quinquies, 609-bis, 609-quater and 609-quinquies, committed with minors, is punished with imprisonment from three to five years»

The logos of pedophile horrors

Despite the Lanzarote Convention (2007), sites continue to proliferate on the web. Various identification logos or symbols to recognize each other, to diversify their sexual preferences and to specifically indicate the preferred sexual gender of the pedophile; in fact, members of pedophile organizations encourage the use of descriptions such as “boylove”, “girllove” and “childlove”.


Examining the national and generic domains, ie the “license plates” of Internet sites, it was found that, like last year, the majority of the reported links are marked with the .com suffix (13,977 in 2022, 8,972 in 2021). Out of a total of 15,660 reported links, 14,233 have generic domain (11,488 in 2021). This highlights a change in the methods of exchanging child sexual abuse material.

Among the national domains reported (total 1,439) the following stand out: Africa with Libya (.ly, 1,091 links); United States (.us, 84 links); Montenegro (.me, 41 links).

Geolocation graphs of servers show that America (12,771 links) – particularly highlighted this year – and Europe (1,299 links) are the cradle of most of the companies that manage the servers that allow the of many sites or platforms where child pornography is disseminated. This data is interesting because it makes us understand the underlying economic mechanism: the richest continents appear to be the “masters of the web”, service providers that cyberpedophiles use for their own criminal trafficking.

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Links monitored by age group indicate that the preference for both pictures and videos is for the 8/12 age range, which reports 1,667,559 images and 718,615 videos. The 3/7 range follows with 312,748 photos and 201,975 videos, and closes the 0/2 year range with 1,542 photos and 648 videos, the so-called infantophilia.

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