EU GREEN PASS, UNDER SKIN MICROCHIP AND GATES’ 666 MARK OF THE BEAST. Transhumanist Plot by Klaus Schwab (Great Reset) & NWO against Christianity

EU GREEN PASS, UNDER SKIN MICROCHIP AND GATES’ 666 MARK OF THE BEAST. Transhumanist Plot by Klaus Schwab (Great Reset) & NWO against Christianity


Where, oh death, is your victory? Where, oh death, is your sting? The sting of death is sin and the power of sin is the law. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!” (Saint Paul – First letter to the Corinthians 15, 55-57)

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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From the Green Pass to the Mark of the Beast the path is much shorter than you might think. Those who read me habitually know that I usually write “plot-logist” reports, that is, aimed at unmasking and studying intrigues and conspiracies, and not conspiracy articles: in fact, I rely on 30 years of experience in judicial news that analyzes and verifies details and quibbles. And in my journalistic profession, partly crushed by the fatal refusals to join Freemasonry and the CIA (read here), I contributed with my investigations to arrest about thirty people, including prominent Piedmontese politicians and also an entrepreneur close to the Camorra that weighed twice the muds of the 1994 flood in Canelli (AT) by cheating the state emergency funds.

Precisely for this reason, until today, my most loyal readers have read almost nothing of the Guru of Transhumanist Eugenics, or Klaus Schwab, the father of the Great Reset as the author of the inspirational book of the Davos World Economic Forum debate. of 2020, which has cultivated and developed various theories of the New World Order, orchestrated by Freemasonry for over a century, largely with the complicity of the Zionist political movement, which has little or nothing to do with the “elected” biblical people of the Jews Israelites, as I pointed out in a previous investigation. I say this to reiterate that I feel Semitic (as a Christian devoted to the Jewish tradition) but to abhor Zionism which abuses the ancient glories of Israel before the Diaspora, which took place after the crucifixion, death and resurrection of the Messiah Jesus of Nazareth.

Zionist Lobby – 1. Singer (Elliott) & Fink (BlackRock) within Gates-Soros in Covid Big Pharma’s Business(GSK & Gilead)



The NWO is based in every nation on the so-called Deep State, a potentate of Freemasons, mostly Zionist financiers, seasoned politicians and military intelligence, but it is not a recent project. It was unveiled as early as 1956 by the book Pawns in the Game written by the fervent Catholic William Guy Carr, privileged in reading “secret correspondence” thanks to his role as commodore of the Royal Canadian Navy, which led him to an exceptional historical reconstruction of the diabolical plan of international Freemasonry between the United Kingdom, Italy and the USA, conceived by Giuseppe Mazzini (in the pay of the lodges of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Great Britain, as was the Expedition of the Thousand of the Freemason Giuseppe Garibaldi) together with Albert Pike, considered the “Pope of American Freemasonry” as Grand Master of the Mother Lodge of Charleston, but also considered the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, by virtue of his “Satanist” vocation.


In the role of southern brigadier general Pike helped to break out the Civil War in the United States in the same two-year period in which Mazzini plotted the unification of Italy and the attack on the Papal State with the subsequent breach of Porta Pia.

The American war, as is well known, was feigned by the northern president Abraham Lincoln who did not have time to celebrate the victory and relaunch the country with the “green back”, the government bonds issued by the state and aimed at reducing hegemony banking lobbies, because he was assassinated: obviously by a Freemason!


Without these historical passages, to be completed with references to the French Revolution, designed by the Illuminati of Bavaria and Freemasons, to the Bolshevik Revolution, implemented in Russia by the Freemason Lenin with the help of the Zionist bankers, and to the First World War, which led to the Italy at war by the will of the Anglo-American Freemasons in the Government of Rome, we cannot understand the events of the last twenty years, from 11 September in New York onwards, and in particular we cannot read between the lines of the pandemic from Covid-19, triggered by a laboratory-built SARS-Cov-2 virus, as confirmed by two other new researches, in a deal between the China-US-Italy Deep States.


Among the crucial points of the NWO project we should also mention the Balfour Declaration with which the Freemason baron Walter Rothschild obtained, in the name of the Zionist Movement, the concession of the territories of Palestine from the British Empire for the settlements of the new Israelis (a project unpopular to many of the Orthodox Jews themselves). But this would lead us to the complex drift of the terrible hypothesis that the Holocaust was created by the same Zionists of Kazara-Ashkenazi origin (the Rockefeller Standard Oil built the railway for the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz) precisely to legitimize the birth of a state of Israel.


Neither more nor less how the founding of Al Qaeda allowed the CIA to create the Caliphate of Europe of Muslim Bosnia in the Russian-influenced Serbia and the birth of ISIS allowed and allows Turkey to help the UK and the USA in the daily supply – and / or theft – of oil in Iraq, Libya and Syria. This has become the American “consolation prize” after the terrible Arab Springs unleashed by President Barack Obama only for the “measured” intervention of Russia, the new Christian Tsar Vladimir Putin, who having been a former Communist KGB and intelligence officer secrets FSB also knows well the geopolitical and military history of the last two centuries.



After this interminable premise we therefore come to the point. The Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a very lethal weapon if calibrated with the most potent genotype of SARS-Cov-2 which would be a recombinant chimeric virus created with the grafting of HIV / AIDS into the SARS strain coronavirus (2003) and MERS (2012), also suspected of being produced in the laboratory (as I will demonstrate in a dossier nearing completion).

Covid: More than 500 Complaints on alleged Italian State’s Massacre due to the Ignored Therapies

But it appeared as an easily treatable epidemic in those with high immune defenses or enhanced by the precious Vitamin D through simple cortisone therapies which, however, were ignored for months on the provision of the World Health Organization received by governments (Italy it still stands on the “watchful waiting and paracetamol” treatment protocol which induced 500 citizens to file a complaint for State Massacre on the basis of a complaint by the biologist Franco Trinca and the lawyer Alessandro Fusillo) resulting in thousands and thousands of deaths. The coronavirus is in fact a pathology of the so-called Common Cold, seasonal flu, but it can become very dangerous if it reaches the lungs with its powerful inflammatory viral load which, according to bio-engineer Pierre Bricage, would be determined and calibrated precisely by the sequences of the pathogen HIV / AIDS.

Cortisone Defeated Covid-19: Oxford confirmed Italian Neurologist’s Therapy Negleted. How many Deaths for WHO Faults?

The “pandemic terrorism” was considered “more virulent than Covid-19” by the world-famous virologist Giorgio Palù (academic in Italy and the USA). But this happened before being recruited by the Italian government of the former premier Giuseppe Conte as president of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) which for months, also through legal battles against various associations of doctors and lawyers, has insisted on imposing ” watchful waiting and paracetamol ”in the first days postponing the use of cortisone or hydroxychlorichine to the following 72 hours: when the virus in the weakest subjects has already entered the lungs, triggering very dangerous inflammations.

Italy-US Academic Virologist: “Stop to Pandemic’s Terrorism. Covid-19 less Lethal. Lockdowns may destroy Economy”

It is therefore evident that if, as claimed by Robert F. Kennedy jr, son of the homonymous American attorney general and former president JFK, both murdered in plots perpetrated in the shadow of the Deep State, the pandemic has been planned for decades by Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates (a circumstance confirmed in the details of our 39 WuhanGates investigations), it has a much wider purpose than that connected to the imposition of a sanitary-military and economic-social dictatorship. If you are a Christian, you just need to go to Holy Mass to understand it: the holy water fonts have been emptied of the holy water that has done so many miracles in the stories of Orthodox Catholic saints and Pentecostal Charismatics, but hand sanitizer appeared next to them.



This involves, psychologically, in a more or less conscious way, a defeat of the Faith in the Supernatural which is the foundation of Christianity, through the miracles of Jesus Christ and his own Resurrection. It represents the frontal challenge of the scientist-atheist culture against the Dogmas of a religious confession that survived the persecutions suffered by the Jewish Patriarchs and Prophets, to those of the Christian martyrs persecuted by the Romans and then by the Barbarians, to the assaults of the jihadists of the warrior Muhammad, capable of grafting the virus of hatred in a religion – congenitally peaceful like Islam – because it is based on the precepts of the Ismaili-Abrahamic foundations, and finally to the diabolically studied attacks by Freemasonry in the nineteenth century, excommunicated by Pope Leo XIII when it became aware that it was the army of Satan on earth.


This happened after the breach of Porta Pia which tore a part of Rome from the Papal State (1870), where a few years later the Anglo-Italian Ernest Nathan, grandson of the London Freemason who hosted Mazzini, a fugitive from Europe where wanted for terrorism, he was installed as mayor and former Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy. Dates and details are in the linked inquiries.

But the fear of death is the most dangerous of the pitfalls for a believer’s soul. It is no coincidence that we cited a passage from St. Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians at the beginning of this reflection. “Where, oh death, is your victory? Where, oh death, is your sting? The sting of death is sin and the power of sin is the law. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! ”


To understand this passage it is enough to read my previous writing on the “Prophecies of Saint Pio” in which the Franciscan friar with the stigmata wished – almost naively – that the Italian governments would protect the Christian virtues with suitable laws. Instead, on the planning of David Rockefeller, the governor of New York who first made abortion legal in Western history, a totally opposite drift occurred that has weakened the most devout souls so much as to make them prone to worldly hedonistic whims and therefore more exposed to “Sting of death” which is both the sin of the immoderate lust of the flesh (never in the Bible deprives man’s right to measured earthly joys with weddings, sumptuous banquets and moments of joyful feasts) and the terror of dying: because one feels unprepared for confrontation with God.

Paradoxically, therefore, pandemic terrorism has taken more hold of lukewarm Christians, who, according to the Holy Scriptures, risk being spewed by Yahweh himself, rather than vegan atheists No Vax extremists to excess. The latter are the ones I challenge to take tetanus and to refuse the effective vaccine invented by the Christian genius of modern biology, Louis Pasteur, a Catholic and at the same time distinguished scientist precisely because he is aware that science should never take over the human being. but to be in his prudent service.

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s abortion law and Masons war

In the light of these simple analyzes it therefore appears self-evident that the pandemic project is focused above all on the destruction of Christianity through that devious Masonic weapon of scientism which requires us to believe in what we see and not to question ourselves too much about the mysteries of life, such as healings. miraculous certified in Lourdes and already acclaimed (but only by the Marian people) also in Medjugorje, so as not to question the many obvious contradictions of the continuous political changes in the management of the emergency from Covid 19.

The wolf has disguised himself as a lamb and is leading the flock to the slaughter thanks to his powerful bleating legitimized by Institutions controlled by Freemasonry (at least in Italy since Unification) and by an ignorant and negligent editorial-journalistic caste on the verge of collapse that he would milk the milk of a plagued cow in order to maintain his economic and social privileges. When I have exhausted the 10 ready-made inquiries, and only to be written, I will make a report on Italian Publishers: almost all of them got into trouble for their hands in public health speculations …



I am perfectly aware that I am setting up a pre-apocalyptic scenario. But a true Christian need not fear if he truly believes in God. Because St. John the Evangelist, the only one of the apostles who died in his sleep with a gentle transit to heaven like St. Joseph, putative father of Jesus, in the last and most disturbing book of the Bible, the ‘Apocalypse, has already foreseen the rise of the army of darkness led by the Two Beasts: identifiable in the jihadist Islam of the false prophet – not to be confused with the peaceful Islam that exists by the grace of God to good Muslim souls – and in Freemasonry which it renewed its power to use it as a weapon against Christianity.

But the holy visionary of Patmos also prophesied the defeat of the wicked. As a brilliant philosopher friend of mine Giovanni Buzzi said: “Freemasonry is necessary against the Church as Judas was against Jesus”. Chapeau! Without Freemasonry and NWO there can be neither the parousia of Christ, or the return of him to earth, nor the New Jerusalem.

Chemistry Nobel to “TechMothers” of Twin Babies with Altered DNA. Their Human Embryo Tests used by Chinese Geneticist Convicted for Genetic Manipulation

What we do not know are the times and the sufferings we will have to suffer before this happens. But what I am discovering as director of Gospa News, a webmedia of Christian journalistic information, are the gradual stages that are trying to lead man and the whole of humanity towards the most unrealistic goal of Masonic-Zionist scientism: transhumanist eugenics in which a humanly imperfect science, such as pharmacological medicine together with all that is experimental and subject to a thousand unpredictable variables, aims to replace God as the only panacea for the health of the body, mind, heart and soul.

In order for this biochemical goal to be reached, human guinea pigs are needed. The first two were the Chinese twins born by an expert in molecular genetics thanks to the Crispr-9 created by two researchers awarded last year with the Nobel Prize for Chemistry despite the scientist who gave birth to the girls in an extreme bioethical desecration was condemned by Beijing justice for those experiments.

“EU Hard Lockdowns are Crimes against Humanity”. Italian Magistrate’s Complaint to Hague Court

The other guinea pigs are all of us with the laboratory-built SARS-Cov-2 virus and those of the already announced pandemics that will follow in an escalation of mass bacteriological experiments that serve the military powers to study more powerful weapons and the New World Order to refine the perfect biochemical combination for a long-lasting adaptation in the human being.

according to some doctors lowered the natural immune defenses thus predisposing to greater sensitivity to the Covid-19 virus), continued with the imposition of 12 immunizing serums in school age in Italy (pilot project of the US Democratic Party transferred to Italy with the complicity of the national PD) and exploded with the campaign against SARS-Cov-2 that continues unstoppable on the ropes of a desire for normality torn from the people by ferocious restrictions (crimes against humanity according to magistrate Angelo Giorgianni who denounced EU governments to the Hague International Criminal Court for lockdowns) and unstoppable “herd awe” that was socially successfully experienced long before the manifest goal of long-awaited “herd immunity”.

NWO’s Plot against Italy (XFile 6). Mandatory Vaccines for Health Workers Dictated by Minister close to Soros

In Italy it has become even worse: Legislative Decree 44/2021 has been designed and implemented which imposed compulsory vaccination on operators of public health facilities (nurses and doctors) thus creating a pilot project especially in the social field to screen people’s reactions, legitimized by the penal sanctions introduced by the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia who, as a constitutional judge, had already written the legitimacy of the 12 compulsory vaccines for children.



To certify the “perfect sheep” now comes the digital EU Covid certificate, or Green Pass, which “will help travelers within the EU who hold it to avoid being subjected to testing and / or quarantine when traveling within the ‘EU, thus contributing to the gradual restoration of freedom of movement in the Union, in fact coerced by the restrictions introduced by the States for reasons of public health »writes RAI News in a paean “worthy” of Moscow’s Pravda at the time of Stalin.

“From July 1, when the regulation comes into force, the Pass will be a right for all EU citizens who qualify: it applies to those who have been vaccinated, for those who have recovered from Covid-19 and for those who undergo a test and is negative. It will be issued by the national authorities free of charge, in digital or paper format: for certificates already issued by states or regions, a period of 6 weeks is foreseen for them to be made compatible with the EU model (member countries had requested months, the Parliament pushed to shorten this period). The Gateway, the EU IT platform that makes the Pass possible and that provides the digital keys that allow cross-border validity, has been operational since the beginning of the month and some countries have already started issuing certificates: so far over a million have been issued “.

Camilla in Italy, Simone in Us: Two Teens Died after different Vaccines

While obtaining the Pass is a right, its use may vary to some extent from state to state. When will the Pass be valid – The Pass will be valid from fourteen days after the last dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. From that day, people fully vaccinated, i.e. with two doses for AstraZeneca (now no longer used in Italy after the death of 18-year-old Ligurian Camilla Canepa), Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna and with one dose for Janssen (J&J), which hold the certificate, they should be exempt, traveling, testing and quarantining. The same must be true for people who have recovered and who have received only one dose of the vaccine, considered sufficient to be protected from the disease.

NWO’s Plot vs Italy (X-file 2). New IT Minister among Bilderberg, McKinsey, Gates & CIA for Artificial Intelligence in Vaccines too

Let’s leave out the details on the Green Pass and analyze it from an ethical-social point of view. It is the ideal tool to accustom citizens to renounce their sacrosanct right to the choice of effective treatments in the name of a need for apparent daily well-being such as the ability to travel. It is also contemplated for those who do not want to do it. But psychologically it becomes a tool of vaccine coercion which is not the real goal of the NWO.

The ultimate goal is in fact to accustom people to being inoculated with anything, whenever a state deems it functional to globalized projects preconfigured by Artificial Intelligence. But it is even more a form of covert persuasion to accept an unwelcome and potentially dangerous imposition over time (given that various researches already warn of serious risks associated with vaccines) to obtain an immediately usable benefit.



The eugenics-transhumanist project of Klaus Schwab, the theorist of the Great Reset, fits perfectly into this strategy, that is the vision of world financial reform that will lead the weaker groups to depend more and more on the economic potentates who, through the same funds of investment, they already control the two key sectors of geopolitics: the Weapons Lobby corporation and Big Pharma.

The rich will become richer and richer by speculating on investments that largely rely on that terrible deception of the banking seigniorage: that is, the production of money guaranteed only by political conventions between partner states (IMF, FED, ECB, etc.) capable of suffocating with sanctions economic an “non-aligned” nation as happened in Syria, Venezuela and Lebanon and partly in richer Iran.

WUHAN-GATES – 33. SARS-2 Manmade in Biolab and Concealed by NWO Intel. As Ties among ISIS, Turkey, NATO & CIA

Here is Amazon’s simple presentation of the book. «” COVID-19: The Great Reset “is a guide for anyone who wants to understand how COVID-19 has disrupted our social and economic systems and what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world in the future. Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Thierry Malleret, founder of the Monthly Barometer, explore what were the root causes of these crises and why they lead to the need for a major reset. Theirs is a worrying, yet hopeful analysis. COVID-19 has created a major disruptive reset of our global social, economic and political systems. But the strength of the human being lies in being foresighted and having the ingenuity, at least to a certain extent, to take his own destiny in hand and plan a better future ».

Klaus Schwab, founder and president of the World Economic Forum and author of the book Great Reset

In this logic, he was the first to propose the vision of a digital microchip capable of making artificial intelligence interact with the human being. In a 2016 interview that is now gaining national attention, Schwab, also the founder of the Great Reset globalist agenda, explained that within a decade humanity will be required to have implantable microchips to act as a health pass. global. Schwab went even further, describing the transhumanist dream of the globalists of a direct “fusion” of consciousness to the “digital world” “wrote the site Koenig2099, known for interesting surveys accompanied, as in this case, by comprehensive YouTube videos confirming the statements.

«“And eventually, perhaps, there will be direct communication between our brain and the digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and biological world ”. He insisted that soon people will be able to simply say “I want to be in touch with anyone now” to directly connect their minds with that of another person. So in light of this, what happened to those who gave conspiracy theorists to those who had been saying these things for decades?» asks the author. As WEF founder Klaus Schwab has explained on several occasions, the Fourth Industrial Revolution “will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identities”.


I admit that I would never have reported these sentences in a reportage halfway between a historical-social investigation and an opinion article if I had not published just a few weeks ago the sensational revelations of an officer of the Pentagon’s DARPA agency, the Department of American defense, which describes in detail the potential of the microchip based on biological hydrogel to be inoculated under the skin and capable not only of signaling the state of health of the individual, contagion from infectious diseases such as Covid-19, but also of triggering, through a dialysis mechanism, the purification of the blood from infections.

WUHAN-GATES – 35. Under-skin Microchip for Covid. Pentagon Showed Iniectable Hydrogel (funded by Obama) to Control People

DARPA means Defense Advanced Research Project Agency: it is the section of the Pentagon that since 2014 has equipped itself with a Biological Technologies Office (BTO) in which Bll Gates, the IT guru who became the world emperor of vaccines by virtue of a “cartel” signed with all Big Pharma on 30 September 2020. The commitment of the founder of Microsoft (and direct financier of Big Pharma GSK which controls the commercial network and therefore the Pfizer vaccine) takes place from when the Democrat Barack Obama, of whom Gates was megadonor along with George Soros, conquered the White House entering the orbit of his rival Dem “defeated” Hillary Clinton (later appointed Secretary of State 2009-2013) and of the Deep State which has allowed Republican George W. Bush to promote Joseph Biden’s winning candidacy along with Obama himself and Bill Clinton.

WUHAN-GATES 39. “SARS-2 Manmade in Biolabs with Gain of Function”. Two new Scientific Researches Accused China and Fauci. But Forgot Gates-Biden Intrigues

Eventually, therefore, Schwab’s dream came true. Or maybe it wasn’t a dream vision at all, but simply the announcement of a powerful globalist well informed about the Pentagon’s research just like the former CIA deputy director of the Obama-Biden administration, Avril Haines, now head of all US intelligence by will of the new American president, being a biological weapons expert, in 2018 prophesied the need for a “world order” to counter a coronavirus pandemic, after working in that Central Intelligence Agency that oversaw the investments of the government agency USAID in research on chimeric SARS superviruses, some infected with HIV / AIDS as evidenced by the deposited studies, carried out at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and in the Chapel Hill laboratories of the University of North Carolina thanks also to funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

WUHAN-GATES – 26. SARS-2 Bio-Weapon & Gold Vaccines. From CIA-WHO Tests funded by Gates to EU Summit with Pfizer, Biden’s sponsor, before Pandemic!

That is why they are a little sorry for those who really know the scandal I call WuhanGates in the 39 reportages published so far on Gospa News and Veterans Today (American geopolitics and military intelligence site founded by Marines veterans of Vietnam and managed by the former CIA officer Gordon Duff, the first in the whole West to reveal the US experiments on the chimeric viruses SARS), the official statements of Biden and of Haines herself to know a truth of Wuhan of which they were, if not accomplices, at least very informed spectators … That’s why even the patent of Microsoft Corporation becomes credible, which has many similarities with the Mark of the Beast mentioned in the Bible.



«He made sure that everyone, small and large, rich and poor, free and slaves, received a mark on their right hand and forehead; and that no one could buy or sell without having that mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. Here is wisdom. Those who have intelligence calculate the number of the beast: it represents a man’s name. And that figure is six hundred and sixty-six ». (Revelation 13,16-18)

St. John the Evangelist gives us an enigma that is not easy to solve but with detailed clues. It is possible that the patent of a microchip invented by Microsoft Corporation and published on March 26, 2020 (registered on June 20, 2019), two weeks after the declaration of the pandemic by the director of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, believed “Gates puppet” in the UN health agency of which he is the main financier, was it registered only by chance with the patent number WO / 2020/060606?

WUHAN-GATES – 32. Bill III, Vaccines’ Global Emperor. Crowned by Big Pharma’s Cartel within Gates Foundation’s Deal

Are we investigative journalists following the lead of the dots and intrigues of the visionary conspiracy theorists or is there really something diabolical in that project and is the use of the biblical number associated with the mark of the Beast 666 a deliberate choice? To frighten fragile souls by inducing them to easy resignation and surrender, but also to exalt the esoteric Masons, of deist-Satanist inspiration, to join the final Armageddon in the challenge of the new Prometheus against the God revealed to Jews and Christians?

«Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified». This is what the patent says.

Patent 060606 published by Microsoft Corporation on March 26, 2020 – link at the bottom of the article

Let us recall what the Bible says: “No one could buy or sell without having that mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of his name.” Are we talking about science fiction or is it science fiction that has already burst into our homes, through the internet and a thousand applications that ask you for permission to read and configure your digital data, and is preparing to invade our body too? How? With those previous steps towards the consensual acceptance of a movement certification, and then towards the habit of inoculating vaccines and any diagnostic microchips.

How much will they be able to say NO to the tempting opportunity to pay only with the display of the wrist, within which the multifunction microchip is inserted, if perhaps 1,000 bit-coins will be offered as a gift to the first 1000 members? The crypto-currency, precisely because it is now used not only by hackers but also by the most sophisticated criminals in the world, is even more virtual than dollars and euros printed without gold counterparts.

WUHAN-GATES 17. Gilead’s Billionaire Antiviral vs Covid: Gates-CIA prophecy, WHO-Soros affairs. French Parliament investigates…

“Bill Gates is building something we call the human quantum dot implantable microneedle vaccination system and it’s made up of more things. I want to draw your attention to one component, the quantum dot micro needles that will deliver the vaccines and a very unique biochemistry that makes it all work. Today we bring you the “enzyme luciferase with a near-infrared bioluminescence”, which is the chemical that will make quantum dot vaccination readable through a special app for mobile devices “.

Nicola Zegrini wrote it on on May 13, 2020. He deserves the credit for having revealed even more than what is written in the Microsoft patent. To him the honor of closing this long and disturbing investigation. I would never have been able to believe these phrases, let alone republish them, if I had not found in the archives of specialized medical journals the researches of Wuhan on recombinant superviruses with SARS infected with HIV already funded in 2004 by the European Commission chaired by Romano Prodi, author over the years Ninety of the preface to the book in Italian version by George Soros, speculator on Big Pharma interested in anti-Covid remedies, along with thousands of other indications of a pandemic planned for decades.

WUHAN-GATES – 9. THE PROOFS: HIV inserted in SARS chimeric virus in 2007. Thanks to Australian & EU Commission Funds

«That’s right, the enzyme that will illuminate the human implantable microneedle vaccination delivery system that is about to be marketed by Bill Gates is called Luciferase, this is what makes the vaccination readable long after the injection of the victim. Luciferase. With each passing day, it becomes clearer and clearer for those of us who believe in the Bible that we live in a truly unique period of time. So unique, in fact, that we could be witnesses of the fact that the Antichrist system and the Mark of the Beast system are coming together before our eyes». Bravo Negrini!

Masonic Funds for Garibaldi’s Expedition, British Legion with Times’ Reporters & Mobsters Allied in Sicily

I just have to make the Sign of the Cross for myself and invoke the Archangel St. Michael. While many self-styled Christians, every Sunday, gave up without bothering to do it with holy water to learn how to wash their hands well – with anti-Covid disinfectant – as Pontius Pilate did two thousand years ago. Gates has almost won…

But in that almost there is the unfathomable mystery of the Omnipotence of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus Christ: there is the biblical fate of the Pharaoh of Egypt and of Goliath, that of Judas Iscariot, and finally the worldly one of Giuseppe Garibaldi, who ended up arrested when in 1867 he tried to return to Rome to finish the mission of destruction of the Church for which his fellow British Freemasons had paid him well.

“And I tell you: You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” (Mt 16, 18)

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – Versione Originale in Italiano







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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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