4thousand Toddlers Raped. Chilling Report by Italian Priest who Helps Police in Pedophiles’ Hunting

4thousand Toddlers Raped. Chilling Report by Italian Priest who Helps Police in Pedophiles’ Hunting

1 – From Deep Web to Pedophile Deep State
2 – Left-Wing Policy & Pedophiles’ Net
3 – Even 23 Police Inquiries thanks to Meter
4 – Child Entrusted to Mother Who Abuse Him
5 – Complaints Ignored by French Police
6 – Horrors in Chat Among Children Discovered by Police
7 – Toddlers Raped and Killed Online: Carabinieri Inquiry
8 – Chat Hard on Big Web Social

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Versione originale in Italiano

«Why don’t everyone agree with the fact that pedophilia is a crime against humanity? We know that there is a cultural lobby that wants to lower the age of minors’ consent. There are many teachers who claim that pedophiles are pedophile by birth and therefore must be respected. Pedophilia days have been celebrated for years. How come last year we denounced the trend of raped babies but no one said a word. Why for other types of violence do VIPs take the field while for children nobody raises their voices?».

The words of Don Fortunato Di Noto, founder and president of the non-profit organization “Meter on the side of children”, are a punch in the stomach of the society of the Third Millennium, capable of triggering a national uproar for a kitten roasted by a hungry migrant but almost totally indifferent – partly because of complicity – in the face of an “expanding crime” such as pedophilia and the increasingly looming horror of child-protection.

In this regard, the numbers of the 2019 international Report Meter prepared by this organization in 76 pages are distressing: victims from 0 to 2 years appeared in 1,077 links, 4,006 videos and 7,646 photos. «The pre-eminent role of Europe and America, continents of wealth, opulence, but also of profit on illicit material remains unchanged», he specifies.

The disturbing table on child pornography discovered on the Deep Web by the Meter association of Don Fortunato Di Noto – link REPORT METER at the end of the article

«Sometimes the violence reflects a form of slavery, sometimes children are tied up, chained. It seems to tell a horror film, but it is reality» says the founding priest of Meter who is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Postal and Communications Italian Police and professor at the Superior Institute of Bioethics and Sexology of the Pontifical Salesian University of Messina.

The gruesome violence against infants with rape, torture, torture and even homicide live on the chats of the Deep Web have also been highlighted by two recent investigations by the Italian Police and Carabinieri who have unmasked a network of minors intent on exchanging videos also “gore “(with violence and killings on very young children).

This happens in that Italy where sex with minors has been cleared in the last few years by the lowering of the age of consent to 14 years, the lowest in Europe after Spain (13), and where therefore the recidivist and notorious Jeffrey Epstein would not even end up in prison (where he committed suicide) since the latest complainant who recently brought him to court declared that he had started his sexual relations at 15 years old. In the USA, in fact, the age of consent varies from 18 to 17 years in most states and only a few are 16.


1 – From Deep Web to Pedophile Deep State

But the Deep Web, the focal point of Meter’s monitoring activity together with its Listening Center which in 17 years has humanly, psychologically and even legally assisted 1,721 small victims of abuse, seems to be only the virtual mirror of that Deep International State in which pedophilia is not only a perverse fun but also a method to ensnare and corrupt politicians and powerful characters just like in the case of Epstein and his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, arrested in early July for complicity in child abuse and believed to be involved with Mossad, the Israeli secret service.


While we are going to write this report with the interview with the parish priest of Avola, in the province of Syracuse (Sicily), a pioneer in the protection of children especially thanks to the creation in 2002 of the World Observatory Against Pedophilia, «highly specialized office in data research on the Internet and in the processing of traffic flows for the contraction of pedophilia and child pornography (OS.MO.CO.P.) », we hear from one of the most important Italian lawyers focused on minors the news of a 7-year-old child entrusted to the mother who made a hot movie with him.

It seems important to us to include this human story, triggered by the desperate legal battle of a father, because psychological and even physical abuse of minors often occurs in the context of the turbid management of minors.

Is there a connection between victims of pedophilia and children stolen from families with easy care in community? «From some investigations it has emerged, just think of Bibbiano» Don Fortunato replies referring to the “Angels & Devils” investigation conducted by Carabinieri of Reggio Emilia which resulted in 24 requests for indictment. Among them also the one for the LGBT activist social services officer who entrusted a little girl to a lesbian couple who didn’t hesitated to exhibit artificial fouls before the innocent eyes of the child.


2 – Left-Wing Policy & Pedophiles’ Net

«Monitoring work on online pedophilia remains a topic that is underestimated even by political forces who have no interest in putting this important fight against pedophile crime on the agenda and in the front line» writes the association of Don Fortunato in the press release, providing us with the opportunity to remember the terrible story of Il Forteto, the Tuscan juvenile community that cost a sentence to Italy by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for having entrusted to its manager already convicted for pedophilia a 3-year-old child subject to subsequent abuse.

BAMBINI RAPITI DALLA LEGGE: a soli 3 anni nelle mani dell’orco. Fiesoli portato in carcere, quanto ci resterà?

The anomalous and criminal management of that cooperative, which led to the sentence of the responsible Rodolfo Fiesoli to 14 years in prison, took place, as in Bibbiano, «in the wake of the culture of the left-wing» according to the deputy Stefano Mugnai (Forza Italia center-right party) who first denounced it scandal and has recently obtained the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry launched a few months ago.

Not only, in fact, the pedophilia emergency is ignored by politics, as a Meter claimed, but even the current Italian leftist government supported by the Democratic Party and by the 5Stelle Movement is proceeding with a bill to suppress homotransphobia in which «the parlamentarians Zan, Boldrini, Scalfarotto and others, would like not only to introduce new ambiguous criminal offenses and liberticide criminal provisions but also to make gender education compulsory in schools of all levels (yes, even in kindergarten!)» as reported by newsletter of the Catholic association ProLife & Family on the «very serious danger» of the «text of the law which was approved by the Justice Commission and is likely to reach the Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies very soon».

Lawsuit against Transgender Clinic for Children. Changed in Half-Male, Girl Accuses

«Pope Francis says that gender is an” ideological colonization”. Gender is an ideology that leads to the eroticization and early sexualization of children and young people, it is said that minors can decide what they want and how they want. Gender is dangerous because it aims to corrupt children. At this rate, in a few years the company will justify pedophilia» said the priest Di Noto himself in an interview with the New Daily Compass.

The pedophile groups on the web highlighted by the METER REPORT

«There are thousands of portals not necessarily child pornography but pedocultural, where a thought basically manifests itself and that is: pedophilia – they say – is an orientation, the pedophile was born this way and basically makes the interest of children. There are also portals on “virtuous” pedophiles, that is, those who have these desires but claim to have never implemented them: all this is functional to the normalization of crime. They are well-structured organizations, which raise funds, say that “love is love”, “can’t a child love an adult?”, Etc. There are the Pedophile Liberation Front, the Boy Love Association, etc. There is also the day of pedophile pride» adds the parish of Avola, appointed diocesan contact person for the Regional Service for Minor Protection of the Sicilian Episcopal Conference (CESI).


Now let’s find out the figures and alarms of the Meter dossier, the judicial investigations and the legal battles for the protection of minors.


3 – Even 23 Police Inquiries thanks to Meter

«If we look at the links that we monitored and reported during 2019, the trend of the most requested victims is that of 8-12 years with 5,742,734 photographs detected; follow 3/7 years (1,321,969), close 0/2 years (7,646). When we talk about the 0/2 age group we are talking about children who have few days to live. It is the phenomenon of infantophilia that Meter has denounced for many years. The figures that the Report Meter 2019 edition photographs in the final balance of the annual activity are as always merciless: almost 7 million and 100 thousand photos reported last year, double compared to 2018 when the meter stopped at 3 million and 50 thousand about. The videos are almost stable (992,300 against 1,123,793 in 2018), chats are increasing (323 against 234) and only in 2019 we have identified 325 complex .rar folders».

The data of 17 years of activity of the Meter association

The Meter dossier does not only talk about numbers but highlights effective policies to combat pedophilia. «In 2008 the Convention between Postal and Communications Italian Police and Meter NPO Association was signed. This agreement permits a constant cooperation between the State Police and the National registered office of Meter, which is highly committed in the protection of children. Indeed, Websites on top of the black list of Postal Police have often been reported by Meter. Thanks to its experience and its presence in the UNICRI database, the Association cooperates with CNCPO (National Centre for the Contrast to Online child pornography) related to the State Police, in compliance with current regulations».

Don Fortunato Di Noto president of the Meter non-profit association he founded in 1989

«In the last 15 years we have had 23 national and international operations developed, hundreds of arrests, thousands of suspects, many children identified – adds the anti-pedophile priest – In certain areas of investigation there are criminal organizations that exploit children, including for the production of child pornography. In this sense, I remember an operation in Brazil, launched after our report. Another operation, which started from Italy but covered all of Europe, identified 250 children, including Italians. Some are in the hands of real organizations, other cases occur in the family or in many other areas of society».

Just one of these is at the center of a disconcerting legal battle in that Emilia Romagna known for its left-wing cultural tradition and the Bibbiano scandal.

4 – Child Entrusted to Mother Who Abuse Him

«The sentence issued last June 30 by the ordinary Court of Bologna is scandalous: he entrusted a seven-year-old boy to his Romanian mother, responsible for acts of sexual violence committed against her own little son. Acts documented by videos shot by the woman herself and transmitted to a friend, with whom she has intertwined a love relationship. With her and with this woman’s husband».

Children’s Illicit “Kidnapping” by Italian State from Families: Even Dem Mayor and LGBT Activist Official among 24 Trial Requests

The topicality of the alarm on minors victims of abuse in the family or in foster couples comes from the words of the lawyer Francesco Miraglia of Rome, in the front line in the defense of three children torn from the families offended in the investigation on Bibbiano, but also on the opposite front as in this case, always in the interest of defenseless creatures.

«A chilling video, showing the woman who allows the child to touch her private parts. Not only that: the woman at one point center asks the little one, who was just five years old at the time, if he wanted his mother to do the same. A video of which the boy’s mother cheerfully talks with her friend on the phone, chuckling carefree of what the little boy did» adds the lawyer.

The lawyer Francesco MIraglia

«Justice is over» said lawyer Francesco Miraglia, to whom the father of the child turned. «A man destroyed by this sentence, a man who tried to fight to prove, in vain, the extremely sexualizing behaviors committed by the woman towards their son. But an investigation originating from a complaint moved in an entirely instrumental manner by the former partner weighs on him: but it was enough for the Bologna court to consider him unsuitable for obtaining the custody of the child and therefore to issue this shock sentence».

«The Court Consultant – CTU – considers this behavior completely normal, not serious at all, not strange – continues Miraglia – while for our Consultant, Professor Vincenza Palmieri, the behavior of this woman is deliberately sexualized and that you use those images with your friend for erotic and morbid purposes. While accustoming the child to consider everything “natural” but secret. Instead, apparently, for the Court Consultant and for the Court itself they represent only an “unusual disinhibition”».

Al via la Commissione parlamentare sugli “orchi rossi” del Forteto. Fascicoli persi nel Tribunale Minori che seguì Bibbiano

«When it comes to children, judges should make their decisions aimed at the well-being of minors, investigating cases and not acting superficially; which has very serious repercussions on the physical and psychological safety of children. The Bologna sentence is shameful: if it had happened in reverse, if it had been the father who had his son or, on the contrary, his daughter touch him, and send the video to friends, laughing and laughing at the thing, at least it would have been issued a precautionary measure against him. Why should it be different for the mother? Has anyone in this whole affair been concerned with the health of this child?».

«I will send the documentation to the Ministry of Justice and to all the competent bodies: this sentence, the safety and health of this child, cannot fall silent». Miraglia announces.

It is not idle to remember that the Juvenile Court of Bologna was the subject of a complaint to the Dicastery and to the Superior Council of the Magistracy formulated by the President of the Reggio Emilia Bar Association, Celestina Tinelli, in reference to very serious anomalies such as even missing files…

5 – Complaints Ignored by French Police

In this context of degradation of the Italian judicial system, also highlighted by the recent PalamaraGate scandal on plots between togas and politicians, the activity conducted by Don Fortunato and his collaborators who are «trying to be good citizens and good people is even more admirable and exemplary. Christians» says the priest.

«Since November 2017, the Meter Association has been an official partner of the Polish Police in the fight against pedophilia and online child pornography. The agreement, drawn up along the lines of what governs the relationship between the Italian Postal Police and Meter, provides that the Association transmits to the Polish Police, skipping any red tape, through a direct email address, all reports relating to servers, users and Polish material. From here, the Polish police will be able to start their investigations» reads on the association’s dossier, which is however not always so appreciated by the police.

ITALY JUSTICE-LEAKS – 2. Expulsion’s Risk for 10 Magistrates in Obama-Gate European Dem’s Ring with Vaccines’ Affair


«If the police, in different countries of the world, had taken our complaints seriously, perhaps they would have contributed more to the repression of the dramatic phenomenon of sexual exploitation of minors! Perhaps they would have identified some slave and submissive victims (for years), from perverse and dangerous subjects!» Meter reports that the timeliness of intervention is fundamental for online child pornography crimes.

«The Deep web is the dark face of the Net that everyone knows is there like that of the Moon, but nobody has ever seen it. In 7 years, from 2012 to today, the reports have been 47,421. It is a jungle in which we operate and act in complete freedom to the point that even for the forces of the Order it is not easy to intervene and operate. And often we operate late compared to the technologies used by cyber-pedophiles. An example? A link in time: the photo or video collection with the abuses is located on a specific address and will be active only 24 hours. Too little for intervention».

World Observatory Against Pedophilia (OS.MO.CO.P.) and its partners

The ranking of the domains (the “plates” of the websites) is as follows: in first place the island of Haiti in the Caribbean Sea in Central America, with 640 links (.ht domain); France ranks second, with 484 links (.fr domain); in third place, with 410 links, New Zealand (.nz domain). Nothing from Canada and the USA. While on the Old Continent 644 reports were made with France (484), Russia (47), Iceland (32). Followed by Montenegro (27), Greece (25), Albania (21), Holland (3), Italy (2). European Union, Guernsey and Poland close with 1.

But here’s the paradox: «In many years we have sent multiple reports to France but an investigation has never been opened. In New Zealand, only one has been launched this year» said the priest Di Noto. Fortunately, law enforcement agencies in Italy work with greater determination against the Deep Web as demonstrated by recent State Police and Carabinieri operations.


6 – Horrors in Chat Among Children Discovered by Police

On the chat they exchanged images and hard videos, even with children, as well as gruesome images of suicides and mutilations. The Florence Postal Police discovered this “horror” chat and denounced 20 minors, between 13 and 17 years old, accused of detention, disclosure, transfer of child pornography and aggravated crime instigation.

«Today’s operation, called  Dangerous images”, was born from the complaint in Lucca of a mother who had discovered hard movies on the cell phone of her 15-year-old son also with children. From the analysis of the mobile phone, a large number of videos and child pornography images emerged, also in the form of stickers, exchanged and sold by the young man, who later proved to be the organizer and promoter of the activity together with other minors, through Whatsapp, Telegram and others instant messaging applications and social networks – reports the police release – On the boy’s phone there were also numerous “gore” files (from English “goring”), the new frontier of illegal disclosure, coming from the dark web depicting suicides, mutilations , guts and beheadings of people, in some cases of animals. After more than five months of investigation, the policemen identified the 20 minors for whom the complaint was taken».

Heart-Sick Child “Kidnapped” by Italian State: Republic’s President Refused to Help Mother

The searches, carried out by the Postal and Communications Police and coordinated by the Cncpo (National Center against online child pornography), concerned minors in the cities of Lucca, Pisa, Cesena, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia, Ancona, Naples, Milan, Pavia, Varese, Lecce, Rome, Potenza and Vicenza. The “eldest” of the group has just turned 17, the youngest is 13. 7 teenagers, all 13 years old, are also part of the chat. Dozens of mobile phones and computers were seized. Further investigations are ongoing.


7 – Toddlers Raped and Killed Online: Carabinieri Inquiry

The operation called Delirio dates back to October 2019, conducted by the police of the Investigative Unit of the Provincial Command of Siena, coordinated by Antonio Sangermano, chief prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Juvenile Court of Florence, concerning the investigative hypotheses of diffusion and possession of child pornography and instigation to commit a crime.

The investigation revealed the existence of a chat, called The Shoah Party, in which numerous minors residing in various locations throughout the country were involved. The activity had consisted of dozens of searches and interrogations, and had made use of a mother’s precious and responsible complaint as an investigative input.

«The investigations have made it possible to clarify how to access the deep web, where the” gore “images are acquired and then circulated, with executions, murders, dismemberments, sexual acts committed against animals, organ extrapolations, castrations, images gruesome and child pornography against very young children» explained the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Siena.

Human Organs’ Traffic in Syria ignored by UN: Sana and CBS videos on White Helmets, Al Qaeda & Turkey Crimes

The images found and already confiscated therefore belong to three types: 1) self-made pedo-pornographic videos by minors, who recover themselves naked or intent on carrying out sexual acts; 2) videos made by adults, relating to sexual acts and violence committed by minors (including women) against minors, even at a very young age (2-4 years); 3) “gore” videos, mostly associated with Nazi symbols.

New and specific circumstantial results have emerged which make us believe, on the basis of concrete elements, that a minor, a 17 year old from Piedmont, with considerable technical-IT skills, personally participated online with other users, paying in crypto currencies , such as Bitcoin, to real torture and sexual abuse of minors, carried out directly by adult subjects.

American mother in Italy: “My daughter bombed with psychiatric drugs and forced to abort by Italian State”

«From their chats, a detailed and disturbing description of their experiences on the deep web emerged, in particular of the boy who reports it to his friend, with a description of the so-called red rooms, rooms of horror, in which they can access for a fee for witnessing sexual violence and torture practiced live by adults on minors, with the possibility of interacting for the “spectators”, who may request certain actions from the direct protagonists of the heinous actions. In particular, the investigation revealed in detail, the act of a child sexually abused and tortured live».

8 – Chat Hard on Big Web Social

The harrowing SOS launched by the Meter association is therefore punctual and horrible confirmation. But it fits in with the stories of the families of the little victims who personally turn to the two operating centers in the province of Syracuse (Avola and Pachino).

«Our Listening and First Reception Center in the last 17 years has received 10,039 calls and has provided 1,721 consultations with taking charge at the national headquarters» specifies the Report which in 2019 alone accepted 142 requests for help, mostly from Sicily (96, for obvious reasons of proximity) but with significant numbers also from Lazio, Calabria and Lombardy. The statistics on minors released by the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Government for Missing Persons, however, allow us to infer a huge unfathomable submerged far more terrible.

2.536 MINORI ITALIANI SPARITI, ANCHE DAI CENTRI DI AFFIDO. Ritrovata la 14enne Gemma nella Giornata degli Scomparsi

There is therefore an inevitable bitter conclusion by the priest “hunter of pedophiles” in relation to the 323 group or individual chats reported in 2019.

«How is it possible that Meter can do this type of service, with volunteering and very few resources, and the web giants can’t find a solution with an algorithm, with protocols? The most troubling thing is that in many countries, after the request of the judicial authority to provide user data, the satisfaction of this request is on a voluntary basis, for the issue of privacy: but it may never be that the pretext is used privacy for such a crime?» Don Fortunato rightly asks.

Click on the image for the contacts of the Meter association

«These chats have been closed after our report, but the problem is that new ones are always born. Chats, on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc., are privileged places for the exchange of material and the solicitation of minors. Meter has launched an appeal to police from all states. I think of Jesus’ words, to be “perfect in unity”. I believe it is important to join forces for children, all states should safeguard them. Everyone has to do their part. Children must be first, because a society that does not put children first since conception is a failed society».

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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  1. I wonder. I fail to comprehend. Why does a grown human crave the child by way of causing it harm. I do not understand the abnormality residing in the mind of the people involved in the cases such as depicted above. Having laws and police and protection and on and on is something else altogether. I can only refer to the articles on the site “veilofreality.com ” by Bernhard Guenther where various corruptions of the human soul are referred to due to Satanic interference, specifically Alien interference. Why is Satan powerful. Why does a positive force not exist to obliterate the doings of Satan. And leave humans alone. The photograph at the top of the page, with the eye removed from the child, makes one lose all patience. Even if you take the perpetrator and run a road roller, very slowly, over him, it fails to answer the basic question. We fail to understand, because we fail to grasp the reality of what is happening here on earth. people who are driven to commit such acts are NOT HUMAN. They lack the human soul. They are alien hybrids of a race which does not have the good of the inhabitants of this planet as their primary intention. They have been designed to have the human form by aliens. To look human but they cannot act and feel human because the soul element is missing. A good example is Bill Gates. You think he is a human. But he is not. He is some sort of a genetic manipulation. An organic portel as the following article by Bernhard Guenther. He explains:
    and is followed up by :
    The American Military Industrial Complex is populated with a myriad of such pseudo humans. Project MILABS deals with human abductions which have been taught by actual aliens,many of them arriving with Flying Saucers. Because the military is doing the work for these aliens . The Trans human Agendas of Gates and Musk, to convert humans to robots with AI implants makes it quite clear as to what is happening. That is what the NWO is all about !! A hand over of this planet to these Aliens. Satanic forces, we call them. It is REAL. Not somebody’s imagination anymore. Covid-19 is the way to this NWO. See how ALL governments obey what the WHO says. The LGBT movement is the way to Transhumanism, is the maxim of the NWO. The destruction of the human soul. Most of the US Govt and the leaders in Europe are the direct slaves of this coming order. The Technotronic age, as explained by Brzezinski means the age of the Aliens. It is True. It is Happening. We hate to believe it. It is the FACT !

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