TRANSHUMANIST BIOMEDICINE! World 1st mRNA Cancer Vaccine to treat a Brain Turbo-Cancer from mRNA Covid

TRANSHUMANIST BIOMEDICINE! World 1st mRNA Cancer Vaccine to treat a Brain Turbo-Cancer from mRNA Covid


by Carlo Domenico Cristofori

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«Internationally renowned Australian Pathologist Dr.Richard Scolyer (in the cover image) was diagnosed with the worst possible Brain Turbo Cancer with months to live. He is now 1st in the World to receive an mRNA Cancer Vaccine to treat a cancer that was likely caused by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. If this was science fiction, it would be deemed too unbelievable to be published…».

To understand the bioethical gravity of the problem, these few words are enough.

These sentences were wrote on his substack by from the Canadian oncologist William Makis, one of the first in the world to denounce the phenomenon of turbo-cancers that exploded after the mRNA vaccines against Covid but also to keep count of the young military and civilian pilots struck down by sudden illnesses during the flight or rest after genic serums.


Doctor Makis’ suspicion is fully legitimate given that she is a young adult in her forties who discovered the aggressive form of cancer a few months ago, right in the period following the vaccination campaign which she had certainly joined (it was mandatory for healthcare workers in Australia).

«Sadly, we need to share some unfortunate news regarding the health of our much-loved and respected Co-Medical Director Professor Richard Scolyer AO» colleagues wrote on the Melanoma Institute Australia website on 8 June 2023 giving the bitter news.

«Richard is facing a major health issue, having recently taken ill while travelling for work in Poland. Tests have revealed he has a glioblastoma (brain cancer)».

«Today, thanks to Professor G. Long Mia, I had the second dose of a personalized cancer vaccine. Believe I am the first globastoma patient to receive a vaccine & neoadjuvant combined immunotherapy! We are trying to generate the science to revolutionize brain cancer therapy & improve outcomes. Watch this space!».

This is the comment written on Twitter-X by Dr. Richard Scolyer who in another post relaunched by Dr. Makis added: «Energy levels picking up! my body can handle added challenge».

BOMBSHELL: mRNA COVID jabs can Damage Children’s Immune Response to OTHER Viruses as well, Study finds

This story marks the complete beginning of biomedical transhumanism, with which an attempt is made to remedy with a biochemical laboratory solution to the detriment of other laboratory experiments as in the case of vaccines against Herpes Zoster triggered by Covid genetic serums, and it is so chilling so as not to need comments.

We limit ourselves to republishing below the links to all the previous investigations on turbo-cancer conducted independently by Gospa News or reported by the Canadian oncologist. Everyone chooses to delve deeper into the topic with the investigation they prefer.

TURBO-CANCER after COVID mRNA Vaccines. 4 International Studies highlight Lymphomas’ Risk as Serious Adverse Reactions

But don’t fail to read the article on the golden pupil of the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci, the researcher Manuel Scimeca of the University of Tor Vergata (where Schillaci was rector and his co-author) who admitted to having published scientific studies with incorrect photos (according to the prestigious Science magazine probably artfully altered) but in the role of Fact Checker he contested a previous article of ours, categorically denying even the slightest hypothesis of a correlation between Covid mRNA gene sera and turbo-cancer.

Carlo Domenico Cristofori
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