Baby-Prostitution at 10yo: Rome like Bangkok, thanks to No-Gender Left-Wing’s Teaching and Cardinals LGBT Fans’

Baby-Prostitution at 10yo: Rome like Bangkok, thanks to No-Gender Left-Wing’s Teaching and Cardinals LGBT Fans’


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Within a few years, sex tourism will move from distant and dangerous Thailand to spread more and more, as is already happening, in the city of Rome, a few kilometers from the Vatican walls, as reported on Wednesday, February 19 by a magistrate in a hearing before the Parliamentary Commission on Children.

The Catholic Church was the first to expose itself to the international moral lynching to make amends on the multiple cases of pedophilia which, according to multiple studies, are perfectly in line with the general percentage of abuses in the world, that is about 2% of minors.

But among these, of course, there are not thousands of “child brides” of Muslim and Hindu culture because, although sometimes under the age of 10 years, they are considered wives and, therefore, their sexual performance is not considered rape, as de facto is. For example, hundreds of girls live and work in the fortress brothels of Faridpur, Bangladesh: many of them are minors and are not paid because they are chhukri, or slaves…

Western politics, and now also Italian politics, instead, drugged by the intoxicating fumes of progressive ideologies. it has not in the least grasped the gravity of the problem which, for some sides, is seen rather as a conquest of sexual liberation from Christian morality, as the completion of the 1968 revolution destined first to university students, then to young people, then to teenagers and finally to children.



The girl in the main photo is not a baby prostitute. She is an 8-year-old model wearing make-up and “undressed” by a sensual and busty woman, used in the advertising campaign of the Parisian brand Jours Aprés Lunes when in 2011 she launched a lingerie line (bras, tank tops and culottes) for girls aged 4 to 12 . We chose it on purpose to highlight the vortex of aberrations in which minors are overwhelmed in the western civil…

In the obviously unfathomable submerged sexual acts with infra14enne, considered by Italian law always suitable to configure the serious crime of sexual violence, regardless of the existence or not of a physical assault, as the psychological one is present, you cannot even know how many are the victims of abuse in the context of adoptions by homosexual couples or famous and wealthy people, almost untouchable.


In this sense, the case of the American movie director Woody Allen was sensational: in addition to being accused by his natural daughter of abuse, he was denounced by his ex-wife Mia Farrow also for those he allegedly had on his South Korean foster daughter, whom he later married, thus confirming their “bond”, but placing a tombstone on the doubt about the real age of the girl thanks to which every charges had evaporated…

Even more scandal aroused the investigation for the “pedophilia ring” organized by the American financier Jeffrey Epstein, also on his plane nicknamed “Lolita Express”, who died in prison in mysterious circumstances to induce even a powerful New York Jew to consider him a murder. Epstein, however, has been at least tried and arrested for his crimes that would also have involved internationally renowned personalities in relation to sexual adventures with underage, consenting and paid girls, but mostly of adolescent age (over 15 years) and therefore no longer in puberty (11-15 years).


The story of the Italian Mario Mieli, a leader of the sexual revolution of the 70s carried on by the extreme left, is emblematic. In addition to being among the first in the peninsula to “outing” and to theorize the “trans-gender” culture of gays by dressing as a woman, he wrote unequivocal phrases dedicated to children in his perverse memories.

«We revolutionary queers can see in the child not so much the Oedipus, or the future Oedipus, but the potentially free human being. We, yes, we can love children. We can desire them erotically by responding to their desire for Eros, we can grasp with their faces and open arms the intoxicating sensuality that they deepen, we can make love with them».


Not only these books haven’t been denounced and withdrawn for “crime apology” due to their blatant pedophile propaganda but they have been heralded by the LGBT lobby as a sign of progressive evolution in the logic of the world-masonic culture well represented by the Hymn a Satan of the “hooded” Italian anti-Christian poet Giosuè Carducci (Severa Lodge and Felsinea Lodge of ​​Bologna, from 21 February 1888 raised to the 33rd degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite).

On this topic, I invite you to read in the article “Freemasonry and Satanism” the story of the American “pope” of the Masons RSSA Albert Pike, a great friend of the promoter of the Unity of Italy Giuseppe Mazzini and Southerner general of the American Secession War.


Before returning to the present day, to report the alarm of the Roman magistrate on baby-prostitution obviously grown in the wake of the sexual revolution of the 70s, I recall the invocation of the Franciscan Saint Pio of Pietrelcina which today appears more prophetic than ever: «Fortunate our country, if it, mother of the law, wanted to perfect its laws and customs in this sense in the light of honesty and Christian principles».

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s abortion law and Masons war

As shown in the article on that “prophecy” there is a perfect historical synchrony between the assault on the Papal States, with the breach of Porta Pia made in 1870 by the army of the Kingdom of Italy governed by Anglo-Italian Freemasons, and the laws on divorce in Italy and on abortion in New York State, imposed by the globalist NWO Nelson Rockefeller, approved precisely in the hundredth year of the anniversary of the attack on the Apostolic Catholic Church founded on the blood of the martyr Saints Peter and Paul on the Vatican hill.


Earlier that, a few years before the Grand Master of Freemasonry of the Grand Orient of Italy Ernest Nathan became Mayor of Rome (1907), thanks to the reform of the Criminal Code of the Minister of Justice Giuseppe Zanardelli, homosexuality had already been decriminalized in 1889. In this Italy, united by the will of the Masons, was among the first European countries.

It would be idle to discuss the legal foundations of these regulations. Therefore we limit ourselves to grasp the consequences given that, precisely because of separations and divorces, children are extrapolated from the protective shell of a family and, consequently, exposed to the risks of frequenting the most corrupt environments of society, metropolitan streets or an increasingly alarming danger of entrusting to communities which, for shady business and non-gender fanaticism, many times violate and deform its growth.

Many of the minors in difficulty sometimes even disappear into thin air as emerged from an investigation by Gospa News on the missing persons in Italy.

As the sentences sent to the managers of the Il Forteto cooperative and the investigation “Angels and Devils” in Bibbiano, both of which happened in the left-wing culture of the red and progressive regions of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, it is precisely in some “family homes” that the children began to shamelessly become “wares”. Even before being so in the field of baby-prostitution in the accommodation of high-ranking professionals, more than in those of underworld torturers …

BAMBINI RAPITI DALLA LEGGE: a soli 3 anni nelle mani dell’orco. Fiesoli portato in carcere, quanto ci resterà?

Wares to speculate, thanks to the straight lines of juvenile communities, on family tragedies, in 30% of cases determined only by economic poverty (statistics from the last report of the Italian Parliamentary Commission on Children).

Wares selected to smuggle a “no-gender” policy, fortunately still opposed by the majority of Italians, by those LGBT associations, one of which named after Mario Mieli, declared pedophile, eager to experiment with their avant-garde ideologies on small “guinea-pigs” torn from families, to be entrusted to gay couples as in the case of Bibbiano, or on children raised in fragmented parent units where every minimum teaching is left to school, a place where the percentage of abuse would be much higher than in the parish oratories.

In 1984 the United States Department of Education performed a meta-analysis of some studies that have appeared in recent years regarding the behavior of school workers, finding that between 3.5% and 50.3% of students had been subject to harassment or sexual abuse in a school setting. The statistics instead place the cases of pedophilia committed by religious in the order of 2% in symmetry with the data of the community in general.

However, it is common ground that the Christian Churches, especially the Evangelical and Catholic because there are no signs of similar emergencies in the Orthodox one, cannot afford the “luxury” of having in the midst of their clerical hierarchies a percentage of abuse “equal” to that of other social circles. Otherwise their moral didactic aim based on the Gospel ceases to be born which puts the grindstone on the neck of those who create scandal among the innocent…

Their most serious fault, however, is not that of having tolerated or even covered the black sheep in the midst of the flock, but that of having come to terms with the atheist, progressive, communist, globalist culture – all ideologies “test-tube” daughters of the cursed Freemasonry invented by the Protestants to fight Catholics in England – seeking acceptance of the world rather than aiming to protect Christianity from its historical enemies.


In In 50 years, from 1968 to today, the company has managed to destroy the achievements of the evangelical culture that had been able to free children and women from their role of inferiority and slavery towards men, inherent in the Mesopotamian populations but also in the flourishing city-state of Greece and Magna Graecia where the pederasts were intellectual and especially carnal disciples of philosophers, in the Imperial Rome of great architectural works, in the Islam of Muhammad (where it still exists today especially among the Sunnis) and also in the same Abrahamic descent.

Those who have read the Bible carefully, however, also know that women (Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, Giuditta, Ester, Bathsheba, Elizabeth, Mary, Magdalene …) played an enormous role in the tribes of Abraham and then Judah … the newborn Moses, cared for and raised in the court of Pharaoh, and of course the baby Jesus born in the cave of Bethlehem honored even by the wise wise men of the east mentioned in the Gospel of Luke.

Christian 14yo Raped and Forced to Marry by a Muslim: Court allows because she had Menses. Turkey wants Law “Marry your rapist”

Although in the midst of medieval and Renaissance contradictions, the moral political corruptions of colonial slavers, sometimes even Catholics, the Christianity, first in Europe, then in the rest of the world, was able to build those foundations for the protection of children that today seem almost obvious to us in names of Telefono Azzurro, Unicef, Save The Children etc.

These associations in some Communist, Muslim or Hindu countries do not even have the opportunity to work peacefully to defend the dignity of those children who work 14 hours a day for a dollar in the subcontracting of holdings or those forced into prostitution by the local mafia, such as is also increasingly happening in Italy to Nigerian minors…

The sexual liberation touted by the left has destroyed and is destroying all this: it is destroying it with the complicity of a Catto-communist culture that has put the daily bread, fortunately never missed in Italy, before the Word of Christ and his rigorous commandments and binding teachings. Drop by drop worldly culture has polluted the Holy Water of the Gospel, making us go back two thousand years. Maybe even worse…

BATTLE FOR ITALIAN MONASTERY: Bannon’s sovereign Christian gladiators against LGBT globalist cattoKomunists

As that time as today the only ones who could enjoy true freedom and joyful libertinages were only the kings and emperors, yesterday for royal dynasty or military conquests, today for bank seigniorage, political nepotism or pseudo-democratic revolutionary coup.

Why be surprised, then, if children already treated as “wares” according to a progressive cultural approach, if girls raised in the land of little girls raped at a young age by the liberating partisans of Italy in one of the most colossal feminicides in history, accept themselves, often why forced with violence but increasingly because attracted by earnings, to offer themselves as “wares” in the same world that educated them as such, depriving their innocence of the sacred value of virginity, physical and moral?


“Child prostitution is one of the most disturbing phenomena that has children, both girls and boys, as victims. And unfortunately it also sees more and more protagonists even children under 14, therefore also 13, 12 or 10 years old. 31 new proceedings have taken place in the last judicial year”, in the district of the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome, RaiNews reported.

This was stated by prosecutor Maria Monteleone, deputy prosecutor in Rome and coordinator of the pool that deals with children’s rights, during the hearing before the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry for Children and Adolescents. After reporting the developments of the phenomenon in the last year, the prosecutor Maria Monteleone also recalled that “in previous years we have had a surge in new procedures in this matter, connected to the well-known story of the baby ring”.

The latter reference concerns the investigation which in 2013 brought to light the story of two little girls made prostitute in the Roman district of Parioli, then enticed, as emerged during the trial, from the malicious announcement in the newspaper addressed to teenagers “if you want to make money easily “…


All this happens in the fat and rich “thieving Rome”, where the mayor Virginia Raggi removes the ProVita posters against gay adoptions obtained through the prohibited practice of the uterus for rent and against abortion but leaves those of Maxxi Museum hanging with the blasphemous allusion to a Jesus prey to a grotesque pedophile drive.

This occurs between the briberies of the Capital Mafia and the Baobab center for migrants, not far from which the CEI of the wealthy cardinals continues to preach the welcome of the healthy migrant migrants in full health without noticing the children, even Italians, sometimes even forced to prostitute themselves to survive.

And right in the shadow of the Holy See, theologians of the doctrine do not even pay attention to a pontifical academy intent on propagating the educational psychology of the emotional intelligence of the directors of the abuse of Bibbiano. If all this happens it is perhaps much more than a coincidence …


It is an evident sign that Catholic culture, secular as ecclesiastical, is far from the encyclical of Humanum Genus of Leo XIII on the excommunication of Freemasonry and its mondialist NWO ideology, as much as that of Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae on sexual dignity, but it is ever closer to worldly relativism, which, for a quiet life, suffers or even welcomes, with the same carelessness with which it preaches the indiscriminate welcome towards migrants.

OLOCAUSTO CRISTIANO: Tragedie, nomi, volti tra i 2.983 martiri del 2019. Stragi in aumento

Among them, with the true refugees persecuted in Africa just because they are Christians, there are many radically Muslim illegal immigrants and workers of that Nigerian Mafia that mocks the Church by attaching the denomination “Vatican Family” to the underworld clan of central Italy. There is no doubt that these bosses of the Black Continent will only accentuate the exploitation of minors being prostitution their most important business …


As Rome is now becoming like Bangkok for baby prostitution, the Vatican should wake up from the age-old torpor in which it was thrown by internal fraudulent advisors to narcotise it in discerning evangelical priorities: first, in fact, there should be children, united natural families and the defense of sexual dignity as a gesture of procreative love and not of bestial or homosexual lust.

Secular politics does what it wants! Instead for those who have the duty to preach the ethics of the millenary values ​​taught by Christ there are no alternatives …

From Vienna to Malmo: LGBT and satanists’s show into the European Christian churches

Once these cornerstones are placed, he will also be able to deal with migrants and dialogue with homosexuals, aimed however at explaining that sodomy, at least for the Bible, was and remains an unacceptable abomination. If this does not happen, the Vatican risks being the first element of confusion and contradiction even in front of those same African Christians, believers and often more practicing than the Italians, who come with the boats …

But to awaken he needs to do “Mea culpa, Mea maxima culpa”. Not only for the few pedophile priests but for the many, too many cardinals and bishops fans of the Catto-communist culture or of the LGBT lobby.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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