PUTIN: The Powerful, Winning CHRISTIAN! A Great Statesman among Devilish Clowns of NWO-NATO’s Circus

PUTIN: The Powerful, Winning CHRISTIAN! A Great Statesman among Devilish Clowns of NWO-NATO’s Circus


“As for God, his way is perfect:
The Lord’s word is flawless;
he shields all who take refuge in him”.

King David’s Song of Praise – Holy Bible – II Book of Samuel (2 Sam. 22,31)

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


The Russian people have reconfirmed Vladimir Putin as President of the Russian Federation with record numbers: over 73% of those entitled to vote went to the polls, Putin received 87.29% of the preferences which will allow him to remain in the Kremlin until 2030 .

It is the compact response of a truly patriotic nation that sniffs the smell of gunpowder and the atomic nightmare brought by NATO to the borders of the endless Euro-Asian country following the diktats of the New World Order governed by the Weapons Lobby and jackals of energy resources.

It is the paean to the only true world statesman capable of measuring diplomacy, patience, power and mercy.

Without which the total war in Ukraine – after the coup financed by George Soros and the countries of the Atlantic Alliance and perpetrated with a bloody massacre on 20 February 2014 thanks to the black hand of American intelligence – would have broken out immediately and would not have been postponed 8 years old.

NATO’s COUP IN UKRAINE: THE GENESIS – 4. Putin: “Plan vs Russia since 2008”. After Kiev Security Forum on Gas & Virus Warfares

Without these virtues of the new Tsar of Moscow, the capital Kiev today would have already been razed to the ground by Russian hypersonic missiles against which even the most sophisticated Western defense systems supplied to Volodymyr Zelensky’s army can do very little.

The idiotic – or worse yet sold out – journalists of the Western mainstream persist in not understanding that if Putin now wanted to conduct a “blitzkrieg” without paying too much attention to the civilian victims, today Ukraine would be reduced to a pile of rubble and in the same conditions as Gaza Strip.

But Putin is not the Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu who holds his power by virtue of a cursed alliance between the Zionists created over the centuries by Anglo-American Freemasonry and NATO, which benefits from having a friendly tyrant with license to bomb at the first resurgence of Palestinian nationalism.

Toward another Zionist Massacre in Gaza Strip: Netanyahu approves Rafah Operation Plan

For a simple reason that we have already explained on other occasions: the Russian president is truly a fervent Orthodox unlike those self-styled Catholic Western rulers like Biden, Meloni (and Trump) who use and abuse the Christian religion to fish for votes in atavistically grown nations in this cultural context.

This is why today I like to paint him as a “Statesman 7.0” because he knows how to cultivate real human and Christian values in his soul precisely in the contemporary era in which his Western rivals are climbing on the mirrors of human rights soiled by avoidable NATO wars and obscured by democracies hypocritical servant of an increasingly powerful New World Order as theorized by Soros in 1993 as an evolution of the Atlantic Alliance.

CHRIST: The Powerful Arm of Putin’s Crusade vs Western Corruption of Weapons’ Lobby, Big Pharma and Anti Christians LGBTQ

Putin stands out like a giant in front of the political dwarfs of the European Union, the USA, the United Kingdom who, being puppets of Masonic and Zionist occult lobbies, see their fate clinging to thin threads of globalized compromises that can be broken at any moment. ‘more than a simple “burp” from Bill Gates built with artificial intelligence…

But his strength lies precisely in being a credible interpreter of his role as the new herald and bulwark of Christianity with which he seems to make the 7 charisms of the Holy Spirit shine at their best: fear of God, piety, intelligence, science, wisdom, advice and fortitude. .

The Tsar of Moscow bowing before Christ

While his European adversaries – who would have been politically destroyed in a couple of weeks if they had suffered the massive media denigration campaign (complete with final cyber attacks during the elections) aimed by the media against Russia – are devoid of authentic values and therefore they have seen their vaunted Christian roots rot in a mass of compromises in which they have stopped worshiping the sacredness of Jesus Christ and the Bible to deify gender culture or idolize the art of war.

This is why not only Putin’s victory should not surprise confused and non-partisan Westerners. Especially if they are Christians…

Russia: the Last True Bulwark of Christianity. LGBT Propaganda Prohibited to Protect Children against Gender Theory and Pedophilia

But rather it should lead them to open their eyes to the fact that he is the only powerful statesman with a semblance of democracy among the nuclear powers of the world – given that the Asian ones (Israel, China, Iran and India) are conditioned by governments of a more or less totalitarian – to have not only a refined mind but also a soul capable of inducing him to bow his head before the Eternal Father…

So much so as to encourage him to act in defense of his homeland but without the desire to annihilate the nations which, like Ukraine in the hands of the British (MI6) and American (CIA) intelligence services, have tried to carry out a genocide of the populations Russian-speaking Donbass and to destroy the very roots of Russian culture.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 15. Kiev War: Gold Mine for NATO’s Merchants of Death. German Industry aims New Plants in Ukraine

In front of him, the blind and hypocritical leaders of the West appear like the puppets of a grotesque “theatrocracy” (Plato docet), like the diabolical clowns in a circus of occult powers without spiritual or cultural foundation which, from the Arab Spring to the pandemic created in the laboratory to psychologically impose regimes of terror, from the conflict in Ukraine to that in Palestine, they try to hypnotize their subjects with the satanic mantra of inevitable wars.

Just as the Anglo-Italian Freemasons did by dragging Italy into the First World War, just as Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini did by dragging Europe into the Second World War.

God will be Glorified by Russia

If we reach the Third, Europeans and Americans will only have to thank their rulers kneeling on Soros’ demonic altar instead of on the altar of the Risen Christ who protected the Old Continent for over 2 thousand years. Just as he defended King David in the Old Testament when he was threatened not only by enemy populations but by his own son Absalom and by the rebellious Israelites.

The initial passage of the Bible is precisely the Song of Gratitude to God at the end of these crucial victories.

Gaza, Donbass, Syria: GENOCIDES of the Zionist, Nazi, Jihadist Regimes is US-NATO’s “New” Geopolitical WEAPON


Let the Zionists also keep this in mind, as they built their power on the infernal breath of the Pharisees who put the Messiah to death, thus plunging the Jews faithful to them, rather than to the Almighty, into the Historic Diaspora.

Even just for his courageous devotion to the Jew-Christian God – despite the imperfection common to all human beings – Putin deserves not only applause but sincere admiration. Above all for having led atheist Russia to rediscover the vestiges of the Saints as predicted by the prophecies of Fatima and as announced by the even more recent one of Medjugorje.

From Fatima to Ukraine. The Useless Lesson of Peace by Pope Wojtyla to Christians who want Weapons and War

“The Russian people are the people in whom God will be most glorified. The West has increased progress, but without God, as if He were not the Creator.”
Message of 30 October 1981 from the Queen of Peace to the Medjugoje’s visionaries

Those Catholics who – like Father Livio Fanzaga, eminent director of Radio Marian today unfortunately clouded by Russophobia – do not know how to interpret in a transcendental key the “mission” of the Christian apostolate of the new Orthodox Tsar of Moscow – forced against his will to launch a military operation special to stop the massacre of the Russian populations in Donbass by the neo-Nazis protected and armed by NATO – they have not yet understood what apocalyptic catastrophes the demons of the New World Order want to lead us to.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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    P.S. The Lord and only the Lord is the answer.

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