Covid-19 Vaccine: Second AstraZeneca Volunteer Reportedly Suffers Rare Neurological Condition

Covid-19 Vaccine: Second AstraZeneca Volunteer Reportedly Suffers Rare Neurological Condition


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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The devil makes the pots but not the lid. While the theory of the genetically modified organism built in the laboratory is becoming more and more concrete on the origin of the SARS-2 virus, here is the second hitch for one of the leading companies in the production of vaccines, the AstraZeneca of Anglo-Swedish ownership but actually controlled by the same American and Zionist shareholders of the Weapons Lobby (as demonstrated in previous investigations).

WUHAN-GATES – 15. EU-Italy Covid Vaccine’ Business in Gates-Big Pharma’s Dirty Hands


Big Pharma stumbles upon a second case of adverse reaction in a few days which, however, claims not to be related to the Covid-19 vaccine being tested. While a Hong Kong virologist confirms that this new Coronavirus strain was man-made, as part of those “dual-use” research for vaccine but also military bioweapon, as claimed by a Nobel Prize for Medicine, a former director of the British counter-intelligence MI6 and a NATO consultant bio-engineer, here is another incident for the multinational already known for cases of doping, suicide and other serious violations of drug laws.

WUHAN-GATES – 20. “Covid-19 Built in Wuhan Lab”. Chinese Virologist Protected by FBI said. But Forgets US Risky Experiments…


The problem is looming huge for Europe which has already booked 400 million doses of the Oxford University vaccine, developed by the Jenner Institute, of which AstraZeneca acquired the distribution but then blocked clinical trials after a first very serious spinal cord infection (which could cause paralysis in the guinea pig. human) to which is added a second dramatic case…

WUHAN-GATES – 12. MI6 British Intelligence former Head: “SARS-2 Built in Bio-Lab”. Pics and Proofs of HIV Tests


Two people have fallen ill during the trials of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine in the UK, the company’s internal papers revealed, and a source said they had both suffered from the same serious neurological disorder.

The company published details of the trials on Saturday, after facing criticism over the lack of transparency surrounding the testing of the much-anticipated vaccine against the virus, which has so far infected more than 30.8 million people and caused over 958,000 fatalities worldwide.

The first participant of the British trials – which are being conducted in conjunction with Oxford University – fell ill after receiving one dose of the experimental vaccine in July.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Trials stopped for Mysterious Illness: May Lead Paralysis. Big Pharma Deal against Trump

The female volunteer was later diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a rare inflammatory disease that affects the spinal cord, causing weakness, sensory alterations, and autonomic nervous-system dysfunction. The company’s spokeswoman later told the media the volunteer had undiagnosed multiple sclerosis, and the trials resumed.

The second female recipient of the vaccine suffered complications after the follow-up dose in September. AstraZeneca didn’t confirm her diagnosis, but a source told the New York Times it was also transverse myelitis.

On September 6, trials of the drug were paused again, after the second woman felt ill, but they resumed in Britain, Brazil, India, and South Africa less than a week later. The US hasn’t yet green-lighted the continuation of the test, however.

WUHAN-GATES 16. Criminal Pharma for Vaccines in EU. Fraud, Doping and Suicide

AstraZeneca, which has administered its vaccine to some 18,000 people worldwide, said in internal documents that the two cases of the illness were “unlikely to be associated with the vaccine, or there was insufficient evidence to say for certain that the illnesses were or were not related to the vaccine.” 

Transverse myelitis is a serious and rare disease, and its repeated cases among the participants of the trials may well see AstraZeneca losing its vaccine bid all together.

AstraZeneca’s vaccine uses a monkey adenovirus that shares a gene with the Covid-19 coronavirus. It’s an untested method of vaccine development, according to Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund that bankrolled the Russian vaccine development.

COVID-19: Putin’s Vaccine challenges Big Pharma Lobby. Why it’s frightening for WHO

Unlike AstraZeneca’s jab, Russia’s Sputnik V, the world’s first registered vaccine, uses human adenoviruses as a vector – an extensively studied approach.

Earlier this month, respected British medical journal The Lancet published the Russian Ministry of Health’s Sputnik V study, showing the vaccine to be 100 percent effective, producing antibodies in all 76 participants of early-stage trials.

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Fabio G.C. Carisio

3 pensieri su “Covid-19 Vaccine: Second AstraZeneca Volunteer Reportedly Suffers Rare Neurological Condition

  1. Now things are becoming interesting. The ‘Gates’ vaccines are coming out and are being tested. Russian vaccines are not to be used to prevent covid-19. Russia has produced / tested its vaccine based on commonsense accepted biotechnology. It is not polluted by any of Gates’ nanobots technology. Gates is overexcited about covid-19 vaccines. Not because he wants to protect you. It is because he wants to murder you; enslave you and finally cause your death after making you suffer. He has bought out a cloud based software outfit by the name of “ ” and is having software developed which intends to log the personal details of everybody on the planet. And real time information also. So that you may be controlled. So that all your actions are in the hands of his software and you will be zombi-fyied and for all purposes be called a Human 2.0. You will henceforth be a program. You will compete with the AI robots of Elon Musk. Your soul, if you have one will be dammed and destroyed. Astra-Zenica is funded by all types of people who are the slaves of Lord Satan. Their duty is to Satan, to get the NWO installed. Gates thinks he’s smart.He should at least have a degree in biochemistry. Which he does not have. He is a Satanic driven entity. His hands are always raised up to Satan. He has started seeding a chimerically advanced version of covid-19 all over the globe with the help of the Mossad. If this virus was not produced in the lab, it would have become benign by now and the ‘curve would have been flattened’. This ‘virus’ is some sort of a poison and only he has the antidote. His only interest is to get his ID2020 chip into your body. What good is it if we ‘know the facts’, but are too weak to stand up to this nonsense .

  2. Many conditions resemble ALS or MS causing the same symptoms. Gardasil vacccinations also caused similar symptoms but also deaths in young victims. As shown in a Danisch docu that was later banned on Amazon and removed from YT. Dane Wigington of Geoengineering shares that many volunteers for the vaccintrial in Spain walked out after suffering serious symptoms. Watch the docu Europa The last battle and it will all become clear.

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