Chinese Cardinal Arrested alongside LGBT Activists of the Umbrella Revolution: Plotted in Hong Kong by Canvas, CIA & Soros

Chinese Cardinal Arrested alongside LGBT Activists of the Umbrella Revolution: Plotted in Hong Kong by Canvas, CIA & Soros


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


«Cardinal Zen was one of the trustees of the beneficial organization, who stopped operating last October. The authorities arrested him together with other promoters of the fund, including the well-known lawyer Margaret Ng, the academic Hui Po-Keung and the songwriter Denise Ho. From what is learned, the investigation of the police concentrates on the possible ‘collusion’ of the Fund 612 with foreign forces, in violation of the draconian law on national security imposed by Beijing in the summer of 2020. Zen has long been in the sights of the Chinese government. In January, the pro-Establishment press published four articles in which it was accused of inciting students to turn up to 2019 against a series of government measures».

This is what AsiaNews wrote about the arrest of the Cardinal of the retired Catholic Church, Joseph Zen, 90 years old, stopped last May 11 by the authorities of Hong Kong, of which Diocese has long been the Catholic Bishop. The cardinal was arrested by the police of national Chinese security with the accusation of “collusion with foreign forces” in relation to his role as administrator of the “612 Humanitarian Relief Fund”, who supported the pro-democracy demonstrators in the payment of the legal expenses they had to face.

The news aroused a vast echo between the Catholic newspapers that immediately lined up against the alleged religious repressions of the Chinese Communist Party even if the battles of the cardinal have few topics on Christian spirituality and instead many on politics ones

The eternal youth of Cardinal retired Joseph Zen at 90 years old

“The Holy See learned the news of Cardinal Zen’s arrest with concern and follows the evolution of the situation with extreme attention”. This was stated by the director of the Vatican press room Matteo Bruni according to what reported by Italian newspaper Avvenire.

«Open defender of democratic rights in Hong Kong and in continental China, Cardinal Zen has often witnessed the hearings that see political defendants and pro-democratic activists, who ended up at the bar on charges of having violated the national security measure. Zen is a supporter of the pro-democracy movement» adds the newspaper of the Italian episcopal conference.

But if we thoroughly analyze the area in which the controversial figure of the old high prelate moves, a desolate picture emerges in which the testimony of the God of Risen Christ seems to have given way to a secular progressiveness clearly contrary to the most rooted Bible values.

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s abortion law and Masons war

Born in Shanghai and ordered in 1961 Priest of the Salesians of Don Bosco, Cardinal Zen had fled to Hong Kong to escape the second Chinese civil war and had become bishop there. He was proclaimed Cardinal in 2006, the second person of the Catholic Church of Hong Kong to receive this honor. Subsequently, after the controversial return of the British colony under the power of Beijing in 1997, he became a supporter of the Hong Kong democratic movement, very active in the fight against the interference of the Chinese Communist Party in missionary and ecclesiastical activities.

I personally know a young and fervent Christian of Hong Kong, already engaged as a lawyer in a foreign bank, and she never revealed a climate of fierce religious repression…

«Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lordand who meditates on his law day and night» says Psalm 1 who should probably be reviewed by this elderly cardinal, looking the ties that he has chosen in recent decades.

Denise’s coming out I celebrated by GaystarNews

The former bishop of Hong Kong was in fact arrested together with the singer, actress and activist Denise Ho Wan-See, born in 1977, known as Hocch after starting the Hocc Charity Fund in 2007 to encourage supporters and young people to take care and give the company more. Wikipedia writes about her: «Committed for democracy and LGBT rights, she was included in the black list of the Chinese government for her active participation in the 2014 Umbrella Revolt. She was arrested in December 2021 in Hong Kong by the Chinese police in Occasion of the closure of the online newspaper Pro-Democracy Stand News. She was inserted by the BBC on the list of the 100 most influential women in the world».

Denise Ho’s coming out celebrated by GaystarNews

At the age of 35 Denise Ho she proudly claimed herself as “Tongzhi”, a Cantonese term term for homosexuals, during the fourth annual parade of the pride of Hong Kong on November 10, 2012. He therefore became famous as a singer-songwriter thanks to the Lobby LGBT that within the “612 Humanitarian Relief Fund” movement, of which Cardinal Zen was prominent exponent before the NGO was closed by the authorities, can also boast Cyd Ho Sau-Lan.

The NGO 612 which, before being closed by the authorities, among others brought Cardinal Zen, the leader LGBT CYD Ho Sau-Land and the lesbian Denise Ho

«Cyd is an advocate for LGBT rights, and for the rights of sex workers and women, and has been a significant voice against gender discrimination and discrimination on family roles. She was one of a few legislators to openly support LGBT, and has subsequently received criticism and attacks. She has been pushing for the government to enact anti-discrimination legislation based on race and sexual orientation.  She was chairperson of the bills committee for the 2004 Education (Revised) Bill and vice-chairperson of the panel on environmental affairs».

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian religious leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups under CANVAS acts

This is what we read precisely on the official website 612, connected with other political fundraising movements and with the revolution of umbrellas that the NGO Canvas took place. And it is those who comes the worst for the doomed cardinal…

In “scar” to its acronym deriving from the Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies activists do not skimp with the use of any form of violent aggression.


«Canvas was founded in 2005 by Slobodan Djinovic and Srdja Popovic to support the use of non -violent resistance in promoting human rights and democracy. Since then, we have worked with pro-democracy activists of over 50 countries» writes the activists on their site by omitting to say that they are the same ones who bloodied the squares with the “closed fist Otpor” in Belgrade before the Balkan war, during the revolution Of the Rose in Tbilisi, the Revolution of the Cedri in Lebanon and the Orange Revolution of Kiev, an appetizer of the coup financed by the NATO countries in February 2014 after the massacre made by mysterious mercenary snipers between the crowd and the policemen in Piazza Maidan.

NATO’s COUP IN UKRAINE: THE GENESIS – 1. Snipers’ Massacre in Kiev Maidan Square 2014 like that on CIA’s Shade in Caracas 2002

In a previous Gospa News investigation we have shown that the activists of the Umbrella Revolution used the incendiary urban guerrilla warrilla with the Molotov bottles, already experimented with the Guarimbas in Venezuela, where Canvas boasted to try stir up regime-change against the elected president Nicolas Maduro. In the same reportage we highlighted the unfortunate episode of a Chinese parliamentarian wounded with a stabbing from a protester that had offered him flowers to bring him closer.

In the same investigation we explained how the umbrella activists had contacts with the American embassy and were piloted by the counterintelligence of the Central Intelligence Agency, thanks to the activists of Canvas created by the same CIA in the former Yugoslavia, and the great exporter of democracies with bloody revolutions: the Hungarian-American Zionist plutocrat George Soros.

HONG KONG: US-CANVAS MOLOTOV’ PACIFISTS: campus and subway burning, man set on fire, lawmaker stabbed

Among the other activists of the “612” movement there is also Dr. Margaret Ng Ngoi-Yee, a lawyer lawyer in Hong Kong. She ng she represented the functional legal college in the legislative council from 1995 to 1997 and from 1998 to 2012. You are also a member of the civic party and the group of concern article 45 fundamental law. Before embarking on legal practice, she worked for the University of Hong Kong and Chase Manhattan Bank of America (now JP Morgan Chase) and has held a senior position in Ming Pao Daily News.

Here is another disciple of the world of the financial speculators of Soros & Co who invest in the American corporations of the weapons lobby.

At this point why amaze themselves if the old Cardinal Zen was arrested by a Chinese regime which, on a par with the Italian and European one, does not tolerate extremist movements suspected of being financed by the intelligence of foreign countries?

The Vatican has lost an opportunity to drop a pitiful veil on the story. Also in consideration of the fact that the great steps forward between the Holy See and the Beijing government controlled by the Chinese Communist Party on religious freedom could undergo a setback. The provisional agreement on the appointment of the bishops signed on 22 September 2018 was in fact extended until October 2022 and is therefore in the next deadline.

WUHAN-GATES – 38. SARS-HIV Virus Manmade in Biolab by Chinese Deep State among Tiananmen Executioner’s Son and Shangai’s Gang

It must be said that in his long religious life Zen has “also” struggled for Christianity condemning the removal of the crosses from the outside of the churches in China and has celebrated over the years put in memory of the martyrs of Tiananmen in Beijing: young people massacred by the authorities on the authorities June 4, 1989 for asking for freedom and democracy.

But recently it is openly deployed against the agreement between the Vatican and China on the appointment of bishops exposing “Dubia” that remained unanswered by Pope Francis I. In a country openly atheist such as China religious tolerance is already in itself a miracle that occasionally underlies to the persecutory whims of local governors, as we have written several times.

Shanghai Lockdown into Context: China Sees SARS-Cov-2 as a Bioweapon. The Whole Story

But this compromise tried to remedy the contrast between the Catholic bishops appointed by the Chinese government, without the consent of the pontiff, and those created by the Catholic Church. It is certainly not an example of full respect for religious freedom but it is an excellent point of convergence.

Furthermore, in the middle of a two-year period where even in the West the Pandemic has legitimized health and social dictatorships, it can be seen as a huge result.

Italy: Masonic Lockdown! Churches banned for Funerals. Squares Open for Kommunists. Mobsters freed

Just think that during the Easter of 2020 the Italian government imposed on the Catholic Church a very severe Lockdown, defined Masonic by the League parliamentarian Alessandro Pagano, prohibiting the religious functions open to the public in the solemnity of the party of the resurrection of Jesus Christ of 12 April except then “open the cages” to the processions of the red flags for the anniversary of April 25, anniversary of the liberation of Italy from Nazism.

Before Nazism returned “cool” in Ukraine, rendered by Soros so democratic as to be a friend of the Nazis of the Azov battalion!

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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